Chapter 7

When the sun started rising, Claw ordered the cats to go on the Chase. This time, Blaze was chosen to go directly to Bonetree with Snake, Flint, and Maggot. When they arrived there, Blaze saw to his surprise that the she-cat was sitting at the base of the Bonetree.

“Congratulations,” Maggot meowed.

The she-cat didn’t look up. “I tried to keep them with me, but they got scared.”

“The spirits of our ancestors must have been with you,” Snake meowed.

Blaze watched as the rest of the Clan arrived, followed by Claw. Patrols carrying the bodies of the toms arrived soon after.

“This she-cat has passed the Trial!” Claw yowled. “Our ancestors have accepted her. She will be known as Lightning from now on.”

Lightning held her head high and met Claw’s gaze. “I have no desire to be a BloodClan cat. The only reason I am doing this is because I know you’ll kill me if I don’t.”

The Clan hissed angrily. It was an honor to be a BloodClan warrior.

Claw’s eyes flashed. “You are right. We would kill you.”

Lightening met his gaze.

“Kits of BloodClan, come forward,” Claw ordered.

The queens pushed forward their kits, and they lined up on either side of Lightning.

“Elders of BloodClan, come forward,” Claw meowed.

The elders came forward and lined up facing the kits.

“Kill!” Claw yowled.

The kits leaped forward and attacked the elders. Lightening watched, disgust plain on her face. But her resolve hardened and she quickly bit out the throat of the elder in front of her.

“You are now warriors of BloodClan!” Claw yowled. “You have spilled your fist blood.”

“Blood!” “Blood!” the Clan chanted.

Blaze saw that Lightning was still sitting in the same spot, even though the Clan was heading back to the camp. She was trying to hide it, but Blaze could see she was exhausted and confused.

He didn’t know why, but he started walking toward her. She met his gaze defiantly when he approached her.

“Come on, Lightning” Blaze meowed. “The camp is this way.”

“My name is Rain,” she silently meowed.

She got to her paws and silently followed Blaze back to the camp. Blaze led her into the cave where the warriors slept. He laid down next to Adder, and she laid down on Blaze’s other side. He was surprised at how comforting it was to have her there.

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