The Unexpected Visitor


When the Prince Glacia decides to leave home to explore the world she finds the perfect match. This is based off of the Hobbit book and movie so I give them all the credit. Only the character Glacia belongs to me.

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The Escape

Tonight was the night the night that I was going to do it. I was going to run away. See the world. My name is Glacia and my parents Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn were always overly protective of my.
I go outside my room and quietly close the door. It was the middle of the night and very dark but my eyes were used to the lake of light during the night. If I knew the guard schedule as I say I do then by the time I get to the gate they should not be there but on their post change. As I navigated through the kingdom as quickly and quietly as possible.
Soon I saw the gate. I had made it in time there were no guards. I was so thrilled that I had been able to get this far that I did not watch where I stepped.
The was a loud snap as I stepped on a stick. Suddenly I heard the guards shouting at each other in alarm. I then heard them coming strait towards where I stood. The only thing that I could think to do was run.
I sprinted strait at the gate. As I ran I heard them gaining on me. I had to hide. Then I saw the perfect tree just up ahead. I looked back and saw them not looking right at me and used the time to climb up the tree.
When they got to the tree they had no idea where I had gone. After a minuet they gave up headed back to their posts.

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