Shadows & Roses


My eyes ached from crying when I woke the next morning. I didn't remember setting my alarm but it was blaring like there was no tomorrow. Sitting up I grabbed it and shut it off before swinging my legs over the edge of the bed.

Every inch of me ached and as I stood up my body popped. This was the first morning in a long time that I hadn't woken up and worked out. I vaguely remembered Mori and Honey poking me but I hadn't gotten up. I had opted to roll over and pretend that I was still sleeping. Now I was paying for having remained in bed for too long.

Groaning I stood up and undressed. I had slept in my clothes and now they were wrinkled and messy. I stuffed them into my suitcase. I hadn't really bothered to unpack so I grabbed a pair of gray velour sweatpants with a matching hoodie and a black tank top. Usually I didn't wear them but to workout but I really didn't feel like getting fully dressed that day.

I pulled on the clothes and fixed my hair before pulling on a pair of sneakers and set about attempting to stuff the products of the previous day's shopping trip. Soon I had managed to shove all the bags into my suitcase and began to pick up the few things that were scattered around the room. That was when I came across the white dress Kyoya had given me.

Sinking to the floor I ran my hand over the soft cotton material. Grains of sand were still stuck in the hem a result of the sand that had clung to our feet as we climbed onto the bed.

I couldn't get Kyoya's cold words to me the day before. I was just a complication to him. He didn't want me.

I had known from the day that I had kissed him in that chair at Tamaki's that one day it would all end. However I never thought it would end so harshly. I wanted to wholeheartedly believe that the Kyoya that told me that our relationship was over last night wasn't the one that I loved and cared for but a bigger part was gnawing at me, telling me that I had been a fool the entire time. The Kyoya I met last night was the real Kyoya.

Tears fell down my face, dropping onto the white fabric of the dress. I ran my fingers over the eyelet patter one more time before gripping it tightly in my hands. A second later the sound of ripping fabric filled the air as I tore at the dress. I didn't stop until it was in ribbons. When I was done with it I wiped my face with my sleeve and tossed the white scraps of cloth into the wastebasket.

I quickly packed my carry-on bag with everything I would need to occupy myself for the flight. Once that was done I swung it over my shoulder and added a pair of oversized dark sunglasses to hide my puffy eyes. It was nearly ten meaning that we'd be leaving soon.

Pulling my hood up I made my way downstairs where the others were waiting in the entry way. The twins were sitting in one corner talking to one another while Mori sat on the couch near the door with Honey sleepily leaning against him. Haruhi was standing closest to the door leaning against the wall. She was the first to notice me.

"Good morning Sora." she smiled.

"Morning Haruhi." I replied with as best a smile as I could.

"What's with the outfit?" Hikaru asked.

"Yeah you look like you're about to rob a bank." Kaoru added.

"I think I may have caught something yesterday while we were out. I woke up this morning and didn't feel very well." I replied.

"Takashi and I wondered why you didn't wake up this morning." Honey replied sleepily.

"I'm sorry. I really did mean to get up this morning. I was just really tired." I replied.

"It's okay. You should get better before you try to work out." Honey said.

"You're right." I nodded.

"Are we all ready to go?" Tamaki asked and I saw he and Kyoya were descending the stairs.

I felt a twinge in my gut at the sight of him but I ignored it as Kaoru replied.

"All set Boss."

"Very well. Lets go then. We're already ten minutes behind schedule." Kyoya said checking his watch. I noticed his eyes moved over everyone but pointedly avoided me.

The eight of us headed out and climbed into the limo that was waiting for us.

"How are you feeling?" Mori asked as we drove and reached forward and pressed a hand to my forehead.

"Is Sora feeling ill?" Tamaki asked concerned.

"Just sinuses." I replied smiling at him.

"Is there anything you need before we board?" Kyoya asked.

"No." I replied stiffly.

"Very well." Kyoya replied.

I saw Haruhi look between Kyoya and I for a second before sitting back looking a little confused.

The rest of the ride was silent. Honey slept against Mori who like always was silent. Tamaki was off in his own little world while Haruhi sat beside him reading, Kaoru across from her doing the same. Hikaru was listening to his iPod and Kyoya was scribbling something in his ever present little black book.

Sitting there I wanted to reach over and grab that book and shred it to bits. I wanted to scream at him and ask how he could be so calm after breaking my heart like he had. I wanted to smack him and punch him and kiss him all at the same time. However I didn't do any of those things. I just sat back and imagined doing all of those things to him.

When we boarded the plane I positioned myself as far from Kyoya as I could. He sat at the table at one end and I sat at the furthest end of the couch. I was planning on pretending to doze off listening to my iPod but instead Haruhi came and sat by me.

"Is there something wrong between you and Kyoya-Semapi?" Haruhi asked.

"There's nothing wrong Haruhi. In fact there's nothing between us at all." I replied.

"You broke up with him?" she asked.

"More the other way around." I said.

"Oh so he broke up with you?" she asked.

"That would be the sum of it." I sighed.


I shrugged, "He wanted out before it got messy. I apparently complicate his life and he doesn't want me around anymore."

"That sounds rather harsh. Even for Kyoya-Sempai." Haruhi replied.

"Well that was what he said. I was in my room and Honey came in and kissed me and Kyoya walked in. I went after him to explain and he told me that he didn't want me in his life anymore. He wasn't even sorry about it. He knew that it was going to end one day but I didn't think he'd be so mean when he ended it." I said and wiped away the stray tear that fell down my cheek.

"I'm going to go talk to Kyoya-Sempai. This doesn't seem like him. He's always been harsh but this seems almost too harsh for likes of him." Haruhi said.

I wanted to protest and tell her not to but before I could she had stood and was walking over to Kyoya. I wanted to watch their exchange but was distracted when Honey and Mori took seats next to me.

"Maybe you should get some sleep Sora. You might feel better when you wake up." Honey said.

I nodded, "That sounds like a good idea."

I turned pulled off my sunglasses and tucked them into my bag. Pulling my knees up to my chest I curled into the corner of the couch. A few moments later I felt something draped around me and I looked up to see Mori tucking one of the blankets he had packed for Honey's nap around me. It was pink with little bunnies and flowers.

"You should stay warm." he replied.

"Thanks." I smiled and closed my eyes. In no time I was asleep.

3rd POV

Kyoya walked through the rooms of the Hitachiin villa checking to make sure nothing was left behind. Perhaps this was why Tamaki insisted on calling him 'Mother' or 'Mommy'. He seemed to constantly be following the others around and picking up after them.

He had just done a quick once over of Haruhi's room before moving to the one that Sora had occupied. At the thought of the girl his chest ached slightly.

It had been less than 24 hours since he had broken up with her and he'd be lying if he said he didn't regret it. However he knew this was the best thing for them both. They weren't meant to be.

When he had walked in on Honey with his lips pressed against Sora's it had taken ever ounce of his strength not to run over and tear the smaller teen from her. Once again he found himself feeling a range of emotions that he nearly lost his grip on and all because of this one girl. A girl that he truly had no future with.

Walking into the room his eyes moved across the room. He saw nothing out of the ordinary until he saw something in the wastebasket. Leaning down he picked up scraps of white cloth. It took a moment but he realized it was the dress that he had bought her for their trip.

He ran his fingers over the soft fabric remembering how she had looked in it the night he had told her he loved her. Her in that dress would forever be burned into his memory just as the one of her in the wedding dress was.


Kyoya turned and saw Tamaki standing the door of the room.

"Are you ready to go?" he asked.

"Yes. I was just checking to make sure that no one left anything behind." Kyoya replied.

"What's that?" Tamaki asked pointing to the scrap of cloth.

"Oh it's nothing. Just some trash." Kyoya replied and placed the scrap back into the wastebasket.

"Oh. Very well then. To the airport!" Tamaki said and started for the steps.

When they reached the bottom they found the others already waiting for them. There was a minor exchange between them all before heading outside to the limo. Once inside Kyoya pulled out his little black book and tried to do some figures he had regretfully left for last minute. However he couldn't help but watch Sora out of the corner of his eye.

She wore sweats and large sunglasses but it was no use hiding her tear stained cheeks. He knew that she had been crying all night and it was all because of him. A sense of guilt washed over him as she brushed off her appearance as sinus issues. In an attempt to be nice he asked if there was anything she needed despite the fact he knew better. They were running behind but he hoped that she might see it as a kind gesture. However she denied needing anything and they soon arrived at the airport.

He settled back to read a book just after they had taken off but soon found himself sitting across from Haruhi. Her brown eyes were boring into him.

"Can I help you?" he asked looking up from his book.

"Why did you break up with Sora?" she asked.

"So she's confided in you about our break up? The answer is very simple. She is to be married. I should not interfere in something like that. It would just end badly." Kyoya replied.

"It seems that it already did end badly. She said you didn't want her in your life anymore." Haruhi said.

"I didn't say that. I know for a fact that she is going to be in my life due to my association with Honey-Sempai and Mori-Sempai. I just wish for her to play a different role than she was. I don't wish to become entangled with the complications that would arise should we continue with our affair."

Haruhi looked at him for a long moment before speaking again, "I don't think that's it Sempai. I think you were hurt when you saw Honey-Sempai kissing Sora and you were scared of the fact that one day you would lose her. So instead of facing it when it came you decided to distance yourself from her now and to do that you had to hurt her."

Kyoya sighed, "You're wrong. Yes I did care a great deal for her and I still do. However it's obvious that the more our relationship progresses the more involved with each other we will get. This will end in even more of a mess if I didn't stop it now. I cannot risk my future because of one person. I must do what is best for me."

"Say what you want Sempai but I know that you're scared. Maybe you'll realize it too one day." Haruhi replied and stood, walking over to sit by the twins.

Kyoya looked over at where Sora sat. Honey and Mori had joined her and he saw Mori carefully tucking a blanket around Sora who was curled up on the couch. He wanted nothing more than to walk over and press his lips to hers and apologize but he couldn't risk it.

As he had said, rising his future on something as trivial as love wasn't something he was inclined to do. He truly did care for her but it was in both interests if they weren't together. Haurhi's notions of hurt and fear were something he wouldn't let himself admit. Not to himself or anyone else.

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