Doctor Who: Year One Hundred

The Flight Through Eternity

There was a lurch and loud scraping of metal as the Escape Pod smashed against a rusty pontoon. The sudden stop had jolted Phoebe out of the story world that the Stranger had weaved around her. The Stranger didn't waste any time, he scrambled up and opened up the hatch.

Phoebe scrambled up beside him and looked out at a grim scene. A ancient abandoned Earth Empire Outpost held just out of restless ocean by several pontoons and metal struts. Since the fall of the Empire over two hundred years ago this outpost must have fallen into disrepair.

It had one main building and a landing pad with brown spires on top that seemed to pierce the cloudy sky. As Phoebe couldn't help but shiver at the freezing cold spray delivered up from the ocean.

The Stranger was able to grab hold of a ladder and climbed up it. Not wanting to be left by herself in a vacant escape pod, Phoebe took a leap of fate and just managed to grab hold of the iron ladder.

The cold spray from the ocean had made ladder wet and slippery but Phoebe managed to climb up the rungs. By the time Phoebe made it to the top, her mechanics overalls were soaking wet from head to toe. The room above was dry to say the least, a compact room with a clunky transmitter at one end and a row of lockers at the other. The Stranger had already made himself at home. He had taken off his black gloves and was fiddling with dials on the transmitter.

"Just in time my dear, I've convinced this antiqued piece of junk to send out a distress call. With any luck the rescue ships will be able to pick up our signal. Good news at last" commented the Stranger.

"Yesss, thaaat is goood" shivered Phoebe.

The Stranger turned around with his black eyebrows raised.

"Oh, I'd forgotten how feeble the human constitution is. I find it fascinating that the race that won the Cyber Wars and beat back the Daleks are all weak bipeds. Helpless against the heat and the cold" stated the Stranger darkly.

"Yo-oou speaak as if youur not one of uss" questioned Phoebe?

The Stranger noticed her suspicion and gave a charming smile.

"Sorry my dear, force of habit. I try not to dwell on the mistakes of my past, instead I plan for the future."

The Stranger went over to the lockers and pulled out old discoloured towels.

"Here you go my dear. I won't want you to die before the rescue ship gets here" commented the Stranger.

In a single flourish, the Stranger had the towels wrapped under Phoebe, much to her relief. Under the warm influence of the towel, Phoebe's limbs began to have feeling again. Wanting a distraction from the current situation, she sat down on the metal floor and stared up at the Stranger.

"Any chance of you finishing that story before the rescue ship gets here" asked Phoebe?

The Stranger gave an indulgent smile.

"Of course my dear, now where was I" began the Stranger.


There was a loud hum as the mechanisms within the Chaos Engine came to life after 10 million years of hibernation. From the Control hub, the Tempest Knights worked tirelessly to bring the Engine back online.

In the black metal Chaos Chamber, the Tempest Knights gathered. Zero strolled into the chamber with Artemis in his grasp and Koschei at his side. The centre of the Chaos Chamber was a tall pillar made entirely of crystal.

This important piece of equipment was essential for any type of Gallifreyan time technology. It was a Time Rotor. A very special type of Time Rotor. Zero steered Artemis to the rotor and threw Artemis into the giant crystalline pillar. As if alive, the crystal time rotor absorbed Artemis.

Artemis struggled but could not break free from the rotor. She was forced into the centre of the pillar and the crystal morphed to accommodate her. Restraining her arms above her head and her feet, Artemis could only watch from in the centre of the Time Rotor as the Tempest Knights arranged the destruction of Gallifrey.


In the middle of a silver leafed forest, a blinding flash of bright light lit up the forest and scared away the animals. From this flash came the Doctor, the TARDIS key still clasped in his hand. The Doctor had been lucky that the Teleportation network had not been knocked out along with the rest of the technology in the Capital.

Possibly due to the fact the transmat network was maintained in the city of Arcadia rather than the Capital. The Doctor had programmed the teleporter to take him to the precise location where Artemis and he had first met; figuring that her TARDIS wouldn't be far off. Holding the TARDIS key out stretched in his hand, the Doctor began to concentrate on the key with all his will. The key itself had been cut from the inner shell of the TARDIS therefore had a connection to the ship.

So if the Doctor concentrated hard enough, he would be able to sense the location of the TARDIS. It wasn't a precise way to find something but it was all the Doctor had. There was tingling in the Doctor's mind when he pointed the key to the east. Taking the hint, the Doctor started to run in that direction. The forest was less dense so it gave him freedom to sprint in that direction. He blazed a trailer towards a stone ridge. When he got to the grey ridge, the Doctor spotted a cave entry just visible behind a layer of moss and vines. It was not a natural cave entrance, the Doctor observed. The entrance had been hewn from the rock by a laser.

The Doctor stopped for a second, pulling out a red poker dotted handkerchief from his coat pocket and used it to mop up his sweaty brow. A crunch of breaking twigs made the Doctor jump. Turning behind him, the Doctor was stunned to see a handsome young man sprinting up behind him. He was tall, with awesome brown hair and sideburns. He wore a nicely cut brown pinstripe suit with a swanky looking overcoat. The handsome man skidded to a halt beside the Doctor.

"C'mon Doctor, no time for slacking now that the world is ending, spit spot" beckoned the handsome gentlemen.

The Doctor recognised another one of his older selves immediately. He gave the more handsome Doctor a scowl.

"Don't rush me. I am not use to running all over the place. In fact, I absolutely loathe running. It is the worst form of conveyance" complained the Doctor.

"Ooh I remember that, the grumpiness and the bad knees! Don't worry you will grow out of that soon enough. It's really fun, especially when you're running for your life. Oh I love running for my life. Best part of the job in my opinion. Well if you think travelling around the universe, saving planets and being awesome can be defined as a job. More like a hobby really" babbled the dashing Doctor.

The younger Doctor gave his other self an irate look.

"Looks like my proficiency in nonsense has increased over the years" complained the Younger Doctor.

"Oh yes, it never stops increasing! But enough about me, you have a planet to save. Now, follow me" ordered the handsome Doctor.

Before the Younger Doctor could utter another protest, the handsome Doctor brushed between the vines. He turned back to his younger self and gave him a toothy grin.


The older Doctor spun around and sprinted off into the cave.

"Show-off" muttered the Younger Doctor.

He didn't waste any more time. He pulled back the vines and barrelled into the cave after his older self. The inside of the cave was dark but dry. There was a small pin prick of light at the end of the tunnel. The Doctor walked towards the light, leaning on the walls for guidance.

Making his way to the end, the Doctor realised that the light was the sunlight that bled through a waterfall. Reaching out his hand the Doctor touched the running cold liquid and it blossomed around his hand. Anything could be on the other side of the waterfall.

For all the Doctor knew a fifty foot drop onto sharp rocks could be waiting for him on the other side. Taking a deep breath, the Doctor took his leap of faith and stepped through the waterfall. Cold water sprayed all over him, drenching his clothes and shoes.

He stepped into a soft river bed. The Doctor found himself knee deep in a slow moving river. Giving a sound of disgust, the wet Doctor stumbled out of the stream and scrambled onto the bank.

It was then that the Doctor took notice of his surroundings. He had come out onto the strangest garden he had ever seen. Rose bushes grew everywhere; they were a millions of them in this small hidden valley. They surrounded by objects which littered this rose garden.

These objects ranged from a giant leather boot the size of a telephone booth to an old stone fountain. The Doctor walked up and examined a stone statue that was nearest to him. It was a statue carved in the image of an Angel with angelic wings. Its stone hands were carved in a protective gesture which shielded its face from sight. It was like this Angel was weeping.

Curiosity struck the Doctor; he reached out and touched the statue. It was warm to the touch and there was a humming. The Doctor smiled, recognizing what this statue was. It was a TARDIS. In fact all the objects around him were TARDIS's that had been disguised by their Chameleon circuits.

It explained why the boot and some of the other object were oversized. There outer shell must have punctured and their inner dimensions must have been leaking. The Doctor suddenly recognized this rose garden for what it was. This was a TARDIS graveyard, a place where extremely old TARDIS came to retire and expire.

The Doctor had heard legends of this place but never thought it was real. It didn't seem possible that TARDIS's were sentient enough to go anywhere without a pilot. Even if there pilots had abandoned them or died. The Doctor chuckled himself when he realized what Artemis had done.

Instead of hiding her TARDIS in any old place, she had hidden it in a haystack full of needles. Even if the Time Lords had tracked Artemis's TARDIS, it would be difficult for them to find her ship among so many others.

The Doctor would just have to trust his luck and hope he would find Artemis's TARDIS in time. Walking around the weeping angel statue, the Doctor discovered a keyhole between the angel's wings. Trying the Yale key but it didn't fit so the Doctor moved to the next ancient TARDIS.

After trying the boot, the fountain, an oak tree and a giant Earth dressed monkey with twin silver cymbals in each hand; the Doctor cursed in frustration. He strolled behind the boot and noticed a cherry tree. It's pink and white blossoms waving in the breeze.

The breeze increased all of a sudden and blossoms blew off the tree. The Doctor was showered in blossoms and they scattered around him like confetti. It blinded him to the man who appeared from the behind the tree. He was a small man who seemed to be shrouded by a dark cloud. He wore a straw panama hat, a dark brown coat, and a question mark jumper vest with a matching question mark umbrella. He gave the Doctor a friendly salute with his hat.

"One hundred and fifty three thousand two hundred and three" pronounced the small man.

The Doctor raised both his eyebrows at the man who he guessed was another future self.

"Excuse me sir" asked the Doctor?

The dark Doctor gave him a pleasant smile and pointed to the blossoms with his umbrella.

"The cherry blossoms of course; there were exactly one hundred and fifty three thousand two hundred and three."

"You counted" said the Younger Doctor, impressed.

"The Maths is simple enough. I'll give you a clue; you just have to remember to subtract the five at the end" boasted the dark Doctor.

The younger Doctor couldn’t help but notice his older self’s deep rich Scottish accent.

"Hrmmm, quite clever of you, if only my problems could be solved with your math" wondered the younger Doctor.

The Darker Doctor's eyes seemed to twinkle at this.

"This is all terribly symbolic, with an emphasis on the terrible. Clear thinking, that's what is needed. Now logically most of these TARDIS's have been here for a very long time. This is a graveyard after all" stated the dark Doctor, reasonably.

"So, what does have to do with it" questioned the Doctor, irritably?

"Look at the ground. See how the rose bushes have grown around all of TARDIS’s. There overgrown with Roses. You're looking for a TARDIS which has disturbed the ground and parked on top of the roses" theorised the darker Doctor.

Looking closely at the surrounding disguised TARDIS's, the younger Doctor spotted one that matched his older self's description. It was pyramid, the size of a small pavilion with the Seal of Rassilon imprinted on each of its sides. The Doctor turned back to his older self, only to realise that he had disappeared.

Paying no more heed to his future self, the Doctor rushed to the TARDIS and examined it for a keyhole. The Doctor discovered a keyhole in the left side of the pyramid. The key slotted in perfectly into the hole but to the Doctor's horror, would not turn. This had to be the right TARDIS but for some reason the ship was not letting him. All the Doctor could do was beg and hope that the intelligence inside the TARDIS would hear his pleas

"Please! Please, if you can hear me ship; open up and let me. I need your help to save Artemis" pleaded the Doctor.

The Doctor waited with baited breath for the TARDIS's response, feeling partly silly that he was trying to appeal to an inanimate object. If the legends of old were true then TARDIS's weren't as inanimate as they appeared but were designed to make a telepathic connection with whomever the ship came into contact with.

Opening his mind to the world, the Doctor repeated his plea for help telepathically. The TARDIS must have heard him because a few seconds later, the key turned all by itself. With a metallic click, the side of the Pyramid split open to reveal the entrance to the TARDIS. The Doctor grabbed the yale key and chuckled with delight. Without hesitation, the Doctor stepped into another world.

He took a sharp intake of breath as a wave of warm air hit his face. Then another sensation seemed to steal over him, one of deep and profound stillness. The room had six crumbling stone walls, their solid roundels dappled by a warm green light. In the centre stood a granite six sided console with a green time rotor sticking up on top.

Covering the walls were patches of moss and vines, while the roof was completely covered in vegetable matter. Warm green light flowed down from cracks in the stone and in the vegetation. The air was thick and heavy like that of a rainforest. It dried the Doctor's wet clothes in a heartbeat.

Walking to the centre console, the Doctor reverently touched the smooth granite surface and the console lit up like a Christmas tree. The control room began to hum and come back to life. A huge joyful smile covered the Doctor's face.

"You are the most beautiful thing I have ever known" whispered the Doctor in awe.

The red and blue lights on the console seemed to twinkle at the Doctor's words.

"Alright ship, let's not delay. We have work to do."

Examining the console, the Doctor realised all the instruments were stone buttons. There were no switches or levers or toggles. The Doctor loved a good toggle. Buttons were so insensitive; there was no feeling of control and no fun. After a quick examination, the Doctor found the right controls and engaged them for immediate dematerialisation.

The time rotor of the TARDIS moved up and down as the ship’s hum changed to a grinding as the TARDIS exited material space. Concentrating on the complicated Bloc transfer computations, the Doctor set the TARDIS coordinates for the Chaos Engine.


Zero stood in the Chaos Chamber, staring at Artemis trapped in the time column with his single cold eye. Koschei, now garbed in full Tempest Armour walked up to his General with a grim look his face.

"The Engine is now fully operational. We can now reverse time whether we want" stated Koschei.

Zero did something that he rarely ever did; he gave a wide toothy grin.

"Excellent news, I want the engine activated as soon as we're ready" ordered Zero.

"Yes sir" replied Koschei, blankly.

Zero gave his Lieutenant a stern look.

"What is the matter Koschei? Are you still bemoaning the loss of your little Doctor friend" snapped Zero!

Before Koschei could reply they were interrupted by Magnus.

"Sir, we are detecting something on the Time Track Indicator. Readings suggest that a Type 40 TT Time Capsule is approaching the Engine" stated Magnus.

Zero's single eye widened in shock and his teeth began to grind together.

"WHAT! How is that possible? You assured me that the virus would strip the Time Lords of any ability to retaliate" demanded Zero.

"This TARDIS must have been outside system's control so was unaffected by the Virus. It's nothing to worry about. Only a mad man would attack the Chaos Engine in an antique Type 40" said Magnus.

Koschei gave a knowing smile.

"The Doctor would" said Koschei.

Cold laughter started echoing from the Time Rotor. Everyone stared at Artemis, trapped in the centre of the room and laughing her head off.

"What's so funny" demanded Zero?

Artemis just smiled at Zero and sneered down at her captives.

"A storm is coming and he's going to wipe you away."

Zero turned his back on Artemis and the rest of his soldier to hide the look of fear on his face.

"Activate the Engine at once. The Doctor can taste my dust" ordered Zero.


The green time rotor moved up and down rapidly as the Pyramid shaped TARDIS powered towards the Chaos Engine. The Doctor had activated the wall scanner screen and was watching the Engine as it hovered in Gallifrey's outer atmosphere.

As the TARDIS got closer to the Engine, the giant metal skull began to vibrate. The Doctor turned back to the Console as all the warning lights flickered on. Staring down at the sensor panel with its Chronometric dials, his eyes widened in shock, unable to believe the readings he was getting.

"By Rassilon, time itself is being ripped apart. Zero is actually doing it. He is reversing time" spluttered the Doctor.

Knowing that he had moments to act, the Doctor put all the TARDIS's power into the atom accelerator and the neutron barriers. The TARDIS flew directly towards the Chaos Engine; following it through the rip it created in time.

Unlike the Chaos Engine, the TARDIS wasn't completely shielded from the forces of the time rip. The interior of the TARDIS shook and swayed, while circuits in the console began explode under the pressure and showering the Doctor with sparks. In the distance, the Doctor could hear the sound of the cloister bell.

Taking manual control of the TARDIS, the Doctor piloted the ship to the heart of the storm.


"My Apotheosis is mere moments away. A infinity of histories will be mine to rewrite as I choose. Lords of Time you say? Pah! Let all the worlds tremble and Rassilon be damned" screamed Zero, in triumph!

In the Chaos Chamber everyone manned the computer screens which were placed on the edges of the room. Artemis however was not doing so well. It was absolute hell inside the crystal time rotor. Artemis felt all the life drain out of her. A red light blinked at one of the screens.

"General Zero, the time capsule is still in pursuit" stated Ushas.

Zero turned on Ushas angrily.

"The Doctor's alive" screamed Zero in pure frustration.

"Worse than that, the Doctor's Capsule is on course to materialise within the Chaos Chamber" stated Ushas.

"WHAT, this is inconceivable" shouted Zero.

A loud grinding noise announced the arrival of the Doctor's TARDIS in the Chamber. It materialised behind the Time rotor. The conflicting energies created by this materialisation burst out as a wave of blue energy, knocking everyone in the chamber to the floor, breaking the screens and shattering the crystal Time Rotor.

The TARDIS's doors slid open, letting out a huge plume of black smoke which nearly engulfed the chamber. The Doctor stepped out of the burning TARDIS, allowing the TARDIS doors to slide shut behind him. He spotted Artemis immediately, still hanging loosely in the Time Rotor.

Sprinting over to the broken crystal column sparking with blue Arton Energy; the Doctor pulled Artemis from the Time Rotor and laid her on the ground. Artemis had been completely drained by the Time Rotor. Her hair had gone white and she had aged forty years. Barely conscious, Artemis smiled up at the Doctor.

"You're here. It took you long enough" whispered Artemis.

The Doctor returned her smile with worry in his eyes.

"Sorry, I got caught in traffic" said the Doctor.

The fallen knights around the Doctor and Artemis rose to confront their enemy. They levelled there laser spears at them. The Doctor just smiled.

"Oh, I'm ready for you this time. Get a load of this hrmmm" pronounced the Doctor, to the crowd of angry Knights.

From his black frock coat, the Doctor pulled the spherical Magnetron core from his pocket.

"Have a look at my deadly weapon. Well it isn't deadly and it isn't what you would define as a weapon but it does do this" proclaimed the Doctor.

The Doctor pressed a button on the side of the Core and it activated. The sphere light up with a bright blood red. Red energy poured out of the core and surrounded all of the Tempest Knights. To their shock and surprise, the Knights found themselves unable to move. They were stuck fast like statues. The Doctor smile became wider, like that of a Cheshire Cat.

"Ha, so much for the Tempest Knights! You never thought that marvellous armour of yours could be used against you. The Magnetron is ideal for this purpose. It is used by the Time Lords to move massive objects from one side of the Universe to the other. You can program it to pick up a certain element or metal and transport it. I theorised that your armour was a variant of Polycarbide. It was simple to program the Magnetron core to immobilise all the Polycarbide in your armour, making all you tinpot soldiers unable to move and effectively turning your greatest weapon into a giant coffin. I believe the phase 'Checkmate' is rather appropriate at this point" boasted the Doctor.

Turning his eyes to his former friends, the Doctor felt a measure of pity for them. Koschei, Magnus and Ushas were grouped together in the corner of the chamber. Magnus and Ushas looked angry while Koschei looked slightly ashamed

"For what it's worth my friends, I am sorry for abandoning you. My guilt over Rallon and Millennia's deaths blinded me to everything around me. That has changed, I have changed. This revolution is wrong and I'm putting a stop to it" stated the Doctor.

His friends could only stare at the Doctor; the energy field created by the Magnetron had made them unable to move their mouths.

The Doctor's triumph was short lived.

Zero rose to his feet, unencumbered by any armour so was immune from the Magnetron core. With bloody murder on his face, Zero drew the sword he had strapped to his side.

"Doctor, how good of you to join us. Now will you just DIE" screamed Zero!

The smile fell from the Doctor's face, to be replaced by a look of determination.

"This has gone on far enough Zero. It ends now" said the Doctor.

"It only ends when I say it ends. Do you see this sword Doctor? It is based on one of Rassilon's old designs. In his paranoid old age, he conceived of weapons that can kill Time Lords.

This blade is specifically designed to halt regeneration. In fact it has rather adverse effect to our biology. If a Time Lord is stabbed with this blade, their ability to regenerate is turned against them. It would degenerate every cell in their body until the Time Lord in question fades into thin air."

Zero strolled towards the Doctor with his sword in hand. The Doctor looked for a solution and arrived at a rather interesting one. Stowing the Core back in his pocket, the Doctor enacted his master plan. Walking to one of the frozen Tempest Knights, the Doctor stole the Knights sword from his sheath and levelled it at Zero.

"I challenge you" demanded the Doctor!

Zero just laughed at the Doctor.

"You challenge me? You do realize I have the ability to rip you in two. You are a spec of dirt compared to me" demeaned Zero.

The Doctor just smiled cockily.

"Oh really, are you afraid of this spec of dirt hrmmm. Are you a coward" mocked the Doctor?

Zero’s mind was completely taken over by fury. It clouded his mind so that he couldn’t think straight. Exactly how the Doctor had planned it. Zero didn't want to look weak in front of all his minions and wouldn't be in the right mind to outwit the Doctor. Instead he would be forced to accept the Doctor's challenge and fall right into his trap.

"I accept then your challenge. We play by the rules of combat as laid down by the Fledging Empires of old. The winning takes Gallifrey" challenged Zero.

"I accept your rules" said Doctor.

The Doctor was about to take a step forward but something stopped him. He looked down and saw the semi-conscious Artemis clinging to his leg.

"Don't do it. He'll kill you" croaked Artemis.

The Doctor bent over and gently removed her hands.

"Trust me, I have a plan. Remember what you taught me about being able to see the patterns of the universe. Where others see the bird, you must see the flock. Well Zero is just another bird. A very angry bird at that" whispered the Doctor, with a crooked smile on his face.

Artemis frowned at the Doctor before she realised what he had planned. She lay back on the cool floor and watched things proceed with a quiet interest.

The Doctor and Zero walked to an empty space in the Chamber, stopping a few metres away from each other. In accordance with the ancient rules that had been laid down since the Dark Times, they placed their swords on the ground blade down with the hilt in their hands.

"For Gallifrey" said the Doctor!

"For Gallifrey and the death of the Doctor" shouted Zero!

Zero lifted his blade from the ground and the duel began.


Outside the Chaos Engine, Gallifrey was frozen in time. It had regressed back to a time that had been long forgotten by the rest of the Universe. Every person on Gallifrey had assembled at the foot of the Mountains of Solace and Solitude. Everyone from the lowest Shobogan to the most privileged Nobleman.

This was Gallifrey year Zero, the day Rassilon brought the Eye of Harmony back to Gallifrey. Rassilon's Bowship landed, depositing a large black crystal which contained a suspended exploding star within it. It was a source of unlimited power that Gallifreyan's would be able to harness for the betterment of all. With this power source they would be able to activate technologies previously out of their reach. Time technology would give them mastery of time itself.

That is why everyone had gathered in the shadow of the old Citadel. To hear the announcement from there great leader about what future this Eye of Harmony would bring. The great leader himself; Rassilon President of Gallifrey, Conqueror of Yssgaroth, Overpriest of Dronid, First Earl of Prydon and Patris of the Vortex departed his Bowship with his team of advisors.

Waiting for him on the ground was his dark friend, the Other. Rassilon smiled at the sight of his friend and hugged him as if a brother, ignoring the cold tightness and disapproval within the Other.

"It is done. Everything we have dreamed has come to fruition" said Rassilon in joy.

"What of Omega" asked the Other?

"Lost. There was slight miscalculation in his figures and as a result his ship was lost in a black hole. I'm sure the High Council will rule Omega's death as accidentally" commented Rassilon.

"Now that Omega is gone, you have complete control over Gallifrey" said the Other, cynically.

Rassilon's face became hard with anger.

"Who else is there? Certainly not you, my old friend; you could never be President of Gallifrey. You may have the greatest mind Gallifrey has ever seen but you're not Gallifreyan. You are something more. I know your secret, Dark One. Do not interfere or I will destroy you" threatened Rassilon.

Rassilon stormed past the Other and onto the massive crowd gathered in the shadow of the mountain. Everyone became silent at the arrival of their great leader, eager to hear him speak. Standing in front of the Eye of Harmony, wind blowing his long white beard and robes, Rassilon addressed his people.

"Children of Gallifrey, today we mark a momentous occasion. Thanks to the sacrifice of our beloved brother Omega, we have captured a star from the constellation of Ao. It was by the design of Omega that we bring the Sun formerly known as Qqaba back to Gallifrey as a source of unlimited power. His sacrifice will never be forgotten, neither will his legacy. With this power we will ascend my people! We will ascend beyond the three dimensions and unto the fourth dimension" proclaimed Rassilon, his voice enhanced by loud speakers in his Bowship.

Reaching within his robes, Rassilon pulled out a shining golden key and showed it to the excited masses.

"With this great key, I can activate our dormant time technology. Our influence will extend beyond Gallifrey and into the great time vortex itself. On this day we have evolved beyond being simple Gallifreyans. On this day we are Lords of Time.

Rassilon cleared his throat and continued, holding the great key above his head.

"Today we claim stewardship of time. Not in the name of Gallifrey, but for the sake of innumerable mortals as yet unborn. Today we become keepers of the past, present and future – and I activate this Eye of Harmony for universal constancy alone. By all the planets we shall-

We shall-

We shall-

Time had frozen around this moment.

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