Chapter 13

Ahsoka POV: 48 hours before start of the games

After I cut the transmission I look over at Rex. He is hunched over a map of the arena, studying its every crevice.

"Rex," I say.

"Yes Commander," he replies back.

"You really think that the tributes can help our cause?" I ask.

"Yes Commander," he says. "Both of them are very important to our cause."

"I realize the girl from two is important," I say. "The support from two is very important, being the place where peacekeepers are trained. If we can knock that out, they will have no army, but what of the girl from 12?"

"Soldier Stoppable," Rex asks.

"Yes," I reply.

"Permission to speak freely sir," Rex asks.

"Rex," I say, "You are my most trusted officer, along with Captain Rogers, and one of my oldest friends. You don't have to ask that, but granted."

"My take on it, is that is sanity protection for Sgt. Everdeen," Rex says.

"What do you mean," I ask.

"Sgt. Everdeen is a time bomb," he says. "Any day she might snap and just lose it. I wouldn't blame her, she has been through what most shouldn't ever have to think about. But we need her as a rallying cry. She is their Mockingjay, the one who buried Rue, showed up the gamemakers, lost it when Peeta died. Every year she tries so hard to protect her tributes, and the country sees that. The districts don't see what the Capitol sees. The Capitol sees a broken girl, not willing to fight, just trying to stay alive. The districts see more. They see a caring person, one who would do anything to protect people. Now that she has a baby, it has become intensified, and people notice those things. That's why we can't lose her. When we execute our plan, district 12 will be destroyed. She will have lost her home, and the only thing that will remain is Artemis. If we give her another thing to protect, it gives us insurance."

"Very good Captain," I say. "Go get some rest, we got a long day tomorrow, monitoring interviews."

"Yes sir," he says and salutes me.

I dismiss him, and I am in command alone for now. I walk over to a video monitor and take out a flash drive that I always carry with me. I plug it in and pull up the video. I transfer it to the hologram and lock the door. It pulls up with me at 16 years old, training with my old mentor.

"Now Ahsoka, what did I teach you," Anakin says.

We are sparing with wooden poles in the middle of the gym in 13. We leave for the Capitol in just a few days.

"Patience and strength come from the same place," I say.

"Right," he says. "Think of it like a force. Something that flows through everything. Every person, animal, and plant. The true masters of the force can never be beaten."

"Yes Commander," I say, agreeing with him.

"Be mindful of your thoughts," Anakin says. "Attachment can be catastrophic at time, do not let it manipulate you. If your feelings take control of you in battle, you will almost lose every time."

"Yes Anakin," I said.

We begin to spar and I have to parry relentless attacks. I start to go on the offensive and swing wildly. He easily dodges my attacks and pushes me down to the ground.

"Patience Ahsoka," he says. "The best offense is a good defense. Wait until you have an opening."

"Yes Commander," I say.

Obi-Wan walks in and addresses us both, "It's time for briefing."

"As usual, Obi-Wan has to be the kill joy of everything," Anakin teases.

"Well, as usual, I seem to be the only one wanting to know what we are getting into," Obi-Wan says. "Unlike some who just go in without any information."

"I like a challenge," Anakin says and Obi-Wan shakes his head and walks out of the room. "Well little one, we better get going."

"You agreeing with Commander Kenobi," I say. "That's a first."

"Hey," he says defensively. "It's happened more than once."

"I must have been absent everytime," I say with a smile on my face.

"Well Snips," he says using my nickname. "Someday you might even have to agree with me."

"That's the day I dread," I say.

"Let's get going," he says. "And Ahsoka, may the force be with us both."

The hologram ends there and I can't help but think about my last moments with my mentor. We were pinned down in an alleyway, with peacekeepers relentlessly firing down on us.

"Ahsoka!" yells a voice.

Anakin is yelling out to me I think and move towards his position.

"Commander," I say when I reach his spot.

I stop short, there is blood everywhere. Obi-Wan has been hit in the stomach several times and is slowly bleeding out. Anakin has been shot through the chest.

"Oh Anakin," I say. "Don't worry, I'm gonna get both of you out of here."

"No Ahsoka," Anakin says. "You have to get out of here. Obi-Wan and I are going to blow up our communicators. They will think that we all have died and you should be able to get out of the city."

"No," I say with tears flowing down my face. "I can't just leave you here."

"It's okay Ahsoka," Anakin says softly. "We will meet again when your time has come, but right now you are needed for the revolution. Wait until the time is right. That Katniss girl will be big for us, but make sure is desperate for us. Make her want to protect all of Panem. You are the Commander now, I have already inputted it into your communicator."

"No," I say. "It's okay, I can get you out. They aren't that bad, I can get you out."

The tears are flowing down my face, and I am on the verge of breaking down.

"Ahsoka," Anakin says. "Be brave. Go on, the revolution needs you. May the force be with you little one."

"May the force be with you," I stammer and give him one last hug.

He returns the hug and motions me on. I get up and start running down to the far end of the alley towards our hoverjet. I hear the words nightlock said three times and two explosions ring out of the alleyway opposite. I board the hovercraft, take off, set a course for district 13, and let the autopilot do the rest. I sit back in my seat and begin to mourn my two mentors and friends.

The memory still brings back tears. Anakin was basically a father to me. I was an orphan when he found me. He took me back to thirteen and raised me with his wife, Padme. He taught me patience and strength. When I turned 16, I was put under his command in the special forces group. When I returned alone, I had to tell Padme that Anakin sacrificed himself for me. I was broken, lost, and without the best thing that happened in my life. I told President Coin about Anakin's last wishes and she appointed me the commander of the revolution. I was given two captains to assist me, Captain Rex and Captain Rogers. I hung on to them for support, thinking about all the people that were depending on me. I told them of the plan, to get in contact with our people on the inside, FInnick and Johanna, and monitor Katniss Everdeen until she was ready. It was the adoption of the baby when I knew that it was time to act, and by all means she didn't disappoint.

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