How a Fangirl Became a Demigod

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 : That’s Not Possible

“Who are you?”

He turned back towards me. “My name’s Percy Jackson.”

He faced the Fury. “Seriously, Mrs. Dodds?” Mrs. Dodds snarled at him. Percy suddenly charged the monster. It was a bit fascinating, to say the least. The fight was over in a few seconds, with Percy getting covered in yellow monster dust. I probably swayed a bit from shock because the next thing I knew, Percy Jackson himself took my arm.

“You all right? You look a bit sick.” I probably would have made some unintelligible sounds and completely embarrassed myself, but Robbie (thankfully) saved me from complete humiliation.

“You’re seriously asking us that question? We almost died!” Percy looked back at him.

“Right, sorry. Stupid question. No wonder Annabeth calls me” I interrupted him.

“Seaweed Brain,” I muttered. It was enough though. Percy turned back toward me.

“How do you know that?”

“Long story.” I shook my head, trying to clear it. “That was a Fury right? Hades’s torturers.” Percy nodded. “Then why was it after me and Robbie?”

“Robbie and I.” Percy immediately corrected. I stared at him. “Sorry, Annabeth rubs off on me sometimes. And to answer your question, you’re probably demigods. Both of you.”

Robbie stepped up to him. “That’s not possible. Demigods aren’t real. They can’t be. You guys were just a story, a book!” His voice got louder and louder as he went on. “It’s just not possible!”

I slided over to him. “Denial is cruel, isn’t it?”

Robbie stared at me like I went insane, which I probably did. “You’re OK with all of this? How? Why? I just don’t get it.”

I was about to answer him when Percy cleared his throat. “I would love to continue this conversation but unfortunately your escape from school has been noticed. Those would be your teachers rushing out, right?” I nodded. “Then we’d better get out of here.” He ran to the street, calling for a taxi.

I ran after him. “Where are we going?”

“Thankfully, you go to school in Manhattan so we’ll go to my mom’s house first. It’s nearby.”

I already knew the answer but I had to ask, “And then?”

“We’ll go to camp. Now come on! Get in the taxi!”

I was about to follow him into the car when Robbie grabbed my arm. “Don’t Alex. What if he’s some kind of murderer or something?”

I let out a short laugh. “Did you even see what he did? He saved our lives Robbie. Plus he’s Percy Jackson. I mean that gives him a pass in my book. Now if you’re not going to quit being a jealous idiot then by all means, stay out there. Otherwise, get in.” I hurried into the car and after a moment’s hesitation, Robbie did too. Internally, I cheered. Robbie and I had been friends since kindergarten. We knew just about everything about each other and to be honest, I needed him. Now more than ever.

“East One hundred and fourth and first.” Percy said and the taxi. I turned toward Robbie. “Percy Jackson isn’t real no matter how much you want him to be” Robbie cringed, knowing what was coming. “Now who said that?”

“Look Alex…” He didn’t get to finish.

“Snap out of it. Stop with your obsession. I know the world of Percy Jackson doesn’t exist and you should know it too. I think you were the person who said all of that, Robbie.”

He gulped. “Me?”

“Yeah you.” I was preparing my rant again when, Percy tapped my back. “Ummm we’re here.”

Robbie couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. I, on the other hand was fuming. I knew it was probably wrong to take all my anger out on Robbie but I didn’t know what else to do. I was scared. My life had changed in ways I couldn’t understand. All I knew was that it would never be the same again.

“I know you’re probably a bit overwhelmed but I promise you, we’ll sort everything out.” Percy smiled at me. Percy Jackson smiled at me. Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, my hero ever since I read the series smiled at me. Oh my gods. I calmed down enough to say “Yeah okay.” As I got out of the taxi and into the apartment, Robbie came up to me. “Do you like him?”

I stared at him with a disgusted face. “Percy is with Annabeth and I ship them. Do not mess with my ship. Anyway, he’s not really my type.”

“What is your type?”

“Well, don’t you want to know. Why were you so curious anyway?” I asked.

Robbie walked faster. “It’s nothing.” Was it my imagination or did he sound a bit happier? “Come on, get in here. Let’s see the legendary Percy Jackson’s house.”

I walked into the apartment. This looks just like how I imagined it to be. I heard Percy yelling “Mom! I got new campers!” Sally Jackson walked into the room. She was beautiful. The book really was accurate. She could make you feel better just by entering the room.

“Why hello, dears. Do you want anything to eat before you go to camp?”

“No thank you Mrs. Jackson. We’re fine.” I managed.

“Well I’m not. Can I please have some blue waffles?” Percy whined. I laughed along with Robbie. “Classic Percy.” Robbie said.

Sally looked over at Percy. “No you may not have blue waffles. You need to hurry up and take them to camp. I thought you came here because somebody was hurt and you needed someplace to rest. If you’re just here for food, then…”

“Okay Mom, I got it.” Percy sighed and spun around. “Come on guys, let’s go to Camp Half Blood.”

We were back in a taxi, heading towards Montauk. To say I was excited would be putting it lightly. I couldn’t wait to go to Camp Half Blood. It’s every fangirls’ dream. And now, it would be reality, at least for me. Looking over at Robbie, I tapped him on the shoulder. “Hey Robbie. Aren’t you excited?”

“Not really.” He sounded a bit weird.

“Why not? I mean it’s Camp Half Blood. The place we’ve been obsessing over for a long time.”

He looked at me. “I’m scared Alex. That Fury, if we’re really demigods, isn’t the end of it. I’ll always have to watch my back. Demigods die early. I’ll be alone.”

“Oh so you don’t count me as a person now? Come on, Robbie, we’ve been friends for forever. You’ll have me. We’ll work together.” Robbie nodded.


It was a long way to Montauk and I was getting really bored when finally, the car stopped. I got out stretching and yawning while Percy paid the driver. When he was finished, he said, “Come on. Right this way.”

I followed him eagerly. Passing the pine tree, I heard Percy say the words you could say I had been waiting for for my whole fangirl life.

“Welcome to Camp Half Blood.”

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