True Confessions of Star Crossed Lovers

Chapter 20

Fang's POV

I woke up a few hours later, Max tucked tightly to my side and my arms wrapped securely around her.

It was getting pretty late, and I knew I should probably wake her up soon, knowing Nudge was most likely waiting up for her- but she just looked so peaceful. I didn't want to wake her, not yet.

I watched her sleep for a few minutes, just gazing at her sleeping form, memorizing every detail, before I decided it was time to wake her from her slumber.

I placed a gentle kiss to her forehead before gently shaking her.

"Max," I whispered into her ear, "Max, baby, wake up. It's almost one a.m. Nudge is probably worried about you."

She groaned slightly, shifting in my arms before she murmured stubbornly, "No. It's sleepy time. Go away."

I chuckled at her as she tried to burry face deeper into my chest.

"Max, sweetie, come on. It's time to go." I tried again as I shifted her in my arms, sitting us both up, her leaning on me, supporting all her weight on my shoulder.

A heavy sigh left her lips before she reluctantly raised her head from my shoulder, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes before trying to get up.

"Fine." She huffed as she went to stand, straightening her clothes and messy hair as she did.

I watched her silently as she gathered her things, wishing that she didn't have to leave, but I knew we were pushing our luck staying together this long.

We climbed down the stairs when she was finished and around the house to the driveway. We walked hand in hand, taking our sweet time as we strolled over to her car.

As we reached the driver's side she turned to face me, her eyes pleading with me, begging me not to let her go.

I gazed down at her lovingly as I wrapped my arms around her small frame, hugging her tightly to my body as her arms reciprocated my action.

She buried her face in the crook of my neck as I placed a sweet kiss on the top of her head.

"I'll see you tomorrow okay? Bright and early. We will only be away from each other for six hours tops." I tried to compromise with her, but in all honesty, I didn't want to be away from her that long.

God I have it bad.

Her warm breath tickled my neck sending a shiver up my spine as she huffed in defeat before nodding in agreement.

I smiled down at her as she pulled away from me slightly.

"Bye Max. See you in six hours and counting." I winked at her as her lip twitched upward before she reached up on her tippy toes, her lips waiting to meet mine, not that she had to wait long.

Our lips meet in a sweet kiss before she reluctantly pulled back, watching me longingly.

"Be safe."

"Bye Fang." She whispered softly as our lips met in a departing kiss.

Just before I let her slip from my grasp into her car, I whispered upon her lips, "Good night, good night. Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow."

I felt her lip slightly twitch upward at my cheesy quoting of one of Shakespeare's infamous lines from the play that seemed to be mirroring my life at the moment, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

I sighed as I watched her car disappear down the dark road before turning to head back into my house, a small smile lingering on my lips.

Cue the cheesy romantic music.

Max's POV

When I finally returned to Nudge's house after leaving Fang's, I was bombarded with questions and demands from the motor mouth herself.

"Maximum Ava Ride, where the hell were you? How was it? Why didn't you answer any of my calls? I was worried sick! I thought maybe he turned out to be some serial killer! WHAT IF HE WAS REALLY THE CRIEG'S LIST KILLER? I thought you were dead! Why did you come back so late? I waited up all night! I thought I was going to have to call the CSI or something! And I don't even want to think about how I was going to explain all this to Ar-" I cut her off mind rant by slapping my hand over her mouth.

How can she run her mouth, let alone be coherent at one freaking a.m. in the morning is beyond me, but somehow she managed it. I was beginning to wish I were dead just so I wouldn't have to hear he babble on.

"Nudge," I warned as I glared at her, rubbing my temples as I felt a massive headache coming on, " It's one a.m., I'm not in the mood to be interrogated okay?"

She gave she a sheepish expression as I continued, "The date was fine, no, it was better than fine. It was amazing. It couldn't have been more perfect." I stated in a wistfully as I felt a ghost of a smile make its way on my face.

Nudge started to squeal as she embraced me tightly, "I want full details tomorrow. Promise?" She eyed me seriously as she held out her pinky, waiting for me to reciprocate her move and pinky promise to intrigue her with every detail. I didn't have the heart or energy to object as I hooked my pinky with hers and jerked it once for good measure.

"Promise." I smiled at my best friend as she snaked her arm around me and led me to her room.

Just before we went to bed I turned to her and added, "Oh, and just so you know, your boyfriend is an idiot."

I chuckled in response as she smirked and asked, "When is he not? Remind me to have you elaborate later though."

"Will do." I smirked as I flipped off the light and settled into bed to get a few hours of sleep before school.


The next morning I was jostled awake by the annoying sound of Rihanna repeatedly singing, "We found love in a hopeless place", blaring through Nudge's Ihome.

I grunted as I threw the closest thing to me at the moment- Nudge's six inch stiletto heel- at the stupid thing.

Luckily, I managed to get myself motivated enough to get dressed and out of the house before Nudge could hound me for information about last night.

I made it into school just before the first warning bell rang, managing to avoid my bother as well.

I quickly slipped into my first period class of the day and took my seat in my assigned spot as other students started to trickle in.

As I started to pull out my notebooks I caught a glimpse of onyx eyes and luscious ebony hair out of the corner of my eyes. As I glanced up, my eyes met Fang's, as he casually strolled in with Iggy.

He smiled at me- a real smile- as he sent me a secretive wink, one that did not however, go unnoticed by his idiotic best friend, who was currently air thrusting at us as Fang casually strolled over to me, flipping Iggy off as he did.

I chuckled and shook my head exasperatedly as he continued to thrust the air as he sang, "And thrust, and thrust, and thrust."

"Hello beautiful," Fang whispered in my ear as he took his seat next to me, "Did you sleep well?"

I nodded as I couldn't help but smile brightly at him. He just made me feel so, so complete and perfect.

"I missed you though," I admitted just below a whisper.

The corner of his lip twitched upward into a half smile right as Coach walked in.

"Moring guys," Coach Ski's voice boomed through the classroom as he set down his briefcase and coffee on his desk and stood behind his podium.

He was answered with a choir of grunts and mumbled, "Mornin's."

"So, since I know you all have been working diligently on your projects that are due in a few weeks," He started as he gave us all pointed looks, as if to say, 'And all you slackers need to get a move on', "I thought it would be a beneficial use of class time to discuss what you have read and learned about the plays assigned to you so far."

A few groans filled the room as others stole a sideways glance at each other as if to say, "Fuck, we're screwed."

"So," Coach started as he clasped his hands together , "Let's get started. I'm feeling in a tragic love story mood today, so, let's start with Romeo and Juliet shall we?"

"Fang," Coach started as Fang's eyes snapped up to meet his, giving him full attention, " How about you give us a quote from the play that you feel is a good support for one of the themes of Shakespeare's play and explain it."

"Um, okay," Fang mumbled as he flipped through the pages of his copy of the play and stopping as he came to a quote, "This is from act one scene five."

He cleared his throat before he looked up and stared into my eyes, never breaking our gaze as he read, "Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!/ For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night."

I felt my checks heat as I looked down blushing.

"Ah," Coach started as he nodded his head approvingly, "Interesting choice, care to elaborate on that? How does that help support one of the themes?"

"Well, one of the major themes of the play is love."Fang started but switched his gazed from Coach to me, looking at me intently, " Love at first sight. Even though Romeo and Juliet have just met, he feels a connection with her. Like he's know her all his life, like she is the one meant for him. To him, she beautiful, and everything he could ever want. Up until now, he's never known what true love was, Juliet changes that. She shows him what it means to love and be loved. They're in love, and that's what matters to them."

I felt my heart clinch as Fang finished, knowing that what he had just said wasn't entirely meant just to answer Coach's question.

"Hum," Coach moved to lean against his podium rubbing his chin as he mulled over what Fang had said, "Interesting take on things Fang. But, the play also says, 'violent delights have violent ends/ And in their triumph die, like fire and powder/ Which as they kiss consume: the sweetest honey/ Is loathsome in his own deliciousness/ And in the taste confounds the appetite:Therefore love moderately; long love doth so;Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.' That quote suggests that rushing into love and rash behavior often time results in disaster and does not end well for either party. Sometimes, fate is simply against them."

Although Coach may have had a point, Fang was quick to retort, "True, but sometimes we have to make our own fate. It shouldn't matter if they've been in love for a day or twenty years. Sometimes, you just know. Love is love. If they truly love each other nothing else in the world matters, not their family, or friends, or even fate."

"Hum, alright, fair enough. Although that definitely was not the case with Romeo and Juliet, for as Shakespeare writes, ' For never was a story of more woe/ Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.'" Coach paused dramatically, his words lingering throughout the room, as the words seeped in.

Suddenly my stomach churned and I couldn't help but feel that his words were some kind of terrible foreshadowing.

"Great job guys, I can tell you have been working hard." Coach congratulated us as he turned his attention to another group.

As coach went to ask another student a question, Iggy made a terrible hacking sound, one that I am assuming he made to get Coach's attention.

Coach turned to face him as he cocked an eyebrow upward, giving Iggy a pointed look.

"Yes Iggy? Was that your way of getting my attention, or did you just swallow a bug again?" Coach asked slightly amused before Iggy answered.

"No, I did not swallow a," he added under her breath as other snickered, " I just wanted to let you know, I actually read, therefore I would have been able to answer that question, too. Just saying."

Coach rolled his eyes as Iggy leaned back in his chair, shrugging as if to say, "I totally could have."

"Oh, and Fang forgot a big part of the play." He added smirking.

"Oh really?" Coach questioned as he cocked his eyebrow again, "Care to elaborate on that one Iggy?"

"Sure," He started as he straightened up in his chair, "You see, sure they were in love and all that crap, but, a major part of the story is totally looking out for your bros. I mean just look at Romeo's man main, Mercutio. He totally had Romeo's back, helping him sneak out to see Juliet, keeping secrets from her family, and helping them be together. He totally put his ass on the line for them. He just wants to see his best friend happy again." Iggy finished he voice sincere, but he wasn't looking at coach as he did, his gaze continued to flip back and forth between Fang and I. "Friendship and loyalty is a big part of the story too. All I'm saying, is Mercutio was a bad mofo. And not to brag or anything, but I've been told I'm a lot like him."

The class broke out into a fit of laughter as Iggy winked to no one in particular, only Iggy.

"Thank you Iggy for your, interesting, insight. You have a point though, good job." Coach began to move on, but Iggy interrupted him, yet again.

"Oh! And, just to set the record straight, he was not a cross-dressing transvestite. Just thought we should clear that up. You're welcome."

"Thank you Iggy, glad you cleared that up for everyone." Coach stated sarcastically as he rolled his eyes, still slightly amused.

Leave it to Iggy to lighten any mood.

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