Chapter 17

Kim POV Start of the Games

The countdown ends and I am immediately off the platform, sprinting to the center. I notice that I am outrunning everyone, except Tris who I can see on my right. She looks at me and veers to the backside of the Cornucopia so that we won't get in the way of each other. I reach the Cornucopia and grab a bow and two sheaths of arrows. I turn to run away from the bloodbath, and grab a backpack. I start to run off when I see the girl from 7 notch an arrow at me. I quickly notch one and we fire at the same time. She misses me but I land a direct shot into her chest. She falls to the ground, not moving. I keep running and have made my way from the Cornucopia. I run towards a building that I can make out Giraffe house on it. There is a sidewalk into a small incline. I quickly make my way up it and keep running. Ahead I can see 5 buildings. One to my left, two in front, and two to the right. The sidewalk that I am on now overlooks the cornucopia zone and I can see the on going fight. There are many people taking cover behind trees and blindly firing arrows towards one another. I make my way to the building on the left, and run through the doors. The sign above it reads Lied Jungle. I come into the building that is dimly lit. There are three pathways to choose from. One goes around a corner and leads to a overview of a planted area. One leads down a flight of stairs with a sign that says jungle trail. The last runs parallel to the entrance in front of many windows. I rule out the last, wanting as few people as possible to enter the building. I decide to head down the stairs to the jungle trail.

Katniss POV Start of the Games

Kim goes racing off into the center. I check the surrounding people and see them trailing heavily. Only Tris and Ron are able to keep up with her. Ron is on the opposite side of her so when she reaches the Cornucopia, she doesn't see him. She grabs a bow and two sheaths of arrows. I wasn't surprised when all the weapons were bows. This being a games to honor me was one, and it was easier to take down larger prey with a bow, or fend off predators. You had to get them at a distance though, or the bow was virtually useless. I did notice something about Kim's bow though. There seems to be a knife on the end of her bow. That could make things a lot easier for hand to hand combat. She starts to run away from the Cornucopia, when the girl from 7, Anna, notches an arrow at her. She sees this and quickly retaliates. Kim hits her target, Anna misses, end of the line for Anna. Kim continues to run towards the Giraffe house and the sidewalk next to it. Then the boy from 10, TJ, has Kim in his sights. He strings the arrow and pulls it back. As he releases it, a figure comes out of nowhere with unbelievable speed and catches the arrow before it leaves the bow. That person is Ron. Ron throws the arrow aside, takes his bow which also has a knife on the end, and kills the boy from 10. Ron just saved Kim's life. He looks at her with a smile on his face, and turns back towards the Cornucopia.

"Oh," I say. "How could I be so stupid."

Ron pushed Kim away so he could protect her. She was always focused on keeping him alive, so by "ending" it with her, he could be a silent protector and she could look out for herself. That boy has outsmarted us all.

Kim is running on the sidewalk to a main hub of five buildings. The aquarium, butterfly house, discovery center, jungle, and Desert Dome/Kingdoms of the Night. She stops for a second and looks towards the battle at the Cornucopia. She is on a spot that overlooks the main area, next to the butterfly house. She takes off again and runs into the Jungle. I take a look at the wildlife in the area. Numerous large animals on the bottom, or the jungle trail as they call it. One is very aggressive, a crocodile it says. Others are also dangerous but will only attack if provoked. There is another section of the jungle and I see a concrete walkway, spanning the canopy of the jungle. There are many monkeys and birds up there, but none are aggressive. There are some snakes and lizards, but it says they are not poisonous. It seems to be a pattern. All of the buildings hold safety and death. There seem to be no animal modifications, but there are many. In each part/building there is an animal that can kill you, sometimes more than one. There are however an abundance of food and water, so these games are going to come down to people killing each other, or animals killing people. Kim stops inside the main jungle building. Three paths lead in three different directions. One to the canopy walkway, one down to the jungle trail, and one that is a dead end. The best place for her to be is the canopy walkway. There are numerous trees and caves that can serve as good hiding spots, plus a lot of food. Of course she chooses the bottom path and heads down to the jungle trail.

Kim POV 15 minutes into games

I get down the stairs and come up on a room that has four doors. One leads back outside which is not an option. One leads into a restroom, which is weird but may amount to something if the water is running. The other two lead into the trail of the jungle. I head over to the restroom side of the room for two reasons. One because it is a good defensive position because I can see all doors in plain sight, and I want to see what is in my backpack. I open it up and find a variety of items. A sleeping bag, matches, flashlight, sunglasses, jerky, crackers, water bottle, iodine, and a watch. If I stay in here I won't need the sleeping bag, I think. It is already very warm and humid. I look next to me and see a water fountain of all things. I move over to it and test to see if the water is running. Surprisingly it is. I take a drink from it and fill up my bottle. I repack everything back into my bag and peel off my longsleeve t-shirt. It is so humid, I'm starting to sweat through it already. I take another drink from the water fountain and set foot into the jungle floor. The first thing that I see is a giant tree that sits in the middle and runs all the way to the top of the building. I start in on the path and notice that concrete changes to dirt. Tracks are going to be left now. I come up on a small wooden bridge and a set a rocks that run parallel to it. I start to walk on the rocks to not leave footprints. I notice a river and a small pond. I start at the pond and am about to walk into the water to follow the river up to the source to find a good place for shelter when I see a peculiar creature in the pond. It was flat and brown with blue circles around its body. It had a tail that jutted out of its circular body. On the end of its tail was a small barb, and that didn't look friendly. I decide instead to walk parallel to the river and find myself at the base of the tree in the center of the jungle. I sit down at the base of the tree, under some plant cover, and catch my breath. Just then the cannon rings out. The blood bath must be over. Seven cannon shots ring out and I immediately think of Ron. I know I shouldn't, but I do. He is from my district after all. Maybe I should try to find him, work things out, and try to keep him alive. I am thinking when I hear two sets of feet. I crouch behind my plants and notch an arrow. I listen to the footsteps that are getting closer and hear a faint voice.

"Henry," it says. "This humidity is going to ruin my hair. Are you sure she went this way?"

"Three things," another voice replies. "FIrst, I said my name was Indiana. Two, we have bigger things to worry about then your hair. And three, I'm absolutely sure."

"Indiana," I call out.

I step out of my hiding place with my bow trained on the voice. Indiana comes out from behind a jungle plant and gives me a smile.

"In the flesh," he says.

Elsa comes stumbling in after him and I see that there is blood everywhere on her.

"Are you hurt," I ask Elsa.

"No she's fine," Indiana says. "She had the boy from one on top of her. I don't know what he was doing, had no weapon, but on top of her nonetheless. I pulled a knife out of a backpack and put it through his skull. She just got a bit of the blood spatter."

I see that he has a knife in his back pocket, also a backpack, bow, and sheath of arrows over his shoulders. Elsa has a small backpack, and a length of rope.

"How did you find me," I ask, wondering if anyone else would be hot on my trail.

"I'll give you credit," he says. "You were in and out like that. Only other person faster than that was Ron, and headed in a complete opposite direction. I followed in the general direction that you went and came to that point of, there are five buildings which one did she go into if she went into one? I guessed the one on the left and decided to look low to high to find you. Low and behold, I was right. Trust me though, I was the only one after you."

"Wait," Elsa says. "You guessed? I thought you said you were positive she was here."

"I lied," he said with a smile that got a glare out of Elsa.

I laugh and suddenly the Anthem blares out.

"Interesting," I say. "Usually they do the Anthem at night with the tributes pictures."

The pictures start flashing and the names go by: Edward the boy from 1, Hermione from 3, the girl I killed Anna from 7, Jim and Cindy from 9, TJ from 10, and Denice from 11. Seven dead already, and the games have just began.

"You said you had a watch," Indiana says.

"Yeah for some weird reason," I reply, taking out the watch.

"What time does it say?" he asks.

"Just about 7:00 PM," I say. "Pretty late to drop us into the arena, and it is still light out."

"That's because this place will be lit with eternal daylight," Indiana says. "They mean to throw us off our sleep cycles, so that the kills are easier."

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