True Confessions of Star Crossed Lovers

Chapter 19

Max's POV

As I got into Fang's car, my thoughts continued to drift to the mystery girl in the picture. Despite how much I wanted to focus on our date, I just couldn't.Not when so many ideas as to who she was kept floating through my brain.

Could Fang seriously be hiding a child from me? Could he really be a father? I mean, he did seem to care an awful lot about Angel and her safety, more so than people normally do, and he had such a fraternal feel to him as he carried her up stairs that one night and tucked her in. Could he seriously have a kid that he'd been hiding from me?

As I continued to think about it, it just began to seem more and more absurd, reaching a point where I almost laughed aloud. Fang wasseventeen, and the girl in the picture looked around five or six. If he was seriously the father, he would've had to get some chick pregnant at the young age of ten. That was just ridiculous.

I almost snorted at the thought. How could I have been so stupid? I guessed I was just expecting the worst and creating accusations before I knew all the facts. Huh, wonder who I learned that from?

Even though I had cleared that crazy notion out of my mind, it still didn't explain who the girl was. Why would Fang keep her from me if she was so important to him?

"So," Fang started, pulling me from my thoughts as he drove down the road headed to our next destination. "How was phase one of the date I've planned? Not too horrible I assume, since you didn't try to escape out of the bathroom window while I wasn't looking."

A smile broke out on my lips as he smirked and watched me out of the corner of his eye.

I grinned at him as I said back, "No, I did not, the windows were too small."

"Thank God for that. Just think how embarrassing that would have been for me when everyone at school found out that I was ditched on a date." He chuckled as he turned down a familiar road, one I took every day to school.

Where are we going here?

"Fang, why are we at school?"

He parked, pulling the keys out of the ignition as he leaned over to me and whispered, "You're about to find out."

And with his heart melting smile, he stepped out of the car, walking over to my side and opening the door for me.

I murmured a quick thanks as he shut the door behind me and took my hand, leading me to where ever he has planned.

I suppressed a shudder as goosebumps made their up my arm.

"Fang," I whined playfully as he dragged me behind him. "Where are you taking me?"

He chuckled as he looked back at me. "You'll see. Now come on."

His pace quickened, as did mine.

Fang stopped tugging on my hand as we stopped at the edge of the football field. I gasped as I stared at the field in awe.

"How did you - but - what are-"

My sentences were coming out unintelligible fragments as I gaped at the sight before me. Fang just watched me with a smile ghosting his lips.

After I took a moment to compose myself I turned to face him, awe still evident on my face.

"How did you do this?" I asked as I turned to stare back at the football field.

The field was dark except for a glow coming from a giant projection screen set up in the south end in zone, illuminating that side of the field, showing a blanket stretched out across the field with throw pillows scattered around.

It was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen and also one of the kindest gestures anyone had ever done for me.

He scratched the back of his head almost nervously as he admitted shyly, "Well, actually, I had Iggy help me. I know we were supposed to keep this a secret and everything, but Iggy is my best friend and I knew he would help me. I'm sorry I told him, but like I said, he is my best friend."

He looked at me as if he expected me to be mad, when I was quite the opposite.

"It's okay, Fang. I'm glad you told Iggy because I told Nudge, too. Like you said, she is my best friend, and I kinda needed a cover story. Plus he would have found out sooner or later, Nudge made me promise we would all go on a double date," I admitted sheepishly. "I hope you don't mind."

At this he smiled brightly, coming up to my side and taking my hand, "I don't mind at all. In fact, that just insures me a second date with the most beautiful girl in the school."

"Just the school? Not the world?" I joked as my face heated up.

"The universe, then," he amended as we walked to the blanket.

He set down the box from Edie that realized he had in his hands this whole time. Fang sat and patted the spot next to him.

I smile as I took a seat next to him, folding my legs Indian style.

He smiled yet again before he said, "Due to our current situation, I thought it were only fit to watch a certain movie."

He smirked as he held up a copy of Romeo and Juliet. Not the version with Leonardo in it I noted. I grinned as I thought of the irony of it.

"Plus," he added, taking the DVD out of the case, "I figured you told Ari that you were working on our project, so technically you aren't lying."

I chuckled as he popped in the movie.

As we were waiting for the previews to finish, we decided to open Edie's mystery box.

Fang's lip quirked up as he looked into the box, smiling for a reason I was unsure of.

Inside the box was a chocolate cake, topped with caramel, chocolate sauce, marshmallows, gummy bears, candy bars and chocolate covered strawberries decorating the sides - basically, it looked like a desert a group of teenagers would make as they threw everything they could find on top.

Fang chuckled as he noted my confused expression and decided to explain.

"This is the desert Edie used to make my parents on their dates, the one she swears helped my dad win my mom over. I guess Edie felt the need to pass the tradition on to us."

A smile spread across my lips at the thought. I was honored that I was the girl Edie had passed the tradition on to.

"It looks amazing," I told him. "And delicious."

He smiled as he took out two forks, both of us digging in, the taste filling out mouths.

Needless to say we felt no shame after we devoured it in less than ten minutes.

"Yum," I moaned as I leaned back on my hands, savoring the last bite, Fang doing the same.

"That was amazing. Now I see how that won your mom over. It's official, I'm sold," I teased, looking up at him.

I laughed as I notice a smear of chocolate on the corner of his mouth.

"You have a little chocolate," I told him as I pointed to the corner of his mouth.

"Oh," he said as he moved to wipe his mouth, missing the spot as he did.

I smiled and shook my head, leaning in closer to help him, "No, it's right…" I trailed off as I moved closer, my breath on his lips. "There." My breath mixed with his. I guess he was expecting me to wipe the spot off with my thumb like any normal person would have done.

Instead, I lowered my mouth to meet the corner of his, kissing the point where his lips met gently before licking the chocolate off.

He tensed at first, obviously not expecting me to do that, but relaxed after a moment, right before I pulled away.

He tried, but failed, to bite back a groan. I snickered.

"Thanks," he whispered, unabashed, as the movie began to start.

As the opening credits began to play Fang patted the spot in between his legs as he leaned back on the palms of his hands, getting comfortable.

I smiled as crawled over to him, settling between his legs, leaning back against his chest. I fit into him perfectly.

The first act began as I leaned against his chest and rested my head against his shoulder, snuggling in close as Fang's arms wrapped securely around me.

We sat in a comfortable silence, listening and watching the movie for a good twenty minutes before I started to get fidgety.

Feeling a bit rebellious, I shifted in Fang's arms to get into a better position as I plotted my next move. Fang glance down at me for a moment as I shifted before returning his gaze to the screen.

After I mustered up enough courage, I carefully shifted my head into the crook of his neck, my hot breath seductively caressing his neck. I smirked as he tried, and failed, to suppress a shudder. I gently started kissing his neck. I was suddenly reminded of the night in the pool when I was in a similar position. I smirked as I inwardly wondered if I could make Fang feel the same way he managed to make me feel that night.

Challenge accepted.

I continued kissing his neck, leaving a trail of kisses down his neck until I got to his pulse point. I kissed it softly before I started sucking slightly, nibbling on his flesh, knowing I was driving him crazy as he let an almost inaudible moan escape his lips.

I had to admit, it was extremely attractive, and I found myself wanting to hear that noise again.

This continued for a few more minutes as I started to become bolder, sucking a little less carefully and trailing a little father down his neck teasing him, before Fang interjected.

"Max," Fang started, his voice strained as he bit back another moan. "I think we better stop before things get out of hand. You aren't going to know what happens in the movie."

Keeping my lips on his neck, I muttered, "Girl falls in love with boy, boy loves girl, family gets in the way of true love, they rebel and then they die. The end. Now where were we?" I continued my trail of kisses up his neck and down his firm jaw line.

I watched as he struggled to swallow, his self-control slowly breaking as my kisses inched closer to his lips.

I could tell he was holding himself back for my sake. He wanted to take things slow with me and not rush into anything or cross any boundaries. I was grateful for this, really, but damn it, I was a seventeen year old girl. I had the rest of my life to take things slow. I was a teenager dammit, and for once I wanted to act like it.

I wanted to be rebellious and spontaneous. I was a girl who had just experience her first kiss a mere few weeks ago. I just wanted to have fun and be reckless, and do things I knew Ari wouldn't approve of.

So, I decided to act on my impulses, whether they were the result of my rebellious attitude, or even possibly an overload of built up hormones.

"Max," Fang tried again. "Come on, you aren't even paying attention to the movie."

"Hmm," I mused as I continued to kiss the corner of his mouth where his lips met. "That's true. But I would rather pay attention to this real life Romeo and Juliet thing we got going on here. Now, do me a favor. Shut up and just kiss me."

Without another word, I bent down and captured his lips with mine, my fingers lacing their way through his soft, black locks as his hands instinctively found their way to my hips. Everything he touched felt on fire. My hips, my cheek, my lips, everything. I opened my mouth, wanting more, but at the same time not knowing exactly what I was doing. I blamed Ari for being this fucking inexperienced, but Fang understood, and took over, rolling my tongue with his, causing my mouth to start tingling. I faintly heard a whimper of pleasure, but hadn't a clue who it came from. It was probably me, though; I tended to make embarrassing sounds in the heat of the moment.

As we broke away for some air, I nudged him back, forcing him to lie down as I crawled on top of him, my arms and legs somewhat supporting me on either side of him as I straddled him.

Fang let out a throaty moan as I slowly shifted my weight down on him, creating a path of open mouthed kisses from the corner of his lips to the base of his neck.

Making a sound of frustration as I continued teasing him, kissing my way down his neck, Fang pulled me back up to him, smashing my lips to his in a passionate kiss.

Our hands started to roam and explore up and down each other's body, sending my skin on fire.

Slowly, my hands started to make their way up his body and to the buttons of his shirt. With shaking hands, I started fidgeting with the first button, attempting to undo it. Finally, after a few failed attempts, I got the first two buttons undone.

As I slowly worked on Fang's buttons, his warm hands came to rest on my hips again, slowly rubbing the exposed skin where my shirt had ridden up.

While my hands worked on the fourth button, Fang's hands cautiously and slowly started inching their way up my shirt, rubbing my stomach, making my insides do backflips.

I had just undone the next button when-

"Hot in, so hot in here! So hot in, hot, oh! With a little bit of, uh uh, and a little bit of, uh uh. Just a little bit of, just a little bit of, It's getting hot in here, so hot, so take off all your clothes. I am, getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off. It's getting hot in here, so hot, so take off all your clothes. I am, getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off."

We both froze, definitely not expecting that.

As I moved to get off of Fang, he cursed under his breath as he fished his pockets for his phone.


I swore as I fished for my phone, wanting to stop that damn song from play as soon as possible.

I didn't need to read the name to know who the jackass calling me was.

"Iggy," I hissed as I answered my phone.

"Hey, buttercup!" he sang into the phone as I clenched my teeth together. "How's it going? Like the ringtone?"

"Iggy! What did I say about touching my phone?" I demanded. I was beyond pissed.

"Not to," he answered in a small childish voice. I could picture his smirk on the other end.

"What do you want, Iggy?" I snapped, tired of his games as my eyes flickered back to Max who was sitting there awkwardly tugging at her shirt. Her hair was ruffled everywhere.

"Harsh much? Is that any way to treat your best friend?" he questioned in mock hurt. "I just wanted to check in on you. See how the date was going. You know, cock block. Make sure no babies are being made and all, I'm not so sure we could hide that from Ari, Fang."

I coughed as Max's eyes widened. I knew she had heard what Iggy had said.

"Thanks for your concern, Iggy," I answered sarcastically.

"No problemo, Snookums. So, seriously, how's the date going? Did I interrupt a hot and steamy grope session?"

When I didn't respond right away he started cackling. "OH MY GOD! I DID, DIDN'T I? Way to go Fang. Well then I am a fucking God. That must have been perfect, just as you were about to get it on, your phone rings with the lovely sound of 'Getting Hot In Here' playing in the background. I bet Max justloved that."

"Iggy," I hissed as I watched Max's cheeks turn bright red, "I'm hanging up now."

As I went to hang up Iggy's voice stopped me. "She can hear me, can't she? HI, MAX! LOVE YOU, BABBBBYYYY! USE PROTECTION!" he screamed through the phone right before I hung up.

I rolled my eyes as I tossed my phone to the side, making sure it was on silent.

"Well," I started looking at her, "That was a tad awkward."

She smiled and let out a laugh as she crawled back over to me and rested her head on my shoulder, my arm coming up to circle her waist, pulling her closer to me.

I smiled down at her, gently kissing her temple before pulling back.

"Ready to go, Juliet?"

"Sure thing, Romeo," she smiled as I took her hand and walked her back to my car.

We road home in a comfortable silence with a smile ghosted on both of our lips.

So.. Hot and Faxy enough? Kay: Hellz yeah, Kenzi. As I was reading I was just like, Can I get pregnant from this? But you did well. And I'm fairly sure everyone will review and tell you how awesome it was. RIGHT, EVERYONE?~

When we finally arrived back at my house, I couldn't help but feel sad that our date was over. I didn't want her to leave, not just yet.

As I walked her over to her car, I decided to voice my thoughts as I wrapped my arms securely around her waist, pulling her flush against my chest.

"Don't leave," I mumbled into her neck as I pulled her tightly to me, unwilling to let her go.

"I don't want to," she whispered back as she wrapped her arms around my neck, playing with my hair.

"Then don't."

She buried her face in my neck as she mumbled a response, "It's getting late, though…" She trailed off, not really wanting to come up with a legitimate excuse.

I smirked at her vain attempt, "Come on, just stay a bit longer," I coaxed, gently rubbing circles in-between her shoulder blades, relaxing her.

She sighed before nodding, leaning into my touch, "Alright, just a bit longer."

I smiled slightly as I grabbed her hand and led her to the side of the house, taking her somewhere I hadn't been in over a year. Not since that night when I lost Emily.

She laughed as I lead her behind the house and towards a ladder.

"Fang, where are we going?" She questioned as I pulled her towards the ladder, gesturing for her to start up it.

"You'll see."

I waited for Max to climb up the ladder and up on to the roof, into Emily's and my special hide away. A place I'd been too afraid to go to since she passed away.

After taking a steadying breath, I climbed up the stairs after her, up into the little alcove on the roof. It was just as we left it, lights still strung up, crayons scattered everywhere, and an old ratty fort made from our mother's sheets still standing strong.

I felt a pang in my heart when I realized how abandoned and lifeless everything look, just like Emily must have.

I snapped myself out of my thoughts as I watched Max's amazed face as she looked out into the ocean.

God, she was so beautiful.

"Wow, this place is amazing."

"Just like you," I whispered, as I came up behind her, wrapping my arms around her, pulling her back flush against me.

She blushed slightly as she ducked her head, embarrassed.

I chuckled as I brushed a stray strand of hair out of her eyes, tucking it behind her ear.

We laid down on a blanket, sprawled out on the roof as we gazed up at the stars, just holding each other.

Eventually, Max's eyes started to become heavy, as her breathing became shallow.

A ghost of a smile made it's away onto my face as I looked down on the sleeping angel resting next to me.

She was so perfect. I wished Emily was there to meet her.

I gently kissed her forehead before pulling her closer to me, wrapping my arms around her as she rested her head on my chest.

"God, she would have loved you," I whispered into her hair right before I let sleep claim me.

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