Chapter 4

“We must take his body to the Bonetree,” Strike meowed.

Strike and Nettle dragged the tom’s body through the dust while Blaze and Adder followed. They were the last to arrive at the Bonetree. The whole Clan came to Bonetree for this part of the Ceremony.

“So none made it,” Claw meowed. “Pity.”

The bodies of the toms were dragged under the Bonetree as an offering to their ancestors. Blaze shivered as he heard whispers around him.

“Kits of BloodClan, come forward,” Claw meowed.

Queens nudged forward their kits. They had to be around six moons old to participate in the Ceremony.

“Elders of BloodClan, come forward,” Claw meowed.

The elders that had chosen to participate in this Ceremony hobbled forward. They would be granted the highest honor.

“Elders, you have served BloodClan well,” Claw meowed. “Your time has ended, and now it is time for a new generation to step forward and fill your pawsteps.”

The kits and elders lined up so that one kit faced one elder. There was a silence for a few moments. Blaze dug his claws into the ground.

“Kill!” Claw screeched.

The kits leaped forward, clawing or biting out the throats of the elders. The elders closed their eyes and accepted this. When the elders all lay in a pool of blood, the Clan yowled triumphantly.

“You are now warriors of BloodClan,” Claw meowed. “You have spilled your first blood!”

“Blood!” “Blood!” the Clan yowled.

The kits looked proudly at each other.

The BloodClan cats broke into groups and meowed together or headed back to the camp. Blaze stifled a yawn. He had had a long day.
“Want to go back to the camp?” he asked Adder.

“Sure,” Adder agreed.

The two toms walked back to the camp, and fell asleep in their nests.
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