True Confessions of Star Crossed Lovers

Chapter 16


After school let out, I went to my locker to put away my books and backpack before getting ready for practice. After changing into my basketball clothes, I started walking from the locker room to the gym. I was almost to the door when someone with a pretty big build stood out in front of me, blocking my way.

I was shocked to see who was standing in front of me.

"Iggy. We need to talk for a minute." Ari's voice was strong, powerful, demanding. It was a don't-give-me-crap-or-I'll-kill-you tone, and I nearly shit my pants in fear.

My eyes went wide, a nervous laugh escaping my lips as I cracked, "Sure thing, Ari! Your minute starts now. Ready... go!" I was trying to make a joke, trying to turn my terror into amusement, but Ari was having none of it.

"Iggy." Scary. Very scary. His tone was full of authority as he crossed his arms, looking at me. "Now."

I decided to quit. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, I decided. And Ari wasn't someone you could beat easily. "OK, Ari," I said, clearing my throat as we wandered over to a more secluded area, past the gym. "Whaddya wanna talk about?"

"Friday night after the game, you were in the hot tub with Max," he stated flatly, as if just to get the ball rolling. It was obvious he knew the answer already.

"Er, yeah," I answered hesitantly, unsure as to whether I was digging myself a grave or what.

Ari looked at me for a second before demanding bluntly, "Who gave Max the hickey?"

My eyes widened even more, if possible. Crap. Crap, crap, crap.

"Um," I hedged, not sure how to answer. I was tempted to say, Can I call a friend? But that'd probably end in me getting smacked, or something equally as horrifying. No one liked damaged goods, after all.

"Answer me. Now."

"We - we were just messing around," I assured Ari hurriedly. "It was nothing. A stupid game of Truth or Dare, you know how kids are these days... Fang was adamant we play it..."

"I sincerely doubt that," Ari said, his eyes narrowing down at me. "And I don't care, because you didn't answer the question. I'm not mad at you - unless you gave it to her. I won't hurt you, promise. I just want to know. Now, don't make me ask again. And don'tlie."

Oh, God. What do I do?

Save my ass? Or my best friend?

But... my ass is so... wonderful! It's drool-worthy! It's perky and voluminous and -

Fuck. I am a goddamn amazing friend. Fang sofucking owes me. He'll forever be in my debt. I mean, jeez, he just hadto go falling freakinglove with the forbidden fruit - and put my ass in the line, no less!

I sighed in defeat, not meeting Ari's eyes. "I... dared Nudge to give Max the hickey," I lied, and it seemed Ari didn't believe me. At least, not until I added, "I, uh, I thought it'd be hot... Um, yeah."

After a long silence that made me want to pee myself, Ari spoke: "You're telling me Nudgegave Maxthe hickey? Not you or Gazzy or even Fang?" His tone was so... oh, I don't know how to describe it. All I know is it made me want to spill my guts, and I'm sure that's what his intentions were.

I felt as if I were on a crime show, where he had me in for questioning. And I knew without a doubt that Ari was the bad cop. Definitely.

I gulped as I struggled to plan out my next words, knowing that if I said the wrong thing, my manhood could be under threat.

"I just... I thought it'd be hot, is all! Some girl-on-girl action. I'm a teenaged guy. You know how it is." Or at least I fucking hope you do...

"So let me get this straight," Ari said, his eyes like flamethrowers; deadly. "You used my baby sisterto fulfill your horny teenaged fantasies?"

Way to dig yourself a hole, Iggy!

"Um. Yeah. Kind of."

"So that's the story you'll stick with?" I nodded, not trusting myself to meet his gaze.

"So if I asked Nudge, she'd have the same story?" I nodded again. I knew there'd be major sucking up in store to get Nudge to go along with it.

"OK, Iggy," Ari relented, but his eyes were still suspicious. "I'm going to believe you, but if you lied... your life will get a helluva lot more difficult for you. Understood?"

"Yessir," I said quickly, feeling like a deer caught in headlights. If he found out I was lying, then I pretty much would have just committed social suicide. Fang and Max better bow down and kiss my fucking feet.

"Fine." He turned around to leave, before pausing and throwing over his shoulder, "Tell Max I'm picking Angel up, and I need her home after practice so I can leave. Alright?"

"Yep," I squeaked.

As soon as Ari was out of my personal space, my brain seemed to kick in. Did he just say he was leaving? He didn't know we were coming over?

Bonus for Fang! Bow-chicka-wow-wow.

Just before Ari left, though, he made sure to say chillingly, "If I find out you lied or did anything to hurt Max, your new best friend will be a catheter. Comprende?"

I let out another squeak before fleeing.

FANGis so hot. Teehee. (Kay I just caught that and decided not to erase it :D)

As we were waiting for practice to start, I shot some hoops, warming up. I'd just tossed the ball into the air, watching it fly through the hoop, when Iggy walked in. Well, more like crept in. Like a mouse.

He looked pale - paler than normal, that is. He looked fucking terrible.

I made my way over to him, and as I got closer, I heard him mumbling about a catheter.

"You OK?" I asked.

"I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO USE A CATHETER!" Iggy shrieked at me, hands on my shoulders, shaking me. "I don't want tubes stuck up where they shouldn't be! It's not natural!"

"Calm down! What the heck are you talkingabout, anyway? Why would you need a catheter?" I asked, prying his hands off of me.

Iggy calmed somewhat, but he turned to me, looking furious. "You. Owe. Me. Big. Time."


Iggy glared at me. "I saved your ass, OK? Let's leave it at that. But you fuckingowe me, Fang. I expect a Vanilla Bean frap on my desk every dayfor the rest of my high school life."

"But, Iggy," I said, "that could be forever!"

"Don't push it, Fang," he snapped. "And don't make me regret saving your sorry, lovesick ass instead of mine with Ari."


"Iggy... what do you mean, with Ar-"

"Guys, bring it in! I have some new plays to run tonight!" Coach yelled, interrupting me. "Most of you have projects to do, too, so let's get this show on the road, huh?"

There were murmurs of agreement as we huddled up.

"OK. We'll run a scrimmage, first string versus second. First string positions: Fang you're in your normal position - shooting guard - Max, I want you on point guard, Iggy on small front, Connor center, and Gazzy, you're power forward." We nodded, happy with what we were, as he rattled off the other team's positions.

We took the court and got into position. Max was to my right, Iggy to my left, and Eric out front, ready for the toss-up.


We nodded in response, just as Coach blew the whistle. The ball was up and I tipped it to Max. We were off.

She made her way down the court and shot the ball, making it in with one clear 'swoosh'.

Max smirked as she made her way back down the court, ready to make another basket.

Yeah. She's a keeper.

-Break (Not feeling like dacing today.. what? No dancing, Kenzi? Fine. I'll just go... drink a glass of bleach to numb the pain then.)- O.o my beta is going suicidal on me…


Coach blew the whistle again, signaling the end of practice.

"OK, guys, that's enough. Good job. Now get home and for those in my class, start on your projects. See you all tomorrow! Shoo!"

Cheers of relief filled the gym. I sighed as I dropped to the cool gym floor, sprawled out, exhausted after a long practice.

I heard someone approach me as I lay there, eyes closed, trying to catch my breath, but I was too tried to see who it was.

I heard a snort come from the side of me as I lay there, and I knew immediately who it was.

"Tired, are we?" Fang asked.

I stuck my tongue out, letting it hang to the side.

He snorted again, reaching down to grab my hand. "C'mon, Max. Play dead later. We need to do the project."

In one easy motion, he had my up on my feet.

Centimeters from his face.

My mouth went dry, and I found it hard to swallow, being at such close proximity with Fang. Subconsciously, I glanced from his eyes to his mouth, watching a bead of sweat run down the side of his face. Down his cheek... onto his neck...

God, could he be any sexier?

I felt myself gravitating closer to him, like a magnet pulling me toward those lips. Lips that were begging to be kissed. And who am I to deny him that?

Slowly, I leaned closer to him, now millimeters away from those God-worthy lips. Our mouths were just about to touch when;

"Yo! Love birds! Save that for later, we need to hit the road! I am starving over here!"

I resisted the urge to groan as I pulled away from Fang, shooting Iggy an annoyed glare.

I cleared my throat awkwardly before speaking: "Right, let's go."

We grabbed our gym bags and headed out to parking lot. As soon as I saw Fang's car, I broke out into a sprint and called out over my shoulder, "Shotgun!"

Iggy stood there, gaping at me, before breaking into a sprint. "No way! I am his best friend! I always get shotgun!"

I cackled as I beat him to the door, keeping a grip on the door handle.

"I win. It's the rules. I called shotgun andwas first to grab the door handle! Have fun in the backseat, sucker!"

Iggy pouted as Fang joined us, rolling his eyes at our dramatics.

"Not fair! Fang, I always get shotgun! Go on, tell her!"

"Sorry, Ig. She called it."

"What? So not fair. Now I'm going to look like a little kid," he grumbled as he climbed into the back seat.

"Look on the bright side, Iggy - if you were in my car, you'd have to sit in Angel's booster seat."

Iggy said to himself, "I bet Fang only took her side because he wants in her pants."

"Oh, shut up, Iggy," Fang said, sounding slightly amused. He then said to me, "I'm gonna drop you of first so I can go home and have a shower. We'll be fifteen minutes, tops."

"Sure," I shrugged. "That's cool. Gives me time to make sure Ari doesn't ave second thoughts, convince him to go, and then shove him out the house."

Fang snorted. "OK."

We rode in a comfortable silence, the radio playing in the background and Iggy still pouting about having to ride in the back.

Before I knew it, Fang was pulling into my driveway. I gathered my belongings and stepped out of the car, waving to them. Before Fang drove off, I winked at him, a gesture he returned, before heading up the steps to the front door.

I opened the door, dropping my gym bag down, before walking into the living room, looking for my family.

"Hey," I called out, looking around, expecting to see Ari. "I'm home. Ari, you still here?"

There was a rustle near the staircase, and moments later Ari came hopping down the stairs with one Nike on, in the process of putting on the other. His hair was still wet from a shower. He was dressed in dark wash jeans with the occasional rip, and a button up blue dress shirt, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. After he got his shoe on, he fixed his collar and walked over to me, sending a breeze of cologne my way.

I smirked. He must really like this girl to get so dressed up. Not to mention practically dumping his bottle of cologne on.

"You look nice, Mr. Ride." I circled him, my arms crossed as I inspected his clothing.


I smiled at him as he ruffled his hair. I was happy he was happy. I think our relationship was looking up.

He looked over at me with a wary expression, and I knew what was coming next. "Max, are you sure this is a good idea? I don't think I should leave you guys home alone. I'm just going to call and cancel." He started to fish for his phone, but I stopped him, holding his fumbling hands still.

"Ari, shut up. You're going on this date, whether I have to chain you to the seat at a restaurant. And, God help me, you'll enjoy it. We'll be fine.I'm ordering takeout so no one will die of food poisoning, and I'll work on my project. All under control," I assured him.

"OK, I guess you're right. Jeez, when did my baby sister grow up?"

"Awhile ago. You just refused to accept it," I murmured, though not to provoke him.

Ari grimaced. "Max, I-"

I waved my hand, cutting him off, not wanting to get into this now. "Don't worry about it. Right now you need to be off picking up your date - if you don't get there soon, she'll think you turned gay on her and ran off with Steve from the cheer team."

He rolled his eyes at me as I pulled him towards the door, praying to God he didn't change his mind.

"In his dreams. Ella is too... amazing... to leave for Steve, of all people."

"So her name is Ella, huh?" I asked, cocking my head to the side in a very motherly stance.

He froze for a second, staring at the floor. "Heh, yeah." Just from his tone, I knew he was a goner. Ari. Was. Whipped. Although she'd break his heart, I knew, I was glad that he was happy. For now. I hoped she wouldn't hurt him, though. I hoped like hell.

"Well you better get going, then." I winked at him. "Knock her off her feet, big bro."

Ari smiled, giving me a hug before opening the door. He stopped just before he left, as I knew he would. His words didn't surprise me, either. "If you need anything, Max, call me, and I'll come right home. If not, I probably won't be back until late. Make sure Angel gets to bed at a descent hour. No boys, got it?"

Wellthat'sa problem.

"Don't worry about it, Ari, I have everything under control. Go have fun. And no boys, just my group for the project. Love you!" I shoved him out the door quickly, before he could question me anymore.

I yawned, stretching my muscles - that were still aching from practice - before checking my phone for the time. That only took ten minutes. I was sure it'd take an hour for Ari to go, I thought as I ran up the stairs, shedding clothes as I went, wanting to get a quick shower in before the guys got here.

"Ange, I'm going to take a quick shower, OK? If the doorbell rings, look through the peephole, and if it's Fang or Iggy let them in!" I yelled from the bathroom.

"OK," she called back, not moving from her room.

I smiled as I quickly stepped in the shower; she was becoming more and more like me every day.

After rinsing off quickly, I ran to my room changing into some rolled up sweatpants and a baggy over-the-shoulder top. Just as I finished braiding my hair, I heard the doorbell ring.

I jogged down stairs, picking up the clothes I had shed as I went and stuffed them into the closet near the door, right before opening it.

Just as I did, Angel came barrelling up beside me, throwing herself out the door and latching onto Fang's leg. He stilled before reaching down and picking her up, returning her hug.

I have to say, it had to be one of the most touching things I'd ever seen. I smiled at them as they drew apart.

"Fang!" she said happily, shrieking as he threw her into the air, before setting her down on the ground.

"Hey, Ange." He smiled at her as she continued to giggle. She stopped, though, as she seem to see Iggy standing beside him for the first time. Her grin broadened as she threw herself at him, wrapping her small arms around his legs.

He returned her smile, reciprocating the hug. "Hi, Angel."

"Angel, you're getting popular with the boys, aren't you? I taught you well, but don't let Ari find out," I teased, whispering the last part with a wink.

I stepped aside, allowing them into the hallway. Angel dragged them into the living room, no doubt describing her excited day in kindergarten in great detail, with both boys humoring her by listening intently, nodding occasionally.

Deciding to save them, I said, "You guys hungry?"

A chorus of yeah's rang out in answer.

"Great, 'cause I'm starving. And it's Monday, so you know what that means, right, Ange?"

Angel grinned. "Moe's Monday!"

I smirked, nodding. "So what does everyone want?"

I nodded in approval as Iggy and Fang told me their orders. I dug my cell from my pocket, pressing speed dial. Someone answered on the third ring.

"This is Moe's, can I take your order?" a voice monotoned.

"Yeah," I said, before telling them my order, followed with Fang's, Iggy's, and Angel's. "Thanks. Have it delivered to 23 Sea Breeze Avenue, please."

"Yep, it'll be ready in about ten. Bye."

I hung up, walking over to join the others. I entered the room just as Angel roped Iggy into playing with her. I watched as the scene played out in front of me:

"Iggy?" she asked innocently. There was nothing innocent about it, though. "Play with me?"

Iggy stared at her, probably wondering why he was about to agree, but having no power to stop his answer; "Sure, Ange."

She smiled brightly before scurrying upstairs, reentering with her arms filled with every Barbie she could carry.

She dropped them all near the couch and pulled Iggy into a sitting position beside her on the floor.

"So what are we playing, Ange?" he asked, eyeing the Barbies furtively.

Oh, this was too much.

"Barbies!" she said enthusiastically.

"Fine," Iggy said, picking one up. "ButI get to be Barbie."

"No," Angel said firmly, snatching the Barbie from hand and replacing it with the boy Barbie. "You have to be Ken."

"What!" he demanded, outraged. "Why? I want to be Barbie! Why do I have to be Ken?"

"Because that's how it is," Angel said fiercely. "Plus, Barbie needs a husband!"

"What! No! Fuck you, Barbie!"

"Iggy!" I hissed, "language!"

He hung his head in shame before responding in a little kind voice; "Sorry, Maxie."

I shot him the bird - discreetly, mind you - and he snickered at his own wit. Psh. Wit.

I stretched as I stood, my joints popping. "Right, I'm going to go and get some drinks. What to you guys want?"

"Sprite, please," Angel requested sweetly.

"Coke," Iggy said.

I glared at him, but all he did was look bewildered.

"Iggy," Angel whispered loudly, "you have to say 'please'!"

"Oh! Right! Coke, please, Max."

I nodded, satisfied, before turning to Fang to see what he wanted. Instead of saying a drink, he told me, "I'll help you." His eyes sent me a message, warning me not to object.

I just nodded, walking towards the kitchen, Fang in tow.

"So," I said lamely as I hoisted myself onto the counter top, sitting, swinging my legs.

"So," Fang repeated. "Look, about Friday night..." he trailed off, the words lingering in the air as we stared at each other. Fang took a step closer. "Should we talk about it?"

"I don't know," I said, "Should we?"

Another step.

"I'm asking you."


"Um... well... what do you think?" I asked, swallowing.

Two steps.

"I think we should," Fang said, his voice barely a whisper, settling between my legs, inches from me.

"Oh, yeah?" I questioned, my mouth going dry from his close proximity. I gulped as his hands rested on my thighs, dancing over my sweatpants' material, tracing circles into the cotton.

"Mhmm," Fang mumbled, just millimeters from my lips. C'mon. Just a bit closer."I quite liked it."

I didn't have enough time to formulate a response as Fang brought his lips down onto mine. My heart melted as he did so. It was soft and gentle, yet intense at the same time. I could feel Fang's every emotion now more than ever, and I knew it was the same for him. It made me weak-kneed, and if I hadn't been sitting, I'm sure I would've been a puddle of the floor.

I could tell he wasn't being rough with me because he wanted to show me I meant more to him than some stupid fling, but I, for one, agreed with Lady Gaga - love ain't fun if it isn't rough. Plus, I already knew he cared. It was time for fun.

My hands traveled up to tangle themselves in his hair, yanking him closer. I tilted my head, deepening the kiss, and moaned as his tongue slowly snaked out, gently tracing the outline of my mouth, asking permission to enter.

As if he needed fuckingpermission,I thought scathingly as my mouth opened eagerly, our tongues soon battling for dominance. After a while, I just gave in, letting him 'take the wheel', so to speak.

Sometime in the middle of the kiss, I jumped down, off the counter, and wound my arms around his neck. His hands fastened themselves to my waist, pulling me flush against him, not leaving one inch between us.

After what seemed like ages of pure bliss, we broke apart, panting, but still in each other's arms.

"Well," I started, my voice sounding weird, "good talk."

"Yep, greattalk," Fang agreed. "We oughtta do it again sometime."

"Let's get the drinks now," I said breathlessly, flushing from his intense gaze. I started to pull away but he wouldn't let me, instead pulling me closer. I about melted in his arms.

Fang smirked before sweeping down and placing a sweet kiss on my lips.

"Now we can get the drinks," he informed me.

I am pretty sure I looked like a love sick tween in that moment, but I couldn't care less. That hadto be romance-novel-worthy, I swear...

"OK, you get the soda and I'll get the glasses."

I reached up to the top cabinets trying to pull down Angel's favorite glasses, ones we'd gotten on a family trip to Disney World, her favorite vacation. I pulled down three; a Hercules glass, my Peter Pan cup, a Cinderella one for Iggy, but I couldn't quite reach Angel's favorite Ariel glass. I struggled for a few minutes, trying to stretch as far as I could to reach it, but I nearly pulled a muscle, and I knew Coach would not be happy with me if I did.

I decided to try one last time, my fingers just grazing the side of the glass as two strong arms wrapped around me, hugging me tightly from behind.

Fang placed a gentle kiss on my exposed neck, his lips never moving from my skin as he whispered, "Need some help?"

I tried to suppress the shudder that ran through my body as his warm breath caressed my skin, but it was no use. Fang smirked against me as I trembled.

I nodded in response, biting my lip as he kissed my neck once more before grabbing the glass and handing it to me.

"Here ya go, shortie."

I glared at him, snatching the glass from his hands. "Not all of us can be freakishly tall basketball players, can we?" I huffed, but hip-bumped him to know I was kidding as I got the drinks ready.

I finished pouring the drinks, handing Fang two glasses to carry - mine and his - while I took Angel's and Iggy's.

We walked back into the living room casually, as if to say, "No, we did not just make out in the kitchen, that's crazy talk."

I handed Angel her drink, which she accepted gratefully, before handing Iggy his. He was about to take a gulp when he noticed the picture on it.

"What? How come I get the girly princess cup?" Iggy complained.

"Iggy, I just thought you needed a woman in your life," I told him innocently.

"For your information, Maximum, I already have a woman in my life. And she is amazing, so there." Iggy crossed his arms, satisfied.

"Yes, Iggy, I'm sure your mom is a wonderful lady," I assured him, straight-faced.

"I meant Nudge, you idiot!" Iggy defended himself. "And my mom is a wonderful lady, so there." He mumbled the last part, but I still heard it, causing me to break out into another fit of giggles.

I tried to compose myself as I heard the doorbell ring, signaling that our food was here. I got up, breathing deeply to calm myself, before opening the door.

Another guffaw escaped my lips as I opened the door, catching the guy's attention.

"Hey, Max, you seem to be in a good mood tonight."

"Oh, hey, Dylan. How much?" I asked fishing in the desk near the door for some cash.

"Twenty-five, even. So what're you guys up to? Family movie night again?"

"Nope. Ari's on a date," I said, not really sure why it would matter, as I took the bags from him.

"Really, huh?" Dylan said, stepping closer. "Well, you know my shift ends at-"

He stopped as I felt warm arms wrap around me.

Fang placed a gentle kiss on my cheek - if we were in the wild, on a documentary, the narrator'd probably say he was 'marking his territory' - before asking me, "Want some help, babe?"

I bit my lip to stop smirking. Fang's actions were subtle, sure. But I could tell they were possessive.

And, as petty as it was... it gave me the best feeling in the world.

"Sure, take these." I handed him two of the three bags as he unwrapped his arms from me, still holding his stance near me.

"Thanks, Dylan," I said, giving him the money.

"Er, yeah. Have a good night. Um, bye." He turned and scampered to his car.

I guess Fang scared him.

I closed the door and walked over to Fang, ready to taunt him with all I had.

"Fang," I said seriously. He looked down at me, eyebrows raised. "Who knew... that you were the jealous type?"

"I don't getjealous," Fang said flatly.

"Really? That's not what your expression said!"

Fang rolled his eyes as I continued to tease him, "Fang-is-jealous-Fang-is-jealous-Fang-is-jealous!"

"OK, whatever, Max. As long as I don't have anything to be jealous about, fine. Let's just get them their food before it goes cold."

I shrugged, agreeing, "Sure. You're still jealous, though."

We walked over to the living room, and just before we Iggy and Angel noticed us, I hummed my little 'jealous song' one last, unable to resist.

I shut up when Fang poked me in the ribs, stepping over to Angel and grinning. "OK, here you go, sweetie."

"Can I eat on the floor, Max?" I raised an eyebrow at her. "Please," she added hastily, blinking up at me. "See? I used my manners!"

I nodded. "Sure, kiddo. Just be careful."

She smiled as I placed a napkin on the floor and laid her food out for her.

Then I moved on to Iggy. "Can I eat here, Maxie? Plea-ease?" he whined as I dug his food out of the bag for him.

I rolled my eyes at him, before mocking, "I guess, just be really really careful." I then proceeded to lay out every napkin from the bag around him, tucking one into his shirt like a bib for good measure. Iggy stuck his tongue out at me before digging in.

After everyone was settled, I sat down on the couch, propping my feet up on the coffee table before unwrapping my food.

Before taking a giant bite out of my burrito, I spoke: "Just a warning - I take no responsibility for what I may or may not do or says whilst eating this burrito."

"Uh-oh..." Angel mumbled.

Fang snickered at me as he took his first bite, eating his burrito un-messily.

Ha - not me! I was going to inhale this sucker!

And did I ever.

About fifteen minutes later - and many groans of complaint about how 'full' they were from Iggy and Fang - we were finished and ready to start our project.

Iggy was still sitting near Angel on the floor, a stuffed poodle in his lap.

"OK, let's start," I said, chucking Iggy his play. I grabbed the laptop from the coffee table and continued, "Since we're blessed with Mr. Normal Englishhere, I'll bring up spark notes for him."

I clicked open the page and shoved the computer at Iggy before getting my notebook and pen ready. "Right. So, in the first scene, these guys are talking smack about how they get laid all the time - which is sucha lie - and then they get into an argument-slash-fistfight with the other family 'cause of their egos and pride. Not much as changed then, huh?" I smirked as Iggy gawped at me, shocked at me bashing the male gender.

"What? It's true and you know it."

I smirked in triumph as they shrugged in agreement.

"Men, bragging about the dirty since the beginning of time." Iggy stated motioning his hands as if he were reading a slogan off a billboard.

I snickered as we continued to compare, "Boys still calming to be in love with one girl then they see someone better and bam, they are in love all over again- typical." I scoff as I scribble it down.

We continued reading until a thought hit me. "Oh my God, Iggy is Mercutio!"

Fang nearly spit out his drink as I came to my realization. He must've thought it amusing. Iggy, on the other hand, did not.

"What? This is just unacceptable! Are you implying that I'm emotionally unstable or something? Or maybe or maybe that I'm a hot mess. And then I die! But the worst part is, you just called me an ugly transvestite who just can't pull off a mini skirt! Now that was the last straw! Angel, hold my poodle! Crap's about to go down!"

He darted over to me, tackling me to the floor before starting to tickle me.

"No - Iggy, stop! That's not - what I meant!" I yelled between laughs. "And he wasn't even a transvestite, you dumb-butt. Jeez, read the play, not just watch the movie remake! And if you dowatch the movie, watch aproperversion - notthe one with Leonardo DeCaprio."

"But Leo is such a sexy mofo!" he protested, climbing off me.

"Sure, Igs. What I meant was that you're a decent friend with the same sense of humor as him. He was always there for Romeo, just like you are with Fang."

"Oh my God! That makes Fang a present day teen heart throb, Romeo. Wow, the world makes sense!" Iggy cried.

"If I'm Romeo, that must make you Juliet," Fang said quietly, offhandedly. But his words made my heart skip a beat.

Was he comparing us to Romeo and Juliet? The whole thought made my heart swell at the thought of us being so in love. But then the whole 'tragedy' part sunk in. Romeo and Juliet was indeed a love story of two teens in love, but in the end it didn't work out. They died.

I couldn't help but feel that this was some horribly written foreshadowing. Like something from some stupid tween vampire drama.

We continued comparing Romeo and Juliet to life today for the next few hours, with Fang inconspicuously drawing me closer to him when no one was paying attention.

God, he is perfect.

After a while I noticed it had been a good twenty minutes since I had heard anything out of Angel or Iggy. I glanced over to find Angel fast asleep tucked against Iggy, her mouth open slightly as she let out a soft snore, Iggy just about to join her in dreamland. I smiled at the sight as Iggy curled in closer to her, keeping her warm.

"I wish I had a camera handy," I whispered to Fang, and he smirked that heart-melting smirk that made my heart skip a beat. But he looked exhausted too, even as he watched Angel and Iggy in their slumber.

"Looks like it's bedtime," I said, before looking at Iggy and snorting. "For more than one baby, too."

I stood, stretching, taking Angel in my arms. I started walking before Fang stopped me.

"I've got her," Fang said.

He took her from me, holding her gently, careful not to rouse her as we made our way to Angel's bedroom.

We tiptoed up the stairs - Fang far, far more quieter than me; perhaps he was a ninja - as quiet as ghosts. Unless that metaphor takes in account Harry Potter ghosts. Because they, like, talk. And one of them complains. So, not ghosts. Mice. We tiptoed up the stairs as quiet as mice, before entering Angel's bedroom. Fang laid her down and tucked her in, making sure she was warm. He then grabbed her favorite teddy bear - how did he know? - and placed it in the crook of her arm, Angel immediately welcoming it to her embrace.

Fang's expression remained stoic as he tucked Angel's hair behind her ear, leaving his hand there for a moment before pulling it away.

Despite knowing that Fang would... well, I doubt he'd like me saying this, but he had such a fraternal feel to him, like he'd be the best big brother in the world. God help Angel when the boys started chasing after her.

But... I couldn't help but feel there was something else to it, to Fang's instincts with interacting with Ange. Like he was hiding something. Who knew, maybe he had a secret kid he was hiding from society.

I shook away that thought as Fang stepped back a few feet, giving me room to say goodnight to Angel myself.

I smiled down at her sleeping form, kissing her forehead. She murmured something in her sleep and I whispered, "'Night, baby girl."

With one lingering glance back at Angel, I smiled softly, turning off the lamp and walking out of the room with Fang. My Fang. Finally.

We started down the stairs, Fang's hand gently on my waist, before he stopped me. I looked at him, confused.

"'S'much as I enjoyed our chat earlier," Fang started, and I had to suppress an eye roll; he wasn't even bothered enough to pronounce 'as much' properly. "We still need to talk properly."

I didn't say anything, instead opting to let my lips do the talking - in a different way. I kissed him hard, our mouths mashing together, acknowledging his words, before our kiss decrescendo'd into something softer, like a promise.

I hugged him before pulling back and - just like in those sappy romance novels - ogled his amazing eyes. "I know, I feel the same. Tomorrow we'll talk, cross my heart."

Fang nodded, expressionless, but he grabbed my hand, squeezing it as we made our way down the rest of the stairs.

A few minutes later, we woke Iggy up. He was a bit annoyed at first, but when I told him that Ari would be home soon, his eyes widened and he muttered, "Move, move, move, Fang! We need to get out, now! I repeat, now! I do notwant a freakingcatheter!"

Fang and I exchanged weirded-out looks, but said nothing as Iggy hurriedly gathered his things.

We said our goodbyes and I walked them to the door. Iggy gave me a rushed hug, saluted, and then sprinted to his car, driving off. I think he was going forty miles over the limit. Fang stayed to say goodbye, though. As soon as Iggy was out of sight, he pulled me into a tight hug, his breath tickling my neck.

"Best. Night. Ever," I whispered as he nuzzled the juncture of my shoulder. "This project isn't even over and I'm already looking forward for Coach's next one..."

"Same," Fang said as we drew apart. He smirked, a genuine Fang-grin, before leaning down and kissing me goodnight. "'Night, Max. Sweet dreams." Always.

My cheeks were starting to hurt from all this beaming. "'Night, Fang."

Fang winked at me before leaving, hopping into his car and driving away. I watched his headlights disappear into the distance before shaking myself from a trancelike state and closing the door.

I floated upstairs, my head in the clouds. What a day... what a perfectday.

I fell asleep with a smile on my lips. For once, my dreams had nothing on reality.

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