Ten Years later, Katniss POV

We all gather back at the Capitol. There is a monument dedicated to us that is being christened today. I stand next to Tris, Ahsoka, Kim and Ron on stage. Kim is holding a baby boy in her arms. I still cry when she told me his name, Peeta Tobias Stoppable. Kim and Ron live in Victor's Village with me now, in the house just across the street. Tris lives there too, my next door neighbor. Tris always has lived alone, not being able to replace Tobais in her heart. She still comes over every day to play with Artemis.

Artemis is 11 now. Just about to start school. District 12 has slowly rebuilt itself from the ground up, better than ever. I still fear what my daughter will learn in her history classes. Learning about the games that I took part in, the war I fought in, the things that I did to make me the mockingjay. All of the bad things that I have done, she will know about.

Ahsoka has become President of Panem. Coin served one term before she was voted out. Ahsoka redefined term limits of the presidency to only allow two four year terms. She said something about it being the way before Panem.

Now we were all back, in what they call the victory garden. Artemis is standing at my side, holding my hand. There is a man over the loud speaker talking about something, but I don't hear his words. He eventually gives the sign to reveal the monument and the curtain falls off.

There we all stand. The whole mockingjay squad. Carved in white marble. Me standing in front with my bow and arrow. Kim and Ron standing side by side. Tris looking straight ahead. Ahsoka standing beside Tris, arms crossed. Hiccup and Astrid. All of us there. Carved into the bottom of the statue is a few lines of words.

Mockingjay Squadron

Even in the darkest times, we shine the brightest

"Mommy," Artemis asks. "Who are they?"

"Those are heros," I say.

"They look like Aunt Tris, Aunt Kim, Aunt Ahsoka, and Uncle Ron," she says.

"Yes sweetheart," I say. "There are the best heroes ever."

"You're up there," she says. "Are you a hero too."

"No sweetheart," I say. "But I fought with heroes."

We all go down to examine the statue. Some crying, some shining with pride. I look at all the faces and remember all those that paid the price. But know that their sacrifice paid off even though the war was terrible, there are always worse games to play.

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