Chapter 28

Katniss POV

"Stoppable," I say at the slumbering figure.

He doesn't move and it is irritating me. The doctors have kept him here for three days and Kim was annoying the hell out of me. I know that she couldn't help it, that she was so anxious about Ron, but they wouldn't let him see her until he was discharged. Today was the day scheduled, so I came to get him out.

"STOPPABLE!" I yell now, finally rousing him.

He sits up slowly, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Katniss," he starts. "I was just resting my eyes before training and-" then he stops abruptly.

I would only be the second person from his life before imprisonment that he has seen, aside from Tris, and I doubt if he remembers the night of his rescue.

"Where's Kim?" he asks frantically, trying to rise out of his bed.

"Woah," I say, slowing him down. "Take it easy there. She isn't going anywhere, you are safe here."

"What happened?" he asked and I told him the story. I started to talk about after he was kidnapped, the games, our evacuation.

"Wow," was all he managed at the end of my story.

"Take your time," I say. "It's a lot to take in at once."

"Kim is not still mad at me?" he says. "Is she?"

I laugh at his statement and he looks at me confused.

"Seriously?" I say and he nods again. "Man, she is still head over heels for you. I had to bar her from coming in here so you could awake without being assaulted."

"Where is she now?" he asks.

"In command," I say and rise from the bed. "We are all wanted there when you wake up. I said that I would take you there. Here, put these on."

I toss him his uniform and he stares at the shirt.

"You have officially been drafted into the revolution," I say. "You are under my and Ahsoka's command, welcome to the Mockingjay squadron."

"R. Stoppable?" he questions. "Yours only says Everdeen. Why does mine have my first initial?"

"Well, you wouldn't want people to confuse you with Kim, no would we?" I say.

"Ah," he says and puts on a grin. "That would be quite a misunderstanding."

The blond haired boy is back to his usual self.

He throws on the shirt and pants, laces up the boots, and we are soon off to command. We are about half way there when the baby monitor in my pocket starts emitting soft cries.

"Hold up," I say and Ron stops.

I take out the baby monitor and pull up the video footage. Artemis has awoken from her afternoon nap and is probably hungry.

"We have to swing by my room quick, Artemis has waken up." I say and head towards the Mockingjay corridor.

"How is little Artemis?" Ron asks, trailing behind me.

"She is doing really well," I say with a smile. "She is on bottle now, and growing up nice and strong. Especially away from the Capitol."

We get to the hallway and I motion for Ron to stay put. I open the door to my room and sure enough, Artemis is crying lightly. I walk over to her crib and peak over the edge. As soon as she sees me, the frown on her face disappears and a wide grin appears.

I laugh at that and say, "I'm glad to see you too."

I take her out of her crib and change her diaper quick. I then pull on her Mockingjay onesie, and grab a bottle of formula.

"Ready to see Ron again?" I ask her and she coos at my voice. "Good," I say. "You won't be the only one that is really happy."

I walk out of the door of my room and find Ron, still patiently waiting just like I told him.

"You take directions well," I say. "You are going to make a great husband."

He grins sheepishly and turns to walk down the hallway that we came from. I follow him with a laugh and continue to tease him lightly.

"A boy that listens to a girl is like a dream come true, huh baby," I say to Artemis.

She laughs at my statement and in turn, I also laugh. A smile comes across Ron's face as he continues down the hallway.

"Sure," he says. "Gang up on me. I can't even protest her, she would make me laugh everytime."

"Well," I say. "I'm sure that you will have quite a handful when you reach command."

He chuckles at that and we continue to walk down the hall.


"When is he going to be awake!" I demand as I look at Ahsoka.

Ahsoka is sitting on a chair with her legs propped on the table. She glances up at me for a second with an amused look on her face before turning back to the holopad that brings news from the frontline in district 2.

"Soon enough," is all she says.

I am fuming at this news. It is taking all my self control to not throw things across the room.

"Ahsoka," a man's voice says.

She looks over to the man, as do I, and a smile comes over he voice.

"Now that is not a way to treat a worried person," he continues and sits down beside Padme and the twins.

"Well Anakin," Ahsoka responds. "I kept Padme on the same basis and she was fine."

"That is complete bull shit," Padme says, glaring at Ahsoka.

This only brings a laugh out of the young commander.

"I sent Katniss down to wake him up," Ahsoka says. "We need to discuss the problem in two before deploying troops."

"Well, when did you send her?" I demand.

"Oh, about five minutes before you got here," she says, still looking down at the holopad.


"Oh my God Kim, settle down," Tris says rubbing her temples. "You're giving me a headache with all the yelling that you are doing."

"Tris," I say dangerously. "You of all people should know that I am not a very patient person."

"Well some things never change," a voice says behind me and I freeze.

Tris looks up and smiles a knowing smile at me.

I turn slowly and find Katniss and Artemis entering the room with Ron standing at the doorway. I cover my mouth as tears start streaming down my face. He laughs at the sight of me.

"What's so funny," I ask through my sobs.

"You're even more beautiful than when I last saw you," he says and I run over to him.

"No, no, no," I say. "I'm such a mess."

He only chuckles and embraces me and gives me a giant kiss. We pull away after about ten seconds and make our way over to the conference table, sitting in chairs right beside each other.

"Well," Ahsoka said, now standing behind her chair. "Let's begin the meeting. First off, Commander Skywalker is to be reinstated as leader of the revolution, so I will turn over the reins to him."

"Absolutely not," he says and stays sitting. "You have been active commander for the last ten years, this is your revolution to lead."

"Well what will you do?" she asks, wide eyed.

"Maybe the boys from the 501st will let me help out," he said.

"Sir," Rex says as he walks in the door, followed by Captain Rogers. "It would be an honor."

"Thank you Rex," Anakin says with a smile.

Captain Rex and Captain Rogers take their places at the table.

"Okay," Ahsoka says. "I guess I'll take the meeting. Now, as first order of business. Ron do you want to be in the Mockingjay squad and fight against the Capitol."

"Is President Snow still a giant asshole?" Ron asks Ahsoka.

Ahsoka smiles and says, "Yes."

"I'm in," he says and smiles.

"Good," Ahsoka says. "Now, news from the war."

She pulls up a hologram of what appears to be a place in district 2. There is a giant mountain, and a small city square near the base of it.

"We have managed to take all the districts, except for two," Ahsoka says. "We have cornered the Peacekeepers in this mountain, which we call the nut. There has been no progress there, a stalemate if you will."

"Bombs?" Tris asks.

"Won't breach it," Ahsoka says. "They seem to have reinforced it somehow."

"What about ventilation," Katniss says. "Surely there has to be openings to get air in there. Why don't you just block it off?"

"The have civilians in there," Ahsoka says. "We want to try and avoid unnecessary deaths."

"Is there a main opening?" I ask. "Somewhere where a mass of people go in and out?"

"Yeah," Ahsoka said pointing to a spot on the map. "This opening is where the train goes in, we haven't sent troops in because we have no idea what's in there."

"Why don't you block all the airways and exits except the main one," I say. "Then you can call out to them and say that if they come out with their hands up, no one will die."

"Sounds like a plan that could work," Anakin spoke for the first time. "But who has a voice powerful enough to coax people out of there?"

"I do," Katniss said quietly.

"Katniss," Ahsoka said softly. "This is an active war zone, you have a child."

"The sooner this war ends the better," she says with a grim look on her face.

"Well," Ahsoka says. "There is a bunker about 5 miles from the front. It is our staging area, and bunks. We could bring her there."

"That sounds great," Katniss says. "But, I'd rather she stay here."

"Well," Ahsoka looks over to Padme. "Anakin has not been cleared for combat yet, and Padme won't be going along because of the twins, so she could spend time with them."

"If it's not too much trouble," Katniss adds.

"No," Padme says with a smile. "I would love to take care of her."

"Well it's settled," Ahsoka says. "Katniss, Tris, Kim, Wade, and myself will represent the Mockingjay squadron with help from the Commandos led by Captain Rogers. The 501st will defend here, in case of a sneak attack."

"What about Ron?" I ask.

Ahsoka sighed, knowing the battle that was about to ensue. "Ron has not been cleared for combat."

"I'm not going," I say with conviction. "I'll stay and take care of Artemis with Ron. I will not go into battle without him."

"Kim I-" Ahsoka begins before being cut off by Katniss.

"She's right. Kim would be able to take care of Artemis."

Ahsoka sighed again, "Alright. Permission granted, meeting dismissed."

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