Chapter 19


To say I'm shocked is an understatement. I have heard three more cannons these past hours, and was waiting for the pictures of the fallen to appear when they did, I was shocked beyond belief.

"Indiana," I say, rousing him from his sleep.

I had the watch and was sitting at the mouth of the cave when all the commotion went on.

"Hmm" he says groggily.

"Tobias is dead," I say.

That wakes him up. He peers out of the cave at the pictures. Tobias flashes by, then Sandria and Robert from district 5.

"Never thought that he would go out this quickly," Indiana says.

I nod and the wheels start turning. I could maybe swing an alliance out of this with Tris. I could reason with her that since both of our guys were gone, that we could take this together.

"The next step is finding the girl," he says.

"She is vulnerable right now, I guess," I reply, still thinking about the alliance.

"Well, let's pack up and go," he says and rouses Elsa.

As he informs her of the events, she nods and we pack up all of our gear. We head through the exit that I came in and go outside of the building. This place had been a safe haven of us for sorts. I stop and tell Indiana something,

"I'm gonna go back and fill up my water," I say and he nods.

"We will be right out here scouting for tributes," he says.

I go back inside with an idea in mind. I get to the water fountain and say softly, hoping a microphone picks it up,

"To the district 2 mentors. I would like an alliance with Tris. If you can tell her to meet me at the dome, we can work together."

Tris POV

I can't believe he is gone.

All the years of training together, and it all ends like that. By a stupid bear. It was my fault, I had diverted his attention away and the bear chose him to kill. I will never be able to forgive myself for what has happened today. I am moving away from the bear canyon and once I am walking parallel to the Aviary, thinking about taking refuge there, a sponsor gift appears. I open it up and inside is a simple loaf of bread. Certainly not the signal from the people of 13, but still an interesting gift. Then I notice the message inside.

Alliance with 12 possible, meet at dome, stay sharp

Of course, this could be the perfect opportunity to team with Kim. Both of us have lost our guys, and we both are strong female competitors. I would only have to keep the acting job a little longer. I start walking to the large dome, in high hopes after tragedy.

Katniss POV

This games is going to be hard on everyone.

Tris has just lost her rock in these games. Even worse, she saw him die. She sobbed for the longest time, and I was waiting for a tribute to come and pick her off. Kim was still in the jungle with her allies when the news came. She was shocked and I bet her thoughts were about the same as mine. 'How could he have gone so early,' and 'How will this affect the revolution.' Her conversation with Indiana was logical for her to play, but I could see the wheels turning in her head. I knew what she wanted to do. She could swing and alliance with Tris for the cameras now. As soon as she asked for the message to be sent, I scooped up Artemis and headed for the District Two room. There I find Brutus and Enobaria. One of their screens is black, signifying the death of Tobias. When I enter they both look at me.

"What do you want," Brutus asks.

"You heard my tribute as well as I did," I say.

"So," Enobaria. "What makes you think that we will agree to this."

"They would be unstoppable," I say flatly. "Two girls with both training scores ten or above. Both basically without a district partner. We both know that they are strong enough to win. With both of them, they would make it to the top 4 easily, then it's just a matter of outlasting."

Brutus merely huffs but Enobaria has an interested look to her face.

"You sure that this is real," she says. "How do we know that this isn't just a set up."

"Trust me, it's real," I say. "I would bet my baby's life on it. The only problem they might run into is getting away from Indiana. He is a strong kid and might not be very happy that Kim switched sides on him."

Enobaria looked at me for a long time, studying my expression. I bet she saw the tired look in my eyes, the nervousness, the stress, but I hope she also saw the hope. She then nodded and sat down at the computer.

"What should we send," she asks.

"A loaf of bread," I say. "With this message."


We head up the hill to a juncture of sorts. There is a statue of a bunch of large cats in the middle of the hub. The hub leads to three buildings in sight. The jungle from which we came, the Discovery center, and the Desert Dome.

"We need to split up," I say. "Do some scout work."

"Okay," Indiana says. "What were you thinking."

"I'll check the dome, Indiana you have the DIscovery Center," I say. "We cannot be seen, scout work only. Elsa, you have the most important job. Stay here, hidden behind this wall. If one of us calls your name, get the other. Then come and help take care of Tris."

She nods and I look at Indiana, "Sound good?"

"Yeah," he says. "Be careful."

He turns and walks toward the Discovery Center. Elsa goes to her hiding spot and I run towards the dome. I get there and start searching around.

"Tris," I whisper.

I keep moving around the dome until a voice comes out from behind some bushes.

"Come to gloat."

Tris sits there with an arrow drawn. She is acting for the cameras I'm sure. I have to play the game to keep it real.

"No," I say. "I'm sorry about Tobias."

"What's it to you," she fires back but I can see the hurt in her eyes.

"I want to talk about us being allies," I say.

"Allies," she asks incredulously. "Why the hell would I want to be allies with you?"

"Well," I say. "Your district partner is gone, and mine is gone in my eyes. We would for sure make it down to the final two. Then let the best girl win."

"That does sound enticing," she says. "Oh what the hell. What do I have to lose anyway."

She stands up and I shake her hand. After that I pull her into a hug, and she cries softly into my shoulder.

"It was my fault," she says over and over into me.

"No," I say. "It can't possibly be your fault Tris."

"It was a stupid bear," she says. "It started charging us and I didn't have my arrows after being attacked by large cats before. We had to jump down into the bear area to get away from the cats. I got bit by a large lizard and needed medicine. I got it from my mentors and it put me to sleep. When Tobias woke me up, the bear was coming towards us. I asked for some arrows and he turned and threw me some. When he turned back around the bear mauled him across the head. I killed that bear so quickly, but it was too late. I couldn't save him, I distracted him, and he is dead because of me."

"No Tris," I say. "There's nothing you could do. Now come on, we have to keep moving. I ditched my old allies and they might be coming after us. Tobias would have wanted you to keep moving."

She nods and gets up and freezes. I turn around and there is Elsa and Indiana staring right at us.

"Well," Indiana says. "That is such a heartfelt story. All except one part. The part about ditching allies. Now that is something that is not healthy for somebody."

I glare at him and say, "It had to end at some point."

"Oh I get that," he replies. "But you see, when someone ends an alliance in the Hunger Games, it is either because one of them dies, or you come down to the final people. The last time I counted there were still fourteen people alive. Are my calculations correct Elsa?"

"That does seem right," she says.

I stared out at them and began to prepare for a fight. I reached for my bow and an arrow slowing and Tris was doing the same. Indiana uncoiled his whip and grabbed his knife. Elsa was quicker on the trigger and had the bow out and loaded before I could sheath an arrow.

"Let it go," she said.

"You can't hold me back anymore," I say and string an arrow and let it fly.

Third Person POV

"How interesting," Ron says.

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