Chapter 24

Ahsoka POV

After my team goes into their rooms, I knock softly on Padme's door again. She opens it up and ushers me in. Padme and I have almost become mother and daughter since Anakin left us. Now that I found out that he is still alive, a new wave of grief has hit me. I have pushed the plan to get them out of the Capitol now, and my two Captains are working on it right now. The only problem is that the message was strictly confidential and Padme has not heard the news yet. She still believes that the father of her children is dead.

"Padme," I say. "There is something that I need to tell you."

"What is it Ahsoka," Padme says as she looks down at her sleeping children.

The only thing that has held Padme together was her children. Luke and Leia turned out to be the best medicine to prevent depression. I saw that with Katniss and Artemis too. Nothing brings out the best of a woman than the motherly instinct.

"It's about Anakin," I say, holding back tears. "The Capitol has him."

"He's alive," Padme asks unbelievably.

"Yes," I say, not being able to stop the tears now. "I'm working so hard to try and get him out. I have to get him out."

I'm now sobbing uncontrollably, and Padme comes over to comfort me. He sacrificed him for me all those years ago, and I thought he was gone. I ran like a coward, while he was taken prisoner. She wraps me up in a giant hug and I sob into her chest. I feel like such a little girl doing it, but I know that I have to get it out somehow and I'd rather do it now than in front of my team.

"You are doing the best that you can," Padme said. "I know that you will get all of them out. You were born to lead this operation, and this revolution. Anakin is a tough guy, he will make it."

"I just wonder how he is doing," I say and continue to sob in Padme's room.


The room is dark. After the video they taped of us to send to 13, they throw us into our cells again. I have Prim on my right and a man called Anakin to my left. Our routine was the same every day. We would wake up to a meal of stale bread and a small amount of water. After we had finished with the meal, they would give us 5 minutes in a small, no window bathroom. After that, we would be taken into the interrogation room. The interrogations were brutal, and seemed like they would never end. Almost every day was a new torture, I wondered how they came up with all the new ideas.

The would begin with the same question every day.

"What do you know about the revolution?"

I would always reply with I don't know. It is true that I had no idea about the revolution, they had just decided to kidnap me one day before the games. They then forced me to watch the games, force me to watch Kim work by herself in her struggle to survive. It drove me insane to not be able to help her.

Now I am sitting in the back of me cell, waiting for the next day to begin. They would chain us to the floor so we couldn't move a lot. Only enough to the back wall of the cell. They would leave the room then, leaving us in pitch black. What they didn't do was moderate our discussions. We were able to talk freely and I knew exactly why. They obviously had cameras spread throughout the room, hoping to get any intel that we might pass between ourselves. If they found anything suspicious about our conversations, they would grill us about it in interrogation the next day. It didn't matter about the torture though, talking was the only thing that kept our sanity.

We would talk about our loved ones a lot. They had the names of all the people in thirteen that were working against them, so we could freely say their names. We would talk about past memories of them. It would help us to remember a happier time, and give the others a look into that person's life and imagine the happiness for themselves.

"Ron," a hoarse voice whispers from the cell on my left.

"Yes Anakin," I reply.

I had gotten to know the man really well. He had said that he was one of the military commanders at thirteen since before Katniss's games. For that reason, he was interrogated harder than any of us, and I thought my torture was really bad. Everytime he would go in for interrogation, we could hear his piercing scream bouncing all the way into our cells. I couldn't imagine what that man had to go through every day.

"Did you and Kim plan on having any children?" he asks.

"Yeah," I say. "We had talked about the idea before we were reaped. We wanted at least two kids, but would take more if God would allow it. Even after we were reaped, we bounced around names for the babies. We had planned so much on winning that it didn't matter. Renae was my idea for a girl's name and Steve for a little boy."

"Ah those are nice names," he says. "My wife was pregnant when I was captured."

That was the only name the Capitol intelligence didn't know. He had fought them so hard on not giving them her name. That is what I want to be like as a husband. Someone who will take extreme pain for their wife.

"What did you plan for names?" I ask.

"I let her decide that," he says with a chuckle. "She was so headstrong in that regard. When I asked her about it, she fired off two names right off the bat. Luke for a boy, Leia for a girl. I just hope that she made it through the pregnancy okay. I'm sure that Ahsoka was there for every second of it."

"So this Ahsoka girl," I say. "What did she look like?"

"Hey," he said. "You're married, remember?"

"I know," I say defensively. "Just trying to get a picture."

"Well," he begins. "When I found Ahsoka in the Capitol, she was, well, different."

"What do you mean different?" I ask.

"She says that it is a disguise she put on for recon in the Capitol, but really she was a test subject for new types of fashions in the Capitol," he says. "They had done chemical tests on her that changed her hair, skin color, tattoos, you name it. The turned her skin orange and she had to get tattoos of white markings on her face. He hair alteration was the most extreme. They sort of binded it together, to make it solidified of sorts. It took the feeling of almost skin to the touch. My best guess is that they reversed the dead cells that make the hair, into living cells and bound them together. They then painted her hair with blue and white stripes. That's about as far as I can explain it, but if I know Ahsoka, she is looking for a way to get us out. I don't know when or how, but she is looking. The only problem she is going to run into is getting the clearance to go through with the mission."

Katniss POV

"What do you mean it's not worth it," Ahsoka yells at the President.

After we settled into our rooms, I had gotten Artemis down for a nap and brought along a baby monitor to the conference room. We luckily had once very close to our rooms because of the children situation with our team. I was sitting next to Kim and Tris at the table, while Ahsoka and Padme were sitting across from us. Wade was sitting beside Kim and looked to be tinkering with one of our communicators. Johanna and Finnick were at one end of the table and President Coin was at the head of the table. She and Ahsoka were currently in a tense argument about the captives in 13. This argument was getting on my nerves because the president wouldn't budge.

"There is not a high enough risk to send troops into the Capitol to rescue these people," Coin said flatly.

"High enough risk," I yell out. "Look at the table. Snow has loved ones from five members of this team, and I know that Captain Rex and Rogers look up to Commander Skywalker as well."

"I did not give you permission to speak private Everdeen," Coin says with a glare.

"Guess what," I fire back. "You wanted me to be the Mockingjay, right? That means I get to voice my opinion. Whether you like it or not. If you are so against it, find yourself another Mockingjay. I'm sure that Kim and Tris could find other places to fit into 13's military."

"I'm not working for anyone except for Katniss and Ahsoka," Tris says confidently.

"Same," Kim says.

The president glares at Tris and Kim. I am beaming with pride at the courage of these two girls. That had stood in my defense against the president of the revolution.

"Well," Coin says. "If you are not here to help with the revolution, maybe you should leave."

"Ms. President," Ahsoka screams.

"That's fine with me," I say and Ahsoka stares open mouthed at me. "Go ahead and kick us out, but ask yourself this. What will the districts think when they see that I and two of their favorite tributes have been banished from 13. Not exactly a crowd pleaser are you."

Coin stares at me blankly and I knew that I have won. Whether she likes me or not, she has to deal with me. My arrogance right now is proved to not be in vain because she needs me. District 13 needs me. I am a voice that people follow. I do not want a war, I just want to keep Artemis safe. If that means being the Mockingjay, I have to do it.

"What are your terms," the President asks.

"Safe refuge for all of the prisoners, regardless of any circumstances. To get them out alive as soon as possible. When the conflict is over, expenses paid to rebuild our homes in twelve, Tris you are welcome to come. And one last thing, I get to kill Snow," I say.

"Everything sounds fine except for the prisoners," she says. "I can't authorize that."

"Wait a second," Ahsoka says. "You don't have the authority to deny it."

"What the hell do you mean?" Coin asks. "I am the President of 13."

"True," Ahsoka says. "But you made me Commander of the revolution, which gives me privileges to do anything in the military regarding the revolution. Since Anakin was involved with the revolution before, I can take military precautions to make sure that he won't give away any secrets."

I beam at Ahsoka and the President looks stunned. She couldn't believe that this 26 year old girl had taken charge of her.

"And what happens if I terminate your military status," Coin asked.

"Then good luck finding someone to run the revolution as good as I can," Ahsoka says plainly.

The president glares long and hard at Ahsoka and Ahsoka matches her glare and gives a wicked smile along with it.

"Fine," Coin says finally. "I want the plan of the break out in my office no later than two days so I know what I am getting into."

"Yes ma'am," Ahsoka says and Coin walks out of the room.

"Alright," Ahsoka addresses us. "I have drawn out a rough outline of the plan. I am sending in the Howling Commandos for the rescue. We need some familiar faces for the other prisoners to recognize, so I have chosen Tris and Johanna to go along as well."

"Wait," Kim says. "Why not me, Katniss, and Finnick? And are you going?"

"We all may not participate in the Capitol evacuation because we have strong emotional ties to the captives. Tris and Johanna do not, but they know the prisoners. Johanna has met Annie and Prim, Tris has met Ron and Prim, and Captain Rogers and Anakin are good friends."

"Commander Tano," Wade speaks up.

"Yes Wade," Ahsoka replies.

"We have an incoming transmission from the Capitol," he says.

"Put it up on the screen," Ahsoka commands and Wade does.

We look into the face of President Snow as he addresses us.

"Good Evening to all those watching in District 13. Now as you know, none of your soldiers have come forward to tell us about the revolution, so I am a man of my word. Elsa if you would please."

The girl with the snow blonde hair comes out from behind Snow and has Portia tied up in ropes. Her mouth is gagged and she is looking wildly up at Elsa. Elsa laughs and walks over to the side of the room where all of the prisoners are chained to the wall. Ron is especially struggling, knowing personally the stylist that was about to be executed. Elsa comes over and gives Ron and big kiss on the side of his cheek, winks at the camera, and points a gun at Portia's head. A gunshot cracks out and Portia drops to the ground dead.

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