Triple Throuple

Chapter 5

A complaint, about my services... One whole day of pay revoked by the company, and I have to work two additional days voluntarily in good faith, for my poor behavior.

What a crock... this has got to be illegal.

But, I’ll make the most of my two days. I have the whole mansion to myself, as I am deemed unworthy by Jae, unprofessional is what he called me. After a swim, I’m lounging by the pool in a chaise lounge, when It’s upended.

Dropped into the warm water, I’m confused, as to what actually happened. Resurfacing, Jin’s at the edge watching me. Shocked at the level of disrespect, of the way that he just handled me, I’m too angry to say anything.

He’s not his usual carefree self, and he doesn’t have his usual smile. “What the hell is wrong with you?” I ask, finally finding my voice.

He responds in Korean, knowing that I don’t know what he’s saying, but I do know that he’s angry. “Come out the water.”

“No.” He’s young, but he’s still a man, and it’s clear that he’s lost it. I’m good right here. “Where are the others?”

He jumps into the water, and being not that fast of a swimmer, he catches up to me quickly, pinning me against the edge of the pool.

“Let go of me...!”

Releasing me, he backs off. “I saw you leaving V’s room last night.”

Oh... that’s what this is about.

“I went into his room by accident.”


“I don’t care if you believe me or not.”

He’s watching me with those beautiful eyes of his, and I make a mental note to allow myself one girlish scream, and a swoon before I leave this house.

“You’re telling the truth?”


“Good...” He says, moving closer to me.

His hands on my waist, I cling to the edge of the pool for support. For some reason, I know that I shouldn’t be feeling this way, as a spark of lust has my legs automatically straddling his waist.

Pulling him even closer, the hardness of his manhood against my clit, has me squirming with need. His fingers hot to the touch, lightly caress my cheek, before my chin’s raised, and his lips gently touch mine.

My arms around his neck, I let him lead me. It’s more than a kiss, it’s an expression of his need. His tongue exploring mine, I can’t take too much more, and trying to get him out of his clothing in between kisses, we’re both frozen in mid-lust crazed frenzy.

Loud and clamorous, they have us both rushing for the ladder. He’s out first, and helping me out, I receive a small kiss on the hand, before he disappears into the house.

“Okay, so a surprise for the guys tonight, here’s a list of the girls that are coming over.” Says, Jae, handing me a sheet of paper.

“Say what now?”

“I’m sorry, I thought that I was speaking English.”

OMG... He’s a Grade A asshole. “I heard you, I thought that there was a no dating rule.”

“You’ve done your homework, good for you. They can’t date, but they can have fun, they’re young. You didn’t think, that you were going to have them all to yourself did you?”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“I’m kidding...” He says, sarcastically.

Jae’s freaking handsome, chic, and if he wasn’t such a twat, I’d have entertained the idea of slipping in to his room on purpose. “Are these fangirls?”

“Yep, but the ones that know how to act, and know their place.

“Is that wise, I mean... wouldn’t you be afraid that they would leak some information?”

“There’s no such thing, as the word no, or you can’t have that in the entertainment business. You should know that...”

“I’m still not understanding.”

“Supply and demand, we need girls for the guys, who can keep their mouths shut, and somebody supplies it.”

I am so not about to be apart of something illegal, and my neck twisting with an attitude, I can’t even get the words out. “The girls are within their age ranges, and if anything sexual happens, it is consensual.”

“Good...” I manage.

Security will be in the background, and you’ll be chaperoning the whole event, front and center, seen but not heard.”

“Wouldn’t that be awkward?”

“No, this isn’t new to them. The girls will be checked, but make sure that there’s no cellphones, and that goes for the guys also. Keep their drinks filled, get them what they want... you know the drill.”


The girls arrived at eight, looking glamorized, and acting like this wasn’t nothing new to them either. They’re composed, and nonchalant, behaving like they’ve known the guys since they were ten.

Keeping a watch of the guys as they interact with the girls, everyone’s in good cheer, and I can’t help stealing a few glances at Jin, as he entertains a pretty dark haired girl.

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