The Exchange


It's quite simple actually. Eyes meet. Worlds change. Glances turn into deep longing stares. Simple words turn into blissful actions. They stare at themselves pondering if they will be forgotten. If they are forgotten will anything ever be remembered? If so why must they forget in the first place?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Hi, nice to meet you. My name name is Lee Y/n. I’m a regular high school student who is utterly obsessed with bts. I am 18 years old; so yes I am in my last year at SOPA. Exciting I know. Anyways lets get on with the actual story shall we.


It was a cold breezy night; well more like 2am. I was unable to sleep and I was also craving some ramen. Might as well kill two birds with one stone.

I headed to a convenience store that was only 10 minutes away from where I lived.

My apartment was a cozy yet elegant home.

I continued to walk and spotted the convenience store not long after. I practically ran inside do to the cold. ‘I really should have brought my jacket with me.’ I had thought to myself as I sped walked towards the back where the snack section was. Since it was cold out I grabbed a mask as well as my ramen.

I walked over towards the counter and I didn’t see anybody. I sat for a moment deep in my own thoughts when someone tapped my shoulder. “huh” I let out a slightly surprised gasp as I jumped a bit. I looked over my shoulder to see a man with the purest of white hair. He looked ethereal. Well despite the fact that he was wearing a mask making it impossible for me to admire his features to the fullest.

“Hello?... Miss?...” I rapidly blinked my eyes coming back to reality noticing that there was now somebody at the counter. “Sorry...” I shyly spoke out to the cashier and smiled sheepishly. The cashier just smiled slightly. I quickly glanced back t the man behind me to only realize that he looked quite familiar. I just couldn’t exactly understand why though. I quickly turned back around once my eyes met his. I couldn’t help but notice the annoyance in his eyes; I quickly payed for my items and walked out of the store.

I shivered as I walked home only to suddenly feel a warmth embrace my shoulders. I turned back around to see nothing. I realized that I now had a jacket on.

I put my hands into the pockets of the jacket to warm them when I felt something. A pendant. It was enchanting. It was a small flower that was encased in some sort of clear rock like crystal.

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