Love is Blind - Minhyuk x Reader


When you once again meet your best friend Minhyuk after several years, your life change completely. •DISCLAIMER• •This is pure fictional, don't take it to serious. •The story contains mature content. •I do NOT own any pictures of gifs that are being used. Credits go to the rightful owners!

Romance / Other
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Your POV

You were sitting in your room by your desk, letting your fingers trails over the book infront of you.

Even though you couldn’t see anymore the pictures you painted in your mind were absolutely gorgeous.

The radio sitting on the windowsill suddenly caught your attention. The latest song from Monsta X titled Alligator came on and you couldn’t help but to smile.

It had been several years since you last saw one of your best friends Minhyuk. You remembered his happy attitude and how he always made you feel like the only person in the world.

With a light sigh you stood up and went over to your bed. You sat yourself down on it to be closer to the radio, singing along to the lyrics.

You and Minhyuk hadn’t talked since he became an idol. You knew he was incredibly busy so you didn’t blame him and then your illness got worse making you focus on your own health and recovery.

You had always had bad vision but in your teen years it got worse very quickly until you were left with no vision at all, well except that you could tell if light shifted from dark to light and vice versa.

You still remembered what things looked like and what the colors looked like. You used to cry everyday about it, the fact that you would never see anything again but with time you had learned to accept it.

Your mind wandered as you layed down on your back.

You wondered what Minhyuk would look like today. Would he be just as cute as you remembered him to be or maybe he had completely changed.

Suddenly your phone rang and you groaned in annoyance. You made your way from the bed and to the desk, instantly picking the phone up and answering it.

“Hello?” ”Hi sweetheart have you forgotten its shopping day? I’m outside waiting for you." Your mother said and you put a hand to your forehead. You had forgotten.

“I’ll be right there.” You said before hanging up. You lived alone with your guide dog because you wanted your idependance.

Just because you couldn’t see it didn’t mean you couldn’t have a normal life like anybody else.

After finding your bag you hung it on your shoulder and called for your dog. “Boss come here boy!” He instantly rushed to your side and stood still whilst you put the harness on him.

You both went outside and was greeted by your mother who helped you into the car.

“How are you today Y/N?” She asked with her eyes glued to the road. “I’m okay. Are you?”

Your small conversation continued during the short ride to the store. You enjoyed shopping day because it meant you could spend extra time with your mom when she was otherwise very busy.

She parked the car and you got out and taking a firm grip on the harness that was attached to Boss.

The three of you got inside the store and your mother fetched a cart for you whilst you waited by the entrance.

Suddenly someone bumped into you from behind and when that person spoke you froze.

“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” Minhyuk exclaimed.

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