The Universe Hates Me

Chapter 9

Fang's POV

I've been trying to find Max all day. I've barely seen her, and every time I do, she's busy, or she leaves the room. If I didn't know her any better, then I'd say she was avoiding me...

But that's stupid. Why would she be avoiding me?

I was contemplating this as I was shoving all my crap into my locker. Just as I closed my locker and locked it, I was rammed into the lockers with a force that I swear could break someone's back. And who was slamming my back into a piece of very cold, very uncomfortable metal? Iggy, of course. A very P.O'ed Iggy.

I was surprised at first, but then I was angry. That was gonna hurt in the morning. Not to mention, Why the hell is he slamming me around?

I gave Iggy my best death glare, and he barely even flinched. He really must be angry if my death glare had no affect on him. And the worst part, it looks like I was the cause of it. The anger, I mean. Oh joy.

"What the hell is your problem. Iggy?" I yelled at him as he pinned me up against the lockers, holding my wrists in a vice-like grip. He was cutting off circulation. Ouch.

WTF? When did Iggy get so strong?

"What's my problem?" he hissed, anger practically dripping from every word, and I, Fang, almost cringed back. "Okay, Fang, I'll tell you what my problem is. My problem is my best friend since grade school, who also happens to be my girlfriend's brother, is being a complete dick.

"My problem is that my dickhead of a best friend finally got his best friend back - after losing her and moping around depressed for years - and he is now completely ignoring her." Iggy was right up in my face. No one - no one - had everdared talk to me like that. Hell, most people hardly dared to look at me for too long.

I stared at him, wide-eyed (but not by much, 'cause I've gotta be all mysterious, right?). I was completely shocked - and pissed off. Mostly shocked, though, because, firstly, Iggy was never like this, and secondly, I was gobsmacked he was actually speaking to me like this.

Iggy continued spitting words at me venomously, "My problem is he stood her up last night. After she was so excited to finally got to spend time with her best friend after being gone for so long, too!" He was turning red with anger, comingeven closer.

"My problem is the fact that I saw the Maximum Ride - yeah, remember her? Your best friend? - cry for the first time in years and years. And the worst part is, she was crying over the one person in the world who she thought could not - and would - ever make her cry."

As I took in everything Iggy was saying I felt my face fall. I made her cry? Max never cries. Does she really feel like I have been ignoring her? God, Ig was right. I am such a dick.

Now Iggy was right up in my face. I could practically feel the Make-one-wrong-move-and-I-kill-you-painfully-and-slowly vibe coming off his angry form.

Iggy, who had been closing his eyes in fury, opened them and looked me straight in the eyes, saying slowly, "And my biggest problem is, my best friend has changed and I don't think I even know him anymore."

Now that was a low blow.

I didn't think Max would be so upset about my canceling and asking to reschedule. I felt my heart drop out of my chest.

All I kept thinking to myself was, how could I be so heartless?

"So Fang, please enlighten me by telling me what was just SO important that you stood up your best friend?" he suggested, sickeningly sweet, as he let go of my hands and stepped back slightly.

I rubbed my wrists, looking at the red marks he left.

"Lissa and her parents came by my house right before I was going to leave to pick Max up. They told me they wanted me to go to a fancy dinner party with them and I couldn't refuse. I told them I already had plans that I couldn't break and I was sorry but they wouldn't have it. They told me to get changed and we would be leaving in a few minutes. I had no choice," I told him, and, even though I was telling the truth with my mouth, I also told the truth with my eyes - something I never, ever do.

He picked up on my emotions and his face softened. Slightly.

"Okay, dude, I get that you had no choice. But you could have at least texted her and gave her a heads up that you weren't coming..."

I gave him a confused look and demanded, "Iggy, what are you talking about? I did text her."

Now it was his turn to look confused.

"No, you didn't. I was with her last night, and she told me you didn't text her. I even looked through her messages. There were none from you."

I scrunched my eye brows together in confusion before I spoke again, "Yes, I did, Ig. I went to get ready and tossed Lissa my phone and told her to-" I had a realization and stopped abruptly.

That's when it hit me. Lissa. But she wouldn't do something like that. Would she?

"You told her to do what?" Ig asked.

"I told Lissa to text Max for me, and tell her I had to cancel. And ask her if we could reschedule," I added, frowning again.

"Well that explains it," Iggy said, looking pissed off again.

"That explains what?" I asked, hoping that he would say it - not me. Because, despite everything, Lissa was my girlfriend and even if she purposely didn't text Max, then I didn't want to look like a bad boyfriend.

"You really can't be that stupid, Fang! Hanging around Lissa so much is really starting to affect you. I think you're losing more brain cells by the minute. I mean, really, Fang, if you wanted to kill you brain cells you could have done it in a more understandable and enjoyable way, like smoking some pot or doing crack." He wrinkled his nose. "That'd be healthier for you then dating Lissa."

Well, it sounds like he's been hanging around Max too long...

"Iggy," I said in a warning tone. I sucked in a deep breath, and asked, "So, what d'you think happened, O Wise One?"

"Obviously, Lissa purposely didn't send Max the message because she knew it would hurt her," he replied in a 'no flipping duh' tone.

"She wouldn't do something like that," I said, trying to convince myself more than Iggy.

"Um, hello! Yes, she would. She is the freaking Wicked Witch of the West Coast! Fang, she. Is. A. Bitch. She hates us and would do anything to hurt Max!" he practically shouted at me.

"She does not hate you! She loves you guys," I said defensively, trying - and failing - to sound convincing.

"No, Fang, she loves you. Wait, screw that. She loves what's in your pants, but she tolerates us - barely - 'cause of you. If it was up to her, she would have us on the next flight to Scandinavia," Iggy snapped exasperatedly. Yep. Definitely too much time 'round Max.

"Ig, that isn't true," I lied, and both of us knew my heart wasn't in it. Partly 'cause my heart was somewhere around my feet, being trampled by the thought of a) Max hating me and b) Max crying because of me. And partly because it just wasn't true.

"Fang, give it up. You know I'm right; I always am, but especially now. Even Nudge doesn't like her, and she likes EVERYBODY!" I resisted the urge to say something snarky, but I knew that with Max, and Iggy's newly developed attitude,someone had to try and keep their sarcasm to themselves. Iggy continued, "And you know Nudge is a wonderful judge of character. Heck, even Max doesn't like her, and she's an even BETTER judge of character. You used to ALWAYS listen to what Max had to say. If she doesn't like her, you know there is something wrong with her." Iggy had gone from yelling to pleading in a second. Bipolar, much?

I let out an aggravated sigh and leaned against the lockers.

"I don't know, Ig. I just don't know," I said in a tone I hardly ever use - defeat.

"Well, you better figure it out. And fast, because you're going to end up losing your best friend," Iggy said in a warning tone.

"I know, Ig, I just need time to think," I groaned, running my hand through my hair, an old habit.

"Okay, man, I get that. I do. Just don't take too long. You don't have forever." He clapped me on the back, a little harder then necessary, but it was a comforting gesture all the same. It gave me a little confidence. Only a little, though.

With that, Iggy turned on his heel and left me there, alone, as his words to me sank in. What he had said really got to me. I'm going to need some time to think about all this, and get things right for once.

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