Chapter 29

Katniss POV

"Alright baby," I say to my daughter in my arms. "You stay good for Kim and Ron now. I promise that I will call every night."

We were about to embark from District 13 and make the travel to two. I was in my Mockingjay armor with Tris on my right. Finnick was out of comission for a while with Annie being back. Ahsoka was coming with us and was waiting by the hovercraft in the hangar with Tris. Kim and Ron were standing in front of me, waiting to take Artemis.

"Momma," my little girl says and I wrap her into a tight hug.

"I'll be back soon," I say and hand her over to Kim.

She immediately starts playing with Kim's braid and I smile at that. As soon as we capture 2, we move to the Capitol. As soon as the Capitol is captured, we win and I can live in peace.

I turn to walk away and Kim calls after me, "You be safe."

I turn around and smile at the red head. "What's the last thing that I said before you went into the arena?" I ask.

"Stay alive," Kim says with a smile.

"I tend to follow my own advice," I say and board the hovercraft.

We take off immediately and I sit down on one of the chairs in the belly of the ship. There is a hologram table in the center, showing the battlefield that we are going to.

"I have some good news," Ahsoka says, sitting down beside me.

Tris sits on the other side of the table with Captain Rex, the two had become good friends. "What?" she asks.

"Two 19 year olds have displayed the right material to introduce into the Mockingjay squadron," Ahsoka says and pulls up a hologram of both figures.

There is a boy and a girl, the boy is tall and skinny. He has auburn hair and a fair amount of freckles. He is wearing black armor, with a red face of an unknown creature on his left shoulder. The girl standing next to him has blonde hair and is a little bit shorter than the boy. She is very muscular for a girl, about the same as Tris, maybe a little more. She wears shoulder armor that has spikes coming out of it. She has a red shirt on underneath her upper body armor and had an armored skirt, protecting her midsection down to her upper thigh.

"The boy's name is Hiccup Haddock," Ahsoka begins. "The people from two call him Night Fury. Very smart in weapon design, machine building, and battlefield tactics. Knows how to use a gun but when he gets too close combat, he favors a sword. He designed the contraption, the blade is able to catch on fire, but doesn't burn or melt. In the hilt, he can release a flammable gas that can be ignited with a spark The girl is named Astrid Hofferson, the people call her Stormfly. This girl is the ultimate warrior, can use a gun very effectively and when in close quarters, is very deadly with an axe."

I stared at the biographies of the two and the pictures of them. I needed to hear their voices and ask them some questions.

"Can we call them?" I ask to Ahsoka.

"Of course," Ahsoka said and hit a few buttons on the hologram table.

In a couple of minutes the two appeared on the hologram table, their figures smaller because of the confined space.

"Commander Tano," Hiccup says and salutes her, Astrid does as well.

"Privates Haddock and Hofferson," Ahsoka says. "We have some good news for you."

"What is it sir?" Astrid asks.

"I think I'll turn it over to your new squad leader," Ahsoka says. "Katniss."

Their attention turns towards me and their eyes widen.

"Katniss Everdeen?" Hiccup says stunned.

"Hello Hiccup and Astrid," I say with a smile.

"We get to be in the Mockingjay squad?" Astrid asks with glee.

"Hold on now," I say. "I have to determine whether I want you. You see we have a tight group here, and I don't want to create a rift."

They both nod and I begin with my questions.

"This over here is Tris Prior," I say. "She is one cog in the machine. Also in our group is Kim Stoppable, Ron Stoppable, Wade Load, Finnick Odair, Padme Amidala, Johanna Mason, and Ahsoka."

"Katniss," Ahsoka interrupts. "Johanna died earlier this week."

Grief hits me like a car. I wasn't overly close to Johanna, but I did know her and she was my friend. I did the exercise whenever I felt overly sad to think of Artemis and it calmed me down some. I wiped my face and looked back at the two.

"Well I guess not Johanna," I say. "My first question is in regards to orders. I am in control, along with Ahsoka. You will listen to my orders but you are not allowed to order anyone else around. Regardless of rank, we are all equal. The only difference between you and me is that I am in control. You are older than three of my squad members, if I see you treating them any less equal than the others, there will be consequences. Am I clear?"

"Yes sir," they both say in unison.

"Excellent," I say. "I will see you when we arrive."

They both salute me and the hologram shuts off.

"Well," Ahsoka says. "What do you think?"

I look over to her, "What's their story?"

"Why don't you let them answer that," is all she says.

Katniss POV District 2

We exit the hovercraft and walk into a very war torn city. The center of district 2 is utterly destroyed. In the distance I can see the nut, the impenetrable mountain. It is still smoking, like the bombing has been constant. We walk into a building and come into a modified conference room. There is one large table with a hologram attached to it, that currently shows the battlefield map. The other is a smaller table filled with food. We all grab some before sitting down at the table, to start discussing battle strategy.

After a while, the door opens and two figures walk in.

"Ah," I say, looking over at them. "Hiccup and Astrid, please come on over."

They nod and Astrid can barely contain herself. She is so giddy at meeting me, is my thought. Or the thought of impending battle. Or a combination of both. I do notice one thing about the two though. Astrid is staying surprisingly close to Hiccup, not letting him out of her zone. They sit down across from Tris and I, with Ahsoka being at the head of the table.

"So," I say, breaking the silence. "How long have you two been together?"

They both blush at the comment and Tris snickers at them.

"Hey, cut that out," Astrid says to Tris.

"What me?" Tris asks. "What is it that I am doing that is so horrible?"

"You're laughing at us," she says. "Katniss just asked us a very personal question."

Tris laughs more at this. "The first thing you need to know about Katniss, is that there are no boundaries that she cannot cross."

Astrid looks at her and then back to me.

"She's right," I say.

Hiccup looks at Astrid and then back to me. "About five years," he says.

Tris whistles at this. "Tied the knot yet?" she ask.

They both blush at this, and I think I know the answer.

"Not exactly," Hiccup says. "We had a rough start to our relationship, but it is perfect now. The only problem is the war."

"Well let's fix that," I say and they both smile.

Kim POV District 13

After Katniss left, I dragged Ron to our room in the Mockingjay corridor. First I made him wheel a crib from Katniss's room into ours and then I gave him a big kiss.

"Hey," he said after we pulled apart. "Not in front of the baby."

I pouted and he only laughed at that.

"She will fall asleep soon," he reassured me and then I smiled at him.

He moved around the apartment, taking in his surroundings. He walked over to the couch that Tris had used as a bed when she was staying over and frowned at it.

"Someone else has been sleeping here?" he asks me.

"Yeah," I say, still holding Artemis. "Tris stayed over. It confronted us both to have company."

"Because of Tobias," he asks.

I nod and set Artemis down in the middle of the room, with one of her favorite toys and I sit down next to her. She starts cooing at the lion and sucking on one of its ears. I chuckle and it turns into a small sob.

"Kim," Ron says worriedly. "What's the matter?"

"I thought that I'd lost you," I say with tears in my eyes.

He comes over to comfort me and I lean into him and cry.

"And not just when you were captive. When that imposter broke up with me. When he slapped my love back to my face. I can't believe that I thought that you would ever do that. Then when I learned the truth, I feared for your life. I kept having nightmares about Snow killing you."

"I'm alright," he says with a smile.

I manage to stop crying and then I feel a tug on my shoe. I look over and see that Artemis has managed to roll over onto her stomach and touch my foot. I laugh at her and she smiles back at me. This little girl could lift anyone's spirits.

I scoop her up and she giggles. I lean back into Ron with Artemis playing with my braid. He sighs and I look up at him. There is a gleam to his eye as he looks down at us.

"What?" I ask.

"I picture us with our own child someday," he says. "Just like this."

"There is one thing that has to happen first," I say and his grin gets even wider. "No not that. The other big thing."

He looks at me with confused eyes and I answer my own question, "Snow has to die."

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