How a Fangirl Became a Demigod

Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 : Enchiladas Gets Electrocuted

I woke up, sitting in a little café. I thought I heard someone scream, “Mother!”

That must be Piper.

Immediately, I gripped the table, thinking we were falling.

No, we’re not falling. Relax.

Piper sat next to me, looking at my clothes with a mixture of admiration and horror. Praying to the gods that it wouldn’t be that bad, I looked down.

It was bad.

A tight t-shirt with these skinny skinny jeans.

And ankle boots.

Ok, I’ll admit, I looked pretty good.

But still!

“How the hell am I going to fight in this outfit?!” I bent my leg experimentally. They didn’t give much.

Piper was trying not to laugh. “Haven’t you worn skinny jeans before?”

“Not like this.” I frowned. “I always had jeans that could give, you know? So I could run and stuff. But these! These are terrible!” I sighed. “At least my hair is in its regular ponytail.”

I looked at Jason, who was rubbing his eyes. “See! Why does he just get a fresh set of clothes and I get a full on makeover!”

Leo whistled. “You really don’t like new clothes, do you? Hey, just look at it this way. You both are going to be the best dressed warriors in town.”

“Leo, look in the mirror, will you?” I asked dryly.

“What… Oh.” He turned around, letting us all admire his Ray Ban sunglasses and suspenders with a hat that made him look like he was from the 1900’s. “You know, Alex. I get your point.”

“Oh, I think you look great.” Coach Hedge looked like some kind of abstract art. He took the blue carnation out of his coat pocket and ate it.

“How did we get here anyway?” Piper asked.

“Oh, that was all Mellie. Those winds shot us halfway across the country and we would have been crushed on impact but she gave us a nice soft landing. I happen to have that kind of effect on nymphs. Now that is a nymph I can raise a bunch of baby goats with.”

I gagged. “The mental images.. Just stop.”

Piper nodded. “I agree. I feel sick.” She brought out a bunch of bills. “Let’s have some coffee.”

Piper told us about her dream and about Gaea. I wasn’t that surprised, considering I’d read the books a few times, but everybody else was. Which was actually kind of surprising, considering that we had so many clues hinting to our enemy being Gaea. But I kind of knew by now that sometimes, demigods are very bad at seeing the obvious. I mean, just look at Percy.

Coach Hedge actually started telling us some surprisingly useful information. I wasn’t paying attention as I was more engrossed in eating my scones. I was hungry, don’t judge. Anyway, when it seemed that they finished talking and it was time to start going up Mount Diablo, I got up with Coach Hedge right behind me. “Let’s go kick some ass!”

Coach Hedge smiled. “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

When the taxi broke down, all of us started hiking up the mountain. The road was packed and it should have been hard enough for us to walk on without our feet getting stuck but of course, Mother Nature was our enemy so that stuff was just a pipe dream. Leo started to make something while we were walking. Watching his fingers fiddle around with the pieces was actually really distracting, but I needed to concentrate on not getting tired.

Which wasn’t working.

By the time we scaled the mountain, I was panting hard along with everybody else. We crouched behind some rock and I peeked out to see a pretty terrifying scene. There was a clearing and construction equipment everywhere, which I didn’t really get. That wasn’t the scary part though. Enceladus, the giant, nearly made me pee my pants. 30 feet tall giants tend to do that to you. His legs, if you could even call them that were green and scaly, like a dragon. A purple bonfire crackled and popped in front of him. Piper sobbed, “Look,” and I saw what I assumed to be her father tied to some sort of stake. We all looked at Jason for the plan. He looked adorably oblivious.

“What? I’m not the leader.”

“Yes, you are.” I face palmed. “As much as I don’t want to admit it, you are.”

He looked at everyone, probably hoping for someone to disagree but nobody did. He sighed. “A distraction would probably be your best chance, Piper.”

“Plans never work in quests.”

Jason looked frustrated. “Didn’t you just say I was the leader?”

“Yeah, I’m just saying though.” I gestured around. “Plans never work in quests. It’s Murphy’s Law.”

“Well, let’s hope for the best then.”

“Whatever you say, Blondie.”

The four of us walked into the clearing while Piper went to try to rescue her dad. As I suspected, the plan went wrong. Jason tried to sound confident in his “Giant!” but I knew we were all scared out of our wits.

Enceladus stopped chanting and looked at us with a creepy stare. “What a nice surprise.”

Coach Hedge, of course, had to be typical Coach Hedge and start insulting the giant. Not what I would do, but at least Enceladus seemed amused. Well, until he started breathing fire.

“Scatter!” Leo yelled.

“When I thought his legs were like a dragons, I didn’t think he would actually be some sort of dragon!” I screamed back as I darted to the left. I didn’t get very far. Enceladus sent a huge shockwave that immediately knocked out Coach Hedge and sent me and Jason sprawling.

“I see you, Piper McLean!” The giant brought Piper out by torching the underbrush.

Ok that sounded creepy.

And then Enceladus proceeded to tell us all about how Piper and Tristan McLean were all part of his plan. Which was getting annoying by now. And then the Earthborn came. They were seriously ugly. And they smelled terrible, which I expected. I mean, they were made out of clay. And then, Enceladus told us all about the Gegenees. This giant was supposed to be the nemesis to Athena. Athena! I was pretty sure telling your enemy all about the people that you have to fight was not a good strategy. Not that I was complaining, of course.

Enceladus said, “Well you can save your father or try to save your friends and die.”

Piper stepped forward. “You will not take the people I love.” Her eyes blazed and her voice was filled with such power.

The Earthborn were idiots and started muttering “Sorry.”

Enceladus looked disappointed. “This is why we wanted you. You could have helped us. But, as you wish. Earthborn, here is Jason.” He pointed to Piper’s dad. “Tear him apart.”

One look form Jason and we all knew what to do. I ran with Jason and we charged Enceladus while Piper went to her father and Leo went to the machines. Jason and I were a good team. We somehow knew how each other worked and fought. The battle started off great. We managed to wound Enceladus and slow him down a bit but we couldn’t go on like this forever. The earth was sticking to our feet, making it harder to move and we were both tired. Jason signaled that he was going to make one last shot. He charged and it was pretty impressive.

Until the lance broke.

I knew this would happen so I took cover. I was not in the mood to be electrocuted to death. Enceladus was on the other side of the slick smooth crater that the explosion created. Unfortunately, he was alive. And Jason was a bit predisposed. I would have helped him but I was busy fighting the stupid Earthborn. It was harder than usual, probably because I wasn’t used at all to fighting in skinny jeans.

If I ever went to Olympus, I needed to talk to Aphrodite about her outfits. As I neatly (not so neatly) dispatched the Earthborn and turned them into clay, I heard Leo yell, “Heads up! Duck, Alex!”

I hit the floor just in time as an ax blade flew right where my head was and embedded itself in Enceladus’s armor. Of course, he was still alive and Leo cursed. “What the hell! Die already, Enchiladas!”

“I cannot be killed by gods or heroes.”

“Only by both,” Jason said. Enchiladas needed to learn to have a good poker face because we all saw his smile falter.

Leo, with his trusty humor, asked, “Anybody have a god we can use?”

Jason’s shoulders squared. He knew what he had to do. “Leo, if you have a rope in that belt of yours, get it ready.”

Piper used the oldest trick in the book. Ever. In existence. “Look behind you!”

It worked. Surprisingly. I mean, I knew Piper had charmspeak but seriously. Ma Gasket wasn’t affected at all by the charmspeak in Detroit. And this was an all powerful giant that was the anti-Athena.

You would have thought he wouldn’t have fallen for it.

But he did and Jason tackled his legs and started riding the giant like some sort of horse. Or better yet, like Enceladus was giving him a piggy back ride. Jason yelled, “Hit the deck!” and a bolt of lightning hit him square on the back, surging through him to Enceladus. The giant managed to hold on to the edge and looked at us with loathing. “You have won nothing. My brothers are rising and they are much more powerful than I. We will destroy the gods at their roots! You will die and…”

He fell.

What was it about evil geniuses and their inability to keep silent on important plans? His happened too many times to count.

Jason was about to fall too but Leo tossed him the rope and we all pulled him up. The four of us sat there, exhausted, terrified, and tired. The clearing was the definition of destruction. Fire everywhere, rock missiles on the ground, piles of clay being the only indication for now that there was any Earthborn, construction equipment scattered around… It was bad.

Coach Hedge started stirring. He sat up, rubbing his eyes. Taking in the battle scene around him, he asked, “Did I do this?”

No you were unconscious during the whole fight.

He started dancing and making rude gestures to the clay and although I wanted to saty frustrated, I couldn’t help it. I laughed along with everyone else. I had warmed up to Coach Hedge during this quest. He was no longer the idiotic satyr that he was in the beginning. I mean, he still did have his moments, but he was funny and helpful in his own way.

Piper’s dad came forward, eyes hollow and with this look that just made you want to cry. He looked like his whole world had been shattered, which it had. He had just found out that the love of his life was a goddess. I would be pretty messed up if that happened to me. “Piper?” Even his voice sounded hollow, hopeless. “What happened?”

Piper ran toward her dad and hugged him.

Jason stood up. ‘We need to get him out of here.”

“Yeah, how is that going to happen. Her dad can’t exactly walk off this mountain.” I said.

Jason looked at the helicopters flying overhead. “Leo, make a bullhorn. Piper has some talking to do.”

Just finished a battle and off to fly to another one. Just another day in the life of a demigod.

“Let’s go.”

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