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SET IN THE CENTRE OF DAEGU.THE ADVENTURES RELATED WITH THE NIGHTMARES OF ROSE WHO IS IN SEARCH OF HER IDENTITY. 'Please .........dont do this to him.I will repay for his mistake ' shedding a tear I replied. 'No ...you dont have to . I can't let you do this . I only have you in my life and Ican't let her ruin my love like this' enraged and red eyes were confessing it to me for the very first time and whole of my body was shivering leaving the numbing cold water into hot fumes

Mystery / Romance
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“Would you like to pay in cash or card”,I asked humbly. The customer gave me an appealing smile and replied ,” I would like to pay in cash”.
The customer also donated a considerable amount of donation in the box kept nearby so as to help the needy .
I feel very comfortable and satisfied whenever I watch such people showing the true meaning of humanity.
I asked her name so as to list it in the name of donors and she said...“Kyunjoo..Kim Kyunjoo”
I thanked her on the behalf of my ...sorry on the behalf of my boss’ departmental store.
The proverb goes like- Wish for the devil and the devil arrives.
Thumping the door aloud , a mature personality with a childish thinking arrived ,filled with lots of anger that one can judge by his face .The person was none other than the head of the Daegu departmental store and also known my very respectful boss - Mr. Shindong , a 36year old trader and the head of his departmental store who always showed mercy to hardworking and dedicated high schoolers like us. It has been a year over here for me but never felt like .
His evergreen terrifying look with a descent smile stated ,
“Ms y/n ,I’ve observed that you are working very hard these days. I appreciate your concentration and dedication towards the job and so I’ve decided you to give you increment which I think will be helpful for your entry fee in the “Seoul National University

I was just unable to believe me ears that whether today the sun has been risen from the west or Mr Shindong have just accepted the marriage proposal from her current girlfriend.

In the maze of the current excitement,I just realised that I was late when I saw that it was already 10:30 pm in my watch. I caught the last bus to the Beondekgil .
When I entered the bus I saw some posters representing the latest case of pickpocketers in our area . After that moment I used to feel a little bit insecure and anxious while entering my area .
Finally I reached my place and took a sigh . My 6 dear aunts were eagerly waiting for me and as soon as they heard my footsteps they opened the door with great joy . The dinner was being prepared at the dinner table and all of us were set to have the meal. All my saviours were having their best moments with me . Yes I read it right... I was saved by these noble souls from a car accident and they’ve been raising me since I was a small baby.
During the dinner I asked my aunts’ whether they’ve heard about the latest case of the pickpocketers in our area . Aunt Jae-in said that the neighbors are having doubt on the young and unemployed teens of phase -1 of Beondekgil society of Daegu. Having interest in investigation and also to detect criminal activities , I tried to do some digging in this topic .

The morning arrived with a lot of fuss when all my buddies (aunts) started preparing the breakfast.
Veggies,rice, kimchi ,stew and a lot ...
The last mission that they wanted to accomplish was to grant me my man .
The particular mission had caused a variety of trouble ,fights and arguements .
I wanted to pursue my career and live an independent life.

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