Chapter 14

Katniss POV: 48 hours before games

The transmission has ended and Finnick speaks up.

"Now the plan for us before the games is to be as discreet as possible. Now Kim and Tris, I've been told that there is some tension between your district partners."

They both nod and Finnick continues, "Alright keep that tension tight. Don't act differently because we are working together, it might alert the Capitol to suspicious activity. Don't align yourselves with each other, but try to stay clear of each other in the arena. You are on the same team, but your partners don't know this, and they will be hostile with each other."

Tris looks over to Kim, "Well Kim. What do you say? Friends?"

Kim looks back at her with a smile in her eyes, "You knew this whole time, and the hostile mood was just to figure out if you could trust me."

Tris smiles and Kim says back to her, "Yeah that sounds good. We are friends."

"Alright," Finnick says. "Katniss, make sure to keep your child with you at all times, if the Capitol gets word of this, she will be the first that they come after. The 172nd division, or the Howling Commandos as they like to be called, will be our ticket out of the mentor room."

"Okay Finnick," I say.

"That's Lieutenant to you Sergeant," Finnick says with a smile.

"Whatever," I say. "We can't address ourselves like that here so you can wait a couple of days."

"Alright," Finnick says. "You are all dismissed. Get some sleep and come prepared for your interviews tomorrow."

Kim POV: 12 hours before games (Tribute interviews)

I am so nervous that I can barely think. Katniss said that we didn't need coaching for our interviews because we were already great with the cameras. Katniss kept her icy attitude with me like she appeared last night when Ron was present. She is a very good actor and I can see how she masks her feelings so well. The only problem is that Ron still hasn't spoken to me. I hate to see him still mad at me. I wouldn't blame him. I did a very reckless thing and we might pay the price because of it. I just know that we will be able to get out of the arena alive. We have to.

"Doing alright," Cinna says as he walks in.

"Not so good," I say. "I'm about to throw up I'm so nervous, and I have to get people to like me because of what I did with the gamemakers to get any additional help."

"Yes," he says. "Katniss told me all about your private session. It was reckless but may help rally the people behind you, even not in the games."

I don't notice Cinna's comment right away. I was trying to organize my thoughts when it suddenly hit me. Is Cinna involved with the revolution.

"Cinna," I begin. "Are you involved in-."

"Making your dress," he says cutting me off. "Yes, I have provided just what I think will get sponsors kissing your very feet."

Cinna pulls out this black dress. It is a charcoal black, with feathers on the shoulders.

"When you're ready, click this button. It's a tribute to your mentor, make sure to mention her."

He hands me the dress to put on, makes some small adjustments, and walks out of the room. I look at myself in the mirror. The black dress was stunning and my red hair accented it perfectly. The dress was heavier than I imagined, due to the size of it. Okay Kim I thought. You can do this. You are a Possible, and anything is possible for a Possible. You are also a Stoppable, and with the help of others unstoppable. I gathered myself and, when my name was called, I walked on stage.

The first thing that hit me was the bright lights. Blinding as they were, I stumbled her way to the main stage area. The next thing that I heard was the deafening roar of the crowd. I looked out to them and saw the most adoration in one room than ever before. I scanned the crowd and found Katniss sitting in a box on the right side of the stage, holding Artemis in her arms. Katniss gave me a supporting smile and motioned me towards Caesar. I got over to him and he quieted the crowd down.

"Thank you," he said to the crowd. "So miss Kim is it."

"Actually Mrs.," I stammer, and the crowd laughs at that.

"Ah that's right," he says. "You are married to that handsome young boy from twelve aren't you."

A few girls scream at the mention of Ron's name and I look out to the crowd.

"Yep," I say. "And he is all mine, so don't get any ideas girls."

The crowd laughs some more and my confidence is building with each answer.

"Alright girls," Caesar says. "You heard her. So Kim, what do you think of this year's competition?"

"There are a lot of tough competitors," I say looking at Tris.

She rolls her eyes at me and I suppress a laugh, "Nothing too tough though," I say confidently.

The other tributes glare at me but Tris only smiles. Tobias, sitting next to her almost jumps out of his seat but Tris motions him to stop. He does so and I wonder how such a small girl has control over such a large man.

Ahsoka POV: 12 hours before games (District 13 watching interviews)

"She is doing well so far," I say.

I, along with Captains Rex and Rogers, are watching the interviews from the control room.

"Yes," Rex says. "Exactly like she needs to."

"I don't know," Captain Rogers says.

"What do you mean," I ask.

"She is painting a larger target on her back than there already is," Rogers says. "We know for sure that only two tributes will not attempt to kill her, Stoppable and Prior. There are still 21 other tributes."

"You may have a point," I say. "But they were coming after her anyway. If she dies in the arena, we can always make her a martyr."

"Sir," Rogers says. "Is that really the right mind to think in?"

"We have to be able to keep moving," I say. "Nothing can delay us in this situation."

"There is a problem if she dies," Rogers says.

"That is Captain?" I say.

"If we lose Kim, we lose Ron," he says.

"There is more to this revolution than just two people," Rex says.

"True Rex," I say. "But if we can get them out, we save two more lives. We still hope for their safety, but can't guarantee it."


"So," Caesar continues. "Your parade outfit. Simply outstanding."

"Thank you," I say. "But it was all Cinna, he really had a good idea. All I did was present it."

"Well as always," Caesar continued, "Cinna should be commended."

The crowd roared and Caesar gestured for CInna to stand up. He rose from his seat and took a bow. I looked over at Katniss and she was smiling as if she was in her moment just ten years ago.

"Kim I have just one more question for you. It is about Reaping day. Why the choice to volunteer yourself for that little girl that you barely knew?"

"Everyone deserves a chance to fight for another day," I say. "The only problem that I saw was that the little girl wasn't capable of fighting at that point. Her name may be drawn again at some point, but she will be more prepared. I realize I jeopardize my own future, but anything is possible for a Possible."

"That is a great statement," Caesar said. "How did your mentor, Katniss, think of your decision."

"Well," I begin. "Katniss and I got out to a rocky start. Probably mostly she didn't like people willingly putting their life on the line. But my decision was easier because the girl on fire took the step ten years earlier. In fact, my dress tonight is in honor of her sacrifice for the games."

"Will you like to twirl for us Kim," Caesar asks, hopefully anticipating another parade day dress.

"Of course," I say.

I stand up and look to Cinna. He nods, assuring me that this is the time to show what he has created. I start to twirl and hit the button while in the midst. The dress starts popping and I open my eyes to look around. Sparks are flying every which way and the dress seems to be transforming. I finally stop when the sparks die down and take a look at the dress. It is covered in black feathers and I raise my arms to find a veil of feathers on both my arms. On those veils, there is a white patch on both of the wings. I finally see what Cinna is going for.

"It is a bird of some type," Caesar say. "It's a, It's a-"

"A mockingjay," I finish for him.

Ahsoka POV

"That's what I like to see," I say and stare at Cinna's work.

The symbol has sparked to life, and given Katniss the look that she needs to become. Kim also looks good with that outfit and I am sure that she can be added to the Mockingjay squad.

"Damn," Rex says. "That is some mighty fine work."

"Cinna signed his death wish," Rogers says. "No way Snow lets him live with that stunt. He won't make it to the beginning of the games."

"Captain Rogers I am thankful for your concern," I say. "You are going to be a great part in this revolution keeping people where they need to be mentally. When Cinna contacted us though, he gave us his ideas, and knew what the outcome would be. He prepared himself to give his life for the revolution. He has given us the armor for the resistance that we can modify for the incoming tributes. He has done his part, so we need to do ours."

Katniss POV

I hug Artemis to my chest as the crowd erupts with the transformation of Kim's dress. It was truly a stroke of genius. The perfect touch of revolution, and the Capitol crowd is eating it up. I'm sure this will give all the districts a rallying cry and I know what role I have to assume. I look over to Snow's box and see a look of death on his face. I suddenly realize what Cinna has done. He has given his life for the cause. I knew his was involved, but not what extent. Now I know Snow will have him killed, and very soon. I begin to think of his family and what will happen to them. I need to ask Commander Tano right away. This is one thing that we need to try and save. I also need to talk to Prim. I know how to keep her alive, and it comes with her having to do something that she won't want to do.

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