Chapter 12

Katniss POV

When I saw Tris standing there, I completely understood the reason behind it. For one, the support of district two is key for our revolution. Many of Panem's peacekeepers are train and housed in district two, and that is a big target to get rid of. Also, Tris seems to have the right mind for revolution. She looks strong, confident, and the willingness to do whatever it needs to win, even if it means sacrificing her own life.

"Hey Kim. Katniss," Tris says with a nonchalant attitude.

"Hello," I say trying to be polite.

Kim however does not share the enthusiasm of Tris being there. There was a lot of tension between the two, and I guess that has carried over till now. Tris however looks amused and I guess she is getting a kick over Kim's frustration.

"If everyone would quiet down, our commander would like to speak to us," Finnick says and produces a square box from his pocket. He sets it on the ground and it opens up to a projector of sorts. The projector lights up and a hologram of a figure appears.

"Commander Tano," Finnick addresses the hologram.

"Soldier Odair," the hologram says.

The hologram focuses and I finally get a good look at this Commander Tano. Her skin was a sunset orange color, just like Peeta's favorite. On her face were several white line tattoos. He hair was the most interesting part. It seem solidified, like skin almost, and was blue and white striped. She had beads running on top of her "hair" and the hair stretched down in almost a tentacle fashion over her chest. She wore a red jumpsuit with armbands on the side and an intense glare. Her bright blue eyes stared us all down as she assessed the group. Her eyes came to rest on me and her expression softened.

"Allow me to introduce myself," she said. "My name is Ahsoka Tano. I am the commander of the army here on district 13. During the time of the dark days, when the Capitol was supposed to destroy 13, they instead bombed the surface, leaving our underground living quarters intact. The year of the 58th Hunger Games I was born. After awhile, I was put into military training, by my own choice, and was deployed into the Capitol on a undercover mission. The disguises were necessary to help us blend in to the Capitol. I kinda like mine so I kept it. Once you won Katniss, we had found our source of hope, someone to rally the people behind. The mockingjay."

"Me?" I said to Ahsoka.

"Yes," she said, "You will be a very prominent figure here for 13. The tributes that are here today are also very important to our cause. Soldiers Stoppable and Prior, welcome to the team."

They both nodded and were having trouble receiving this much information about their future.

"I know this is hard to take in," Ahsoka said, "but it beats knowing that one of you will be dead. Now for the plan, Captain Rex."

A man steps into the screen with Ahsoka and a small map produces in front of him.

"You all will be receiving a small communicator that can be accessed with your fingerprint touch. Soldier Odair with distribute those now."

Finnick started passing around small devices which had a keypad on them and a small screen and what looked like to be a small projector on it.

"If you would all touch your fingers to the screen," Rex said.

I pressed my finger to the screen and saw the scan and then a small prick. A small glow then entered my finger and disappeared under my skin. Then my screen lit up and had the words Katniss Everdeen on it.

"The communicator now is only openable to your fingerprint. For extra caution, we would like you all to add a password to your device, just in case if someone uses your print against your will."

I add the password and await Rex's instructions.

"Now while the device scanned your fingerprint it also injected you with a small life detector. This is a transmitter that, if you die, will lock up the device permanently and wipe all files. Last, but not least, if you ever come into trouble and think that you might be captured, it is at the utmost importance that you do not allow information to be leaked. Your device can function as a grenade if needed. If you get into trouble, simply hold your finger to the screen and say 'nightlock' three times and then throw, unless you do not want want to make it as well."

I stare down at this little device wondering how these people could create such elaborate machines that fit in the palm of my hand.

"The plan is such," Rex says while opening up a map to what appears to be this years arena. "The extraction point is here, by what they call the Desert Dome. We will infiltrate the arena, knock out communications, blow a hole in the wall, and get you guys out. Their communications will be down and that is when we will get the selected mentors out, and bring you all to 13. The signal to go to the rendezvous point will be 13 rolls of bread. You then have exactly 24 hours to make it or you get left behind."

"Thank you Captain Rex," Ahsoka says. Rex salutes her and walks out of the screen. Ahsoka looks at us and asks, "any questions?"

Kim is the first to answer, "Commander Tano, what about my husband?"

"Yeah," Tris adds, "and Tobias."

Ahsoka looks down at the two girls, "Your significant others will not know about this plan. It is imperative that no one knows anything about this plan. If you are captured, you cannot break. You also have to come to the understanding that some of your loved ones may be captured and tortured. You have to sacrifice a few to save the lives of millions, we will try to get as many as we can out, but I cannot promise anything."

"How do you expect us to do that," Kim asks angrily. "You don't have to sacrifice anything."

"I already have," Ahsoka says quietly. "In the secret mission, we were discovered. My two commanders at the time were Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. They blew themselves up with their communicators to protect me and the mission. Commander Skywalker was my mentor, he taught me everything. He was my best friend and I had to go home to his wife and tell her he wasn't returning. She is pregnant with twins."

A small tear rolls down her face and I'm not sure that anyone else can see it but me.

"So," she continues, "we will try to get everyone out as possible. If you want your men out, knock them out as soon as we blast a hole in the wall and our 501st squadron led by Captain Rex will get them out. Be prepared for your men to fight each other and you must remain your cover. They cannot know you two are working together."

Kim and Tris nod and Ahsoka addresses the group, "Any more questions."

"My daughter will be safe," I ask.

Ahsoka smiles, "They told me you were a very protective mother. Yes, make sure she doesn't leave your side and you won't have to pack heavy. We have all the baby supplies you will need here at 13. She will be safe here."

I nod and feel relieved. My daughter will be out of the clutches of the Capitol for good, and I am not about to let her back into it.

"Now is everyone prepared to carry out the plan because if not we have a memory serum that will erase the last three hours and you will never know that this existed."

Everyone says they are fine with it and Ahsoka smiles.

"Good," she says. "Welcome to the Resistance. Before I go, I will address your military ranks. Johanna and Finnick, you are promoted to Lieutenant. Katniss, you have been promoted to Sergeant. Kim and Tris, you are still soldiers but may jump into the ranks. That is all, may the force be with you all."

The hologram disappears and the transmission is cut.

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