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True Confessions of Star Crossed Lovers


Max' starts falling for the guy she never thought she would. Only one problem,her over protective brother,how will this story end for these starcrossed lovers?

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Chapter 1

Max's Point Of View

Gah! You have got to be kidding me, this is so goddamned frustrating! My life, for once, had finally been going pretty well for me. Of course, that should have been a sure sign that something was bound to go wrong eventually. I mean it's not like I can get like, one good year or anything without something going wrong. No, the world just doesn't work that way; at least it doesn't seem to for me. The Universe has a funny way of teasing you into thinking your life is going to be exceptionally good then just as you start to let your guard down it blows up in your face- literally.

You see it's my junior year and I, for once, was having a pretty decent year so far. I happened to be most popular girl, although I'm not so sure how, at my all girls' school. I had a pretty reliable cluster of good friends. I also inherited an athletic side as I have always been forced to bask in the glow of my "perfect" ,star athlete at everything he's ever tried, brother. Accordingly, I became the star athlete at volleyball, lacrosse, and basketball at West Palm Academy. I was even made captain of the varsity basketball team! To add my nearly complete package, I also have a highly academic side, sporting straight A's in all of my classes since middle school. Despite a highly over protective brother, everything in my life seemed to be perfect ,that is, until some obviously mentally challenged idiots from the boy's prep school thought it would be just downright hysterical to put a "small" bomb in the girls' locker room at West Palm Academy, but the bomb, being created by some juvenile delinquents, caused a fire and burnt down over half of the campus. Luckily there were no serious injuries, yet that is, because the minute I get my hands on those idiots who put the bomb in the locker room I'm going to slowly and painfully strangle them with my own bare hands for the inconvenience they have cause me simply for a laugh.

Unfortunately, because it is the middle of the school year and our school mostly consists of ash and charred desks, we have no other option but to attend Pacific Coast academy, the Boys prep school. I have already had this eerie feeling in my gut warning me that things are not going to go very well, call it intuition, but something tells me that there is going to be some kind of confutation.

Half the guys who attend Pacific Coast are incredibly stuck up an only see the female population as something they can, pardon my French, but stick there dick in and fulfill their horny teenage needs, but that's just not how I, Maximum Ride, roll. I believe women can do anything and everything boys can do and we can do it better. I'd go with the old cliché of "women can do anything men can do and we can do it in heels," but let's face it, I most certainly cannot. I'd break my neck. Nevertheless, I do believe in equality of all genders, and I swear if they even so much as think about refusing to let the girls participate in sports and other school activities we are going to have some real big problems. I have heard through the grapevine, stories about pacific coast's sports teams. They are really good; their basketball team has won the State Championship six years in a row. I have also heard a lot about their star player and captain, Fang Venom, and yes that really is his name. I think he parents must have lost a bet or something. Yet, despite his extremely tacky name, all the girls seem to lose their mental capacity when they are around him, their IQs dropping at least sixty points. Apparently, they think he's the hottest thing since sliced bread with his ebony thick hair, dreamy deep voice, olive colored skin and piercing onyx eyes which, to a very select group of people, are the gateway into his soul on occasion revealing his true feelings. But, honestly I think it's just sad that they would degrade themselves so much for a guy who just wants one thing. I just think it's so pathetic to be so hung up on a guy who probably thinks he's the absolute shit having all these girls hanging on his every word and move. He's probably like all the other boys I've met like him, stuck up, cocky, and a player. Not that I have actually met the guy or anything, but my brother's taught me to assume the worst in the male population.

Fang's POV

I am surrounded by idiots. Truly, I am, and yet I still call these two goons my friends. Imagine that. Although, I have to admit, the two pyros may have actually done something that would benefit the male population at Pacific Coast Academy.

You see, the two geniuses I call my best friends decided to get back at the girls from West Palm Academy for "embarrassing" the boys sports teams by putting hidden cameras in the locker rooms, capturing embarrassing and personal conversations and publishing it on the World Wide Web. Of course I didn't care much seems I'd never be caught dead saying something personal in the locker room, although others were not as lucky. They wanted revenge and Iggy and Gazzy were just in it for the chance to blow something up. Or as they explained to our headmaster after being questioned, "it was just for shits and giggles". Yeah, that went over well.

But of course, you can never trust these two alone with explosives. Instead of creating a small smoke bomb to scare the girls a little, they created a massive explosion resulting in a fire burning down nearly three fourths of the entire campus.

Yes, scientific geniuses lacking common sense, that's a great combination.


So, as a result, the girls will be attending our school until farther notice. Not the intentional result, but a great one at that. It's about time we got some students of the female persuasion in this prison we call "high education". It's a good thing too, I was getting a little tired of only having Iggy to look at all day. I'm not so sure about him, but I certainly don't bat for that team if you know what I mean.

Now, I know what you are thinking, seems you have already heard your fair share of stories about me but most of them may be misleading. I mean, I guess I can be considered attractive, at least that's what I've been told, but I'm not some egotistical bastard who spends every free moment staring at himself in the mirror telling himself how devilishly handsome he is. Yet, somehow, I've been given the reputation of a player, but in all honesty I'm not.

In fact, I've only ever love one girl. She's the only girl in the world who's ever held my heart and when she left, I just couldn't take it. She broke my heart. Of course it wasn't her fault, she didn't really have any say in the matter. But, it didn't make it hurt any less. It still hurts actually, but I try not to think about it. No matter how badly I want her to, she's never going to come back, she can't. And I think that's what hurts the most.

I guess I've gotten my player reputation due to the fact I never really keep a steady girlfriend. The truth is I just haven't met anyone yet that took my breath away and really got me. You know? I don't just want to be one of many, but I have a reputation to uphold so I just go along with the player act. I am the tall, dark, and mysterious type I guess.

I don't really speak very often and I have a hard time opening up to people. The only people I even attempt to open up to are Iggy and Gazzy but I still don't open up to them all the way, I just can't. People know me as Mr. Emotionless because I hardly ever show my feelings, I am an emotionless brick wall no one has even come close to breaking down and I fear no one will ever be able to. I am also the captain of the county's best varsity basketball team. Life is pretty sweet for me yet I still am unhappy. I have so much yet nothing seems to fill the hole inside me. Ever since that horrible day when….

No I can't think about that. It's too painful and I have never forgiven myself for what happened that day. It's all my fault. I-

"Earth to Fangie Poo. Wake up. Yo, Fang." Iggy snapped his fingers in front of my face, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Ari wants to have a talk with everyone. Come on dude."

"Oh," I started, gathering my books from my locker, "okay, bro. I'll be right there, you go ahead."

"M-Kay," he replayed while walking toward the court yard as I firmly shut my locker and twisted the lock.

Ari Ride was Mr. Popular himself. He's the star football player at our school, student body president, and the most popular senior. Most of all, he demanded respect and was given it. He was an easy enough guy to get along with, but when you got on his bad side he could be scary as shit. He's not a force I'd want to reckon with that's for sure. Not that he scares me, I'd just rather not piss any one off.

I started walking in the direction I saw my best friend go minutes ago towards the court year where I saw our peers gathering all waiting for Ari's big announcement. If Ari had something to say, it had to be important. I wonder silently just what this is about, but I'd find out soon enough.

When I reached the courtyard Ari was standing on a table and the entire student body was crowded around him. He had this aura of authority around him that instantly quieted the growing mummers around him as he held up a silencing hand.

"Alright guys, so as most of you know the girls from West Palm Academy will be attending school here with us starting Monday because some dense idiots blew up their school." Ari said sending a pointed look to Iggy and Gazzy who were smirking and slapping high-fives with each other.

"I know that it's going to be exciting for you hormone driven teenage males to finally have to girls around this hell hole, but" he stressed crossing his arms over his chest in an authoritative manor, " please keep your teenage boy hormones in check and treat these girls right." There were a few mummers and eye rolls from the crowd before his booming voice stunned everyone into silence again.

"And most importantly my little sister Max will be attending PCA and I want everyone one of you to listen and listen good. My sister is one hundred percent off limits, so keep your grubby little hands and eyes to yourself. If I see or hear about any if you pervs messing with her or trying to get with I will personally hunt you down and make sure you idiots will never be able to reproduce. Not to mention you can pretty much say goodbye to eating solid foods, because once I'm down with you, you will be drinking all of your food from a straw. Do I make myself clear?" He asked, his voice challenging anyone to go against him. Of course we all knew no one would be stupid enough to even think it.

Everyone stared at him with wide eyes and nodded as the subconsciously cupped their goods in a protective manor.

Ah, so this is what this was all about. The forbidden fruit.

I should have know this had something to do with her.

I snorted as he waved a hand dismissively at us as my peers went on their way murmuring about the legendary Maximum Ride. I had heard stories about his sister, I mean you had to be pretty dense not to know about her. From what I've hear, she's basically another star in that family, same athletic stamina and winning personality. Most people say she's smoking but Ari was super over protective over her. Is in, you look at her and he'll smash your face in. No one has ever really met her though because she goes to West Palm Academy and Ari goes out of his way to make sure none of us guys has any contact with her sister. Probably a smart move on his part.

Every time Ari has friends over he makes it a point to make sure she isn't home so guys won't be drooling over her. He is definitely playing the role of over protective brother right now. I wonder what she's like. She's probably one if those stuck up little princes. Crap all the girls are probably going to be like that.

Oh God it's going to be a long year.

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