True Confessions of Star Crossed Lovers

Chapter 5


I opened the door to our beautiful mansion slowly. It was a damn good house; on beach, facing the crystal clear Pacific Ocean. Gorgeous. I let out a small sight as I slipped inside as quietly as possible, careful not to wake up a sleeping angel - who, ironically, is named just that; Angel.

I hadn't even made it a few steps into my house when I heard loud moans and frantic, muffled screams. It sounded like someone was in agonizing pain, or something.

My first thought was, 'Oh my flipping God! Horrible wolf-like humans must have attacked my brother!' but I quickly dismissed that thought. Where the HECK did that come from? Too much sugar, maybe... I mean, come on, that is just stupid. There are no such thing as wolf-like humans. What'd you call them, anyway? Werewolves? Erasers? Yeah. Right.

I was quickly brought out of my thoughts when I heard a louder moan coming from the living room. 'Oh, nice one, Max. Off dreaming about fictional characters while there's the possibility of a murderer in your house... smooth.'

Panicked, I groped around in the dark hallway frantically, hoping desperately to find something moderately weapon-like. Sure, I could kick ass, but if the psycho had a gun or whatever, what would I be able to do?

My hands found something pointy, sharp, deadly... Mom's six inch stiletto heels. Okay, no match for a gun, but possibly useful in a knife-fight.

I crept into the living room as fast as I could, trying to make as little noise as possible. As I shuffled forward, my hands waving in front of me so I wouldn't run into something, I determined that the moaning-slash-groaning-slash-yelling noises were coming from the couch.

As fast as I could, I whirled around the back of the couch and positioned the deadly ankle-breaking item of footwear above my head, ready to smash it down onto whoever the hell was on my damn couch. Just as I was about to thrust the heel downwards - an action that would probably kill whoever was there, depending on whether or not I decided to be nice - I froze. My body was rigid with shock, my feet stuck to the ground. I could not fucking believe it.

I stood there with my mouth hanging open, wide-eyed and furious, as I watched my - extremely freaking horny - brother and a topless mocha skinned girl make out. They. Hadn't. Even. Noticed. Me.

"Oh my God! You have GOT to be kidding me!" I screamed, when I finally found my voice.

I watched as both figures froze in front of me. Slowly, Ari shifted the girl, who was shaking in fear - ha! She hadn't even seen my glare yet! - off of him. His eyes met mine hesitantly, fearfully. Friggin' wimp. He was terrified.

Well, I wasn't going to hold back. Hell no.

"What the hell, Ari? This is why you forgot to pick up your own freaking sister? You were too busy being groped by some girl!" I shrieked at him, steam practically coming out of my ears as I gave both of them a horrifying death glare. If looks could kill they would be dead in 3…2…1.

Unfortunately, neither of them spontaneously combust... I must've lost my touch.

I watched as the both scrambled as quickly as they could to a standing position and start searching frantically for discarded clothing - both there shirts, and Ari's jeans. He was only in his boxers, and his girlfriend was in shorts and a bra.

I stared at them in disgust. Ari had the nerve to lecture me about staying away from sex-crazed guys who only want to get it on with you, when he was doing the exact same thing with some girl! Who, I bet, has only known him for more than a few days. I. Am. So. Over. This.

"I can't believe you, Ari," I said, shaking my head like a disappointed parent scolding their child, not able to bring myself to look at him.

"Max," he said pleadingly, walking toward me and trying to get me to look at him.

I just shook my head and walked away, tossing over my shoulder, "I can't deal with this right now. I'm going for a walk. Don't wait up. And she better not be here when I get back, Ari, or I swear..." I left the rest to his imagination as I grabbed my jacket and made my way out the door.

I could hear Ari's frantic voice faintly, calling my name and begging me to stay. But... I just couldn't face him right now. Not without witnessing, first hand, how much of a hypocrite he was.

I just needed time to think.

After I had slammed the door behind me - the resonating crash probably having woken Angel up, if she hadn't already due to my screaming - I paused, and then decided to head to the beach.

Once I had arrived at the beach, I slid my shoes off, smiling at the feeling of the sand grains on my feet. I looked around, unsure of where to go. After a minute, I shrugged to myself and took off running, not knowing where I was headed to, just letting my feet to carry me where ever.

I had no idea how long I ran, or where exactly I was, but I just kept running and running and running, until my legs couldn't carry me any longer. I face-planted, eating way too much sand for my liking. I stay sprawled where I had collapsed, too tired to move. Finally I was able to muster up some strength, and I rolled over onto my back, my arms and legs flopping uselessly.

I just laid there with my eyes closed, attempting to block all thoughts of what I had just witnessed from my mind. I felt so relaxed, just laying there, listening to serene sounds of the waves crashing down on the shore, and seagulls squawking while soaring high above my head. God, I wished to be as free as them, soaring through the sky and feeling so free - not a worry in the world.

I dragged in a deep breath, and let it out and a slow gust, the sound a soft, whispering, content - yet slightly melancholy - sigh.

Feeling so at ease, my eyes slid shut and I even fell asleep for a second. I was dreaming of the crazy mechanical shark from Jaws when a huge weight fell on top of me.

Holy shit! What if it's a shark? was my first thought. My eyes flew open as I heard the shark swear under is breath. Wait... why did the shark swear? And why does it have hair?

"Can't. Breath. Get. Off. NOW," I managed, coughing slightly.

"Crap, sorry." Mmm. The voice was so - so - ahh. It was just nice. Deep and sexy, yet slightly familiar.

The boy quickly scrambled off of me and helped me sit up. I finally got a good look at the person who fell on top of me and my eyebrows rose as I saw who it was. Fang.

He was currently brushing sand off his chest that I had just now noticed was free of clothing. I felt my eyes widen. OH. MY. GOD. He has a smokin' body, I just want to lick his abs...

Oh my God. I can't believe I just thought that. That was completely out of line. Subtly, I wiped my hand over my mouth, hoping to God I wasn't drooling. How embarrassing if I was...

"Fang?" I said, because someone needed to state the obvious, and he hadn't recognized me. Yet.

He looked up at me, and confusion flashed in his eyes. "Max, what're you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing. I thought you went home after you dropped me off," I told him, implying that I thought he was stalking me. Not that I would mind...

He gave me one of those half smirks that made my heart flop. Er, yeah...

"Well l just so happen to live here," he grinned uncharacteristically, nodding to a house a little way away. "You, on the other hand, happen to live about a mile away from where your butt is currently parked."

I felt my cheeks heat up and I looked down at the sand, picking some up and letting it run through my fingers. "I just needed to get out of my house and some time to think," I told him, grimacing at the thought of what I was running from.

He looked up at me, curious and concerned. "What happened, Max?" he asked gently. He sounded worried or me, and pissed off at whatever, or whoever was getting to me. He scooted closer to me, sitting so close that our arms were touching.

"I found out why Ari didn't pick me up. And I also learned that my brother is a lying two-faced hypocrite that I can never trust again," I spat, looking at the horizon. The smallest amount of blue, tinged with pink, laced the sky, melding into black.

I felt Fang's arm come up around my waist, hugging me close to him. At first I stiffened, but then I loosened up. Because it felt right to be there, in his embrace. And I also think that my body was too hyperaware of his touch to do anything but lean into his side.

"Max, what happened?" he asked softly, careful not to push me.

"I walked in on him and some random chick I'm sure he hasn't even known for more than a week going at it. Well, not 'it', but close enough!" I hissed, my fists clenching.

I felt Fang's disapproval. "Oh," he murmured under his breath, sounding really pissed off.

"He had the freaking nerve to give me a long - and very painful - lecture on Monday. It was about how all boys want to do is get in your pants. He was going on about how you always say no, no to dating and... other things. He went on and on and on. Then he goes off and freaking bangs his little play toy for the week. Who knows what would have happened if I hadn't walked in when I did? He could have gotten an STD or got the poor girl preggo! Or worse, Angel could have-" I stopped my rant mid sentence when it hit me.

Fang looked up at me when I stopped, eyebrows raised in question.

"OH MY GOD! I completely forgot about Angel! I just stormed out of there! What if she heard them! She's only six!" I half screamed, jumping up from my sitting position.

I was just about to take off running toward my house when I felt a strong, warm hand grab mine and gently yank me down. I landed on my butt, the air leaving me.

My head snapped 'round, and I glared at Fang.

"Max," he said, all knowledgeably, "Ari isn't that stupid. He wouldn't have tried to, uh, get intimate-" if his words weren't so serious, I'm sure both of us would have snickered at Fang's wording "-with a girl, while a six year old was there to hear. He would've thought of that, Max."

I sat there quietly, thinking it over. I guess Ari had never done anything to intentionally hurt us before. And he did seem genially sorry and regretful when I walked in on him, but that still didn't justify what he had done.

But me being me, hard-headed, stubborn Max, I just had to make a sarcastic comment.

"Well, you know that they say, Fang. Boys tend to think with their little head and not their big one," I muttered, but not quiet enough for him to not hear me.

Fang looked at me, his eyes growing a few centimeters in size, a light pink grazing his olive toned skin. If I didn't know him any better, I would have said he was slightly embarrassed at my statement. This thought made me smirk a little. As if Mr. Tall, Dark, & Mysterious would ever be embarrassed. Kids would fly before that happened!

I looked at him, eyebrows raised, and he quickly hid his discomfort. I bit my lip and snickered. 'Cause, you know, Max Ride doesn't do something as low as giggle. "Did I just embarrass the emotionless Fang Venom?" I mocked, nudging him.

"No," Fang hissed as he gave me one of his death glares but I didn't even flinch.

I decided to take my teasing to the next level. "Really? 'Cause your cheeks beg to differ."

I sat there smirking at him as he scrunched his eyebrows at me and frowned.

I leaned over a whispered in his ear, "You know, Fang, pink really suits you. It totally brings out your eyes." I felt him shiver a little at my statement - or proximity - and I couldn't contain myself as a fit of laughter escaped my me.

He glared as I rolled in the sand, clutching my sides.

It took me a little while to control myself but when I finally stopped the bubbles of laughter coming up my throat, I slung my arm around his neck and knocked my hip against his playfully. "You know I was just teasing, Fang."

He rolled his eyes at me and muttered, "Yeah, whatever."

I let out a content sigh as the last streaks of pink faded, and the darkness of the night and the bright illumination of the moon bleached our surroundings black and white. So simple...

We sat there for a while not saying a word, enjoying the comfortable silence. Finally, after a few more minutes of listening to nothing but the sounds of waves crashing down on the sand, I decided to break the silence.

"You know, Fang," I started quietly, "We've barely known each other for a week, but I swear we've been friends - best friends - for forever, cliché as it sounds. You're so easy to talk to, and I trust you with my life - something I barely trust anyone with - and yet I hardly know crap about you."

He moved his head to lean it on mine and whispered, "I know, I feel the same way. I trust you, yet I barely know you."

"Well, why don't we fix that? We could play twenty questions or something like that. We can take turns. I'll ask a question and we both answer and then you ask a question," I suggested, hoping he'd say yes. It was cheesy, yes, but it'd work. I think.

He hesitated for a moment before agreeing, "Ok."

Fang lifted his head off mine and I turned to face him as we sat criss-cross-applesauce in the sand.

"Ok, we'll start off easy. What's your favorite food?" I asked.

He smirked and stated, "I am a growing teenage boy Max, I eat anything."

I shook my head and rolled my eyes at him, exasperated and amused.

"What about you?"

I didn't even give it a second thought as I practically screamed, "CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!"

Fang smirked at me, shaking his head in amusement. "Well, it sounds like someone has an addiction. You should get that checked out, Maxie."

I stuck my tongue out at him acting like a five year old, before laughing. "Um, okay. Favorite sport," Fang said after my laughter had died down.

"Um, ok favorite sport."

"I like all sports. Swimming, volleyball, football, hockey, soccer, but I obviously love basketball the most," I said in a 'duh' tone.

He smirked and said, "Same."

Wow, man of many words. But whatever. It's sexy.

"Hmm... Right, family. Siblings? What do your parents do for a living?" I asked, immediately wishing I could take back the words, because as soon as I said them, Fang's jaw tightened, and even his emotional brick wall facade couldn't stop me from seeing the hurt and sadness in his eyes. Before

I could see any more of what he was feeling, Fang looked down, avoiding my eyes. I felt a pang from seeing Fang this way.

"I'm sorry, Fang,. You don't have to answer that if you don't want to," I assured him hurriedly, reaching out and placing a hand on his shoulder.

He looked at me thoughtfully, though I could still see the pain evident in his eyes. After a while, he said softly, "No, it's okay. I have a sis-" he paused, frowning and obviously thinking about what he was going to say.

He started again, taking a deep breath, "I have no siblings, my dad left us a few years ago, and my mother works for the FBI so she is hardly ever home because she's always working on cases."

I wrinkled my nose sympathetically. I could understand why Fang would be feeling so angry and hurt, considering his father left him and his mother was always at work. Funny thing was, he was completely off-hand when he mentioned his father's disappearing act, and yet his voice wavered when he talked of siblings. He wasn't telling me something, but I let it go. For now.

"Sorry, Fang," I murmured. Without any consent from my brain, my body launched itself at him, tackling him in a hug and making the both of us fall into the sand. Fang looked up, wide-eyed for a moment before wrapping his arms around me in a tight hug.

"Thanks," he whispered in my hair. I scrambled off of his chest - which was still bare - feeling slightly embarrassed at my forwardness, but he didn't seem to mind so much.

"So what about you?" Fang asked, shifting the topic.

"A hypocritical brother and a sweet little sis, Angel." I shrugged.

"Never knew you had a sister," Fang murmured. "I just thought she was someone you guys picked up, for the neighbors or something. But I guess that makes more sense. So, Angel, huh?"

"Yep, my little Angel. She's adorable. Blonde, with blue eyes. Exactly like an angel. But she has a more... demonic side, too. She likes to get what she wants and she doesn't stop until she gets it. She can also be very manipulative," I added darkly.

"Wonder where she gets that from..." Fang muttered. I glared. He smirked. Same old...

"Hey, at least I don't use Bambi eyes to get whatever I want. Those things are deadly! You can't say no to her when she whips those things out."

Fang chuckled. "Yeah, but Max, if you tried giving someone the Bambi eyes, they'd probably run away screaming." I kicked him lightly, and he quickly changed the topic. "What about your parents?"

Good doggy.

"They're hardly ever home. My mom is a movie director, and she's always away on projects. Dad is a scientist, and more often than not, he's off on a business trip. So they leave us with Ari," my tone darkened at his name, "And a nanny who checks in on us every once in a while. There's always the weekly family Skype meeting, so it isn't too bad." I shrugged, biting my tongue so I didn't add 'it isn't too bad, compared to your situation.' I stifled a sigh. Fang must get so lonely...

"Sweet. So, uh, hobbies?"

"I just do whatever I feel, really. I like black and white photography and I like to develop my own film. I play a few instruments, like guitar, drums, bass, and I sing in the shower." Fang opened his mouth. "Very loudly and off-key," I added in warning. "I wouldn't want to hear me sing."

He chuckled and shook his head, smirking at me.

"What about you?" I asked, wondering if he, too, sang in the shower. Crap, crap, what have I done? Fang... shower... dripping wet... abs... holy mother fu-

"I play lead guitar and sing in a band a few of my friends and I started when we were in middle school.".

"Awesome," I said in awe. "I am so hearing you play, mister! How good are you?"

Fang smirked. "You'll find out... one day." I glared at him, only succeeding in making his smirk widen.

"Okay, big shot, anything else you do?" I asked, annoyed.

"Of course, Maxie." I glowered, but he ignored me. Yet again. "I do magic tricks," he whispered, leaning in conspiratorially.

...Fang? Magic tricks? Holy hell...

"Would you like to see one?" he asked, making it sound like a challenge. Me being me, I didn't back off - I accepted immediately, though I was unsure of what to expect.

Fang stood, making his way over to me. "Okay, Max. Close your eyes and slide back, 'til I tell you to stop, 'kay? Make sure to keep your eyes closed." I did as I was told and started sliding backwards doubtfully. "Okay, stop. Now lay down flat on your back and relax, eyes still closed," he instructed.

"Okay..." I mumbled.

"How do you feel, Max?" he asked. I felt nervous, hearing the wicked tone in his voice, but, stupidly, I overlooked it.

What sort of question was that? "I feel fi-" Ice cold water cut me off mid sentence, crashing down over my body and soaking me thoroughly. My eyes snapped open, and I shrieked, in a very un-Max like way. I glared at Fang, who was doubled over with laughter.

"Cant - believe - you fell - for it," he gasped. "Your face was - freaking priceless!"

I scowled, but got my revenge when he wasn't paying attention. He was chuckling, eyes closed, when I stormed over and tackled him into the water.

We dragged our butts out of the shallows, and I saw him standing there, dripping and confused, his laughter abruptly dying down.

I cracked up. Pay back is a bitch.

"You look - like a - wet dog," I choked out between laughs. It was a lie - he looked as hot, or even hotter, than ever, considering he was still shirtless - not to mention dripping wet.


Fang took a slow, dangerous step towards me. I shut up immediately - this cannot be good. And it wasn't. Fang lunged for me, his arms encircling my waist and stopping all attempts as I tried to run. We slammed into the knee-high water, dousing the both of us all over again. If I got a cold, he was paying the medical bill...

Instead of getting out and getting dry like a sane person would, we stayed like that for ages, just pulling each other under and tackling each other, both trying to win. I was just holding my own when we staggered out, calling a truce.

"Wow, that was fun," I panted, laughing.

"Most fun I've had in years," Fang agreed, smiling - smiling! - at me.

Being the stupid thing it was, my heart skipped a beat.

I groaned, looking up at the sky and wondering how, all of a sudden, it was so dark, and there were so many stars. "Well, I best get home before the

Hypocrite calls a search party." Fang snorted at the obvious capitalization of 'Hypocrite.'

"Night, Max. See you tomorrow," he said softly, pulling me into a warm hug. My heart flip-flopped. Again.

"Night, Fang," I whispered, letting go and immediately missing the warmth of his embrace. I waved, and turned, jogging along the sand in hope of getting warm again. I was, after all, dripping wet.

20 minutes later, I found myself creeping into my house, hoping to god that Ari hadn't woken up yet. Everything was dark and silent as a tomb, so maybe, just maybe, I'd gotten lucky.

I was almost to the stairs leading up to the second floor when the living room light flicked on and someone cleared their throat. Crap.

I turned, coming face-to-chest with a regretful - and pissed off - looking Ari.

"Hi," I snapped, glaring.

"Hi? Hi?" he whisper-yelled at me. "Max! I've been worried sick! Where have you been? You don't leave this stupid house without my permission! You know that!"

"I told you," I snapped quietly. "I went for a walk on the beach. And I also said not to wait up!"

"You were gone for five hours!"

I just shrugged. I swear, if he lectured me...

"And why the hell are you all wet?" Ari asked me harshly.

Now that just sent me over the edge. Who did he think he was? I didn't do anything wrong! I left because I walked in on HIM about to go at it like a monkey with some girl!

"I could ask you the same question, Ari! But, oh, wait! I already know the answer. You're all wet 'cause you let your hormones run free with Malibu Barbie." He just stared at me guiltily. "That's what I thought," I hissed. He didn't answer, so I added cheerfully, "I'm going to bed. Night! If you have any dreams, make sure they don't control your actions tomorrow!"

Once I was snug in bed, freshly showered, I smiled. Tonight with Fang had been so fun. And I'd finally stood up to Ari!

But Fang... and those abs.

Guess who I dreamt of that night?

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