True Confessions of Star Crossed Lovers

Chapter 21

Max's POV

It's been a little over a week since Fang and I last went out- or should I say, since the best freaking date of the history of my pitifully lonely life. We haven't really gone out since then, reasons being our highly conflicting schedules. With what seemed like mounds of homework, endless basketball practices and games, we couldn't seem to find the time to be together.

Of course Ari was a bit of the problem as well, he's been breathing down my neck lately, always questioning my whereabouts and checking my story for any faults. I have a ghastly feeling that he may be on to us.

Oh God that just won't do.

Of course, Nudge did not let me forget that I still owed her a double date with her flavor of the month. In fact she was reminding me, yet again, about it.

"So Max, I really think we should-" She started, but I cut her off abruptly as I slammed my AP Euro textbook down in my locker, causing her to jump in surprise.

"Enough Nudge. Give it a rest, will you? We'll go in due time, alright? In case you haven't noticed, we haven't exactly has a spare moment in a while now have we?" I asked, slightly irritated as I continued shoving books into my locker.

She smiled sheepishly before shaking her head no.

Just as I opened my mouth to apologize for snapping at her, I caught a glimpse of a figure rolling around on the ground out of the corner of my eye.

Oh God, I mentally groaned as my suspicions were confirmed.

Why can't we have normal friends?

Iggy popped up beside us wearing dark sunglasses, inside, looking very much like a character from Men In Black as he continued humming, rather loudly and obnoxiously, the Mission Impossible theme song.

Just as we turned to acknowledge him, which I truly wish we hadn't, he snapped my locker door shut in a dramatic fashion, catching my hair in the door.

I yelped in surprise and pain as I tried desperately to free my hair.

"Iggy!" I hissed as his face pale and Nudge looked at us in shock, "You oaf."

"Hehe," He chuckled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, "Um, sorry about that Max."

I glared at him, mumbling curses as I worked to free my hair from is painful hold only to find Nudge making googly eyes at him.


She knows this guy for two months and she's already taken his side over mine. Not like we've been friends since grade school or anything.

What happened to chicks before dicks?

I rolled my eyes at them as I finally freed my hair.

"And to what do we own this… pleasure?" I asked, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

He seemed to snap out of his love induced daze as he glanced up at me, smirking coyly before he attempted to lean against the lockers, in what he must have thought, was in a sexy manor. Of course, being Iggy, he seemed to have misjudged the distance between the spot he was standing in and the lockers. As he began to lean, he missed the lockers by a good inch and a half and completely face planted it into the tile floors.

"Ah shit!" he exclaimed as I burst into a fit of snickers- because giggling is far too prissy.

"Oh my God! BABE! Are you okay?" Nudge asked hysterically as she rushed to his side, offering a hand to pull him up as he mumbled a soft, "I'm fine" as his face turned beat red.

I couldn't help it, I snorted. I know, I'm such a lday.

"Real suave, Igs," I snickered as he gapped at me in fake hurt.

"Hey," he exclaimed as he dusted himself off, "I am plenty sexy thank you very much."

I bit my lips to prevent from breaking out into a smile as he suddenly broke out in song, singing Suavemente at the top of his lungs.

"Suavemente, besame que quiero… erm.. something something… da da da da laaaa." He sang out as he began to swing his hips dancing around us in a way only Iggy would be comfortable enough to do in public.

I snorted again shaking my head in amusement.

"Iggy, you are aware that suave doesn't mean sexy, right?" I asked as he stared back at me flabbergasted.

"What?" He exclaimed, "Of course it does, you know. Suavemente, besame. It means sexy kiss me. Right?" He asked, all of a sudden skeptical.

I looked at Nudge before we both burst out laughing.

"NO!" I gasped out between hysterics, "Igs, Suave means smoothly. You know? Suavemente besame means kiss me smoothly or softly."

I chuckled as his mouth formed an "O" shape as realization spread across his face.

"Well I guess my D in Spanish is no shock then."

We continued to chuckle, smiling, before asking him, again, what he was doing here.

"Oh, well you see, I came to invite you two lovely ladies on a-" he cut off shortly, looking around conspicuously before lowering his voice, "onway away ateday ithway Angfay andway emay."

We rolled our eyes at his terrible attempt at pig latin before snapping at him.

"Speak. English."

He huffed, obviously upset at us for spoiling his fun before speaking again, "Okay, okay. I was just trying to keep things on the DL. There are eyes and ears everywhere." He spared a glance around before revealing a folded piece of paper with my name on it and whispering, "Fang sent me to invite you two on a double date with us Friday."

I took the note from his outstretched hand, pocketing it for later before crossing my arms over my chest in a defensive manor and asking slightly annoyed, "And why didn't Fang come and ask himself?"

"Because," he hissed, pulling us in closer so he could lower his voice, "Eagle eye has his spies everywhere. Fang's noticed he's been keeping a closer eye on him lately so he didn't want to toss up any red flags so he sent me. Because let's face it, it's a well known fact I scored the hottest girl in school, who just so happens to be your BFFL, so it wouldn't be weird for me to be talking to you guys." He finished, throwing a wink in Nudge's direction as she blushed furiously.

"Right," I drawled, turning to face a flush faced Nudge, "Sweet heart, we really need to work on your taste in men."

I snickered as Iggy glared at me playfully.

"Alright, alright, so where and when is the date?" I asked, eyeing him suspiciously as he wrapped an arm around Nudge.

"Ah ah ahh," he patronized me as he wagged a finger in my face.

Another inch closer and that boy's going to lose a finger.

"That my dear, is classified information. It's on a need to know basis and you sweetie, don't need to know."

"Oh really now?" I asked as I raised an eyebrow defiantly, "Then I guess you don't need a date Friday night now do you?"

He stared back at me looking like a small puppy who had just been struck and reprimanded for chewing on the furniture.

"Awe, come on Max, don't be like that. Where's your sense of adventure?" He asked, pulling Nudge closer to his side, both of them giving me hopeful looks.

I rolled my eyes at his tactics. It's not that I didn't want a surprise date, it's just with all this sneaking around I couldn't afford any slip ups.

I huffed, "Don't we need to know when and where to meet you?"

"Nope," He popped the 'p' in an annoying fashion, " Because we will be picking you up at Nudge's at five. Everything else you need to know, I assume, is in that note."

Sighing, I reluctantly obliged, "Alright. I guess I'll see you all tomorrow."

I turned to direct my question to Nudge, who was looking at me expectantly, "And what ungodly hour do you expect me to be at your house for you to torture me with your death weapons and tight outfits?"

"It's called make-up Max, and it wouldn't be torture if you would just sit still for five minutes," She answered pointedly as she pursed her lips.

"Yeah, yeah, what time?" I asked offhandedly.

Smiling she answered, "Tell Ari you are coming home with me, I need all the time I can get."

Rolling my eyes, I couldn't help but smirk slightly at her.

"Alright Nudge, bye guys."

Later that night after I tucked Angel into bed, I sat crisscross on my bed, my homework and assignments scattered across my bed. Half away into my calculus assignment, I suddenly remembered the note Iggy had given me, abandoned on the floor in a pile of dirty clothes. Giving up on my assignment, I lazily leaned over and snatched the note from my jean pocket before returning to my previous position on my bed.

Curiously, I opened the note and began reading Fang's familiar script.

Hello beautiful,

Or do you prefer Juliet?

I snickered as I could practically hear the sarcasm as he wrote the line.

Sorry we haven't gotten to see much of each other this week, but I figured it was better to steer clear of each other for a bit instead of getting caught by the General.

At this I nearly snorted, that was definitely an accurate nickname for Ari.

If I didn't think it would make me seem like less of a man, I might actually admit that I missed you. But, then again, I've never been one to question my manhood, so….

I missed you.

I missed you and I can't stop thinking about you. I keep reminding myself not to get in too deep since I've only know you for a few months but I can't seem to help it. I miss you and I'm falling for you- fast. And I for one am not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things.

I think we've laid low long enough. I'd like to take you out tomorrow. Iggy's been reminding me of an apparently promised double date, and from what I've heard you've received the same treatment from our lovely Nudge.

We will meet you at Nudge's house tomorrow five, dress casual. Well, as casual as Nudge will let you. As for the location of our date, you will just have to wait and see.

It doesn't matter to me if Ari finds out. I'm not scared or ashamed of us. I'll fight for you.

Don't let him change your mind.

Check yes, Juliet.


I smiled softly to myself as I read his messy scrawl, feeling slightly giddy inside. I reached for my phone to send him a simple message.

To: Fang


As I hit the send button, a soft knock came from outside my door.

Quickly, I shifted my papers to cover the note, hiding it under homework.

"Come in," I called as the door slowly opened and Ari poked his head through the door smiling before walking over to join me on my bed.

"Hey Kiddo, doing homework?" he asked as he picked up my pathetic attempt at proving an identity.

"Yeah," I answered, moving my work out of his way, "Or at least attempting to."

He smiled almost sympathetically before ruffling my hair in a brotherly way. He chuckled as I glared at him, smoothing my hair back down before kicking him.

"Hey now. Violence is never the answer. Unless of course you are you are fighting off some horny guys, then it's always the answer." He stressed as he picked up a stray stuffed hippopotamus, one our parents had given me years ago, and started spinning it in his hands.

Rolling my eyes I answered, "Sure Ari, I was just practicing warding off them boys."

He shook his head smirking before he turned to me suddenly, his demeanor more serious than before.

"Hey, so, I was thinking, maybe I could take you and Angel out to dinner tomorrow night and then we could rent some movies, your pick. We've all been so busy we haven't had any family time lately and I kind of miss it." He admitted as he looked at me hopefully.

"We could even-" he started but stopped short after catching a glimpse of my guilty looking face.

"What? What's with the face?" He asked eyeing me suspiciously, making me feel even guiltier for lying and hiding things from him.

"Um," I started hesitantly, biting my lip as guilty habit, not being able to look directly at him as I spoke, "Well, I sort of already have plans. I'm spending the night at Nudge's."

His face fell a bit before he turned a skeptical gaze at me.

"You've been spending an awful lot of time over at Nudge's lately." He stated as he studied my face carefully, making me squirm in discomfort under his stare.

"Yeah, well we have a lot of homework and projects due. It's just easier to do it together. You know?" I offered off handedly, trying my best not to let on that was I secretly flipping out inside.

Holy shit he knows. He knows. He totally knows. He knows and I'm dead. He knows and Fang is dead. DAMN IT WE ARE ALL DEAD.

He eyed me carefully and I hope to god he didn't develop some creepy mindreading powers recently.

Sighing, he seemed to let it go, "Alright. Have fun."

"Hey, maybe we can do our movie night Sunday or something. I know a really good burger place." I offered, smiling softly at my big brother.

Smiling back he nodded, "Alright, sounds good to me."

"Sweet, and you're paying right?" I asked snickering as he playfully pushed me to the side.

"Yes Max, I'll pay you cheapskate."

"Oh, okay in that case we should go out for fro-yo too." I added seriously smiling back at him.

Chuckling he stood and went to lean over me, placing a single, gentle kiss on my forehead.

"Good night Max. Sleep tight, I love you." He whispered as he pulled away from me, walking to the door, hand hovering the light switch.

"Love you too, Air-bear."

He smiled softly before winking, switching off the light and exiting my room.

I really missed this. He may be overprotective, but he has good intentions and I love him. Which, of course, only makes me feel about a million times worse for lying to him.

And the award for worst sister of the year award goes to… Maximum Ride.

As I shifted myself into a comfortable position, my eyelids became heavy and began to drift off only to be awakened by the bright glow of my cell phone, illuminating my room.

Groaning, I turned over, squinting to read the text.


Great, see you tomorrow. Good night.

Tossing my phone to the side, I drifted to sleep with an eerie feeling and an overwhelming sense of guilt lingering in the room. I hated lying to my brother, and things never end well for those who sneak about.

Somehow I have a feeling, that when Ari finds out about Fang and I, all Hell is going to break loose, and I for one, don't particularly want to be there to witness it.

But we've in too deep now. I've tangled my own web of lies and deceit and there's no way of taking it back now.

The lying games have begun.

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