Mark and Maddy and the Terra Nova Chronicles

Chapter 6

Mark and Maddy had been married four months, but one early morning Mark's communicator went off early. It took awhile for the sleeping young couple, all tangled up together, to let Mark reach over to their dresser to answer the communicator link.

It was Taylor, who spoke gravely, "Sergeant Reynolds, we've picked up a temporal disturbance emanating from the Badlands. It seems our 'Time Jammer' diverted a time transport right into the center of the colony. Right now we have the advantage of surprise while they figure out they didn't land on our front porch. Thank goodness it worked!"

"We need an advance guard to go out and investigate now. Be ready in 20 minutes."

"Yes sir."

Mark clicked the communicator off and turned to his bride.


"Yes Mark, go. I know you have to. I am after all a soldier's wife."

"Still happy with that decision?"

She wrapped her arms around him and the feeling of skin against skin was incredible, "You bet, Sergeant. Come back to me, understand? My Dad always makes that promise to my Mom. And he's just a cop!"

"I intend to carry on the family tradition, Maddy. You can count on that!"

He dressed in combat gear swiftly, but she spread herself enticingly across their bed and let him see her completely as a farewell gift. It was all he could do to just kiss her and leave without lingering and being late. That had already happened more than a few times - to the snickers of his fellow warriors. Not this time. The battle with the renegade Sixers and mercenary Phoenix Group was back on again.

Mark smiled as he stared at the dark skin of his beautiful wife, "Seeing you like that will inspire me to fight back from the gates of hell itself to be with you soon, Maddy. You won't be alone long."

"I'm never alone Mark, with you in my heart now," she smiled back lovingly.

She rose, surrounded herself in the bed sheet, and escorted her husband to the door as he headed out to intercept the first threat from 2149 in over three and half years. They all knew it had been too good to last forever.

As he left, she knew it was time to head to the lab to discuss with her mother and Dr. Wallace her ideas to turn the Time Jammer shield into a temporal weapon to defeat the new intruders, and seal the dimensional time rift permanently that would rid them of 2149 forever.

Taylor's traitorous son Lucas was not the only mathematical mind gifted in time travel physics in Terra Nova.

At Terra Nova Security headquarters, everyone was trying to analyze what had been time transported from the future, and the Time Jammer had safely deflected into the Badlands – making it even more effective than the thought - the Badlands was a 1000 klicks distant. The sentries were very concerned with some of the readings.

"Lieutenant, was that thing armed?" he demanded.

An analyst fretted, "There were explosives on board, sir. But Commander Taylor, it's even worse. We detected quantum mechanics fluctuations in that temporal transfer when they tried to materialize the vehicle over us."

Taylor tried to remain calm, "Dear God. Nukes… Reynolds, tell Jim, Elisabeth, Maddy and the other colonists to head for Outpost B on my word. It might save them, even though it was never built for that."

Reynolds had a terrible look on his face.

Taylor made the wrong assumption and tried to comfort Reynolds, "Sergeant, your wife Maddy is every bit as strong as her father and mother. With or without us, that family has the toughest will to persevere that I have ever witnessed in my life."

Reynolds fought back a tear, "It's not her I'm worried about, or the family, sir. Maddy's pregnant. The radiation…"

Taylor pursed his lips at the news that would normally evoke a celebration at the bar, "Then you, Reynolds, have one more reason to help me defeat my son and his friends."

"Badlands to Dwyer. You idiot! You sent the transport to us and not over the 'destination'. It never got to deliver the 'jelly beans' on the destination to shake them up."

Dwyer said with confidence, "I am sorry, sir but that's simply not possible. We had the exact coordinates for Terra Nova for the transport."

Lucas fidgeted, mulling the possibilities, and muttered to himself, "They have a temporal jammer! But…who would have done the math? Certainly not Malcolm. Wait… Maddy Shannon! Of course!"

He keyed the mike, "They have a time jammer. It sent the transport way off course. We will have to plot a different course for the 'main event'. Nonetheless, we have received the transport and the object. It's the best Easter Egg ever!"

Lucas then asked, "Should we recalibrate the object and launch as soon as we can?"

Dwyer warned, "Negative. If you launch the transport unprotected and alone now - since the surprise is gone - there is a finite chance Terra Nova can shoot it down. You need something they can't damage. Prepare to receive the 'main event' in a few days. It arrived this morning. Nothing they have will stop it."

Lucas leaned back and smiled, "Good! Badlands out."

Lucas started to work out the adjustments to 'the object' to make it a weapon again. Fortunately for Terra Nova it was harder than he thought it would ever be.

Taylor and Reynolds led the Terra Novan security team at high speed through the jungle to intercept the Sixer/Phoenix Group forces before they could recalibrate and use the tactical nuclear weapon against Terra Nova. Malcolm assured them it would be nearly a week before they could launch an assault, as temporal transportation at least theoretically scrambled the plutonium and heavy hydrogen atoms into non-fissile/non-fusion molecular arrangements for some time. They were in an alternate earth time line as well as in the past, and that scrambled nuclear materials' volatility.

Around the clock, Malcolm and Maddy worked to balance the equations in the Time Jammer to transform it to become a temporal weapon. If the security force could not destroy the nuke, the very survival of Terra Nova depended on their work being successful. Lucas, the Sixers, The Phoenix Group and their sponsors from 2152 were no longer content with occupation of the colony to get their riches from the ground by around them - they were just going to wipe Terra Nova away.

Elisabeth was worried about her daughter and her colleague Malcolm as they worked without let up. She prepared some natural stimulants to keep them going, but Maddy refused them. She went to the bathroom a lot. And finally she was adjusting several offensive algorithms when her eyes rolled back in her head, and she fainted out of her chair and slumped on to the floor.

"Maddy!" Elisabeth fretted. Jim came quickly to both of their sides, and supported Maddy's head gently.

"Dad. Mom. I'm OK."

Elisabeth moved a hand held medical scanner across her prostrate daughter's body.

"Yes, dear, I guess you are," Elisabeth smiled and took her husband's hand, "You're just pregnant!"

Jim fainted, and the two women laughed at a time when they both needed it most.

The Terra Nova forces took up defensive positions on the wooded edge of the Badlands and could see the Sixer/Phoenix Group camp in the distance. There was a makeshift landing pad with a standard vertical takeoff and landing troop/cargo transport on the pad. Reynolds focused his tele-binoculars on the pad, and pushed "transmit".

Back at the lab, Malcolm was relieved as he saw only the small transport and not a vast army through the long distance transmissions of that Reynolds was seeing in his binoculars. But it didn't stop him from knowing that a nuclear weapon was on that transport and being readied for use against Terra Nova, and that it must be stopped at all costs.

Taylor and Reynolds smiled at one another knowing they could mount an operation that would take out the transport and the weapon. There would be heavy causalities but it was doable.

But that confidence was short lived. Just then the sky above the Sixer camp started to crackle and spark in broad daylight. Lightning tendrils and blue current moved everywhere. It was as a temporal transfer in progress the size of which they had never seen.

Back at Terra Nova, Malcolm shouted, "There's a temporal shock going off the charts, Commander. What the hell is happening there?"

Reynolds spoke into his comm link, "Dr. Malcolm sir, we're gonna hafta get a bigger gun here."

Taylor ordered, "Retreat. We'll have to make a stand at home. We will be squashed like bugs if we take our stand here."

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