Chapter 14

Blaze watched Claw angrily talking with his senior warriors. He had figured out that the other Clans were up to something, and he needed to figure out what to do.

“I hope they’ll decide to teach the other Clans a lesson,” Adder hissed.

Blaze nodded distractedly. He was still thinking about Rain, and what would happen to her if BloodClan found out that she was responsible for the rebellion. Would they kill her?

“They deserve it,” Adder meowed angrily. “They let Nettle die, and we haven’t had any sacrifices for our ancestors besides elders.”

Claw backed away from the group of cats and yowled. BloodClan gathered around him.

“We must go to Bonetree for a Clan meeting,” Claw meowed. “The spirits of our ancestors will help us choose the right path.”

Blaze followed his Clan mates toward Bonetree. He wondered what Claw had decided. Part of him felt loyal to BloodClan, and part of him felt loyal to Rain. He didn’t know which part to choose.

When they reached the Bonetree, Claw jumped on the tree stump.

“Our ancestors need a sacrifice so they may tell us what to do,” Claw yowled.

An old she-cat was the first to reach Claw.

“Sacrifice me,” she pleaded.

Claw nodded. “As this blood is spilled, come to us, and show us your will!”

He slashed a claw across the she-cat’s throat and she fell to the ground, her life-blood spilling out into the ground.

“Blood!” “Blood!” the Clan chanted.

Blaze felt the familiar feeling of his ancestors filling the air with their presence. But never before had they been so malevolent. Blaze shuddered as they surrounded him. He knew that they were accusing him of being loyal to Rain over BloodClan. Blaze widened his eyes as he saw a cat appear, his eyes red and his claws dripping with blood. He was semi-transparent, and his outline wavered in the shadows.

“I am Fang, your ancestor,” the cat meowed. “The others can’t see me. You are a true BloodClan warrior, Blaze. Do not forget that.”

Fang touched his nose to Blaze’s. He felt something course through his veins. He hissed in pain, but when it was over he felt stronger inside. What had he been thinking? Of course BloodClan meant more to him than a stupid she-cat. She had left him, anyway. If she had stayed in BloodClan they could have been together.

Claw’s eyes suddenly flew open. “Our ancestors have told me what to do. We must fight to defend our Clan. If the other Clans stand against us, they will be crushed. And their blood will be spilled to appease our ancestors!”

“Blood!” “Blood!” the Clan yowled, their eyes reflecting the red of the setting sun.

Blaze yowled with his Clan mates, caught up in the thrill of the battle to come, and the victory that was surely near. Claw leaped down from the stump and led his Clan back to their camp.

“I can’t wait!” Blaze meowed. “The other Clans will see what being a BloodClan warrior means.”

Adder looked at him a bit strangely. “I’m glad you’ve come around.”

Blaze knew that he hadn’t been a good BloodClan warrior lately, and he resolved to do better. He was born a BloodClan warrior and he would die fighting for BloodClan.

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