Chapter 22


He was right next to the cornucopia. I see him smiling at me and I smile back. Ron has finally returned and our life can continue like normal. I start to run to him only to find that I can't go anywhere. However hard and long I run, he stays the same distance from me. Then he arrives. In his white suit with a white rose pinned to the lapel, he steps out from behind the cornucopia. I freeze at the sight of him. He is standing over Ron with a gun pointed at his head. I scream out, trying frantically to reach Ron. Snow says only one sentence,

"Let the games begin."

The gun rings out and I am surrounded in white light. There is a constant beeping around me and people are rushing about. Many wires and tubes are connected to me and I have no idea where I am.

"She's coming to," a voice says.

Many other people are rushing around me. Another light flashes in front of my eyes, causing me to squint.

"She is awake," the same voice says.

"KIM," cries out a familiar voice.

It sounded like Tris, and from the rushing over to the side of my bed it was.

"Hey," I say weakly.

My eyes are still adjusting to the light but I can now make out her face and the things surrounding me. She is wearing all black pants and a black tank-top that shows off some tattoos across her collarbone and on her shoulders. There were three birds across her collarbone and I wondered what they meant.

"How are you," she asks.

She looks like she hasn't gotten any sleep what so ever in the last couple of days.

"Been better," I say with a smile.

She laughs a little at that and looks at me. "Kim, do you remember anything about what happened?"

"I remember the troops getting us out of the arena, and then nothing," I say.

"Well allow me to fill you in," she says. "That fake Ron guy shot you right through the chest. You hit the ground hard and I was there in a second. You were bleeding pretty bad, and I didn't know the extent of the damage. Captain Rex shot the blue guy and we got you onto the gunship. The medic took over and found out all of the damage. You had been shot through the chest but the bullet had missed your heart. You did suffer a collapsed lung and a little internal bleeding. The doc stabilized you on the gunship and brought you back here to 13. You immediately underwent surgery and the doctor fixed you up nice and good. Cleaned that arrow wound too. Due to the blood loss though you have been out for a couple of days."

"A couple of days?!" I shout.

"Yeah, you did lose a lot of blood," she says.

"What happened while I was out?" I ask frantically.

"I think we should let Katniss and Ahsoka tell you," she said.

I nod and turn to the nurse.

"When can I get out of here," I ask.

"I would advise another day," she says. "But technically you are perfectly fine to leave."

"Then get me out of here," I say.

She nods and begins to unhook me from all the machines. After all the tubes are out, Tris helps me get out of the bed and onto my feet. I am wobbly at first, but with the steady arm of Tris, I regain my balance.

"Here," she says handing me a stack of black clothes. "This is the designated uniform for the Mockingjay squad."

I look at the tanktop and see that there is an emblem of the Mockingjay pin that Katniss wore into the arena on the right chest and our last name under the the logo. I notice that there are two shirts in the stack though.

"For the shirts," Tris begins. "I had two made up because I didn't know your decision on the matter."

One of them said Possible on it and I was about to ask what other option there could be until I saw the name on the next. K. Stoppable. My heart was caught in my throat as I remembered the situation with Ron. He was imprisoned in the Capitol, and not truly broken up with me.

"I think I'll go with this one," I say, holding up the Stoppable one.

"I figured as much," Tris said with a smile. "Now as for the uniforms, there is a jacket and long sleeve t-shirt with the same stuff on it, but thirteen is climate controlled so there is no need for the others."

I nod and slip into the clothes. The top is a comfortable dry fit shirt and the pants are a tough but durable material. There is also a mockingjay symbol on the right pocket on the pants. There is also a pair of black combat boots that I slip on. Now that I am all dressed, Tris and I walk out of the hospital.

"We will go to command right away," she says. "Katniss and Ahsoka have been worried sick about you."

"So since we are in 13," I say. "Does that me we have to address Katniss as Sgt. Everdeen?"

"No," Tris said with a smile. "I tried the whole Sgt. Everdeen and Commander Tano thing when we got here and they had none of that. Katniss said that we are a very tight group and rank doesn't matter between us. When we speak in any other military groups though, rank has to be addressed."

"Ah, I see," I say.

The one thing I noticed about 13 when we were traveling to command is how plain it is. The white walls that are down every corridor wash out just about everything. The people that are staring at us in all grey jumpsuits seem even plainer because of that.

"Tris," I say. "Why is everyone staring at us."

"We kinda are a big deal," she says. "Apperantly since our squad of troops was founded, we are now an elite division in 13's army. Right up there with the 501st and Commandos."

"Who are they," I ask.

"The 501st are who got us out of the arena," she begins. "The have taken peacekeeper armor and modified it to be even stronger. The designate rank by the colors on their uniforms. They are lead by Captain Rex. The Commandos, or also known as the Howling Commandos, are who got Katniss, Finnick, Johanna, and Artemis out. They all wear blue jackets and black pants. They really don't have rank because Captain Rogers feels that they all are equal in their training. The only difference in their uniforms is that Rogers has a star on the chest of his jacket. Rogers leads the group and his second in command is James Barnes or "Bucky" as Rogers calls him."

"So who is in our 'Mockingjay' group," I ask.

"Katniss, you, me, Finnick, and Johanna right now," she says. "Ahsoka has been trying to get Katniss to put an outfit just like our uniforms for Artemis but she hasn't budged yet. Also, if we get Ron and the others out of the Capitol, they will be in the group as well."

"Who else is in the Capitol," I ask frantically.

He gaze sinks to the floor and she says quietly, "That's why Katniss wants to talk to you."

We get to command and we hear arguing voices outside. We step in to find Ahsoka and Katniss arguing about Artemis's clothes, and Ahsoka is clearly winning. There are also three new shirts on the table and one small uniform.

"C'mon Katniss," Ahsoka says. "It would be so cute."

"No," Katniss says firmly. "I will not have my daughter look like a soldier."

"But it would just show that she is a part of you," Ahsoka says. "It would be a great uplift for the districts."

"I don't know," Katniss says.

"Don't make me order it," Ahsoka warns with a smile on her face.

"Fine," Katniss says and takes the onesie. It is also black and has A. Everdeen under the Mockingjay symbol. Katniss has on the same outfit as us except of the left side of her chest she has three chevrons, I guess to represent her rank. Ahsoka is also dressed in the same attire, only with six chevrons on the left, the words Tano written under the Mockingjay symbol, and black armbands and gloves just like with her other outfit.

"You're apart of our group," I ask, making our presence known.

"Kim," Katniss says and rushes over to me and gives me a giant hug. Artemis is squashed between us and I laugh at the ferocity of her hug.

"Missed me?" I ask with a smile.

"Don't you start," she warns. "I thought you had died. Don't ever do that again."

"Alright," I say and she smiles at me.

Ahsoka comes over to me and embraces me with a hug as well.

"Welcome to 13," she says. "And yes, I have taken command of my own set of troops. I was going to give the reigns to Katniss but she insisted on my taking command since we have such a small set of troops. So in exchange, Artemis gets to wear are uniform too. Doesn't she," she says to little Artemis.

Katniss had slipped the baby into the onesie and Artemis smile up at Ahsoka. "Soka," she said and Ahsoka laughed.

"That's right," Ahsoka said and turned back to us.

"By the way, you guys have been promoted," she says to us.

She walks over to the table and grabs two of the three t-shirts. The have the same lettering and symbol on the right but there is one chevron on the left instead of nothing.

"Privates Prior and Stoppable," she says. "Congratulations."

"Thanks," we say in unison and slip on the shirts.

"Now," Ahsoka says. "We need to address some things."

We nod and all of us sit down at the conference table.

"We received a message from the Capitol shortly after the end of the games," Ahsoka says. "I'm going to play it for you now Kim."

She pulls up a screen and presses the play button on the video. The message is simply Snow sitting in a chair addressing the monitor.

"To whoever is watching from District 13. We tried to be nice with you. Since the dark days, we had let your people survive. We left you alone and only covered up the evidence so you could live in peace. And this is how you treat us, making a mockery of our games and destroying the arena, and recruiting from the inside. Well I have news for you, your soldiers are vulnerable. For your broken out prisoners, there is a little something here I think they might want to see."

The camera pans over to a set of people on the ground.

"These people we have kept for specific reasons toward our cause. Ron Stoppable, Primrose Everdeen, Annie Cresta, and Anakin Skywalker are all under our control. If you do not come forward and let yourselves be arrested and show us the plans of thirteen, they will be tortured. They will die a slow and painful death because of your actions. To you Katniss especially, we won't come to kill you. No, no, I knew I had gained leverage over you as soon as you adopted that child. We will find her, and when we do, there will be grave consequences."

The message cut out there and I noticed that Katniss had begun to cry and Ahsoka was rigid.

"We are going to get them out right?" I ask.

"I don't have the authority to make that decision," Ahsoka says. "Only President Coin can authorize the mission, and she is against it for now."

"Will have to convince her otherwise," I say with conviction.

"Kim, there is one other thing," Ahsoka says.

"What," I say with dread.

"After you were broken out of the arena, they started bombing district 12," she says. "Only a few have made it out."

"My parents?" I ask with hope.

"We haven't heard from them or Ron's," Ahsoka said.

"What about rescue missions to 12," I ask again.

"Kim," Katniss says. "There is no District 12."

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