True Confessions of Star Crossed Lovers

Chapter 27

Ari's POV

I didn't get a wink of sleep last night. All I could think of was how angry I was at Max for lying to me. I was pissed at her and Fang for deliberately going against my wishes. But most of all, I couldn't sleep because of my harsh words to Max echoed in my head.

I'd called her terrible names.

Names that if any other male had called her, I would have maimed and murdered.

I didn't mean a word of it, I knew she wasn't a whore, but I was so angry at the time. I knew I was being harsh and spiteful, but my goal was to cut her deep.

I thought taking my anger out on her verbally would make me feel better, but it only made me feel worse.

Her words sent chills down my spine and haunted me.

I hate you.

I tried to convince myself she didn't mean it, that she had just retaliated and said it in hurt, to hurt me, but a big part of me couldn't believe that.

I had pushed too hard, gone too far.

But that still didn't excuse her for lying to me.

Max spent the day acting like a melodramatic teenager, locking herself in her room, blasting music and refusing to come out, reinforcing my belief that she was still a child and could not be responsible enough to make her own decisions. I.e. no dating.

The hostility in the house was quickly making my blood being to boil again.

How dare she be angry with me when she had been the one in the wrong. Yeah, I probably should have handled the situation a little better than I did, but she was the one who lied and snuck around not the other way around.

No one sneaks around unless they know they what they are doing is wrong.

And what she did was wrong.

My mind began to drift to thoughts of Max and Fang sneaking around behind my back. Suddenly all the nights Max supposedly spent the night at Nudge's drifted into my mind. Had she really been at Nudge's? Or was it just an excuse to sneak out and spend the evening with Fang?

Had they spent the night together?

That thought sent shocking shivers down my spine, feeling as if someone had thrown a large bucket of ice water over my body.

Had Fang deflowered my innocent little sister?

I felt my hands grip into tight fists, my nails digging into my skin drawing blood at the thought.

I'd kill him.

If he so much as touched her inappropriately, I'd have his head and hang it in the living room.

I went to bed, nerves shot, not being able to catch a wink of sleep due to images of Fang having his way with my sister clouding my mind.

I saw red, and I was out for blood.

The next morning was anything but pleasant as there was a thick tension in the air. We muddled around the house, getting ready for school in an eerie silence.

We all pilled into the car and Max still refused to acknowledge me, giving me a rather bitchy cold shoulder.

We dropped off a rather confused Angel at school and having just about enough, I snapped at Max, needing answers to the questions that had deprived me of sleep for the past two nights. I pulled over about a mile from school and put the car in park.

Before she could question my motives, I snapped.

"Alright, I've had just about enough of this cold, silent treatment. You are going to talk to me whether you like it or not, I will get my answers, and so help me God, you will tell me the truth. No more lies Maximum."

She shrunk a little at this, but quickly buffed out her chest and gave me a defiant look.

"Ari come off it," she began but I cut her off, needing answers.

"Were you with him when you said you were with Nudge?" I questioned, but I already had a feeling I knew the answer.

She deflated a little, averting her eyes before mumbling a soft, "Yes."

I scowled a little, my grip on the starring wheel tightening as my knuckles turned white.

I took a deep breath before continuing, "Did you two spend the night together?" I questioned, really not knowing if I wanted to know the answer.

She shrugged a little before answering, not realizing what he really was asking, "Yeah, once. It was no big deal Ari."

I felt my heart pulpit and stomach churn at the thought of my sister's innocents being taken away.

No big deal.

It should be a big deal.

I felt myself sputtering, trying to catch my bearings and searching for an explanation I'm not sure I really wanted to hear.

"Max, did you- I mean, did he- did he ever," I stumbled over my words, desperate to hear she hadn't really given away her innocents, but not being able to for the words.

"You slept with him?" I questioned again, in disbelief.

She looked at me confused, and slightly irritated, before snapping, "Ari, you aren't making any sense. I already told you, yeah, it wasn't a big deal. Now, can you please continue to drive, we are going to be late."

I cursed under my breath as I caught sight of the time, still tense and shocked at her confession.

I was going to kill him.

Rage coursed through my pores as I threw the car into it's rightful parking spot and swiftly exited the car, closing the door with a loud slam, not waiting for Max to get out or to lock the door.

I was on a mission.

I stormed into the campus common area, seeing red as I searched for a certain dark haired boy.

I did a quick scan of the area before my eyes landed on his slightly slumped over figure, sitting at a table, laughing with his teammate from the basketball team.

Growling, I made my way over to the table, fists clenched.

Coming up on their laugher as some dumb joke the lanky blonde one made, I made my presence know.

"Walker," I all by growled, eyes snapping towards me. I watched as eyes went wide, obviously a little taken aback by my tone and appearance.

"What the fuck did I say?" I boomed, grabbing him by the collar and hauling him up in one swift movement.

"Was I speaking another language? Huh?" I questioned, coming very close to his face. As others began to notice our confrontation, they began to crowd around us, hoping for a good show.

"Ari, what the fuck man?" I heard someone question in the background, but I ignored it.

"Ari, what the hell are you going on about?" He had the nerve to question, as if he didn't know.

"Stop playing dumb," I sneered, "My sister you ass."

His eyes widened a fraction, and I heard whispers spread through the crowd, but I didn't care.

"Ari, it's not what," he began but I silenced him, cutting him off.

'What the hell about our little talk before school started did you not understand? Huh?" I pushed, furious, "What part of stay away from my sister didn't you get? Everyone else seemed to get she was off limits, but not you. Oh no, you had to be defiant. I thought I made it very clear to leave her alone, but you had the nerve, to defy me, lie, and sneak around behind my back with her."

"Ari, it wasn't like that, let me explain," he began, but I cut him off again, my grip tightening on his shirt.

"Explain what exactly? How you snuck around? How you touched her? How you kissed her, marked her. How you fucking stole her innocence you bastard," I spat.

His eyes widened in shock at the last part, about to say something when someone in the leering crowd piped in.

"Whoa, Fang boinked Ari's sister?" they called out incredulously, "Nice man, how'd the forbidden fruit taste?"

What ever sliver of self restraint I had dissipated at his words, as I growled deep in my throat. I balled my hand into a fist and swung, hard.

I heard a satisfying crack as my fist connected his nose, successfully breaking it as blood gushed from his nose.

Shrieks of horror and cheers from the crowd echoed in the background as my adrenaline increased. Fang hunched over in pain before I took another swing, this time, he was ready, as he went to block my move, catching my fist in his hand before taking a swing at me himself.

Before I could get another swing at his lying ass, the boys from the team snapped out of their shock and attempted to restrain the two of us.

"Break it up you two, this isn't the place nor time to do this," Gazzy scolded.

I was about to tell him off, telling him this didn't concern them when I heard Max shriek in the background.

"Oh my God, Ari what the hell did you do?" she screeched, eyes frantically searching both Fang and my body for major injuries.

I felt a pang in my gut as she seemed more concerned over Fang than myself.

I chuckled darkly as her eyes snapped to mine, 'What did I do? I was just showing Fang the consequences of the poor choices you've made."

She looked at Fang helplessly before turning back to me, desperate, "Ari, let me explain, you don't know the full story. Let me tell you my side of it alright?"

Start ****

I snorted, disgusted, "Your side?" I asked incredulously, "You've already told me your side Maximum, remember? In the car. You snuck around with him. All those nights you said you were stay at Nudges you were with him. You slept with him. I know what your side consists of, and that's of you lying flat on you back like a little slut, legs spr-"

I didn't get to finish because Max cut my off with a hard smack to my face, silencing the bystanders, and me, anger and tears welling in her eyes.

'You bastard," she cursed as her slap still stung my cheek, "whose the liar now? I did no such thing."


I opened my mouth warn her not to lie to me again, but her sharp words silenced me again, causing me to feel as if someone had stabbed me in the heart.

"You know Ari, you've always been so concerned with protecting me from this hypothetical male threat. You've been so worried that a guy would hurt me, but no guy has ever or could ever hurt me the way you just have. All this time you've wasted trying to shelter and protected me from these terrible, ruthless boys, when in reality, they only male you should have been protecting me from was you."

Her words stung far worse than her slap, maybe because there might have been some truth behind her words.

I started to apologize for what I had said but she cut me off with a look colder than I had ever seen.

"Thank you for informing me and the rest of the student population of the school of which I have to attend, how you really feel about me. Glad to know you think so highly of me," she started coldly and my heart shattered at the pained look she gave me, "Good to know you think I'd spread my legs so easily, just to defy you."

"Max," I began, knowing I needed to get through to her, tell her I hadn't meant what I had said, but only that the words slipped out in anger, but I was cut off by a rather angry, authoritative voice.

"Mr. Ride, Mr. Walker, in my office, NOW," Head Master Uber demanded, eyeing us both sternly.


I groaned as I glanced over at Max, giving her a pleasing look for forgiveness, but she wasn't looking at me, she was staring at him, eyes glossy and sad as she grasped his arm and whispered a small, "I'm so sorry" to him.

I felt as if someone was twisting a knife into my gut as I watched him smile sadly, but reassuringly to her, giving her a quick peck on the lips, as if to tell her everything would be all right.

I tried again to catch her eye with no avail as she ignored my gaze and gave me the cold shoulder. As teachers began to break up the crowd we had attracted, sending them off to their classes, I exited, being hauled by the arm down to the Head Masters office.

We were both thrown forcefully into chairs in front of the Head Master's desk as he took his seat and rubbed his temples in aggravation.

"Would one of you care to tell me what the hell was going on out there? Surely one of you had a brain aneurism and fell mentally ill for a moment, because I know none of my respectable young men would dare to disrespect me, their classmates, their school and themselves by fighting on school property, so please, enlighten me." His tone was full of authority as he eyed both Fang and I, waiting for an answer.

I waited for fang to tattle on me for attacking him and staring the fight, but he surprised me when he held his head up and set his lips in a thin, stern line.

"It was nothing," he said, averting his eyes as he added, "simply a misunderstanding."

Head Master Uber snorted in disbelief as he turned to me, waiting for my answer.

"It was nothing," I grunted, not looking at him, but staring intently at a stain on the carpet.

Head Master Uber groaned in aggravation before speaking, "Fine then, you don't want to talk that's fine, but leave your petty, testosterone induced squabble for outside school property. What ever your beef with each other is, work it out off my property." He emphasized as we both grunted in response.

"You'll both have plenty of time to sort out your problems with each other in the next two weeks, as you are suspended, staring now. Gather you things, I expect you off school property in ten minutes."

Our eyes snapped up at his, as I began to argue our punishment, stating it was unfair, but he silenced me.

"Mr. Ride, would you like to make it three?" H questioned, successfully shutting me up.

"No sir," I muttered under my breath as we gathered our things and made to exit.

"Good, I except this will never happen again right boys?" He questioned as we nodded in agreement.

"Alright, Ms Dwyer, please escort theses boys off the premises."

As we exited the main office, I noticed Max was waiting outside for us, eyeing us anxiously.

"What happened?" she asked, I noticed the question was directed towards Fang and not myself.

"What are you doing outside of class Maximum?" I questioned, "The first bell rang long ago."

She ignored me, waiting for an answer from Fang, who looked between the two of us before answering.

"It's fine, suspended for two weeks, could have been worse," he stated simply, but Max gasped at his words.

"Ari you little fucker," she turned on me cursing a slew of colorful language at me.

"Maximum this doesn't concern you, go to class, now," I warned, my tone deadly, but she had the nerve to defy me, yet again.

"Fuck off Ari," she spat as she turned to face Fang again, "Are you alright? Did they check your nose, it looks broken, it's going to be crooked if they don't properly set it back."

"It's fine, I'm fine Max," he tried to assure her as she worried over him like a mother over her child, and it sickened me.

"Are you alright?" he questioned, tucking a finger under her chin to force her to look at him. She smiled sadly before nodding, embracing him tightly.

"Max," I warned again, sickened at the sight of them, "Class, now."

She glared daggers at me and just as she opened her mouth to curse at me again, Ms. Dwyer cleared her throat.

"Boys, times up, please leave, now," she emphasized, eyebrows raised.

I made to move, but stopped short when I saw Max grab Fang and place a heated kiss upon his lips.

"Ms. Ride, please come with me, as you will be needing a tardy pass," she warned, disapprovingly as Max nodded and followed her.

I threw another nasty look at Fang as we exited the building and drove away.

I spend the rest of the day pacing our house back and forth, Max's hurt expression burned into my mind.

What I had said was inexcusable, and I had hurt her more than I could comprehend.

I'd never seen her so hurt before, but more importantly, I'd never been the source of her pain before, and it was killing me inside.

I waited impatiently for Max to get home from school, as I had asked Nudge to take her straight home.

My nerves were all over the place when I head her keys jingling in the door, waiting for her to walk through the door so we could begin the discussion I so desperately needed to have with her.

I took her a moment, but she walked through the door, stopping short when she saw me waiting for her in the kitchen.

Max stared blankly at me, making me twitch in anticipation, waiting for the storm that would soon be unleashed.

But she kept quite, staring.

"Well, go ahead then I can't stand the anticipation. Scream at me, let me have it," I baited her, bracing myself.

But she just shook her head.

"Do you want to hit me then?" I asked, just wanting her to get what ever torture she had in mind over. I wanted us to get past this and move on, but again she shook her head sadly.

I let out an annoyed groan, 'What do you want then Max? Just get it over with, so you can stop giving me this god dammed ice chill every time we are in the same vicinity."

"What do I want?" She asked, chuckling, but there was no humor in it, and it made me cringe. She gave me what I can only describe as a disgusted look and shook her head.

"Nothing. I don't want anything from you. I don't want to look at you. I don't want to converse with you, hell I don't even want to be related to you at the moment."

I shrunk back, her words hitting me hard.

She couldn't mean that. She never stayed mad at me, ever. This was going to pass, it had to.

"So you really want to do me a favor? Stay out of my life, because as far as I'm concerned, you're dead to me. I don't want anything to do with you." She gave me a chillingly blank stare, as she brushed passed me and ascended the stairs.

My controlling, protective brother instincts were yell at me to stop her, to reprimand her for speaking to me like that, but deep down, I couldn't muster the strength to.

I had gone too far this time.

I felt as if someone had physically drove a knife into my heart and was taking great pleasure in twisting it around.

I had to fix this.

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