Doctor Who: Year One Hundred

The Dimensions of Time

After a couple of hours of pointless questions, the Doctor was allowed to go free. Cardinal Zero had ignored the Doctor's insistence that immediate action was needed. Even with Artemis in there custody, the Time Lords were not going to commit to a plan of action without a proper research and study. Before leaving the interrogation Vansell looked down his nose at the Doctor and gave him a warning.

"Don't leave the Citadel, Doctor. The CIA will be watching you."

The Doctor stared at Vansell in mild reproof.

"The Celestial Intervention Agency is watching everybody. I have no doubt Vansell that you could tell me what the President ate for breakfast, hrrmm? You are a short sighted Time Lord Vansell. Limited to what's in front of your own nose but I am different. I am a citizen of the universe and a gentleman to boot. Good day" dismissed the Doctor.

As soon as the Doctor was released from custody, he made a beeline for Koschei. After searching the Chancellery, the Endless Library and the APC Archive; the Doctor finally found Koschei on an observation platform looking out over the endless whiteness of the Mountains of Solace and Solitude. Each snow flake melted as it batted into the thick walls of the Citadel, but still they came, like an invading army. Eight hundred storeys below, everything was black and white. Appearing just above the snow were the remains of stone structures.

The last empirical evidence that Gallifrey had once been ruled by the sword and had an empire that extended out across the stars. The pillars and crumbling stone were once temples in this bygone era. A era where the future was an open sea and Gallifrey was ruled by Seers who remembered the future as they remembered the past. It was an era that had been half forgotten since the Seers of Pythia had been replaced by cold mechanical machines. The Doctor stared down at the past before turning to the present.

He looked up to the sky and spotted the Chaos Engine. The Engine was floating ominously in the sky surrounded by black clouds. Koschei was leaning against the safety rail, grasping it with both of his black gloved hands. His eyes were shut tight and with an expression of pain written across his face. The Doctor placed a hand on Koschei's shoulder, startling him. His eyes flew open and the Doctor saw in his friends eye an emotion he'd never expected; fear. This emotion was quickly hidden behind a mask of weariness.

"Are the drums bothering you again" asked the Doctor?

The Doctor was referring to the psychological condition that afflicted Koschei ever since his initiation at the Untempered Schism. In fear of being locked up as a mad man, Koschei had kept it a secret. The only man Koschei had ever trusted with his greatest secret was his best friend; the Doctor.

Koschei looked like he was about to tell a lie but sighed and told the truth instead.

"The drums never stop bothering me. The older I get, the louder the drum beats. It is slowly eroding my soul. The answer to your next question is no" said Koschei, turning to face his old friend.

The Doctor looked indignant.

"I haven't asked anything yet" grumbled the Doctor.

"I know you Doctor; you want to indulge your infernal curiosity by questioning the Artemis girl. I am your friend not your doormat. I am not going to grant you access" said Koschei, disapprovingly.

The Doctor frowned and wondered when his friend had started taking his responsibilities so seriously.

"Artemis knows me. She trusts me. Artemis will tell me more than the Mind Probe ever will."

Koschei shook his head.

"No Doctor, I will not allow it" stated Koschei.

Koschei turned to walk away.

"Wait, I need another favour" asked the Doctor.

"What now" asked Koschei, exasperated?

"You know the score. If this Chaos Engine stays above Gallifrey, then who's telling what damage it could do. In that case we need people we can trust to help. We both know people who are clever enough to help us."

Koschei looked sceptical.

"The Deca were disbanded long ago, I doubt there are enough of us left. Jelpax is one of the major Matrix Recorders; he has to keep his eye on events in four or five minor galaxies. Our old friend Vansell turned out to be a traitor for the CIA. Drax and Mortimus have both left Gallifrey and become renegades. Both Rallon and Millennia are…" explained Koschei before tailing off at the look of sadness on the Doctor's face.

"Yes, they're dead. I was there after all" bemoaned the Doctor, miserably.

The Doctor shook his head and seemed to shake off some of the sadness.

"There is still you, me, Ushas and Magnus. Should be enough of a brain trust" commented the Doctor.

Koschei gave out a humourless laugh.

"Yes I am sure Magnus will be very glad to sit down and talk with you in a civilised fashion. Especially after you deliberately sabotaged Magnus's experiment and made him look a fool in front of the entire High Council" commented Koschei, sarcastically.

The Doctor grabbed the lapels of his frock coat.

"Hmph, that's hardly my fault, Magnus brought it on himself. Draining sentient creatures of their life force just for a secondary source of power is an affront against science as well as morality" said the Doctor in disdain

"Morality should mean little to Time Lords. We are above such petty concerns" scorned Koschei.

The Doctor turned red with anger and looked like he was about to explode. Forcing himself to stay calm down, the Doctor managed to get his anger under control.

"Now is not the time for old arguments and past slights. We have to work together, now more than ever. Tell Ushas and Magnus to meet me tonight at the usual place. Convince them if you have to" pleaded the Doctor.

Koschei nodded reluctantly.

"Fine, Doctor. I will talk with them and we will meet you at the usual place" said Koschei, before waving farewell to the Doctor.

Koschei turned and walked out of the observation platform, leaving the Doctor alone.

The Doctor turned back to stare at the massive window. He heard someone enter the observation platform behind him. The Doctor turned and stared at the bohemian man who entered the platform. A unkempt figure with a mop of curly brown hair, dressed in comfortable, earth-toned clothing.

A long multi-coloured scarf was wound around his body with a brown trench coat and a white collared shirt. He gave a large toothy grin to the Doctor before turning to the window.

"Hello-o-o-o. My word, what a lovely view. Isn't that a lovely view? I mean it could almost be described picturesque if it wasn't for that ruddy great skull" commented the bohemian.

"Who are you sir" demanded the Doctor?

The bohemian gave another annoying grin which made the Doctor want to hit him.

"Ah, well that would be telling. Answers are easy. It's asking the right question that's hard" said the bohemian, infuriatingly.

The Doctor was about to grab the fool by his scarf and choke him with it but a thought struck him. An undeniable truth that was almost too horrible to consider.

"Only one person would wear clothes like that and act in such a ridicules manner. You're me, a future version" gasped the Doctor.

"Why yes of course. I knew you'd make it there in the end. Although I believe you are mistaken in your hypothesis that I am one of you. I would say that you are one of me" boasted the bohemian Doctor.

The Doctor frowned.

"What's difference" asked the Doctor?

"The difference being is that I'm the definite article" said the bohemian Doctor, arrogantly.

"Well I'm the original. What are you doing here? The First Law of Time forbids us from ever meeting in person" demanded the Doctor.

"But I'm not here. I'm the ghost of Christmas Future" pronounced the bohemian Doctor, mysteriously.

To demonstrate his point, the bohemian Doctor tried to grab hold of the safety rail but his hand went right through it. The original Doctor's anger dissipated, to be replaced by something different.

"Fascinating, absolutely fascinating is it not, hrmm. You're a type of future echo, but future echoes only ever occur when there is temporal instability in the local vortex. Which is impossible since Gallifrey's continuity is anchored to the web of time" surmised the original Doctor.

"Yes quite but suppose there was an object that was threatening Gallifrey's connection. A object like a Chaos Engine, like that ruddy great big skull" theorised the bohemian Doctor.

The original Doctor sighed.

"Yes, that make sense; yes" commented the original Doctor.

The bohemian Doctor gave his younger counterpart a very rare serious look.

"You know he is insane! Oh he's brilliant, absolutely brilliant. He's almost up to my standards, but insane, dangerously so. I wouldn't trust him."

"Who? Koschei? He's my oldest friend, I'd trust him with my life" said the original Doctor, hastily.

"Oh really. Where was Koschei during that business with the Celestial Toymaker? Or after, when the High Council ordered you to repeat your last term at the Academy? You haven't seen Koschei in years. Now whenever Koschei is about you can hear the heartbeat of a killer" explained the bohemian Doctor.

"Nonsense" dismissed the original Doctor.

He turned his back on his future self.

"Would you like a jelly baby" asked the bohemian Doctor?

The scarf shrouded bohemian pulled a paper bag full of jelly babies from the pocket of his coat and offered one to his past self. The original ignored it, his back still turned.

"Yes, Koschei has changed. I mean just now, it was like he was a different man. Not the boy I grew up with. But he wouldn't have anything to do with the Chaos Engine malfunctioning" reasoned the original Doctor to himself.

"A bit too much of a coincidence for my liking and coincidences are invariable connected to one another, in my experience. Oh that's right, my jelly babies are incorporable. More for me I suppose" said the bohemian.

Grinning like a loon, the bohemian Doctor chowed down on the red jelly baby.

The original Doctor turned back to his possible future self to find he had vanished. His future echo had disappeared as mysteriously as he arrived. The appearance of his future self had startled the Doctor. The Time Lords watched over the creation, observing and recording everything from the Big Bang to the Big Crunch. Although they could survey the entire universe from the lofty heights of Gallifrey, it was impossible for the Time Lords to travel into their own future and they couldn't change their own past. That was the fealty paid for their title. Even though they could gather information or do computer projections they couldn't see the future. They could however gather the reflections of what was to come, mainly through legends or footnotes of textbooks in forgotten libraries.

Through these scraps of information, the Time Lords knew some of the enemies they would have to face in the future such as Faction Paradox, Catavolcus, Varnax, Zagreus, Pandora, the Sontarans, the Great Old Ones, Feratu, the Order of the Black Sun and the Timewyrm. They were threats to the entire Time Lord race, but quantifiable ones, ones that the Time Lords were destined to survive. There was another, a threat that would be the end of the Time Lords. Rumours spoke of a conflict, a war fought at some point against an implacable force. This War was to bring about the destruction of Gallifrey. The High Council had no idea what to do about these rumours. Any actions could start a chain of events that could bring Gallifrey into conflict with the unknown enemy. The future was never fixed but constantly in flux. The things the Doctor's future self had said had stirred many new possibilities in his mind and not all of them were pleasant to contemplate. The Doctor needed to speak to Artemis right away. She would confirm or deny his theories. It was time to call in a favour with his brother.


Irving Braxiatel was a tall thin man around 6 foot with long brown hair which wilted over his forehead, and half-moon spectacles. In his black and white robes, he looked like a librarian. But his eyes were blue, cold and calculating. Braxiatel had been loomed in the House of Lungbarrow but had been disowned by Quences for his inability to conform to the standards of the House. Unlike the Doctor, Braxiatel never had a shining future ahead of him. Before Braxiatel had been disowned, he and the Doctor had attained a brotherly bond.

The Doctor himself often referred to his older brother as 'a occasional collaborator in adventures of the mind, the soul and the body". They were very similar in nature, both Time Lords had a thirst for knowledge and dreams about what lay outside Gallifrey, except Braxiatel was more sensible than his younger brother. Hence he had a comfortable position as a Junior Councillor while the Doctor was stuck in a lowly clerk position in Time –Space Traffic Control. The Doctor had been sitting in a waiting room in the outer Chancellery for over an hour until Braxiatel came out to meet him.

"It took a lot of cajoling but I managed to get permission. Thank Councillor Hedin next time you see him. He managed to expedite the bureaucracy" said Braxiatel dryly.

Hedin was a member of the High Council and a part time historian. The Doctor and Hedin had become fast friends ever since Hedin had given a lecture on the history of Omega at the Academy.

"Thank you brother and I must thank Hedin" said the Doctor.

"You should be grateful. You're lucky I got permission at all. Cardinal Zero tried to block me at every turn. He really doesn't like you" commented Braxiatel.

"Well I left quite an impression" said the Doctor, proudly.

"Too much of an impression, Zero is looking for a scapegoat and with the backing of the CIA, he'll serve you up to the High Council on a silver platter" warned Braxiatel.

"What have I done Brax" questioned the Doctor, indignantly?

"You consorted with a traitor, gave her access to the Citadel and are continuously meddling in the investigation. Face it Doctor, you're a perfect fit for a scapegoat. The Chaos Engine has the Time Lords nervous. They don't like a big skull to appear out of nowhere to disturb all their precious time experiments.

Reports are already coming in about future echoes and visions of alternate timelines affecting the residents of the Citadel. So naturally the High Council will be looking for some to appease the angry masses" explained Braxiatel.

"You actually enjoy Gallifreyan politics, hrmmm" asked the Doctor, sarcastically?

"It's a means to an end. I play at politics and as a result I get to act as Gallifrey's unofficial Ambassador to the outer galaxies, my dream job. Are we going to see Artemis or get into another debate about the merits of my career choice" asked Braxiatel?

"Visiting Artemis sounds the better option. After you Brax" said the Doctor, gesturing for Braxiatel to go first.

The Doctor followed Braxiatel through the lavishly furnished waiting room with its modern art sculptures into the Chancellery. They strolled through a maze of mile long corridors until they reached the Guard Room with the interrogation cells. Braxiatel stopped in front of room and turned back to the Doctor.

"You're on your own from here brother" stated Braxiatel.

The Doctor nodded gratefully and went through the green crystalline door. Artemis sat at a silver interrogation table, sober and alone. She had on the table a deck of blank cards which she was continuously shuffling. The Doctor sat on the opposite metal seat but Artemis didn't even look at him. She continually shuffled her cards. After a few minutes Artemis murmured.

"I was wondering when 'they' would send you".

It was a silence accusation of betrayal that didn't sit well with the Doctor.

"I do not work for the Time Lords and I am not here at their behest. I'm an independent" said the Doctor, angrily.

"I don't mean the Time Lords. I am talking about 'them'. How do I know you're not working for 'them'," questioned Artemis?

Artemis looked up from her shuffling, her brown eyes staring into the Doctors soul, trying to gauge whether to trust him with her secrets.

"Who are 'they'? I am not the stooge for some secret cabal" proclaimed the Doctor, indignantly.

"'They' are the reason I came back to Gallifrey. ‘They' are the reason the Chaos Engine is hovering over the Capitol. I need to know I can trust you" stated Artemis.

Artemis placed the deck of cards in front of the Doctor. At the Doctor's quizzically look, Artemis explained.

"They're Psychic Cards. With a drop of blood from a Time Lord, they will you’re your Artron energy and give me access to their timeline. I can tell you you're past, your present and your future from the telepathic impressions given by the cards. It was an old technique used by the followers of Pythia".

Curiosity overcoming his anger, the Doctor pulled out his pen knife and stabbed his right index finger. A drop of blood fell from the Doctor's finger onto the deck of cards. The cards immediately went from black to crimson. Artemis cut the deck and drew three cards which she placed in a horizontal line. Artemis placed her left hand on the card to her left.

"This card represents you past" said Artemis, solemnly.

Artemis mind flooded with images of a little boy. The loneliest little boy she had ever seen. He played on the cold floor for hours with a battered 20th century train set. No friends and no family. There were bullies who loved to shove the little boy's face into the dirt. His cousins, especially the vindictive Glospin would always tease the young boy about his ridiculous toys and attitude. They would back hand the child if he spoke out of turn.

An older boy called Torvic would make a game out of shoving the Doctor's head underwater and would hold him under until just before the point of death. A giant Time Tot by the name of Anzor would use a device called "the galvaniser" to torture the Doctor while his other classmates looked on.

There were happy moments of course; laying in the brown grass watching a meteor storm over the night sky of Gallifrey with a fatherly figure. His time with the aged Hermit was a certainly highlight. The Old Gallifreyan was teaching the young Doctor, the old names of the constellations outside Kasterborous when the young boy asked the old man a question.

"Can I go out to the stars"?

"One day my boy".

"What will I find out there" asked the curiously youth?

"Anything you can possibly imagine".

There were friends, a group of likeminded youths who thought they could change the world but they left him. It would seem that everyone left the Doctor eventually.

Artemis relayed everything she had seen to the Doctor who turned pale.

"I can't see all of it. Some of your past is shrouded in darkness but a face appears through the mist. A tall man dressed as a Chinese Mandarin" reported Artemis with her eyes closed.

"The Celestial Toymaker" answered the Doctor, miserably.

Artemis opened her eyes.

"Who is the Celestial Toymaker" asked Artemis?

The Doctor was reluctant.

"Can't you see him with your voodoo cards" snapped the Doctor.

Artemis sighed.

"It is not voodoo, just a science you can't understand. I can see images and a couple of memories but not everything" stated Artemis.

The Doctor didn't say a word so Artemis reached out and took his hands in hers.

"You can trust me"

The Doctor faced Artemis, shame in his eyes.

"I had plans. My friends and I had plans to overthrow the High Council. We wanted to create the perfect Time Lord society. Not limited by laws or corruption, we wanted Time Lords to make the Universe a better place. I thought I could prove that by facing the evil in the cosmos. So two friends and myself stole a Type 90 Capsule from the Academy.

We went after an entity called the Celestial Toymaker, little knowing the danger we were letting ourselves in for. I was arrogant enough to think that being a Time Lord would make me immune from the machinations of alien beings.

A assumption which quiet literally blew up in my face as soon as we landed. We were ensnared within the Toymakers 'games'. I managed to escape but my friends; Rallon and Millennia weren't so lucky. They ended up becoming permanent residents of the Toymaker’s Celestial Toyroom" explained the Doctor.

"This is not your fault" stated Artemis, trying to comfort the Doctor.

The Doctor frowned angrily.

"Of course it's my fault. I was the one who commandeered the Time Capsule. I hacked the Matrix and found the coordinates for the Celestial Toyroom. It was my idea to begin with" screamed the Doctor, on the point of tears.

"Did you force your friends to accompany you" questioned Artemis, knowing the answer?

The Doctor remained unusually silent, confirming Artemis's question.

"Of course you didn't. Both your friends came of their own free will. They made their choice and the consequences were theirs to reap" said Artemis, harshly.

Wanting to change the subject, the Doctor pointed to the middle card.

"Is that my metaphysical present" asked the Doctor?

"Quite" said Artemis, moving her hand from the left card to the middle.

A single image flashed into Artemis's mind.

"I see an oval room shrouded in thunder and lighting. A crowd of dark figures encircle the room. You are at the centre, wielding a sword. You are fending off a man also wielding a sword. The man's face has been blackened and burned, all the way down to the skull. I see you locked in eternal combat with him" enlightened Artemis.

This grabbed the Doctor's full attention. The Doctor's curiosity demanded that every ounce of his concentration was fixed upon Artemis and her cards.

"What happens? Do I win or do I die, Hrmmm" quizzed the Doctor?

"We will see. The answers you seek will be in the future" said Artemis.

She placed her hand on the final card and her head was assaulted by a cascade of images of the Doctor's future. It took all of Artemis's focus to prevent her from losing herself and her sanity in the Doctor's future. Images of alien worlds flooded her mind, as well as the alien creatures. The rush of images was too much for even her mind to process so she only got snatches of information.


In a ruined city, metal warriors chanted the words; "Daleks are the masters of Earth".


In a weather base on a desolate grey moon, a man dressed like a hobo asked questions and searched for a solution to an improbably mystery. His friends questioned the existence of evil and this wise old hobo replied.

"There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things. Things which act against everything we believe in. They must be fought, others redeemed".


My voyage dissects the course of time

"Who knows?" you say - but are you right?

Who searches deep to find the light

That glows so darkly in the night

Toward that point I guide my flight


A entity in black raged at the curly hair Doctor, unable to get at the mad bohemian.

"Doctor, you shall die for this" raged the Black Guardian.

"Ah, yes, but the Key to Time is still in my possession. Rage all you like" exclaimed the Doctor!

"I shall destroy you for this! I shall disperse every particle of your being to the furthest reaches of eternity" screamed the Black Guardian.

"Oh, well, I'd love to stay and see you try, but you know how it is. Places to go, people to see" said the Doctor, annoyingly.


"Well, there's a probability of anything. Statistically speaking, if you gave typewriters to a treeful of monkeys, they'd eventually produce the works of William Shakespeare."


A madman dressed in a coat of many colours chatted with his young friend on the antiquated ship known as the Leviathan

"You almost feel sorry it didn't work" accused the Doctor's American Companion.

"A rustic paradise; a simple and clean life. Ideas in themselves are not evil Peri; it's those who corrupt them. In the hands of the wicked or the depraved or the downright incompetent, the finest dreams can turn to nightmares" explained the Sixth Doctor.


I've done so much. Saved entire races whose names I can't even remember. And why? Because of reasons. Because of principles. Truth, love, and harmony. Peace and goodwill. The best of intentions. Whatever I've done, I've done for these reasons. And there's been a price to pay. Sacrifices. People close to me have died. Four of my companions, hundreds of the universe's supporting cast. I could fill whole volumes with their names. Bystanders who helped me, perhaps for just a moment or two, and suffered for it. I've died myself, six times over. I have a responsibility. To every one of them, the living as well as the dead.


On a museum on the Mars's second moon Deimos, a man dressed like Oscar Wilde was using his sonic screwdriver to hack through a door. His best friend, a blond haired girl from Blackpool England stood behind him. Mars was threatened by the reawakened Ice Warriors and only the Doctor could stop them.

"Doctor, why didn't you press the button" asked Lucie Miller?

"Hrmmm" asked the Doctor, fully concentrated at the job at hand.

"I mean one life to save millions. It makes sense" questioned Lucie?

"Because I used to be that guy" stated the Doctor.

"You mean, you're the Monk. He was you all along" asked Lucie?

"No, but not far off. I was once a man with a master plan. I'd seek out injustices and topple governments, all in the name of the greater good. I'd started doing the maths, you see" explained the Eighth Doctor.

"The maths?"

"This is how evil starts. With the belief that the ends justify the means but once you start down that road there's no turning back. What if you could save a million lives but you have to let ten people die or hundred or hundred thousand. Where do you stop" described the Doctor.

"But you did stop" stated Lucie.

"I did, but by then I ended up traveling alone, because I couldn't trust myself with anyone's life. I will never again countenance the death of a single living being. That's why I no longer travel alone, so that I can never forget how precious a single life is."


"I want to see you become like me. Hail, the Doctor, the Great Exterminator" proclaimed the Dalek Emperor.

The leather clad Doctor stood, clasping a device that could wipe out billions of people in under a second.

"I'LL DO IT" threatened the Doctor!

"Then prove yourself, Doctor! What are you? Coward, or killer" questioned the Dalek Emperor, vindictively.

The Doctor looked like he was about to press down the lever but hesitated, before finally dropping the device and stepping away.

"A Coward. Any day" stated the Doctor.


A man dressed in a pinstripe business suit stood over a General with a gun in his hand, pointed at the Generals head. The angry beyond reason, a rage that was alien to the people around him. The Doctor leaned down and spoke to the General.

"I never would. Have you got that? I...never...would" stated the Doctor, so everyone could hear.

The Doctor got up and proclaimed to the crowd of Humans and Hath.

"When you start this new world, this world of Human and Hath, remember that. Make the foundation of this society; a man who never would"!

The Doctor dropped the pistol.


On an asteroid that stood in the light of an enormous alien parasite, a bowtie wearing Doctor made his final stand.

"Oh, you like to think you're a god, but you're not a god. You're just a parasite eaten out with jealous and envy and longing for the lives of others. You feed on them. On the memory of love and loss and birth and death and joy and sorrow. So come on, then. Take mine. Take my memories. But I hope you've got a big appetite, because I've lived a long life, and I've seen a few things.

I walked away from the Last Great Time War. I marked the passing of the Time Lords. I saw the birth of the universe, and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment, until nothing remained. No time, no space – just me. I've walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a madman. I've watched universes freeze and creations burn.

I have seen things you wouldn't believe. I have lost things you will never understand. And I know things. Secrets that must never be told, knowledge that must never be spoken, knowledge that will make parasite gods blaze! So, come on, then! Take it! Take it all, baby! Have it! You have it all!"


Artemis staggered at the future that was opening before her mind. She just couldn't cope with all psychic images of the Doctors future. The Doctor reached a hand out to steady her but Artemis smacked his hand away. Using all her mental energy, Artemis stopped the flow of images and consigned them to the Psychic cards.

"I'm fine, I just wasn't expecting this. You have quite a future ahead of you, Doctor but it doesn't tell me your name. 'Doctor' isn't a proper name, it's a title" complained Artemis.

The Doctor chuckled.

"It's my name. A promise that is yet to be fulfilled" said the Doctor, mysteriously.

Before Artemis could demand an answer, there was a flash of white light. Both the Doctor and Artemis leapt to their feet.

"Transmat beam" cried out the Doctor, in surprise.

In front of them, conspicuously blocking the exit to interrogation room was three humanoid individuals clothed from head to toe in metal armour. There armour shone silver in the light and each carried long metal staffs. Each of their helmets had a t visor which glowed red, while on their chests they had the symbol of a black hourglass burned into their armor. One of these armoured individuals stepped forward.

"We are the Tempest Knights! The Time Lords have reigned over time for too long. We are here to usurp there power and become masters of time. The Time Lords will die and you Doctor will be the first" ordered the lead Knight, in a sharp metallic voice,

The weapons of the three Tempest Knights flared into life. A thirty centimetre long laser blade appeared at the end of each of their metal staffs. They turned their laser spears onto the Doctor.

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