Chapter 12

Blaze was jolted suddenly from sleep. He didn’t know why; everything looked peaceful in the warriors’ den. He padded out of the den and into the light of the full moon. He felt a sudden pull to go out of the camp. He expected to feel the harsh presence of his warrior ancestors, but instead he felt a softer, warmer presence. He didn’t know what it was, but he followed the tug as it led him into the forest.

He heard a meow and smelled cats. He pinned his ears. There were traces of all the different Clans here, except BloodClan.

“This was just a start,” he heard a voice meow.

His heart soared. It was Rain! He wanted to run down to her, but he knew that whatever the other Clans were doing they didn’t want BloodClan to know. He crouched down under a bush and listened.

“You must go on with the second phase,” Rain meowed. “You will not give them your kits.”

There were murmurs of agreement.

“Make whatever excuses you need to,” Rain meowed. “But make sure they’re good, and hide the kits somewhere away from the camp. BloodClan may be getting suspicious now, and we don’t want them to attack.”

The cats hissed in anticipation.

“I should go now,” Rain mewed. “Go back and tell your Clans of what was said tonight. We must all work together if we are to succeed.”

Blaze felt a jolt of panic. Rain was leaving! He threw caution into the wind and trotted out from under the bush. Immediately, all the cats’ eyes turned toward him.

“A BloodClan spy!” a MudClan warrior hissed.

“Kill him!” a CloudClan warrior yowled.

The cats advanced on Blaze, and he backed away.

“Stop!” he heard Rain yowl.

He saw Rain looking at him with uncertainty in her eyes. “I knew him.”

“Rain, I missed you so much,” Blaze meowed, his eyes only for her.

“Will you betray us to BloodClan?” Rain asked.

Blaze shook his head. “I would never betray you.”

Rain nodded. “I believe him. Let him go. But if he does betray us, we can kill him.”

The other cats looked a bit confused and angry, but they parted for him.

“Go back to BloodClan, Blaze,” Rain mewed, before walking away.

Blaze walked the opposite way back to BloodClan territory. He had seen Rain again! She was alive! He wondered if she would agree to meet with him. Then it hit him. She was leading a revolution against his Clan. The thing he loved most in the world. How could she do this to him?

When he got back to the camp, the sun had already risen. Claw was standing in the middle of the camp. Blaze heard many cats yowling in distress. He trotted over and saw that Nettle’s body was on the ground. Her eyes were wide open and unseeing.

“May the spirits of our ancestors watch over you,” Claw meowed.

“This is the fault of the other Clans,” Adder meowed angrily, appearing at Blaze’s side.

Blaze didn’t know what to think. He couldn’t believe a cat had died because of the rebellion. It suddenly made them seem more sinister in his mind. Nettle had been a great warrior. She didn’t deserve to die like this. Was he doing the right thing in not telling Claw what he had seen?

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