Doctor Who: Year One Hundred

A Desperate Venture

Ordinary-General Quencessetianobayolocaturgra thadadeyyilungbarrowmas (Quences for short), 422nd Kithriarch of the House of Lungbarrow; slammed his fist against the oak wooden desk. The force of the blow caused everything on his desk, from an ink quill to the rare Valdium bust of Rassilon to rise half a millimetre off the desk. The Gallifreyan was ancient in age as well as appearance. He had a bald crown but with long white hair at the back. His black and white robes made the old man like an old wizard out of folklore. Like Quences himself, the office around him was a very dry affair, a circular room surrounded by bookshelves which housed dust ridden books.

Quences sat on a carved wooden throne with his back to a window which looked out onto the snow covered mountain side and beyond. The focus of Quences rage was on the creature before him, an Avatroid named Badger. The creature was very unlike his namesake. He was bulky, at least seven feet tall with black serrated strips over cream coloured fur. It was a bear like creature with five fingers, a large purple vest and a pair of black horns.

"How could you let the Doctor out of you sight? I ordered you to keep an eye on him! Find him, or I'll have you melted down into slag" ordered Quences!

Badger hurriedly walked away, intent on his orders. While Quences sat watching Badgers retreating figure, another person entered the office. An old straight backed prudish woman, walked towards Quences desk with the military efficiency of a four star General.

"Satthaltrope, my loyal Housekeeper. What new havoc and chaos have you come to drop in my lap?”

"The only havoc and chaos in the House of Lungbarrow centres around your favourite Cousin; the Doctor" squalled Satthaltrope.

Quences continued to rifle through papers on his desk, he'd heard these complaints from Satthaltrope before.

"What amazes me is that you continue to dote upon the Doctor. The young fool is content to lie about and read inferior alien literary texts. He continues to squander his talents and the gifts you continue to rain upon him. Now Cousin Glospin, he is worthy to become a Time Lord. Cunning and noble like the great Rassilon. A ideal successor to you as Kithriarch" tutted Satthaltrope.

This was too much for Quences; he would not be lectured to by this lowly hag. He was the Kithriarch not her. For the second time in so many minutes Quences slammed his fist down on the desk.

"Do not presume to question my will Housekeeper! I am your Kithriarch and you will obey me. The reasons I support the Doctor and not your pet Glospin are obvious even to someone as small minded as you. Before the Doctor was born I took his genetic template to the Matricians in the Capital. The Matrix predicted that the Doctor when he reaches his full might will be the most influential Time Lord since Rassilon. The Matrix is never wrong. Since the beginning of this House; the children of Lungbarrow were nothing but guardsmen and servants. But with the Doctor as a future president, the House of Lungbarrow's will be remembered by history" boasted Quences.

Satthaltrope snorted.

"A fine notation honoured Kithriarch. The problem being, the Doctor is the living embodiment of trouble. He can't go a few minutes without causing it. He's always in trouble and that is unlikely to change."

Satthaltrope didn't know how right she was.


The Doctor and the Lady ran through the woods, the four legged mutant chasing after them. To the Doctor's surprise, the Lady stopped short in front of an old Kaden-Wood tree and started scaling the branches.

"Come on." The Lady beckoned the Doctor.

"I'm a Time Lord. Time Lord's do not climb trees" complained the Doctor, indigently.

The Lady pointed at the oncoming Monster.

"You'll be a dead Lord if you keep standing there" warned the Lady.

The Doctor looked behind him and the sight of the onrushing monster quickly changed his mind. He scrambled up the tree after the Lady. The monster charged low towards the tree, as the Doctor and the Lady scrambled to the top of the silver leafed Kaden-Wood tree. There was a large crack as the monster crashed into the tree. The tree wobbled but the strong trunk with its deep roots held. The four legged monstrosity tried to leap up and grab the two Gallifreyan’s, the tips of its claws fell just short of the branches they stood on.

"Hrmmm, this is fascinating, quite fascinating indeed. The patchy fur, the ears and the glands all suggest that the monster below us is a mammalian lifeform but the multiple eyes, the scales on the underbelly and the long forked tongue are all characteristics of a reptile. Clearly this creature is a result of genetic manipulation, most likely through the use of chemicals" hypothesised the Doctor.

"Never mind that, how do we get rid of the damn thing? We can’t stay up here forever" demanded the Lady.

"Quite true, but before I use my superior intelligence to work a way out of this mess I believe that introductions are in order. I am the Doctor and you are" asked the Doctor?

"My name was lost in the mists of the ages, Doctor. But you may call me Artemis."

"The name of an ancient Earth deity of the hunt, you wouldn't happen to have a bow and arrows with you" asked the Doctor?

Artemis frowned at him.

"No, I didn't think so. That would be too easy. Well by my reckoning, this mutant monster was obviously a white laboratory mouse once upon a time. A mouse can hear sounds on ultrasonic levels. So logically certain low frequency sounds can hurt or scare away this mutant mouse monster. Gladly I have in my possession something that can emit sounds at those frequencies" said the Doctor.

The Doctor reached into to his Edwardian coat and pulled out a silver pen like device from one of the pockets. A cocky grin accompanied the appearance of the device.

"This Artemis is a Sonic Screwdriver!"

"Screwdriver isn't that a Sol 3 term for a device that loosens metal 'screws' from objects. So that device uses sonic emissions to loosen metal screws" reasoned Artemis?

"It will do a lot more than loosen metal screws when I'm finished tinkering with it. This is merely a prototype. In theory when I have finished the final model, this screwdriver could have an unlimited amount of uses. But for the moment this prototype can only assemble cabinets and pick the odd lock" surmised the Doctor.

The mutant mouse wasn't acting idle while the Doctor and Artemis talked. It stalked circles around the tree, looking for an opportunity to strike. Its sharp claws carving marks into the grassy surface as it watched the two figures in the tree like a cat shadowing the canary's cage.

"Ah that is clever, you're going to attune your Sonic Screwdriver to those low frequency sounds and drive the creature away. Assuming of course your screwdriver can emit the correct frequency" commented Artemis.

"Yes, yes, yes of course I can. Now watch and learn hrrmmm."

The Doctor began to fiddle with a small dial at the end of the screwdriver. When he’d reached the right setting, the Doctor pointed the screwdriver at the mutant monster and pressed a small button on the side of the device. The tip of the sonic screwdriver lit up with a bright blue light and an ultrasonic sound emitted. The mutant mouse let out a cry of pure hate and leapt at the Doctor, missing him by only an inch.

The monsters talons may have missed the Doctor but they carved through the branch the Doctor was standing on like a sword through paper. Acting instinctively, the Doctor grabbed a hold of the branch above him and hung there as the branch he had been standing on fell to the ground. The Doctor's face reddened with embarrassment and anger.

"I think I've just made it really angry" growled the Doctor.

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