Warriors Horses

Fishleap's Filly

"It's a filly," Swanwings neighed to Fishleap.

Fishleap licked her filly as she struggled to stand. The filly was a pale blue roan. Swanwings put her head outside the nursery and saw Goosefeather and Whitewater waiting outside.

"Goosefeather, you can come in now," she neighed.

Goosefeather followed her into the nursery. He walked up to Fishleap and nuzzled her.

"She's a filly," Fishleap neighed. "What should we name her?"

"Well she's blue, like me," Goosefeather pointed out. "What about Bluefoal?"

"It's perfect," Fishleap neighed.

"Just like her," Goosefeather added.

"I think you should leave now," Swanwings neighed, nudging Goosefeather.

He gave one last adoring look at Bluefoal, and walked out.

"You and Bluefoal need to rest," Swanwings neighed to Fishleap. "And Mistyfur, try to keep Wavefoal away from Bluefoal until she's rested."

She walked out of the nursery and saw Whitewater waiting there.

"Can I see my new sister now?" he asked.

"No," Swanwings neighed firmly. "They need rest."

"All right," he sighed.

"Whitewater," Ripplestar neighed, walking toward him.

"Yes, Ripplestar?" Whitewater asked, turning towards her.

"Could you be Marshhoof's mentor in Fishleap's stead? I know you've just barely been made a warrior, but every other horse has other things they need to do," Ripplestar explained.

"I would love to!" Whitewater neighed, his eyes gleaming.

Ripplestar looked a bit surprised at his enthusiasm, but nodded and walked away. Swanwings walked past Whitewater and towards the elders' den. She wanted to tell Silverstream about her daughter's filly. She passed Splashstream, and noticed she was barely pregnant. She walked into the elders' den and was greeted by Silverstream.

"Swanwings!" Silverstream neighed, her eyes lighting up.

She walked over to Swanwings and nuzzled her.

"How are Mudpelt and Fishleap?" she asked.

"They're great. Fishleap just had a healthy filly named Bluefoal. She looks like Goosefeather, but lighter," Swanwings neighed.

"I'll have to go see her soon. And how is Wavefoal?" Silverstream asked.

"He's full of life," Swanwings replied. "But I've got to go now, it's getting late."

"Goodbye," Silverstream neighed fondly.

"Goodbye Ottertail and Frogleg," Swanwings neighed.

Ottertail nodded at her, but Frogleg just snorted. Swanwings walked out of the den and walked toward her den. Her sister and brother had had a foal very close together. I made her feel a little pang of longing to have her own foal, but she pushed it away. StarHerd had decreed her to be a medicine horse, not a broodmare. The whole Herd was like her foal, and she would always keep it safe.

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