True Confessions of Star Crossed Lovers

Chapter 12

Max's POV

After the guys left, we - Nudge and I - changed into our jammies and watched every Disney movie known to man. With cold pizza. Can't forget the cold pizza. You haven't lived until you've sung The Circle of Life to your lamp, at the top of your lungs, with your best friend at 2 a.m., while holding up a slice of pepperoni pizza, pretending it's Simba.

Yeah, that was special.

The highlight of our movie night had to be when I compared every Disney couple to Iggy and Nudge, trying to get her to crack. But she held strong. We'd gotten through Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Prince Charming, and Sleeping Beauty. Nudge almost cracked when we were watching Aladdin. I started serenading her by singing A Whole New World, trying to tell her that it was dedicated to her and her sweetheart - the Igster - but, again, she didn't budge. Finally, when we were watching The Little Mermaid, she cracked; she just couldn't resist my telling her to imagine her and Iggy floating in a blue lagoon as the guys - and I - from the basketball team sang Kiss the Girl in the background.

I regretted it, though, when Nudge spent the next hour gushing about how amazing and 'cute' Iggy was. She continued to tell me how excited she was for the date, and then went on to ramble about every single detail she noticed about him, since they day they'd met.

I couldn't help but blame myself. If I hadn't been such a smartass about her crush, I wouldn't've been pulling chunks out of my scalp at three in the morning, while I could have been enjoying the epic battle between Peter Pan and Captain hook. But no, I was sitting there, regretting ever opening my big. Fat. Mouth.

Around 4 a.m., I noticed, with great relief, the wordspew had come to an end. I looked over and realized she had fallen asleep on the couch, slice of pizza still in hand.

Oh, Nudge. What am I going to do with you?

I got up and covered her with a blanket, before grabbing one myself and snuggling into the couch opposite of Nudge, too exhausted to walk upstairs. I remember, vaguely, a whacked up dream about a mad hatter that looked an awful lot like Iggy, a princess resembling Nudge, an ugly fairy godmother that could possibly be Gazzy, and a guy version of Maleficent - one guess who he resembled. But my all-time favorite was a Fang version of Peter Pan. Nothing sexier than a guy in tights - who can pull it off - with a sword.

I was just getting to the good part where Peter 'Fang' Pan - eh, see what I did there? - was taking on Maleficent in an epic battle to the death, when I was interrupted by horrible, off key singing in my ear.

"Good morning, good morning, good morning to yooouuu! Good MORNING, good MORNING, good MORNING to YOU! Our day is beginning, there's so much to DOOO! Good morning, good morning, good morning to YOOOUUU! Wake-y wake-y, eggs and bake-y. Come on, Max, it's time to get up for a fun girl's day! Get your lazy bum up now!"

I groaned and said two words, the first beginning with F, before turning so I lay on my stomach. Nudge, however, started poking me. I tried to swat her hand away, but no, she would not stop!

Finally, I grabbed the pillow and thumped her with it. Not exactly softly, either.

"Hey!" Nudge protested. "It's not my fault you stayed up too late last night! You've slept long enough! It's almost one! Get up now!"

When I made no move of getting up, she ripped the blanket off of me. However cold I was, though, I wouldn't cave, so I just flipped over and buried my head deep into the couch cushions.

"Fine. I'll just go to Moe's by myself. Maybe order a Homewrecker and a bowl of queso."

That sure got my attention. I sat up so quickly it was a wonder I didn't get whiplash and asked, "Queso?" all excited and hopeful like.

"Not if you aren't showered and dressed in half an hour," Nudge warned triumphantly. And that sure got me moving. I leapt from the seat and dashed upstairs, shucking my sweatshirt as I went.

Exactly ten minutes later, I was showered, dressed and ready to go. What can I say? Moe's is not a joking matter - especially with that queso.

I was dressed in a Nudge-chosen outfit; ripped, dark wash skinny jeans and a black and red over-the-shoulder top with my old tattered converse. The outfit wasn't half bad, considering other things she'd tried to con me into wearing.

My hair was wavy, loosely tied into a side ponytail with pieces hanging out. I'd put on the lightest bit of mascara so Nudge wouldn't freak out on me for not looking presentable - it's like she gets embarrassed to be seen with me in public. Cray, no?

After looking me up and down, Nudge nodded her approval before we headed out the door, for an exciting girl's day.



By seven, I was pretty much worn out. After eating at Moe's and pretty much drinking an entire bowl of queso - that stuff is magical - Nudge dragged me around from store to store, leaving no clothing garment untouched, for about five hours straight. I managed to escape for a few seconds, claiming to have to use the restroom. But, really, I just wanted to put at least a hundred feet between me and Victoria's Secret. I booked it out of there, in search for a hiding place. But it did me no good - Nudge has, like, a Max-dar or something. When I hadn't returned after ten minutes, her Maxi senses were tingling, and she went on a manhunt, searching for me.

After pretty much maxing out her father's credit card, Nudge was finished, and we headed over to the pier.

After paying for our tickets, Nudge begged me to go on the bumper car's first. As if I'd object; I kicked ass at them. When we got in our cars, I made Nudge my target - friendly competition, if you will. The minute the bell rang, I was right on her tail, chasing her. I purposely rear-ended her a few times as she attempted to get away, but I ended up cornering her, leaving nowhere for her to run to. But, by cornering her, I had also blocked the pathway for everybody else, resulting in a massive traffic jam. The people behind me were yelling for me to move, but I didn't have the chance, because right as I went to move, the ride shut off, signaling it was over.

I had an urge to shout, Have fun getting out, suckers! but that would have been too juvenile and immature, even for me.

I grinned at Nudge, before leaping out of my bumper car, with her hot on my tail.

"That was so not fair!" she yelled after me as I jogged toward a balloon popping game.

"Life isn't fair!" I shouted back over my shoulder, skidding to a stop in front of the game.

"I call a rematch!"

"Nope! I'll still win!"

"Ma-ax, come on! Please?" she whined.

"Tell you what. We play this game. If you win, we do a rematch. If I win, we ride whatever I want," I compromised. "Deal?" There was no way she'd win; no way.

Nudge hesitated, before saying confidently, "OK. Bring it."

The second she agreed, I smiled evilly. Nudge's face paled; she knew there was no way she was winning, and things were sure to be bad for her.

We paid the carny, and started throwing darts at the multicolored balloons. Needless to say, I whipped her but, hitting every single balloon while she only managed to pop three. But I do give her props for hitting the worker - I've not seen anyone get so red from anger since... well, since last night with Ari, actually.

Annoyed with us, he yanked the nearest prize from the wall - a neon orange, fuzzy hat - and shoved it at me. I smiled, snatching it up and turning to leave, Nudge shuffling with shame behind me.

When we were far away from the ticked off carny, I turned to her and waved the hat in her face. "I win. I win. I win. Na na na-na-na! I won! Booyah! I won! Na na na-na-na!"

Nudge rolled her eyes at my 'mature' behavior, before shoving the hat out of her face. "Yeah. OK, whatever. Now let's get this over with. What do I have to ride?"

I grinned evilly as I took her hand and dragged her to the one ride I knew she'd never ride in a million years - The Zipper.

When she realized which ride I was dragging her to, she planted her feet into the pavement in protest. "No way! I don't think so, Max! There is no way in a million years-" I smiled; she was very predictable "-that I'd ride that - that death trap! You've been trying to get me on it for years, and the answer is the same as always - shit no!"

"Come on, Nudge! I won, and this is the ride I want us - both of us - to go on. It's not that bad, I swear!" Lies. Complete and total lies. The Zipper was pretty dang bad. In fact, it's pretty much the definition of a metal death trap. You stand two people in a cage of sorts, padded with cushion, and you're locked in. Once the ride starts, you're flipped around at crazy speeds, slamming into the 'cushioned' cage. There is nothing cushioned about it. It hurts like hell and even makes me want to hurl. But I wanted Nudge to experience it once in her life. So it was now or never - I just hoped she didn't chuck up on me.

Nudge finally stopped with the protests after realizing there was no way in hell I'd let her get out of this one. I resisted the growing urge to hum the death march as we walked through the line.

As we were being strapped in, I could hear Nudge hyperventilating beside me. I grasped her hand for a second reassuringly, and when I went to withdraw it, she held it so tightly that I swear I heard bones crack.

And then the ride started.

Within seconds, we were being flipped and slammed into the cage and each other over and over and over again.

Nudge was screaming, "I hate you! I hate you! I hate this! I hate you! I'm gonna hurl! I will never forgive you! EVER! I HATE YOU, MAX!"

"Nudge! I know, I know!" I managed, in between getting thrown around like a rag doll. "I'm so sorry! After this we can do whatever you want, I promise! Hang in there, OK? Just whatever you do, DON'T THROW UP! Please!"

She continued screaming bloody murder in my ear as we crashed around into the metal. Finally, after what seemed like ages, the ride stopped. A worker came over to us and unlocked our cage. Nudge gave a cry of relief and bolted out of there, heading to a trashcan to throw up, with me hot on her tail.

When she finished, I gave her some napkins I'd snatched from a hotdog cart. She took them gratefully and wiped her mouth. I was glad to see that she was getting the color back to her face.

"You OK?" I asked as she tossed the napkins into the garbage.

Nudge narrowed her eyes. "You so owe me," she hissed.

"OK, OK. Where are we off to now? It's your choice?"

"The Ferris Wheel," Nudge decided. "I can't do anything intense right now."

I nodded, and we headed off in the direction of the Ferris Wheel. A few minutes later, the glowing lights from the Ferris Wheel came into view. We were almost at the line when someone bumped into us.

"Oh, sorry!"

"It's OK," I answered, before doing a double take.

"Iggy?" Nudge asked in shock, speaking my thoughts aloud.

"Nudge? Max? Wow, fancy meeting you here," he said. It sounded like he was talking to the both of us, but really, he was staring at Nudge, all gooey-eyed.

They were too busy making puppy eyes at each other to notice me clearing my throat - very loudly, might I add. "Hey!" I shouted eventually. They both jumped in shock, and I smiled, satisfied that I had jerked them from their lovey-dovey haze. "I'm gonna go get some cotton candy. Want any?"

"Nah, I'm good," Nudge said, going back to stare at Iggy. "But we'll meet you at the Ferris Wheel, OK?"

"OK, I'll be back in a few." They nodded, not paying me any attention as I sauntered off. "You make me sick," I muttered to them, but they didn't hear, what with the whole 'I'm in love' thing they were pulling.

I walked to the nearest vendor and ordered one of their monster bags of cotton candy - what can I say? I love my cotton candy - and paid her. Shoving my change into my pocket, I made my way back to the Ferris Wheel. I looked around - for ten minutes! - for Ig and Nudge, but they were nowhere to be found.

Where the heck did they run off to? I did another 360 before sighing in defeat and getting in line for the ride. I figured being up high would give me a birds eye advantage for looking for the two lovesick idiots.

"Just you, miss?" the older worker asked me. I nodded, settling into the seat.

The ride had just started, and was a few feet off the ground when I saw a flash of black out the corner of my eye. My head snapped towards the color in shock, and, with a start, I realized it was Fang.

He vaulted over the edge of the ride, and I stared at him in shock.

"What. The. Hell," I hissed, "Are you trying to pull?"

Fang just flashed me a smirk and settled into the seat next to me.

"Seriously, do you have a death wish?" I demanded, poking his chest.

"No, I don't," he answered seriously. "I just wanted to ride the Ferris Wheel with you."

I stared for a second, before yelling, "You idiot! Why the hell did you do that? You could have gotten killed!"

Fang smirked again before saying, "Well, the sign over there says two people per sat, no more, no less. You were breaking that rule, and I couldn't have that, could I?' He stopped for a minute, looking off to the side before winking at me. "And a beautiful girl like you shouldn't have ride alone."

I blushed slightly, butterflies in my stomach aflutter, before asking, "What're you doing here anyway?"

"Well," he drawled, "I came here with Iggy, but he ditched me and I couldn't find him. Asshole," Fang added under his breath.

I snorted and said, "You too, huh? Well, it's good to know I'm not the only one they ditched."


"Yeah - Nudge and Iggy. I went to get cotton candy for me, and I they were supposed to meet me here, but when I got back they were nowhere to be seen."

Fang shook his head, laughing - damn, laughs like that should have a fire safety warning, they're so freaking hot.

"So this is what the third wheel feels like," Fang said. "Wow."

I started laughing with him - I couldn't help it. "Let's be third wheels together!" I shouted, holding my curled hand out for a fist-bump.

"So... we're, like, tricycles?" Fang asked, allowing the fist-bump. "That makes no sense! We can't be third wheels together! We can - we can be bicycles!"

Fang and I stared at each other for a second before bursting out laughing again. "God, we are so pathetic!" I managed.

We were having so much fun laughing our asses off that we didn't realize the ride had stopped until the worker tapped us and instructed us to exit on the right.

I grabbed the cotton candy bag before stumbling out, letting the occasional chuckle slip from my lips as Fang followed.

We walked in silence for a while before Fang spoke; "So, since we were both ditched by our supposed best friends, would you like to walk around together? Ride buddies?"

I laughed a little. "Sure thing. Want some cotton candy?" I offered as I shoved a huge piece in my mouth. Fang nodded before tearing a chunk off and biting into it.

We walked around for a while, just eating the delicious candy, before we came across a ride I knew I'd love - Fang, too, would enjoy it. "Ripcord!" I crowed, pointing at it. "Oh. My. God. I love that! Do you want to do it with me? Please?"

Fang, who hadn't been paying attention, did a double take. "Do what with you?"

I frowned, poking him. "Not that. Jeez. Stupid boy. No, I meant the Ripcord! Please?"

Fang snickered, but agreed. He looked a little surprised that I'd want to do something like the Ripcord - a 200 foot free fall drop with just a harness holding you. He shrugged it off and agreed, "Sure. Let's go."

I tossed the leftover cotton candy in the garbage - we'd eaten most of it, anyway - before we headed over to get strapped into our harness - thankfully, the line was nonexistent. Before we walked over to our raised platform, I tossed the hat I had won to the side, getting a questioning look from Fang, to which I answered simply, "I won it."

He chuckled as we stepped onto our platform to be strapped in. "I figured."

The worker on the ride was telling us, "OK, guys, the floor will drop from under you, causing you to flip forward on your stomach. Do not try to grab the side. Lock your arms together and hold hands." Why did my heart skip a beat at the thought of holding hands with Fang? "When you get to the top, you'll be suspended there for a little while. Once you're ready, Terry up there will say 'three, two, one, fly'. OK?

"Once you're ready, pull the cord on your right side - that'd be you, sir, 'cause you're on the right. After you get past this platform, you can let go of each other and hold your arms out like you're flying. When you're close enough, we'll hold out this yellow ring, which you'll grab and we'll pull you in to get unstrapped. Pictures and video will be available in the souvenir shop at the exit. Any questions?"

We both shook our heads as we got into position, locking arms and holding hands. The worker finished setting us up and we stood there, waiting for the floor to drop. I was just about to ask him when it'd start when there was no longer a platform beneath me. Fang and I fell forward, and I, embarrassingly, let out a squeal of surprise.

Fang chuckled as I did my best not to turn and face him and possibly punch his lights out. "You know, Max, if you don't like falling I think maybe you shouldn't have gone on this ride."

"I don't dislike free falling!" I hissed, playfully elbowing his gut. "I dislike it when I have no warning. I need time to prepare myself. But the soaring back and forth is my favorite. I feel like I can seriously fly."

"Yeah," Fang agreed, and I could hear a rare smile in his voice, "Me too."

"So when you go to pull the cord, give me a little warning, OK?"


My eyes closed, an exhilarated smile on my face, as I felt the gentle pull. I waited for us to reach the top and, sure enough, a few minutes later I opened my eyes to see the entire carnival spread out below me. We were at the top, just waiting for the go-ahead. Fang looked over to me, smiling, and gave my hand a squeeze, which resulted in my heart giving a squeeze, which resulted me gripping his hand back, harder.

A voice came out from the speaker; "Three, two, one, fl-" the rest was cut off by my half frightened, half elated shriek as we hurtled towards the ground. Fast. Faster. FASTER. Shit... this is AWESOME!

I shut up with the screaming when I saw everything was OK, and we were almost past the platform. Fang was chuckling beside me, and I snapped, "You ass! A little warning would've been nice!" I tried to glare at him, but my hair was blowing in my face, and, well, it's not very easy to glare at someone when you're on your stomach, hurling towards the ground.

Fang full-on laughed at me as I continued to give him the evil eye. "I did so give you 'a little warning'! The lady on the loudspeaker should have been your clue that we were going to drop soon!"

I know I was supposed to be pissed that he was right and all, but I found it impossible to be mad at such a cute - cough, hot, cough - face... the guy just made me feel so... so much. I ended up laughing as we soared past the platform and out over the crowded park. We could have let go of each other's hands a while ago, but, honestly, I didn't want to. And, by the looks of it, he didn't either.

The second time we soared out over the crowd, I took our intertwined hands and extended them outward like we were really flying. I smiled brightly as I looked over at Fang - he was smiling brightly also; the most breathtaking smile I had ever seen. It made my heart flutter and I couldn't ignore the tingles that were shooting up my arm from where we were touching.

I seriously felt like I was on cloud-nine. Nothing could get better than this; I was, mentally and physically, flying high, high, higher. All too soon, though, our flight was over and we were being brought down and unstrapped. We stepped out of our harnesses, grabbed my hat, and headed toward the exit.

"That. Was. AWESOME!" I enthused loudly, grinning.

Fang smiled, agreeing. We walked over to the souvenir shop and watched our video, grabbing the pictures. We watched us ascending, Fang pulling the cord without warning, me screaming, us laughing, us smiling, us having the time of our lives. I couldn't help but noticed that we looked very... couple-like. My heart skipped a beat at the thought of Fang and I... being a couple.

I mustn't have been the only one that thought that, because the brunette in her early twenties serving us said, "Oh my God! You two are just adorable! Now that is true love. It's nice to see there's still love in this world." I felt my cheeks heat up, and I stole a glance at Fang to see what he was thinking. I caught a faint shade of pink grazing his cheeks as well, under his tan. Too hot. Too hot to be legal. Dammit, he is too. Freaking. Hot.

I was about to correct her, say something about how we weren't a couple, when she cut me off, "Here." The woman handed me two copies of the picture and video. "These are on the house. A gift from me to you. I hope your relationship lasts," she added, smiling brightly.

I looked at Fang, unsure of what to do. In the end, he shrugged and thanked her. Still blushing, we headed out of the store.

"Well, that was... odd," I said, trying to get his thoughts on the matter.

Fang shrugged again, before saying cockily, "She is right, you know. We do make an adorable couple." I hip-bumped him for being so arrogant, but grinned anyway.

As we walked around the park some more, I looked down at the picture. For once, I looked really happy; I had a genuine smile on my face, and not those fake ones I tended to sport. To be honest, I hadn't really been happy since my parents left to travel to world, leaving us home alone to practically raise ourselves. Sure, we had our nannies, and Ari took care of us well enough, but... it just wasn't the same. It's not that I resented my parents, it's just I wished they could be home more, watching us grow up, helping us, just talking with us, doing what normal families would do. I'd give up all the wealth in the world just to have a normal family. I guess I just miss them.

Fang's way-too-sexy voice cut into my inner emo-ness by saying, "Do you want some ice-cream?"

How can he make an offer of ice-cream sound hot? I wailed internally. It wasn't fair! But I answered anyway, "I'd love to - thanks."

Fang nodded, taking my hand in his as we strolled over to the ice-cream vendor. I couldn't help but notice that our hands fit perfectly together. He told me take a seat at one of the picnic tables, while he left to go order.

I found a seat - my back facing the vendor - and waited. A few minutes passed, and I felt goosebumps prickled the back of my neck, and my breathing hitched. An olive skinned hand came around the front of me, holding a strawberry ice-cream cone. "I see you made no effort in hiding your little mark there," a voice whispered huskily in my ear. I swear my heart stopped as I felt Fang's warm breath caress my neck.

I whipped around, coming face-to-face with Fang. A blush crept across my cheeks as I thought about what happened between us last night. He must've seen it, because a sexy smirk graced his lips. A hand flew up and covered the hickey as I thought, Crap, I had completely forgotten about that! I hadn't even thought about covering that up! Stupid, stupid!

Fang took a lick of his ice-cream, and I found myself watching his lips and tongue. You have it bad, Max, a voice nagged me. Fang must've thought so too, because his smirk grew as he watched me blush. "You know, Max, I never thought you were the type of girl to flaunt it, but I gotta say, I like the clothing choice."

My eyes widened as I looked down at what I was wearing. Oh. My. God. How could I not have noticed that? I'd been walking around all day, showing off the huge hickey he'd given me!

Fang came around so he was sitting across from me as I spat, "I'm going to kill Nudge! I bet she ddi that on purpose!" I tried to hide my blush as I ate my ice-cream. I think I failed, too.

Fang smirked at me - again - and said, "Well I, personally, love the look."

I narrowed my eyes. "Oh, really? You know what I like?"

"No, what?" Fang asked, leaning closer.

I smacked him in the face with my ice-cream, causing pink, freezing goo to spread across his face. "You in pink. Totally your color," I managed, before I cracked up.

Fang continued gaping at me. "You did not just do that."

"Oh, I think I did," I said, laughing still. I regretted it instantly as Fang jumped out of his chair, and chased me around the area. Finally, he tackled me to the ground and slathered chocolate ice-cream all over my face.

Fang hovered over me, balanced on his knees and elbows, and said, "Yeah, well I think brown totally works for you, too."

I glared at him and wriggled a bit, trying to get up, but he wouldn't budge, so I reached towards his face and swiped some ice-cream onto my finger before sticking it in my mouth. "Yum."

Fang did the same, smirking. He leant forward and whispered, "You taste delicious."

We laughed, and he rolled off of me, hopping to his feet and offering me a hand. I accepted gratefully, but he didn't let go, instead twining our fingers together as we headed off towards the beach. I didn't mind. Like, at all.

We strolled down the beach, hand in hand, just listening to the waves crashing onto the shoreline in comfortable silence. We walked for about a mile, until we figured that it was about time to head off, as it was getting pretty late. Since I had driven Nudge, and she was with Iggy, we decided to take my car home and Fang'd walk from there - his decision, not mine. I offered to drop him off, but he wanted to be all gentleman like and make sure I got home safely.

We texted Nudge and Iggy, telling them to ride home together - I may or may not have cussed Nudge out for ditching - and have him drop her off at her house.

Fang and I drove in silence, enjoying each other's presence. When I arrived home, I parked as far away from the front door as possible, lest Ari - being a stupid, overprotective brother - was waiting by the door for me to get home.

I walked Fang out to the back, where he would have a straight shot home. I turned to see him frowning, deep in thought. Which I found really dang cute.

I walked up to Fang and slipped him a copy of the pictures and video of us, reaching around and sliding it into his back pocket, causing his eyes to snap to mine. I don't know what possessed me, but my hands traveled around to his chest, up, and then around his neck, hugging him tightly. Slowly, Fang's hands wrapped around me protectively, reciprocating the hug. He looked me dead in the eye, and as I took a breath, I could taste his own breath on my tongue. Something passed between us, and I noticed Fang's gaze flicker down towards my mouth - as if asking permission.

Screw permission! Kiss me already!

Fang seemed to see that message in my eyes, because he leant towards me, pressing his lips on mine softly, tentatively. I felt a jolt of electricity course through me, and my fingers found their way into his hair as I leant to the side slightly, deepening the kiss. Fang's hands slid from around my waist so they rested on my hips, pulling me closer. And closer. And closer. All too soon, though, we broke away from each other, keeping our foreheads resting against each other.

Fang opened his mouth to say something when my phone buzzed. I looked down to see it was from Nudge:

I got home OK. What about you? Ari called me. He's flipping out. Better get your butt home before he calls the Missing Person's hotline or whatever.

I gave Fang a regretful smile. "I have to go. Ari's freaking out." Fang nodded, hugging me and pressing a kiss to my forehead before letting me go.

I watched as he disappeared into the distance before heading into my house, only to be greeted by a furious looking Ari.

Oh, great. I'm about to have some fun...

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