Chapter 6

Blaze watched Claw jump on top of the tree stump. He yowled with the other BloodClan cats. It was leaf-fall, a time of special significance to the BloodClan cats. This was when the leaves turned bloody and fell to the ground. This was the only time of year when BloodClan accepted she-cat as well as tom tributes.

“Tonight, we are here for endings and beginnings,” Claw yowled. “Blood will be spilled!”

“Blood!” “Blood!” the Clan yowled.

“Bring out the she-cat tributes,” Claw ordered.

Frost nudged forward the three she-cats.

“You are now servants of BloodClan,” Claw meowed. “Not belonging to any one cat but to the Clan as a whole.”

“I don’t want to be a servant,” a dark tabby from CloudClan meowed defiantly.

The Clan hissed in surprise.

Claw nodded. “Then you shall participate in the Trial with the toms.”

Blaze shook his head. This she-cat didn’t know what she had gotten herself into.

Frost led away the other two she-cats.

“Bring out the tom tributes!” Claw ordered.

Frost brought out the three toms. Blaze saw their eyes grow wide with fear as Claw explained the Trial. To his surprise, the she-cat didn’t look very frightened.

“Go now!” Claw yowled. “And pray that the spirits of BloodClan will protect you!”

The toms looked around in confusion.

“We have to stay together!” the she-cat meowed. “Follow me!”

Blaze was impressed by her determination. He watched the cats run out of the camp.

“She shouldn’t have been allowed to participate,” Flint yowled.

“We let our own she-cats fight,” Claw reasoned. “I saw no reason she shouldn’t have the choice.”

Blaze nodded, but he saw that Flint wasn’t the only cat to have concerns.

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