Chapter 11

Blaze stopped to renew the scent marker. He was on the CloudClan border patrol with Adder, Maggot, and Nettle. Blaze heard Maggot hiss, and smelled a revolting stench. He heard Nettle yowl, and raced toward the sound. He saw to his horror that she was being shaken by a fox. Blaze yowled a challenge and leaped at the fox. It dropped Nettle to snap at him. Maggot and Adder raced into the clearing and helped Blaze distract it while Nettle crawled away. Maggot swiped a paw across the fox’s nose, and it whined in pain. The fox backed away, and then turned and ran.

Blaze stood there for a few moments, panting. Maggot trotted up to Nettle. She stood up with the support of Maggot, and Adder stood on her other side. Together, they helped her to the CloudClan camp.

Sunbeam padded up to them when they arrived there.

“She needs a medicine cat,” Maggot meowed.

“I’m sorry, but our medicine cat is out gathering herbs,” Sunbeam meowed. “He is at the very edge of our border.”

Maggot looked a bit confused. No medicine cat had ever been gone when a BloodClan cat needed help.

“We should go to MudClan then,” Maggot decided.

The BloodClan cats made their way to the MudClan camp.

“She’s wounded,” Maggot meowed to Sludge.

“Our medicine cat is gathering herbs,” Sludge meowed.

“Then we will go to LeafClan,” Maggot meowed.

When they got to LeafClan, Nettle could barely move.

“She needs a medicine cat,” Maggot meowed to the leader of LeafClan.

“I’m sorry,” Branch began.

“Let me guess,” Adder hissed. “Your medicine cat is out gathering herbs. This seems very suspicious. Where is the medicine cat?”

Branch glared at him. “Gathering herbs.”

Adder hissed angrily and swiped his claws across Branch’s muzzle. The LeafClan cats hissed in surprise.

Branch looked coldly at him. “Our medicine cat is gone.”

“We must go back to Claw,” Maggot meowed.

The cats helped Nettle back to the BloodClan camp.

“Claw!” Adder yowled angrily. “Nettle was hurt in a fight with a fox, and we took her to all three of the Clans who said that their medicine cat was out gathering herbs!”

Claw narrowed his eyes. “Servants, take care of Nettle.”

The servants helped Nettle into the warriors den.

“I don’t know what this means,” Claw meowed. “They may have been telling the truth. But if they openly rebel, we will crush them.”

Blaze heard the other cats murmur in agreement. All he cared about was Rain. Where was she now? And was she still alive?

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