Triple Throuple

Chapter 4

Waking extremely early, I have a whole spread setup for them. Some of their faves, mostly american dishes. I’m settling into the couch, with the television playing quietly, as I scroll through my messages.

Images of my mother comes onto the screen, texts that she sent to me, before her passing. Only a year since, and I still get emotional about it. “She’s pretty.”

His quiet voice, from behind me, in the quiet room, startles the hell out of me. Almost jumping out of my seat, he has a concerned bearing. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

He’s so precious... “You’re fine.”

“You’re up early.” Tae says, getting a cup of cappuccino.

“Just doing my job.” I’d been up since five, running from here to there, to secure this buffet, I hope that it’s appreciated. “I heard that, you were leaving today.”

Oh did you?

Apparently bad news does travel fast, and I’m to be promptly discarded after all. I’ve a right mind to knock the whole table over, but I will for once, take the walk of shame with some dignity.

And with a full belly...

Hip bumping Tae out of the way, I load up a plate of fruit, and two bagels. “Was that your mother?” He asks, taking a seat next to me on the curved sectional. “Yeah.”

“You look like her.”

Busying myself with finding the right grape to eat, I don’t want to discuss her right now. The silence that follows is ominous, and so I shift the conversation to him. “It must be hard, always on tour, traveling, I know that you must miss your family.”

“I do, but...if they can have a better life, then it’s worth it.”


I can definitely see why, the girls are going gaga over them. “How long have you been a personal assistant?” He says, changing the subject. I guess family is a touchy subject this morning.

Might as well come clean, I’m leaving anyways. “Promise that you’ll keep this between us?”


“This is my first job, in this position, I was doing my friend a favor.”

The cup of cappuccino’s halted midway to his lips.

“Security!” He yells, at the top of his lungs.


“I’m just kidding...” He says, at my horrified expression. Collecting my heart from up off of the floor, he just doesn’t know how much harm, that I want to do to him right now. Images of me being roughly deposited into a car, and driven away from here at top speed, actually saddens me. I haven’t been here that long, but I’ve grown fond of them. I’m in anime heaven...

Yoongi’s a sweetheart, beautiful inside and out. The young one, Jungkook’s gorgeous, but a pain, I thought that I had no filter, I have met my match.

Namjoon’s so... respectful, so... mature, and so... fine! Then there’s Jimin, omg... beau-ti-ful... Cue the N’Sync lyrics... “God must have spent... a little more time... on you...” JESUS!

“I apologize, for what happened last night.”

“It’s okay, and you shouldn’t be apologizing, I came into your room.”

“No, for what... What...” There goes that blush again...

“It’s nothing, I’m just mad that you didn’t take me up on my offer.”

“I didn’t mean to offend you, it’s just... I didn’t know what to do.”

“Are you a virgin?”


My hand going to his leg is unexpected, and he jumps as if stung, almost dropping his drink. “Well, you are one pent up puppy.”

The small smile that Tae offers, as Jin comes into the room, is infectious, and I can’t help but to reciprocate it. Something’s said, that I don’t understand, and Tae responds back, before putting some distance between us.

“What is this, a parting gift?” He asks, of the food.

Well somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. “Actually... I guess it is.” He will not ruin my morning.

“It was nice of you to do that, thank you.” Says Namjoon, upon his entrance.

The others trickle in one by one, and as they’re gathered around the table in conversation over breakfast, I actually feel a loss. They’re away from their families, but they have each other, brothers... they’re family.

A text coming through on my phone, sends me from the room, it’s Mia.

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