Change of Plans


Kira has a baby with Conner after getting together but instead of helping her Kira’s parents throw her out of the house. Tommy and Kimberly help them out.

Romance / Drama
Joselin Hernandez
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Perfect Night

Connor drove up to Kira's house and shut his car off. It was their last year of high school. A year they were going to remember forever. This last year was going to tell them if they were going to graduate high school or not. He got out and walked up to the front door. He knocked and Mrs. Ford answered. "Connor, hello, come in," she greeted. Connor nodded and came in. "Kira upstairs, she should be down in a moment," she informed.

"She can take her time," he assured her.

Mrs. Ford smiled and walked away. Connor then looked up to see Kira standing there. "I hope I didn't keep you waiting," she commented. Connor shrugged his shoulders.

"Not that long," he replied.

Kira smiled and then she held onto his hand. "Mom, dad, I'm leaving," she announced.

"Have fun," Mrs. Ford insisted.

"Bring her back by 11," Mr. Ford instructed.

"Will do," Connor acknowledged.

Then they left.

As Connor drove, he looked over at Kira. "Your dad doesn't trust me much," he commented. She looked at her boyfriend confused.

"What makes you think that?" She asked.

"Because of the way he looks at me when I take you out," he replied.

"Dad's always like that," she assured him.

She reached over and grabbed his hand. "He likes you, Connor," she assured him.

"Sure he likes me, just because he likes me doesn't mean he trusts me," he commented.

"Why are you so worried about this?" She asked.

"Because, just incase I want to ask his beautiful daughter to marry me."

Kira swatted his shoulder. "Be serious, Connor," she insisted.

"I am being serious, Kira," he assured her.

"You're seriously thinking about marrying me after high school?"

"Maybe if you'll have me."

Kira smiled and had him stop the car. He turned to look at her and she pulled him into a kiss. Connor ran his fingers through her hair and had the kiss become deeper. Connor pulled back and looked at her. "Where did that come from?" He asked.

"Just to show how much I love you," she replied.

"Man, you should do that more often," he teased.

Kira smiled before sitting back in her seat. "So, where do you plan on taking me tonight?" She asked.

"I was thinking dinner and a movie," he replied.

"We do that every night," she whined.

"Okay, how about this dance club right here?"


They parked and got out of the car. They walked over to the dance club and the guy at the door let them in.

Connor set his jacket on the back of a chair before taking Kira out to the dance floor. They started dancing to 'Are You Ready For This?' by 3 Days Grace.

After a few more rush songs, finally a slow song came. They started dancing to 'How do I live' by LeAnn Rimes. Kira placed her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She had her arms wrapped around his neck. Connor's arms were wrapped around her waist and he was holding her close. "I love you," he whispered. He placed a kiss on the top of her head.

"I love you too," she answered.

Connor lifted her chin up and kissed her.

When they came back to his house after eating dinner, Kira noticed that everything was dark. "Where are your parents?" She asked.

"Mom and dad went to Vegas for the weekend," he replied.

"So it'll just be us?" She asked.

"Just us."

He then got out of the car, went to her side of the car, and opened the door. Then they walked inside.

They were making out on the couch when Kira pulled back. "What's wrong?" He asked. She sighed as she held onto his hands.

"Connor, remember when we talked about the 'right' time to take our relationship to the next step?" She asked.

"Yep, as soon as you're ready I'll be there," he replied.



"I'm ready."

They kissed and he picked her up off the couch. He carried her to his room and closed the door with his foot.

Connor placed Kira on the bed and took his shirt off. "Are you sure you're ready fort his?" He asked. Kira nodded and pulled him down for a kiss.

(Two Hours Later)

Connor drove Kira home and saw that she was fast asleep in her side of the car. He couldn't believe of how amazing it would feel being with her. It felt like his first time all over again. Of course this time wasn't his first time. His first time was with Krista after prom. However, being with Kira it was ten times as amazing as it was when he was with Krista. He stopped in front of her house and carried her out of the car. He knocked on the door and Mrs. Ford answered. "What happened?" She asked.

"We had a busy night. We had dinner and went dancing for awhile. She was so tired she fell asleep on the way home," he lied.

"Here, take her upstairs," Mrs. Ford instructed.

"Will do."

He carried Kira up to her room and placed her on her bed. He took off her shoes and pulled the blankets around her. He then kissed her forehead. "Sweet dreams, Kira, I love you," he whispered. Then he left.

When Connor went to bed that night, it didn't take him long to go to sleep. All night he dreamed of his perfect night with Kira Ford, the woman of his dreams.

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