How a Fangirl Became a Demigod

Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 : Canada Sucks

Leo was sleeping, which was a relief, since I didn’t think I could handle any more of his jokes. If Robbie was here, he would have said that I was a hypocrite since I joked around a lot too but this guy was seriously the next level. Jason was at the front, steering the dragon. He suddenly turned around. “You know me, don’t you. You know who I am.”

“What makes you think that?” I was great at lying so hopefully he bought it.

“The prophecy. My last name is Grace. It said that the child of the sea would help the grace regain his place. And right now, I don’t remember what place I’m supposed to regain. But you do. The way you look at me sometimes, it’s like you know everything and you’re wondering how much stuff you should reveal.”

Damn it! He’s more observant than I thought. “If I was really hiding something, then it would probably be for a good reason.”

“So you are hiding something?”

“If I was hiding something, I wouldn’t really tell you I was hiding something, now would I?”

He looked a bit confused now, which was good. “Whatever. You take control. I’m going to go to sleep.”

Now, it was just me and Piper. I was about to say something when Piper’s voice suddenly rang out. “Did you know Silena Beaureguard?”

“You could say so.” I knew where this was going.

“Was she a traitor?”

Oh I could kill Drew right now. “No, if Drew told you that, erase it from your mind please. Actually, erase everything Drew said from your mind. Most of what she says is twisted beyond recognition.”

“But she betrayed us, didn’t she?”

“She was a spy, that’s true. But, without her, we would have lost the war.” Piper looked confused. I continued. “I bet Drew didn’t tell you that part, did she?”

“What happened?”

“The Apollo cabin and the Ares cabin were having a huge fight. Finally, Clarisse was all like, ‘We’re not going to fight in this war’ and they stuck by their promise. Then, this drakon came and we were all worried because only a child of Ares could kill it. Then, Clarisse comes around, saying ‘Ares, to me!’ and all of that but when Clarisse tried to fight it, she got spewed with poison. And then, we found out that Clarisse was actually Silena. Her death motivated Clarisse to kill the drakon and fight with us again.”

Piper looked confused again. “Didn’t you come to camp after the Titan War? How do you know so much?”

“Oh, you know, Percy told a lot of stories.” Thankfully she bought it. Great job almost blowing your cover, Alex. Great job.

We rode in silence for an hour or so until Piper shook Leo awake. “We’re here.” I could see the castle/hotel from where we were in the sky and it was beautiful.

“Welcome to Canada” I muttered. “Look guys, we have company.”

The God of Boring’s kids were coming through and I was not looking forward to meeting with Zethes. I felt even worse for Piper though, having to have to deal with his so called “flirting.”

Cal the ox went all “Destroy!” on us, which was quickly getting annoying. Piper was uncomfortable, at the least, with Zethes’ awful excuse for getting a girl. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I leaned over to Piper. “Say it’s an emergency landing. Do the whole Aphrodite charmspeak thing.”

Piper smiled. “It is an emergency landing. Our dragon is malfunctioning!”

That did the trick. Zethes was whipped so he went, “That is an emergency” and Cal didn’t really have an opinion so we were quickly on our way to the ice penthouse.

I had to admit, the penthouse looked great. There was just the tiny problem of it being cold enough to freeze someone to death. Of course Zethes convinced Leo to deactivate the dragon which then resulted in Leo getting almost frozen to death by their ice swords. “Do something Jason!” I hissed.

“Why me?” He whispered back.

“You’re the leader, aren’t you?” I retorted.

“Right.” His face turned determined. “Listen guys, Leo’s just a son of Hephaestus. Piper’s a daughter of Aphrodite. Alex’s a daughter of Poseidon. And I’m a son of Zeus.”

Zethes looked surprised. “A son of Zeus?”

“My name’s Jason.”

Don’t go telling your name to everyone we meet, especially when we get to Chicago. I shook my head, groaning. Although this would do us good for now. And then Khione appeared. The second I looked at her, I felt a wave of loathing. She was beautiful and I could see how Leo would get a crush but her eyes were cold and her face was all sharp angles, like ice. I hated her and from the way she narrowed her eyes at me, the feeling was mutual. Suddenly, I felt a lot colder and I glared up at her, knowing this was Khione’s doing. She smirked. Oh when I get my hands on you…

“Come. King Boreas is waiting.”

The throne room was a freezer. I was shaking like a leaf and my breath came out like mist. The ice statues freaked me out a bit, especially when they started moving. Then, a voice speaking French boomed out and they retreated. I thanked the gods that I learned French in school, although to be honest, I didn’t really pay attention in class. I still could understand basic phrases and as Khione started to translate, I said, “He said ‘Don’t kill them yet.’ Is that good or is that bad?”

“Good I guess.” Jason was holding Piper’s hand. “I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to die, especially since I’m an amnesiac.”

We saw Boreas on his throne and my first thought was Jack Frost all grown up. That was seriously what he looked like with his white hair and his suit made out of snow. The things that ruined the image were the purple wings sprouting from his back. He talked in French and I wasn’t really interested in the conversation, since I already knew what it was about. Stupid Aeolus and his stupid order to kill all demigods because of the stupid storm spirits. The thing that did catch my attention was when Jason went all Sparky Boy on Khione and she flew across the room. I couldn’t help it. I laughed. That was the worst thing I could do. She looked at me with a glare that clearly said, I’m going to kill you. Next thing I knew, I was covered in ice. She turned me into a statue?! Jason looked horrified. Piper quickly turned to Boreas and said a few words. Boreas then made a gesture to Khione and I was defrosted. Piper looked worried.

“Are you all right?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.” I shot a death glare at Khione who looked smug and full of herself.

Boreas was eager to smooth everything out because I was fuming. I could feel myself losing control and it wouldn’t be long before some I summoned a freak mini hurricane and attacked Khione. “Tell us your story, son of Zeus.”

Jason’s face was blank. Thankfully, Piper was quick of mind and she jumped in, telling the story in a way that me or Jason could never have done. “So you’ll help us, right, Your Majesty?” she finished.

“I never said that.”

Jason’s hand went to his pocket, probably for his coin. Boreas leaned forward. “What is that on your arm, demigod?”

He showed Jack Frost Senior his Roman tattoo and Boreas suddenly laughed and turned into Aquilon. Jason acted as I thought he would, being Roman and all, but I still wasn’t really listening. My entire mind was on how to murder an immortal goddess. (*cough Khione *cough) I only snapped back to attention when I heard my name. “Your friend Alex knows more than she lets on. I can see it.”

I grimaced in frustration. Was it that obvious that I knew stuff? When I got back to camp, I really needed to get lying lessons from the Stolls. If I got back. I was brainstorming how many different ways this quest could go wrong when Piper dragged me out of the throne room. “Come on! We have to get to Chicago. That’s where the storm spirits are.”

“Wait a minute, Piper.”

“What are you going to do?”

I grinned. “I need to have a word with Khione.”

She was behind us, muttering furiously, probably mad that we didn’t turn into statues. I tapped her. The reaction was immediate. She whipped her neck up and glared at me. “What is it that you want?”

“I just wanted to say that I know everything. About you. And what you’re doing.” I relished in the fear I saw in her face, even if it only was for a split second. “I’ll see you soon!” I waved at her and ran to catch up with Jason and Piper. “C’mon guys. Let’s go to Chicago.”

I could hear Khione as we climbed aboard our dragon. “You might have fooled my father. But you have not fooled me. We are not done.”

“Whatever you say, snow queen.” I was still mad at her and I wasn’t afraid to show it. Neither was Jason, apparently.

“You really are a spoiled kid. See you around, ice princess.” I held in my laughter this time. I did not want to be a statue again. That was not pleasant.

As we took off, Jason stared at me. “Snow queen?”

I stared back. “Ice princess? Seriously? That’s all you got?”

He shook his head. “Whatever. Leo, we’re going to Chicago.”

“On it!” Leo fiddled with the dragon. “Khione was so hot…”

“Leo,” I said. “That is not going to happen. She is a snow queen who is obsessed with making ice statues. There are plenty more fish in the sea. You do not need to spend your life hung over on one weird goddess.”

He looked devastated. “She looked so nice.”

“Looks are not everything.” Jason added. “Alex got turned into an ice statue.”

Leo looked shocked. “Exactly,” I added. I speak from experience. Don’t mess with that girl Valdez. We’ll get you another promdate.”

I was glad to leave Canada. For one thing, it meant we were moving forward in our quest. And Khione was just so annoying! I couldn’t wait to see her again. I needed to beat her up, somehow. With that happy thought, I started to go to sleep. “Wake me up when we get to Chicago.” I yawned.

“All right Alex.”

I closed my eyes and let the darkness pull me under.

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