Chapter 10

Blaze felt a nudge and opened his eyes. It was still night, and the cave was still dark. He saw Rain beckon him with her tail. He crept out of the den, careful not to wake any of the other warriors.

The moon was high overhead as Blaze followed Rain into the forest. They both walked silently side by side, enjoying each other’s company.

Rain stopped and faced Blaze. “I’m leaving.”

Blaze widened his eyes. “What?”

“I never wanted to be a BloodClan warrior,” Rain meowed.

“But if you go back to your Clan Claw will take it out on all of CloudClan,” Blaze managed to meow.

“That’s why I’m not going to CloudClan,” Rain mewed softly. “Or any Clan. I’m strong enough to survive in the wilderness now.”

“That’s crazy!” Blaze meowed. “You could get hurt!”

“Then come with me,” Rain meowed. “We could leave our pasts behind and be together.”

Blaze almost said yes. He loved Rain, but he also loved BloodClan.

Blaze shook his head. “I can’t. I’m happy here. And you could be too.”

Rain backed away from him, her eyes cold. “I should’ve known I couldn’t trust you. Goodbye, Blaze.”

“Rain!” Blaze called, but she turned and disappeared into the shadows.

Blaze angrily turned and ran, not knowing where he was going. He was jerked back to thought when he saw he was nearing the camp. A few of the warriors were awake, and the servants were leaving on hunting parties. Blaze took a deep breath and walked up to Claw.

“Lightning is gone,” Blaze meowed. “She ran away.”

Claw’s eyes narrowed. “She made a foolish choice. I’ll send some of my warriors to see if she went to any of the other Clans. If they’re sheltering her, they’ll be punished.”

Blaze dipped his head to his leader and backed away.


Later that day, Claw yowled to call the Clan together. Blaze joined his Clan mates, his head down.

“Lightning has run away,” Claw meowed.

The Clan murmured in surprise and anger.

“She was not found in any of the other Clans, so she has probably left for good,” Claw meowed. “But if you see her in our territory, kill her.”

Blaze winced when he heard that. He hoped that Rain was smart enough to run as far away as she could.

Adder walked up to Blaze. “I’m sorry, Blaze. But it’s for the best. She was making you question who you really are.”

Blaze didn’t answer.

“Do you want to go hunting?” Adder asked.

Blaze shook his head.

“Ok,” Adder shrugged.

Blaze padded into the warriors’ den and fell asleep.

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