Chapter 15

Blaze followed Claw, Strike, and Maggot as they ran to CloudClan’s camp. Claw had sent out parties of his warriors to tell each of the Clans that BloodClan would fight if the other Clans kept resisting them. The CloudClan warriors pinned their ears when the BloodClan warriors trotted into their camp.

Sunbeam walked up to Claw. “What do you want?”

“You have forgotten what your duty is to BloodClan,” Claw hissed. “And now you must pay the price. Tomorrow, at sunrise, BloodClan will fight any fools who think to stand against us. We will wait at the grassy plains just outside of your territory. Either fight us, or remember your duty to us.”

Sunbeam nodded. “We will think on what you have said, Claw.”

Claw flicked his tail and ran out of the camp. Blaze followed his Clan mates. He almost hoped that the Clans would choose to fight tomorrow, so that he could have the thrill of sinking his claws into another cat’s fur. But he doubted they would have the courage. It would most likely be a few cats who were taken in by Rain’s words and would run away when they saw who they were facing.

Adder was waiting for Blaze in the camp.

“What happened?” he asked.

“Sunbeam said he would think about what Claw said,” Blaze scoffed.

“I’m sure they’ll be too scared to fight tomorrow,” Adder meowed, pinning his ears.

“And then they will go back to their rightful place,” Blaze meowed.

Claw padded into the center of the camp and yowled for the Clan to gather.

“Tomorrow, we will go to the grassy plains and see if any are foolish enough to stand against us,” Claw yowled. “If they are, they will be killed. Do not show any mercy to these traitors. They have forgotten their place, and they need to be reminded. Our ancestors need blood sacrifices!”

“Blood!” Blood!” the Clan yowled.

“Do you have a battle plan?” Maggot asked.

“We will spread out across as much of the plains as possible,” Claw answered. “They will see our numbers and be scared away.”

Blaze and Adder exchanged a look of excitement. Claw weaved his way through the cats toward his den, and Blaze and Adder went to the warriors’ den.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep,” Adder meowed.

“Me neither,” Blaze replied, lying down next to his friend.

It was nice to have his best friend back. He didn’t know what he’d been thinking, putting a she-cat first. And a traitorous she-cat! Adder had been right when he questioned Blaze’s loyalty. But luckily Blaze had seen sense before anything had come of it. And now the whole rebellion could be ended on the battle field.

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