Chapter 18

Ahsoka POV

Of all the safe places, she had to go there. Not just there, but to the dangerous part of the jungle. She had already come across a stingray, which she was smart enough to avoid, but had managed to be found just 2 hours into the games. Lucky that it was by her suspected allies. If anyone else had found her, she would have to combat the animals, environment, and person that would be assaulting her. I turn to the screen to see the three searching through the jungle. The are coming up on a small river that leads to a pool where a large animal resides. It is called a Tapir. It looks like a large cow with a small trunk like an elephant. Relatively non-aggressive, good source of food, and will attack if provoked only to protect their young. They come towards the pool, scouting a ledge behind a waterfall when they see one out of the corner of their eye. They all turn towards it and Kim draws her bow. Indiana had fashioned his trademark whip, and had it uncoiled with a knife in his other hand. He must have broken it off the bow, because Elsa had the bow, cowering behind Jones. Kim slowly moves around the perimeter of the pool, string still tight, and keeping eyes on the creature. I pick up on the conversation they are having.

"What do you think?" Kim calls out.

"Well, we do need the food," Indiana says.

Kim nods and looks back at the creature. There are four in total, two in the water, and two on the banks. One is on the opposite bank while another is directly in front of Kim. She takes a knee, hoping to get better balance for her shot. The shot has to be perfect, she has limited escape in the open like this. She takes a calming breath, aims, and fires. The arrow flies through the air and hits the animal dead in the heart, a killing blow. Kim starts cautiously towards the kill, checking if the creature is truly dead. It is and she motions for the other two over to the body. They start cleaning out the body, getting the meat and other desirables, and burying the organs. After gathering plenty of meat for the group they head for the cave behind the waterfall they once saw. I saw Indiana pull Kim into a one armed hug and congratulate her on a good score for the team. Kim blushed and said it was no big and they walked to the cave side by side. Elsa however was dragging behind, with a glare on her face. Something is up with that girl, and the intentions may be bad.

When Kim is settled in the cave and cooking dinner for the group I decide to check in on the other tributes. I sit up straight in my chair at command and look towards Captain Rex.

"Captain," I say. "Can you pull up footage on Soldier Prior and her whereabout?"

"Yes sir," Rex says and pulls up the feed.

"As of 3 minutes ago the were just about to enter a building called the cat complex," he said.

"Bring up animal life of the building," I say.

He pulls up a screen and I am startled at what I see. Large predators of many kinds, all big cats, are there. Hell, even one lizard. The cat species says Lion, Siberian Tiger, Bengal Tiger, White Tiger, Puma, Jaguar, and Leopard. The lizard is a Komodo Dragon, a very large and quick lizard that has toxic saliva.

"God help us all," Captain Rogers says as he enters the room.

I had ordered him to get some sleep because he has stayed up all night, studying the arena. He needed the sleep if he was to extract our mentor, most importantly Katniss, in the days to come. He did, however, know this arena better than I did, and that is saying something.

"I agree," I say and turn to the footage.

Tris and Tobias walk down a hill directly behind the Desert Dome. That Tris is smart, keeping close to the exit. The walk up to the building and read the sign above. I'm hoping that they will get the idea and not go into the building. But a water fountain is visible from the entrance and that sends both of them inside. Like the gamemakers are luring in their prey. The get inside and head straight for the fountain. The water is still on, so they both take hefty drinks and fill their water bottles they had collected at the Cornucopia. After that, they start to move further into the building. It is so dark inside the building, it's a wonder that they can see at all. Tris pulls out a flashlight and lights up the area in front of them. An immediate bad idea as the light shines directly into the eyes of a fully grown male Lion. The lion lets out a huge roar and charges the two. They turn and run down the winding hallways, with the lion in close pursuit. They round a corner, only to find two tigers and the puma in a foyer area. They all look hungry now and join the chase. Tris pulls out her bow and manages to shoot down one of the tigers, and Tobias gets the puma. The lion and other tiger are still hot on their tail and they keep running through the building. They see an exit and sprint towards it. Just then, the Komodo dragon jumps out of nowhere and manages to bite Tris on the leg. Tris screams and Tobias quickly stabs the knife end of his bow into the head of the lizard. Tobias secures all of their belongings, scoops up Tris, and keeps running towards the exit. He comes out of the building and has two directions to go. One is to the right and leads to two more buildings, which for sure have other horrors to deal with, or the one to the left which runs parallel to the cat complex building, but outside. He takes the path on the left and keeps running, still outlasting the chasers. He keeps running and suddenly hits a dead end. There is only one way back. He turns around and the two cats have caught up to him. They start pacing around him, getting ready to pounce. He has his back to a ledge that leads down into the Bear Canyon, but it is a two story drop at least. Tris says something to Tobias and he looks down. He smiles and looks at Tris. She nods and grips him tighter. Then Tobias jumps over the edge of the ledge. The cats pounce but miss him and seem to hit an invisible wall. It seems that the animals are confined to their designated areas.

Tris and Tobias fall into a giant pool of water and are able to make it to the surface. He pulls her over to the edge of the pool, on to a rocky terrain. He examines Tris's leg and it has already inflamed. The poison seems to be making quick work of her leg. He drags her over to the side wall of the rocky area and then sits next to her. Just then a parachute falls from the sky, right into Tris's lap. She opens the case and inside is one syringe. She looks at the liquid and Tobias. He shrugs and she sticks it into her leg and pushes the plunger. As the medicine enters her body, the swelling stops, but the redness still grows over the area. She starts to nod off to sleep and Tobias lets her, assuring her that he has the first watch.

"Captain Rex," I say.

"Yes sir," he replies.

"I-," and then a cannon sounds and I am cut off.

"Pull up feed of where that cannon came from," I order and he quickly does so.

On the killcam was the girl from five, Sandria. She was in a very dark area. I checked where they were on the map and saw that they had entered the Kingdoms of the Night. Hiding wise, it was a very smart choice. Very dark, plenty of places to hide. Her district partner, Robert was also down there. They seemed to have set up a camp at this cabin of sorts. It was a building that was adjacent to a swamp, with many different species of wildlife. The cabin was raised though, so the animals could not get in. They replayed Sandria's death before going back to the live footage of Robert. She had came out of the cabin, apperantly for her watch as Robert was asleep in the bed inside, well cot inside. She was about to sit on the rocking chair on the porch when a snake fell on her head. The footage identified the snake as a corn snake. Non-poisonous and very common, but in a dark place in the Hunger Games, situations are different. She screamed and stumbled around onto a bridge that lead to what I'm guessing is another section of the Kingdoms of the Night. They replayed the death and it was gruesome. She finally gets the snake off, but falls into the water to the right of the cabin. She surfaces and catches her breath. Little did she know that they would be last breaths that she took. In that pool were the Alligators, and they tore her to shreds. They cut back to the live feed, and Robert was out on the porch, calling Sandria's name. Figuring that another tribute killed her, he grabbed a bow and shouted,

"Come out and fight me like a man. Hiding in the shadows like a girl."

Just then someone came through the cabin and put him in a full nelson. It was the girl from six, Elphaba.

"Maybe it's because I am a girl," she says.

"What did you do to Sandria?" he asks.

"Nothing to her," she replies. "Sure I dropped a snake on her and she stumbled into the Alligator pit over there."

Robert is suddenly getting paler by the minute because he knows that his seconds are limited.

"But I didn't push her," she says innocently. "What I'm going to do to you though is, well. Wicked."

She gives a evil smile and tosses him into the same pit of death that claimed Sandria. Another cannon goes off and Elphaba watches the carnage. The boy from her district comes out, Fierro is his name.

"Get them both," he asks.

"Yep," she says. "Easy as pie."

"Well," he replies. "That's nine dead. Let's get back to our other spot, and wait to ambush someone else."

The camera goes to them traveling back into the depths of the night and I look over to Rogers and Rex.

"Okay," I say. "I want eyes on Tris and Kim at all time. Keep an update on both of them and their whereabouts. We have to be ready to strike. Are both of your teams assembled?"

"501st is ready to go," Rex says.

"My troops are ready sir," Rogers says.

"Good," I say. "Have them be on the ready at all times."

I look back to the screens of our tributes. Both are sleeping currently, which is good. They need to keep up on their biological clocks. The first day in the games is coming to an end. Already nine tributes are dead, 15 left. I suddenly have another idea.

"Rex," I say.

"Yes sir," he replies.

"Pull up a feed on Stoppable," I say.

He looks at me with a confused look.

"Sir is that really necessary," he asks.

"That is an order Captain," I say.

He turns back to the control computer and brings up a third feed. Stoppable is currently making his way towards the Aquarium. He steps in the building and takes a look around. Coming around the corner, there is a large bridge that goes over an expanse of water that covers the ground. The bottom is nearly 40 feet down. He bends down at the first expansion and tastes a little of the water. He coughs for a seconds and it appears that he has found saltwater. Then suddenly the doors seal behind him and he is trapped in the building and the bridge lowers to the bottom of the pool. A sign lowers from the top of the building that points to the exit. He is treading water and starts to make his way towards it.

"Sir," Rogers says.

"Hmm," I say, still emersed with Stoppable's situation.

"There is a problem with Soldier Prior," he says and I snap my attention back to her screen.

She is woken roughly by Tobias and looks over to the problem. A giant white bear is making its way over to their area. They both get up and move back towards the wall. Tris searches for her bow and finds it on her back. She grabs it but has no arrows. She shouts to Tobias for an arrow and he turns to hand her a sheath. He tosses her the sheath and as soon as he turns back around the bear lunges at him. He gets a paw to the head and goes down hard before an arrow lodges itself into the bears head. Then multiple arrows to the bear's midsection and one more to the head for good measure. She then slices the throat of the bear, ensuring the death. She turns to Tobias and kneels down by him and takes his hand. He is alive but barely. There is a giant crack in his skull, and is losing blood rapidly. I turn up the volume of their conversation.

"No no no," she says. "You aren't gonna die, you're gonna be just fine."

"Tris," he says. "I'm just about done here."

"Tobias," she says. "Don't you leave me here."

"There is nothing I can do," he says. "You are the one now. Stay alive, I don't want to see you where I'm going anytime soon."

She nods and tears are falling profusely now. He gives her one last smile before closing his eyes. His hand falls limp to the ground and a cannon sounds. Ten dead. Tris cries over the body for a solid ten minutes straight. She looks over to the bear, which I looked up and is called a Polar bear. She gets an idea and starts to skin the bear. Once the pelt is off the body, she walks over to the water and washes out the blood from the fur, leaving it a pristine white color. She walks back over to Tobias and wraps him with the pelt. She secures the pelt around him tight and steps away from the body.

"Make sure the fur gets back to his family," she says up to the sky.

Then, like magic, the hovercraft appears to take the body away. She then does something out of the norm. She gives him the three finger salute that Katniss gave Rue. The perfect bit of rebellion to show the districts that she would be behind them.

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