Chapter 35

Katniss POV

"Forward slow," Ahsoka whispered.

We were inside the presidential mansion. It had been relatively quiet since we left the camp. No resistance at all. Now we were moving down the hall of the mansion, making our way to the presidential suit. We blasted our way inside, and now were waiting for the other two strike teams to arrive.

"Blue leader come in," Ahsoka says into her comm.

"Copy Gold leader," Captain Rogers says. The Commandos are Squadron Blue and the 501st is Squadron Red.

"Red leader come in," Ahsoka says.

"Red leader standing by," Rex says.

"Alright," Ahsoka says. "Forward assault."

Tris gets up and tosses two grenades into the next hall. The both go off and we hear peacekeepers yelling in pain. We enter the hallway and start firing with everything that we have. We are moving slowly but surely. There are explosions going off every where.

I find myself against a wall with Tris behind me. An explosion goes off to our left and I hear screaming. Ahsoka comes through the comm.

"Keep moving," she screams.

We do keep going. I don't know how many peacekeepers I take down, but it is more than I can count. Through gritted teeth we march forward. Then the firing stops from the other side. There are no peacekeepers left. There is still smoke everywhere. The walls are painted with red it is so bad. We step through the bodies of the peacekeepers. The last fight was finally over. We had won. The doors to the office were right in front of us.

I look back behind me and see Kim and Ron coming out of the smoke. Ron took a bullet to the leg and is being supported by Kim, but all together he is okay.

"Where is Ahsoka?" I ask them.

"I don't know," Kim replies.

"Gold leader come in," I say over the comm.

"Gold 6 and 7 are down," she replies.

My heart drops. We all rush backwards and we find Ahsoka standing over two bodies. Hiccup is laying on the ground not moving, and Astrid is on top of him, also not moving. I can see shrapnel that has gone through both of their chests, ending their lives quickly.

Kim starts crying and drops to her knees. Tris has a glazed over look to her eyes and slinks back against the wall. She slides down and just sits there, looking at Hiccup and Astrid. I make my way over to Ahsoka and sling my bow over my back.

"Get medics up here," Ahsoka says.

"Yes sir," I say.

I call into the comm for a group of medics, while Ahsoka takes out her poncho from her pack and covers the two. We all just sit there for ten minutes before the medics arrive.

"These two," Ahsoka says. "Get them back to base. They've earned that right."

The medics nod and pick up the bodies of Hiccup and Astrid on stretchers and carry them back through the halls that they just battled in. A single tear rolls down my face and I quickly wipe it off.

"Let's go," I say and Ahsoka nods. We need to capture the President.

We make our way to the presidential doors and open them. We walk inside and see five peacekeepers guarding the President. The quickly drop as bullets riddle them. I see the President with his back turned towards us. He has a small garden of roses in his office and he is trimming them now.

"Ah Miss Everdeen," he says. "It's about time that you got here. I was beginning to think that the peacekeepers might have actually beat you."

"Two of my good friends just died back there so you better give me a great reason not to put a arrow right through your skull," I snap at him.

"Ah," he says. "I don't have one."

I look at him and know that he has more to say.

"Can you guys give us a minute," I say to the group.

Tris starts to protest immediately but Ahsoka puts a hand on her shoulder.

"This is something that she needs to do," Ahsoka says.

Tris nods and they all walk out of the room.

"Why," I say.

"I'm assuming you mean why did I allow you to adopt that little girl," he says and I nod.

"I said it would unite the districts," he says. "To focus on something other than the rebellion. I know better than that. I know it would fuel the rebellion more. I wanted leverage. I couldn't capture the child, but I could use the thought of her death as ammunition. I wanted this to happen. I wanted to show our power, and crush thirteen."

"Didn't work out so well, huh," I retort.

"Yes and no," he says. "We obviously lost. That is the reason you are standing in front of me now. But I have also created doubt. Doubt that you would ever get this far. I bet Coin would have delayed the attack for another year if your generals hadn't convinced her."

I am shocked by his words. Not by what he said, but because they are all true.

"Ah," he says. "You have realized the truth. Yes, even in victory there is always doubt. You doubted your cause many times during this war. I hoped that one of them would break you. You see Katniss, you were the key to this revolution. If I managed to break you, I would have won. Not kill you, no. If I killed you, it would only fuel the districts more. Why do you think I have been killing the people that you have most cared about for the last ten years."

"You what?" I say.

"Oh yes," he says while grinning evilly. "You really think that all those people that died, just did. No, I had them all killed. Killed Cinna and Prim personally. I caused the cave in at the mines that killed Gale. I injected Haymitch with a death serum that made it look like alcohol poisoning. I infected your mother with the disease. I hired Cato to snap Peeta's neck. I did everything."

My mouth is wide open in shock. It all makes sense now.

"My only regret now is the child," he says. "It gave you a foothold just as you were about to break."

My face turned cold and I looked at him.

"Your right," I say. "Artemis was my foothold. And you know what, she will be for a long time."

I draw a pistol that I have in a side holster and shoot the President right between the eyes, ending the war.

District 13

I get off the ramp of the hovercraft and see Artemis in Padme's arms. I sprint over to my child and hug her tight.

"Momma," she says.

"That's right," I say. "And now, I will be here forever.

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