How a Fangirl Became a Demigod

Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 : I Almost Kill Jason. (Accidentally, Of Course.)

Jason was in a bad mood. We could all feel the waves coming off of him. (Except for Coach Hedge, but I wasn’t really counting him) That’s why we were all avoiding Jason. We struggled up to the top of the rock island and finally, we could see the palace. Coach Hedge was practically salivating at the garden with all of its plants and grass. Basically, he was being useless. When Jason gave him permission to go and stuff his face, he just ran. Jason looked relieved as Coach Hedge tramped off. Actually, scratch that. Everybody looked relieved, including me. Coach Hedge was not someone you wanted with you when you were going to meet a crazy wind god obsessed with getting a promotion.

As we went into the palace, Mellie the aura came and greeted us. “Hello!” She looked pretty; she had this natural look on her. Her hair was breezing around and she smiled brightly. “Are you from Lord Zeus? We’ve been expecting you!”

Jason opened his mouth to speak. I shoved him in the side with my elbow. He winced and whispered to me, “Your elbow is sharp!”

“Yeah, a lot of people have said that.” To Mellie, I said, “You’re an aura, right?”

She blushed. “Yes. My name is Mellie. Anyway, are you from Lord Zeus?”

Jason answered “Yes” at the same time I said “No.”

She looked confused.

“We’re not from Zeus.” I said. “We have something to trade in order for Aeolus to stop killing demigods and a small favor.”

She looked a bit disappointed. “Come with me then.” She floated away and we followed her.

Jason hissed at me. “Why did you say that we’re not from Zeus. Aeolus would definitely have let us in to see him then. Didn’t you think about that?”

“Actually, I did.” I hissed back. “He would have thought we were here to promote him and then when we told him that we weren’t, he would have gotten really mad and we would barely have survived.”

“How do you know that would happen?”

Oh you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

“Just trust me. That would have happened.”

“You know, trust is earned, not just given when somebody asks.” He frowned. “And you’ve been acting really suspicious lately. What’s going on?”

I took a deep breath, trying to control my temper before I caused a storm. “Listen, annoying amnesiac. I have done a lot to earn your trust lately and you are just disregarding all of that. What exactly is wrong with thinking ahead and using common sense?”

He threw his hands up in the air. “It’s not just that. Everybody sees something different about you. I do too, I just don’t know what. Even Dirt Face acts different around you, more cautious. Leo told me. And I might be an amnesiac but I know how to read people and you always get this look on your face. I’ve probably told you this before but it’s like you’re asking yourself how much to reveal.”

He was really pissing me off now. “Ok, listen here Superman.” I stepped closer to him. “I did nothing wrong and all of this is your stupid theories so I would suggest you shut up now, because that would be much appreciated, thank you very much.”

Piper touched my arm. “Calm down, Alex. Just chill.”

I looked around and saw every source of water nearby responding to my anger and rising up. Oops.

I tried to calm down and the water slowly started receding. Jason was looking at me warily and Piper elbowed him. I heard her say, “Say sorry, you idiot.”

Before he could open his mouth and more likely then not annoy me some more, I said, “It’s ok, don’t. I have anger issues, I know.” I started walking toward where Mellie was waiting for us. “Come on, let’s get this over with, already.”

We reached the doors and Mellie turned around. “He probably won’t kill you if we go in now. Come on in!”

Well that’s reassuring.

I carefully stepped out, knowing that there wasn’t going to be a floor. Leo wasn’t so lucky. He dropped and he would have fallen to his death if Jason hadn’t pulled him back. Seriously, Leo was always getting saved by Jason nowadays. Jason really did deserve to be called Superman, saving damsels in distress and all that. (And yes, I just called Leo a damsel.)

It was a cool room. Really, it was. There were TVs, equipment, some really cool cameras, and plants. (which was pretty random.) It was a great room. Except for the fact that it had no floor. That was quickly remedied however by Mellie and the harpies who built a very unsafe looking floor that surprisingly held when Jason walked across it. We came to the middle of the room, where we saw Aeolus himself, in all his glory.

My first impression?

Too much makeup.

This guy needed a makeup artist because he just looked plain weird.

Plus, whoever was his plastic surgeon needed to be fired ASAP.

Or maybe he was just born like this (if he was even born. Or was he made?); in which case I felt bad for him.

Mellie floated up to him. “Sir, these demigods would like to make an exchange. Storm spirits for information. And of course the cancellation of the order to kill all demigods.”

“I did that?” His voice sounded weird. Everything about him was weird. That was just the best way to describe him.

“Yes sir.” I felt bad for Mellie, having to work for a guy like this. Although she did get a better job with Tristan McLean by the ends of the book. Hopefully that would still happen.

If I didn’t mess things up.

“Oh cancel that order Mellie. I must have been in a terrible mood then.” He turned around. ‘Hello, Jason Grace! So, how was that sea monster?”

Poor Jason looked so confused. “I’m sorry? I think you’re thinking about someone…”

“No, I remember everyone that stays on my island. Now, if you would kindly give me the storm sprits…?”

Jason handed the backpack over.

Aeolus took the venti out and handed them to Teriyaki (was Aeolus hungry when he thought of names for these harpies?) to get put in a cell block.

Mellie tapped him on the shoulder. “Sir, it’s time to air.”

“Of course!” He stood in front of the screen and put on a huge smile. Lights flashed and he started his weather report, which was actually pretty funny to watch. Jason thought that weather couldn’t be this random but I knew better. Trying to make all the gods happy was an impossible task that Aeolus was juggling pretty well actually. Of course, there was the whole part about it driving him mad, but as long as he helped us, I really didn’t care.

After his forecast, he sat down again. “So, demigods needing help again. Tell me, why should I help you?”

I was about to make something up right on the spot when Piper suddenly came in. “Because you’re the only person who can. I mean, you know everything, right? And if you don’t tell us where Enceladus is hiding my dad then no one can.”

I nodded. Good tactic. Flattery. It almost always works and for a guy like Aeolus, it would definitely do the trick.

Sure enough, he sat back, looking quite pleased with himself. “Well that is true. I mean, I know Juno’s plan will most likely fail.” He pointed at Piper. “I know that your father is missing.” A picture of Tristan McLean fluttered into his hand. Pointing at Leo, “I see your future as well ,son of Hephaestus.” The crayon picture of the Argo 2 fell in his hand. “And you, Alexis Forman. You’re the most difficult to figure out, but I know quite a few things about you. “ A book cover fell into his hand. The Lost Hero. I stumbled back and looked at Aeolus with horror. He winked at me, his face saying, I’ll keep your secret.

Jason looked between me and Aeolus, suspicion dawning again on his face.

Great. I’ll have to have a talk with him later.

“About that help?” Jason asked, impatient.

“Well…” Aeolus tilted his head and started murmuring. “Zeus says… Oh wait that’s Aphrodite… Poseidon agrees, Hephaestus says… Very rare…” The murmuring stopped. “Well the gods are in agreement that I help you. You will find Enceladus on Mount Diablo.”

Piper looked excited. “I know that place! It’s in the Bay Area.”

“The Bay Area?” Jason sounded guarded, cautious.

“Now,” Aeolus said smiling.

Suddenly, his face went blank.

“Yes, yes, I understand.” He looked up at us, his face ashen.

“I’m sorry demigods. New orders. You all must die.”

Mellie protested. “But sir!”

“Be quiet Mellie! There are orders that come from people more powerful than the gods. Zeus understands. And if she wants something, then I will not go against her.”

He opened the cell blocks so the storm spirits started making their way toward us. As they were about to reach us, Mellie shouted. “No!” Her robe took the brunt of the force of the lethal projectiles, protecting us. We were spiraling and the wind was howling. Jason yelled, “Group hug!”

I was falling for what seemd like the hundredth time in a few days. I could hear Jason and Mellie screaming to each other but I couldn’t really make out the words. I could feel a warm breeze wrapping around us. And then the winds hit, shooting us across the sky. If you liked roller coasters, this would be your thing. Just straight up adrenaline.

I didn’t like roller coasters.

At least not that much.

I blacked out as we soared to the Bay Area.

My last thought before my eyes closed?

Oh my gods. I’m getting a makeover when I wake up.

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