Shadows & Roses

Shopping & Tears

I woke to a tapping on my door. With a yawn I crawled out of bed and headed to answer it. Turning the lock I opened the door and found one of the Haruhi standing there was a bouquet of bright pink roses.

"These were delivered for you just now Sora." she said.

"Oh! Wow!" I replied and took the vase before bringing it into my room, setting it on the nightstand.

The bouquet was huge. There must have been a couple dozen roses.

"Who are they from?" Haruhi asked.

"I don't know." I replied honestly.

My first thought was Kyoya but I knew that he would never do something so extravagant since it would risk exposing our relationship. I began to look for a card to find out where they had come from.

"Ah-ha! Found it." I said and pulled out the card from the middle of the bouquet and pulled it out of it's little envelope.

I smiled when I saw the card, "It's from Honey."

Turning the card over I showed her the picture of the pink bunny on the front.

"Takashi and I saw you looking at the roses at the garden yesterday and I thought you might like some of your own! I hope you like them. Love Honey." I read with a smile.

"They're beautiful." Haruhi said looking at them.

"Yeah. They are." I said looking at the arraignment.

"Is something wrong?" Haruhi asked.

I shook my head, "Nothing's wrong."

"Does this have anything to do with you and Kyoya-Sempai?" Haruhi asked.

My heart dropped out of my chest, "W-What do you mean?"

"I know you two are together Sora. I saw you and Kyoya-Sempai kiss the night that we were stuck at Tamaki-Sempai's house. I forgot my phone downstairs and went down to get it and saw you in the chair." she replied.

"And you haven't told anyone?" I asked.

She shook her head, "It's not my business."

"Well thank you. We both appreciate it." I replied.

"How long have you two been together?" she asked.

"That night you saw us was our first kiss so ever since then. Neither of us are out to hurt Honey, Haruhi. I want you to know that. I love him, I really do. But its more like a brother than boyfriend or a fiancé or even a husband. We're being pushed into something that is way beyond us and before I end up in a marriage with someone that I don't love…at least not in the way I should I want to experience a real relationship. I want someone who can make me happy. I've never done anything like this before. I've always gone with what my parents have told me to do but this time I'm doing something for myself. At least for now." I said.

"I understand." Haruhi nodded.

"Can I ask you a question?" I asked sitting on the bed.

"Sure." Haruhi asked.

"What's with you and Tamaki?"

Haruhi turned a sudden and violent shade of pink.

"W-What are you talking about?! There's nothing between Tamaki-Sempai and I!" she protested, her voice shaking.

"Whatever you say Haruhi. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go and get a shower." and with a smile I grabbed some clothes and headed to get ready for the day.

3rd POV

"So what are today's plans?" Sora asked as she sat down at the breakfast table beside Kyoya who was eating along with Tamaki, the twins and Haruhi.

It was the last day of the Host Club vacation. For the past few days the club and Sora had been on the run constantly. There had been the beach, a tour of the island, endless amounts of shopping, a small dance and horseback riding. However the time had come and the next morning they would rise early and once again boarding Hikaru and Kaoru's private jet to head home. The clients had already been sent home ahead of them leaving the club members to have one last day in paradise.

"The twins have made plans to venture into town with Haruhi to do some shopping and Tamaki insisted on going. I will be accompanying him as well. Would you care to go?" Kyoya asked turning to look at Sora.

Sora nodded as she sipped her juice, "Shopping sounds like fun. I saw a dress that my sister would enjoy in a window that last time we were in town."

"Very well then. The only two we still have to consult are Honey and Mori." Kyoya nodded.

"They'll go. There was a huge bakery there that Honey-Sempai was literally drooling over." Haruhi said.

"And we all know that Mori will go with him regardless." Kaoru added.

"That reminds me…Sora…is Mori-Sempai even going on you and Honey-Sempai's honeymoon?" Hikaru asked with a grin, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Hikaru!" Haruhi said glaring at the redhead while Kyoya and Tamaki both looked appalled at him. Kaoru looked a mix of horrified and amused at his brother's question. Only Sora seemed calm.

Tamaki turned and looked at Sora, "I am so very sorry for that my dear Sora. I-" but Sora shook her head.

"It's okay Tamaki. I can take care of this." Sora said smiling at Tamaki before turning back to look at Hikaru who sat directly in front of her.

Kyoya turned to look at his girlfriend. He was interested in seeing just what she would say and do. Her voice sounded odd to him, different somehow. What he saw when he turned to look at her surprised him.

She was looking directly at Hikaru, a smirk twisted on her face that he had never seen. Her eyes were darker and he could see the muscles tense in her neck and shoulders. Her hand rested beside her plate, her fingers playing with the silverware. Hikaru didn't seem to notice the change in her while his twin, Haruhi and Tamaki all looked cautiously at the girl.

"You think you're funny?" she asked looking at him.

Hikaru shrugged, "I'd like to think so but it was a legitimate question."

"Right…well I think you should duck." she replied and before any of them could blink there was a flash of silver and a shout from Hikaru followed by a bang.

A second later they looked at Hikaru and saw him pinned to the wall by a fork and a knife that pierced the straps of his tank top. His eyes were wide as he stared at the girl across from him.

Kaoru was the first to speak with a simple, "Wow."

That broke the silence and a second later Tamaki and Kaoru were both laughing while Haruhi looked between Sora and Hikaru surprised.

"S-She threw silverware at me!" Hikaru said finally finding his voice.

"She told you to duck besides it's not as if you're hurt." Kyoya said his mouth curling into a smile.

"You think this is funny?!" Hikaru asked as he attempted to wedge the fork from the wall and his shirt.

"You were asking for it." Haruhi finally spoke.

A second later Honey and Mori walked in and took in the scene. Tamaki was laughing so hard that tears were streaking down his face while Kaoru was no trying to laugh as he pried the fork and knife from the wall. Kyoya and Haruhi were back to eating their breakfast as if nothing was wrong.

"What did Hika-Chan say to make Sora-Chan do that?" Honey asked.

"Has she done it before?" Haruhi asked.

"Several times. Mostly to Chika-Chan when he isn't being nice. Sora-Chan has always been good with weapons." Honey replied as he sat down in one of the last empty seats around the table.

"The Nishimura family is known for their weapons work in addition to their physical ability correct?" Kyoya asked and Honey nodded.

"I've been handling knives since I was old enough to hold one. I'm also ranked 2nd in youth fencing in London." Sora smiled proudly.

"I would think twice before angering Sora again if I were you Hikaru." Kyoya said.

After Kaoru had successfully pried his brother from the wall (with some help from Mori) everyone got ready to leave. It was then that Kyoya took the chance to pull Sora aside. He waited until the others had all disappeared to their rooms to finish getting ready before slipping into Sora's room.

"That was a very impressive display this morning. I don't think I have ever seen Hikaru Hitachiin as speechless as he was this morning." Kyoya smiled leaning against the door.

Sora smiled as well and turned from where she was fixing her hair in the mirror, "Well someone should throw cutlery at him more often then. Who knew that was what it took?"

"I'm surprised he couldn't read the fact you were angry just by your face. It was quite obvious to everyone else and a bit shocking. I didn't think that you could make a face quite like that." Kyoya replied.

"I don't often. It's only when I lose my temper." Sora said.

Kyoya's eyes fell on a pink bouquet that sat beside her bed.

"Where did these come from?" he asked.

"Oh. They're a gift from Honey. He saw me enjoying the ones at the garden yesterday and bought two dozen." she replied.

Kyoya nodded, "They're beautiful."

"They are. Haruhi brought them to me this morning." Sora replied.

"I thought I heard the doorbell ring however I wasn't aware something was delivered." Kyoya said.

"Yeah and while she was here she told me she knew about you and I." Sora replied.

Kyoya turned from the flower arraignment to Sora, "How did she find out?"

"She saw us that night at Tamaki's. She came downstairs to get her phone and spotted us. She's not going to say anything though. She said it's our business." Sora said.

Kyoya nodded, "Haruhi will keep her mouth shut if she says she will. Thankfully it was her. If it was anyone else this would be ruined. However I will talk to her and see if I need to clear anything up."

"Agreed." Sora nodded.

There was a rap at the door and both turned as Tamaki's voice came through, "Sora? It's time to go!"

"Okay! I'll be right there!" Sora replied and grabbed her bag from the bed.

Both her and Kyoya exited her room only to come face to face with Honey and Mori.

"What were you doing in Sora-Chan's room Kyo-Chan?" Honey asked.

"I was asking him a question about the flight tomorrow and I had to close the door to get my bag off the hook in the back." Sora replied smoothly.

"Oh okay! C'mon Sora! You can ride with Takashi and I!" Honey smiled and before she could blink had grabbed Sora's hand and pulled her towards the stairs.

Sora's POV

"Oh! Honey! I wanted to thank you for the roses. They were beautiful." I smiled as I rode in a town car towards town with Honey and Mori.

"I'm glad you liked them!" Honey smiled.

We soon arrived in town and all climbed out of the cars. Haruhi and the twins had rode in one and Kyoya and a wailing Tamaki had rode in the other. He was still screaming about how the 'degenerate clones' could have compromised his precious Haruhi's innocence when we started off down the line of stores.

I made a beeline for the store that I had seen the dress in bought it, having it gift wrapped with bright pink paper for her. Once I had made the purchase I headed back to join the group. I noticed that Haruhi and Kyoya were both missing. I guessed that Kyoya had dragged her off to talk using some excuse.

"Hey! Sora!" Hikaru said suddenly.

I turned to look at him and saw him pointing to a shop a few stores down. In the window were different bridal gowns.

"Have you tried on any wedding dresses yet?" he asked.

"Not yet. My mother is looking into appointments for me to try some one so we can have one maid." I replied.

"Why don't you try on some while we're here? So you have a few ideas." Kaoru replied.

"You want me to try on dresses? Now?" I asked.

"YES! That is a fantastic idea! Men! Let's start Operation Prepare Sora For Her Wedding To Honey!" Tamaki grinned.

"Oh it's not necessary! Really! I'm sure that I'll get enough ideas before I go! Besides I'm sure everyone doesn't want to spend the day in a dress shop!" I protested.

"Nonsense! Honey is like family and as his intended you are as well and we could never let you get married without looking your best!" Tamaki replied throwing his arms around dramatically. People around us were beginning to stare.

"Really Tamaki it's still over a year! It really isn't necessary to try on dresses right now. Besides Honey is here and it's really not proper for a groom to see his bride in a wedding dress before the wedding day. It's bad luck." I replied.

"It's okay Sora-Chan, Takashi and I will go visit the bakery while you try on dresses. Have fun!" Honey replied and with that he and Mori headed into the crowd.

I sighed. If Haruhi or Kyoya were here I was sure that I would've been able to get out of this. Either I would've been able to come up with something else or they would've helped but they were gone and I was alone. Damn."Okay then let's go." I replied and with that Tamaki and the twins grabbed me and began dragging me towards the shop.

A little bell jingled as we made our way into the dress shop. Racks and racks of dresses surrounded us and most were white or a close shade of it.

"Welcome to Madam Grace's Wedding Designs! How may I help you today?" a woman asked as she walked towards us.

"Yes ma'am we're here looking at dresses for our friend here. She's getting married and need some ideas." Tamaki said gesturing to me.

"Oh my you're a young one aren't you? Well feel free to look around and if you want to try anything on just let me know!" she smiled at me before she hurried off to help another client.

At the words 'feel free' Tamaki and the twins hurried away and began to paw through the racks of dresses. Tamaki began to pull out dresses with huge skirts of tulle, sweetheart necklines and crystal embroidery. The twins picks were more modern and had sleaker lines, the fabrics of which were more satiny with less embellishments.

After they had a few they shoved me into a dressing room and called over an attendant to help me. I tried on a huge monstrosity that Tamaki picked out first. It had a huge skirt and a sweetheart neckline with puffy sleeves. I looked like a marshmallow.

"You look beautiful!" Tamaki grinned as I walked out.

"She looks like a snow beast." Hikaru and Kaoru said in unison.

"Thank you." I replied and with that I turned and walked back to the dressing room.

The next one was one that the twins had picked. It had a very deep v-neck and a slit up the side that showed far more thigh than I thought was decent. I put it on but I refused to walk out in it. I was afraid that my chest would fall out and I was not about to flash half of the Host Club.

After I removed the barely there number the twins had picked the attendant helped me into another. I didn't know who picked it but it was a mix of both. It had a sweetheart neckline with an empire waist that fanned out into a long sleek skirt. When she zipped it up on me I looked in the mirror and smiled. It fit me perfect.

"It's beautiful." the lady smiled.

"You really think so?" I asked.

"Of course but it needs one more touch!" she said and from a corner she pulled out a veil which she carefully clipped into my hair after pulling it out of it's ponytail.

"There." she smiled again.

On the other side of the curtain I suddenly heard Tamaki's voice.

"But Haruhi! You would look so pretty! Won't you please try this on for your Father?" he moaned.

"I've told you a million times Sempai! You're not my father! And I don't want to try that dress on! It's ugly!" she said.

A moment later there was a howl and I heard footsteps as Tamaki probably retreated into a corner somewhere to mope.

I was a little nervous to step out of the dressing room since if Haruhi was there then Kyoya most certainly was as well. I had no clue how he'd react to me being in a wedding dress. However I knew that since I hadn't come out for the last one I had to come out in this one. With a deep breath I pushed the curtain aside and stepped out.

3rd POV

Kyoya stood watching as Tamaki tried to persuade Haruhi into an awful mess of tulle, bows and netting that was supposed to be a dress. However Haruhi was having none of it and quickly dismissed the Host Club King who retreated to bury himself in a pile of dresses in one corner.

Kyoya pulled out his phone and began to scroll through his texts to quadruple check that things were in order for the next day's departure. He had just confirmed their flight plans when the curtain parted. Looking up he felt his heart begin to race.

Sora walked out of the dressing room in a nearly plain white dress, the only embellishment, a series of rhinestones, just under her bust. Her brown hair fell around her shoulders, a veil clipped into it that fell nearly all the way to the ground. She was literally beaming.

Suddenly images began to flash before Kyoya's eyes like a movie. Sora on her wedding day, standing in front of Honey as they pledged their lives to one another. Then Sora and Honey sharing their first kiss as husband and wife. Finally Sora and Honey surrounded by children who had big brown eyes and blond hair.

It was Sora's future.

Her future as the wife of Mitsukuni Haninozuka.

Her future without him.

With a sigh he shook his head to clear it. He had known what he was getting into when they had started this. He knew that it wasn't going to last forever. He knew that one day she and Honey would be married and that meant that their relationship would end. Those were the facts and there was nothing he could do.

As she walked out she smiled at him. He tried to smile back as best as he could. The others were gushing over her dress already.

"You look beautiful Sora! Absolutely radiant!" Tamaki grinned.

"That dress is perfect on you." the twins replied.

"It's a perfect fit." Haruhi nodded.

"Thanks. Honestly I feel a little like a bride in it." she smiled.

"Aren't you going to say anything Sempai?" Hikaru asked looking at Kyoya.

"The dress fits you like a glove Sora. Just as if it were meant for you." he said and finally felt a real smile cross his face.

"Thanks." she replied her face flushing.

After a few minutes she returned to the dressing room and changed back into her regular clothes. When she emerged they all headed out to find Honey and Mori. All the while Kyoya couldn't get the image of Sora in that wedding dress out of his mind. It took all of his strength but he finally managed to shove it to the back and continue on with his friends.

Sora's POV

I sighed as I sat all of my bags down on my bed. I had bought more than would probably fit into my suitcase but I was happy with all of my purchases. Moving my bags around I collapsed on my bed, very tired. Trying on dresses that day had taken it out of me.

In all honesty I had enjoyed it. I had felt like a bride for the first time since this whole mess started. However it was still hard to imagine taking that step with Honey. No…when I tried to imagine Honey and I getting married blond locks became silky black tresses and cocoa colored eyes changed to ones that were such a dark brown they were nearly black and were hidden behind glasses.

However I knew nothing was going to ever happen like that. I would marry Honey and that would be that. End of story. There was no way a happily ever after could happen for Kyoya and I.

I was drawn out of my thoughts as someone knocked on my open door. When I looked up I saw Honey standing at the door.

"Hi Honey. What's going on?" I asked sitting up.

"I wanted to know if I could talk to you." he replied.

"Sure. Come in." I said.

Honey walked in and sat down on the bed beside me.

"I was thinking today while I was with Takashi and I wanted to talk to you about us getting married." he replied.

"What do we need to talk about?" I asked.

"Well we're going to be married and one day we'll have a family. I just wanted to tell you it's okay to be scared because I am too. I promise that I will do my best to be the best husband ever. I love you Sora and if I'm glad that at least my parents picked one of my friends for me to marry because I know that we'll get along and be a great married couple." he replied looking at me.

I smiled, "Thank you Honey. That means a lot to me."

"I'm glad." he replied and scooted closer beside me.

I wondered for a moment what he was doing but it soon became clear.

A hand wandered up to the side of my face and brushed away a stray strand of hair, tucking it behind my ear. Honey's face moved closer to mine as if in slow motion and a moment later his lips met mine.

They tasted sweet like the cake I knew he had eaten earlier at the bakery. They tasted wrong. They weren't Kyoya's.

There was an odd noise from near the door and we broke apart. I turned my head and saw Kyoya standing in the doorway.

"Hi Kyo-Chan." Honey said blushing profusely.

Kyoya's face was his usual stoic mask. He didn't look at all like he had just caught the girl he was involved in a clandestine romance with, kissing someone else.

"I'm sorry to interrupt the moment you two were sharing but I am telling everyone to be ready at 10 AM sharp to leave for the airport. We're departing at exactly 11 AM." Kyoya said.

"Thank you for telling us Kyo-Chan." Honey smiled.

"Of course." Kyoya nodded and left.

It took every ounce of my being not to run after Kyoya. I wanted to tell him that I hadn't kissed Honey and that I loved him and only him. However I couldn't. Thankfully though Honey decided that it was time to leave.

"I'd better go pack and make sure we have enough sweets for the trip tomorrow. I'll see you later Sora." Honey smiled and pecked me on the cheek before leaving.

I waited a few minutes before setting off to find Kyoya. It didn't take long because he was in his room.

"Kyoya…" I said looking at him.

"Hello Sora." he replied with a smile. It was fake though. I 'd seen it many times before. It was his Host Club smile.

"I'm so sorry. I never meant for you to see that. Honey wanted to talk and then suddenly he kissed me. I didn't make any moves toward him at all." I said.

"You have nothing to apologize for Sora. You were kissing your fiancé. It's as simple as that. It's expected." he replied calmly.

"That's it?" I asked.

"There's nothing more to say. I will not pretend that seeing you kissing Honey-Sempai didn't hurt me but as I said it's expected. Perhaps we made a rash decision in starting a relationship. Today has only confirmed that for me. We have no future Sora. You are going to marry Honey and I…well I don't know quite yet but I know that it involves you only as the wife of my friend and nothing more. I think we should end this now before it becomes messy." Kyoya said his voice even and calm and matter-of-fact.

"You want to break up?" I asked.

"I believe that is what I said. Yes." Kyoya nodded.

"Y-You told me you loved me." I replied.

"I did and I meant it. However this is the end of our relationship. Being together any longer would be unwise. Honey seems to be growing more attached to you everyday and things will just get more complicated from here and I don't wish to have to deal with it when it does. It will only complicate my life more. You only complicate my life. I have my own issues to deal with without getting involved in you and Honey's." he said.

Nearly my entire body went cold. The only thing that was warm were my eyes as I suppressed tears. I was sure my heart had shattered and the jagged shards were cutting into my gut.

"As I told you earlier. We have to leave by 10 tomorrow. You should go pack." Kyoya said completely ignoring the fact that I stood in the middle of his nearly in tears.

"Fuck you Kyoya." I spat and turned on my heel and marched out of his room.

I didn't let the tears spill over until I was safely locked in my room. I had refused to cry in front of him. He had been so cold and callous that he hardly seemed like the Kyoya who had stroked my hair and gently held me under the stars just a few nights before.

Now my heart was broken and all I could think was that I was sure that it wouldn't be whole ever again. Yes it was dramatic but I had never felt pain like this before. Crawling onto my bed I pulled the blankets around me and sobbed until I fell asleep.

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