True Confessions of Star Crossed Lovers

Chapter 2


Monday morning I woke up this morning and got ready for my first day at pacific coast academy. The dress code wasn't too strict we had to wear a plaid skirt and our choice of a blue, gray, white or black polo shirt and on Fridays and special days we could wear whatever we want. The boys' dress code is pretty much the same as the girls except they have the choice of black or kaki dress pants. Man I wish we were allowed to wear pants.

I hate skirts, I don't particularly like the sudden breeze I feel up my skirt and I'm sorry but that's just way too easy access if you know what I mean. We all got in the car and Ari, my big over protective brother, drove us to school. We stopped to drop off Angel, our six year old sister, off at the younger kid's school. We hugged and kissed her then sent her on her way for another exciting day in kindergarten.

As I hugged her goodbye she whispered in my ear," Good luck! Show them boys who's boss, k?" then she looked up at me with those adorable blue soft caring bambie eyes.

Gosh I love my little sister she knows exactly how to make anyone feel better. I gave her one last hug and said " You got it Kidd-o!" and with that she skipped off to her classroom. Then we left the younger kid's school and were headed toward pacific coast academy. Crap. About fifteen minutes later we arrived at the school. Ari put the car in park by didn't get out. I looked over at him with my eyebrow cocked, he had a distresses look on his face. Oh no this can't be good.

He let out a very heavy sigh and started," Max, the boys here aren't used to having girls around and they will try to get to you. They are all horny pervs. All teenage boys have one thing on their mind and nothing else. Don't give into them. If they ever ask you for something the answer is always NO! Got that? Just say NO. Boys will do anything to get in a girl's p..."

And this is where I stopped listening as he went if on a tangent about horny needy teenage boys. Honestly I didn't need to hear about their needs. God I knew this was coming. Ari has o be the big protective brother. I knew going to school with my big brother would cause problems. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my big brother; it's just sometimes he's too protective. I can never do anything fun like a normal teenage girl would. I've never even been on a date before. Ari won't let me. Oh and in case you were wondering "well where the heck are their parents?" good question.

Our dad is a very important scientist and is on business trips all over the world almost all the time and our mom is a movie producer an is working on projects 24/7. She is currently working on a movie in Peru. It sucks not having our parents around very much but we are proud of them. We have weekly family time via Skype. We also have a nanny that checks in on us every night makes us dinner and leaves. So Ari placed it upon himself to be in charge since he is the eldest. I was pondering just how Ari would feel if I told him he wasn't the boss when I was brought out of my thought by a very annoyed Ari.

"Ok?...Max?...MAX! Are you even listening to me?"

"Huh? Oh ya, loud and clear teenage boys are horny, boys equal bad, just say no, I got it." I said trying to remember parts of what he said.

"Ok, just be careful ok Max?"

"I'll be fine Ari stop worrying. Now I have to go or I'm going to be late." I said trying to get off this topic.

"Ok, good luck." he said as I started to walk away from him. "Hey!" he said and I turned around to face him. "I love you sis." I let a small smile spread across my face.

"Love you too, see ya." With that I walked off to the building with schedule in hand praying today would go well. I walked around the halls at least five times and I was completely lost. Well this is not a good way to start the day. I was preoccupied staring at my schedule when I ran into rock hard wall. Oohf... I fell o the floor and my books scattered everywhere. That's gunna hurt in the morning. When I looked up I saw not a wall but a boy looking back at me. A very attractive boy might I add. After we locked eyes for a few seconds he kneeled down tote floor and was helping me pick up my books. Then after they were all picked up he extended his hand to help me up. I accepted it and muttered a "thanks." he handed me my books back and said "Fang"

I was slightly confused and I guess it was written all over my face because before I had time to respond he said "my name." and he gave me a smirk that made my heart want to I felt like an idiot because I was just staring at him not saying anything until I finally snapped out of it.

"Oh right, um I'm Max."

"Cool name. First class?" wow this kid sure didn't like speaking in complete sentences now did he?

"Oh, um, English honors with coach Ski." I said reading off my schedule.

"Ok cool, I have the same class, follow me." he said gesturing for me to follow him. I quickly situated my things and caught up to him.

"Wow nine whole words. That must be a record for today." I retorted with a sarcastic look. Which was rewarded with an are-you-worth-that-many-words look?

Fang's POFI walking in the hallway looking for Iggy and Gazzy guessing they would be getting their flirt on with all the girls here who would give them the time of day. There were a lot of them too but they were all the same. Everyone in their own little clicks, the preps, nerds, emos, jokers, jocks, sluts and the ones who just didn't quite fit into any group at all. I could feel them all trying to undress me with their eyes. It made me feel so uncomfortable. They would wink at me and give me flirtatious smiles which I would only return with death glares that would make them flinch. God it is going to be a long day. I was just about to flip some girl off who kept staring at me when I felt something, or should I say someone run into me with a force that almost knocked me over.

I heard an "oohf" and looked down to see a very attractive blonde with an athletic body. I started to scold myself, Bad Fang! No dating remember? Not after what happened before. But you can still think she is attractive. I shook off the conversation I was having with myself in my head and kneeled down to help her pick up her books. When I had them all I extended my hand to help her up, she hesitated for a moment then took it. She brushed the dirt of her skirt and I handed back her books and decided to tell her my name seems she was the only girl I have meet today who wasn't trying to grope me.

"Fang" I said she took her books back. She looked at me with a confused look on her face which was rather cute. I gave her a small smirk and added "My name" not being one to use more words than needed.

She stared at me for a moment then replied, "Oh right, um I'm Max."

Max, that name suits her not too girly but pretty. But I have a feeling I have heard that name before but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I felt a nagging feeling in my stomach but I just ignored it.

"Cool name, first class?" I asked trying to help her out.

She looked down at her schedule and read off "Oh um English Honors with Coach Ski."

Hum, same class, might as well show her to class I thought to myself, "Ok cool, I have the same class follow me." I said taking off down a hallway cocking my head a little so she would follow.

A few seconds later she hurried to my side and said in a very sarcastic tone, "Wow nine whole words, that must be a record for the day." I gave her a look that said are-you-worth-that-many-words? She seemed to read my look because she didn't say anything after that. We walked down the hall in a comfortable silence but people kept giving me weird looks with their mouths hanging opening in shock. Maybe because this girl acutely got a smile out if the emotionless Fang but somehow I knew that wasn't it. It was almost like they were warning me or something. But what would they be warning me about? I still had that nagging feeling in the bit of my stomach telling that the name Max was familiar but I just shrugged it off, no need to worry about it right?

We finally made it to the class and she walked up to coach for instructions along with a few other girls new to the class. I went and sat down in my normal seat towards the back next to Iggy. Iggy seemed super jumpy, his male hormones must have kicked in.

"Dude! Can you believe how many hot babes there are?" he asked enthusiastically.

I just shrugged in response.

And he started again "So who was the hottie you just so kindly showed around" he asked raising his eye brow in question and gesturing toward Max who was seated two seats up from us. She saw us and smiled.

"Her name is Max." I said with no emotion in my tone or face.

His mouth opened a little in surprise and his eyes were wide. I raised my eye brows at him in question.

He opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by coach starting class. He gave me a disappointed sigh and I have him a look telling him we would talk later.

"Ok class, as you all know we have the girls from West Palm Academy joining us today. I have decided because there are so many new students to take the period to explain the expectations of this school and for you all to ask questions." coach said in his normal deep voice.

Great, a free period. Maybe I can get a nap in.

"And for those of you who know the expectations already, Boys," he said in a strict tone " you will know that sleeping or treating this period like a free for all do NOT meet expectations."

Dang it. It's like he could read my thoughts. Now normally I would just ignore my teachers and sleep anyways, but if I get detention I get benched and that's not a place for the school's star basketball player to be.

Coach spent over half the class explaining the rules and expectations of the school and then he moved on to question portion of the class. Oh joy. *note the sarcasm* A few girls asked some basic questions like what do we have to do for fun, clubs, where do we eat and extra but then I saw Max's hand go up and she had a look of determination on her face like whatever her question was, she wouldn't take no for an answer.

Coach called on her and she began with her question, "What arrangements has the school made for the girls who participate in sports? Will they still be able to play?"

"Ah well, good question miss-"

"Ride, Maximum Ride" she filled in for him. Hum, why did her last name sound so familiar? There was that nagging feeling again.

"Thank you. Ok as I was saying Miss Ride, because the school was notified sooner about the new students attending here until West Palm Academy is fixed they didn't have time to make any arrangements." he stated.

"Well why not make arrangements now?" she asked with determination in her voice.

"Even if there were time to make arrangements there is not enough space at this school for girls sports teams as well as boys. The practice schedule would collide and there isn't enough gym space to run practices at the same time." coach stated a bit annoyed but Max wasn't going up yet.

"Well why not make the teams co-Ed? You are still running try-outs right? There is nothing in the rule book that says that girls can't play on a team with guys" she said mater-of-factly crossing her hands over her chest. Oh man this is getting interesting.

I leaned over to Iggy and whispered in his ear, "Ohh drama, where's the popcorn?" which he cracked a huge grin at.

"I'm sorry Miss Ride but that's just not how it is done at this school, might I remind you, you are guests at this school until your school is fixed." he retorted with a bit of tension in his voice.

"Actually, if I remember correctly, during your little speech in the beginning of class you said and I quote, 'we want to welcome you to our school because it isn't just our school now, it's your school too and we all want you to feel welcome.'" she said using her fingers to make air quotes. Oh man, she had him there.

"Now I would definitely not feel very welcome if I was not allowed to participate in sports. And I would just hate to have to bring this matter up with the principle about girls being discriminated against because they are thought to not be good enough to simply try out for a team." she threw back at him with ice in her voice. "Which by the way is completely sexist and I'm pretty sure can get a teacher fired. And I would just hate to see that happen, wouldn't you?" she asked Coach in a fake innocent voice.

Man she was good.

Coach gritted his teeth and replied in a harsh tone," Fine Miss Ride, any girls who wish to participate in a sport may try out. But be warned, you will be playing on a boys team against other boys. They will not go easy on you just because you are a girl."

"We wouldn't want it any other way." retorted just as the bell rang. Oh boy, this year is going to be interesting.

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