Shadows & Roses

Taking Care

Kyoya sat straight up in bed his heart pounding. Sunlight streamed through his window and he was soaked with sweat.

It had been a dream.

Just a bad dream and nothing more.

Running his hands though his damp hair he laid back in bed. Sora was okay. She was alive. He had just dreamed it all.

Suddenly Kyoya's phone rang making him jump. Looking at the phone on his nightstand he felt a twinge of fear rise in his chest. This was just how the dream had started.

Hesitantly he reached over and picked up the phone.

"Hello?" he asked cautiously.

"Kyoya-Semapi?" a voice came from the other end. It was thick and scratchy sounding but still vaguely familiar.

"Haruhi?" Kyoya asked.

"Yeah. I think I caught whatever that lady we sat beside yesterday had. I'm really sick. I don't think I'm going to be able to take care of Sora." Haruhi replied.

Kyoya sighed, "Yes of course. She's already had a brush with death so I doubt she needs the flu as well. I will pick her up then and take over the responsibility. God knows that we can't trust Tamaki with such a task."

"I'm sorry Sempai." Haruhi croaked.

"It's okay. Just get better. I expect you to be able to fulfill your hosting duties come Monday, Haruhi." Kyoya replied.

"Of course Sempai. Goodbye." Haruhi replied and hung up.

Kyoya hung up the phone and glanced at his clock. It was already past 11 and Sora would most likely be discharged somewhere around noon. Getting up he headed towards the bathroom before pulling off his sweat soaked pajamas and stepping into the shower.

As he stood under the warm spray he let out a long breath. The shower was one of the few places that Kyoya was able to calm down and relax. However unlike usual the relaxation only brought back memories of the horrible dream he had just experience.

The thought of Sora dead was almost too much to handle. Though they weren't together he still cared for her deeply. There was no doubt about that. It was simply that the situation wasn't the best. He highly doubted that Honey would be as accepting of their relationship as he had in the dream should he find out.

When he had finished his shower routine he turned off the water and quickly got out. Dressing he vaguely wondered if Sora herself was going to be okay with this situation. After all they hadn't parted on very good terms.

As he fixed his hair he sighed. There was nothing she could do. She was under doctor's orders. Besides Sora was a level headed person. She would likely understand.

With that Kyoya gathered everything he needed. He grabbed his phone, wallet and keys before heading out to his car and towards the hospital.

Sora's POV

I stared at the bowl of green gelatinous squares in front of me. I wasn't a fan of Jell-O in the first place. But the fact it was lime flavored and the color of slime didn't make it anymore appealing. Hospital food was awful.

The hospital was awful. I hated being here. It smelled funny and just made me uneasy. I had been in the hospital a few times growing up thanks to either my coconut allergy or injuries from doing martial arts training. Most times I was alone so being at the hospital was the last thing I really wanted to do.

Thankfully Haruhi was going to be here soon and she was a great cook. She had made dinner a few times while we had been on vacation and it had been delicious. I knew she would cook and my stomach was growling at the thought.

There was a knock at the door and Dr. Otori came in. He looked a little like Kyoya with his dark hair and glasses but his eyes were colder and if possible, his smile was faker. However he was a very good doctor.

"Good morning Ms. Nishimura." he said as he walked in.

"Good morning Dr. Otori." I replied.

"How are you feeling today?" he asked.

"Tired mostly." I sighed.

He nodded, "That is to be expected. You had quite the ordeal yesterday. However all your tests seem to be normal and you are free to go as soon as Ms. Fujioka arrives."

"I'm afraid that Haruhi is coming." a voice said and I looked towards the door and saw Kyoya standing there.

"Kyoya? What are you doing here?" Dr. Otori asked.

Kyoya sighed, "It seems Haruhi has come down with something. Seeing as our friends are either idiots, out of town or the twins I am the only one that is available to care for her."

"You're the one who's going to be taking care of me?" I asked looking at him.

"Indeed I am." Kyoya nodded.

"No. Not happening. Over my dead body." I spat.

Something flashed behind Kyoya's eyes but it vanished just as quickly as it had come on.

"I'm afraid that you don't have much of a choice Sora." Kyoya replied.

"Says who? I can go home and take care of myself thank you very much." I said.

"Unfortunately not Ms. Nishimura. The condition of your release is that you have someone to look after you. If not you'll have to stay here." Dr. Otori said.

I sat quiet for a moment weighing my options. Either I stayed here alone until Dr. Otori said I could leave or I could have Kyoya look over me. In the end not wanting to stay in the hospital any longer won out so I reluctantly gave in.

Kyoya went with his brother to fill out the forms while a nurse helped me get everything together to leave. Despite the fact that I had only been here less than 24 hours my room was full of gifts.

Flowers had arrived from everyone in the Host Club with the exception of Kyoya and Haruhi. Tamaki had sent dark red roses, Honey had sent a mix of pink and white roses, Mori's sent sunflowers and the twins had sent purple orchids. There was also a large stuffed rabbit that Honey had bought at the gift shop and named Shiro, a pink balloon from Haruhi that said 'Get Well' and a large card from a group of girls that were clients at the Host Club.

By the time everything was grouped together Kyoya was back and all I had to do was slip on my slippers and coat.

"Ready?" Kyoya asked.

"I guess." I replied.

The nurse helped me into a wheelchair and pushed me to the front where Kyoya's car was waiting. I stood up and Kyoya took my hand. I felt a zing of something shoot up my arm at the skin contact. He helped me into the front seat before closing the door.

"I'll send another car to collect the flowers and other things." I heard Kyoya say to the nurse who nodded.

Walking around he sat in the driver's seat and started the car.

"You'll be staying with me. My house is much closer to the hospital than yours is just in case something should happen. I had one of our house maids pick up all the things that you're going to need for the next few days." Kyoya said as we drove.

"Thank you and I'm sorry to put you out." I replied.

"You're welcome and it's no inconvenience. I had yet to make any plans this weekend other than to spend a quiet time at home." Kyoya said.

"Oh and thank you for everything yesterday. I don't remember what happened but Honey told me that you were the one to give me my shot. Then he told me you made sure I got the best treatment too." I said.

Kyoya nodded, "As a guest of the Host Club it is my utmost priority to make sure that you're taken care of. You fell ill under our watch so it was my duty to make sure that you recovered."

"So that's all I am? A guest of the Host Club?" I asked.

"You're Honey-Sempai's fiancée as well. Should something have happened to you I'm sure that Honey would be quite distressed." He said.

I nodded and looked out the window. I wasn't sure why I had been expecting a different answer than the one he gave me but I had been. I had wanted him to tell me that despite everything I still meant something to him. I wanted to know that he still cared in someway.

As I watched the scenery pass outside the window my eyes slowly began to get heavy. I was on a regimen of antihistamines and a few other things to keep me from having a delayed onset of symptoms. However they made me sleepy and before I knew it I had slipped into sleep.

When I came to again Kyoya was talking to me, softly shaking my shoulder.

"Sora it's time to wake up. We need to go inside." he said but I couldn't open my eyes if my life depended on it.

I heard Kyoya sigh and then the door on the side of his car open then close. My sleepy mind vaguely wondered what he was doing when I felt the door open beside me. I opened my eyes a small crack and saw Kyoya looking at me. He reached over me and unbuckled my seatbelt before reaching under my knees and behind me. A second later I felt him lift me from the car.

"Whoa." I muttered as I felt myself lifted into the air.

"You're fine. Go back to sleep Sora." Kyoya replied.

I nodded and rested my head in the crook of his neck. He smelled wonderful. Like the expensive cologne he used and something I could never identify as anything other than Kyoya.

I felt him carry me through the door and vaguely heard him say something to someone before carrying me further. I felt his hand shift under my legs as he opened a door before walking into the room and up a set of steps.

A couple of seconds later he carefully laid me on something soft and my nose was filled with the smell of him again. Opening my eyes again I saw that he had laid me in his bed. I wanted to ask why he had brought me to his room instead of one of the guest rooms I knew that were in his family's house but before I could I was asleep again.

3rd POV

Kyoya looked at the girl who was asleep on his bed. He had watched a small smile cross her face as he laid her down. He didn't take any stock in it though. She had fallen asleep not long after they had left the hospital due to the medication and he took the fact that she was drowsy as the reason for her behavior.

With a sigh he leaned over and pulled the slipper boots from her feet, resting them next to the bed before starting on her coat. It was a decidedly harder task than removing the boots but he managed well enough and tucked Sora under the covers without waking her. Satisfied that she was comfortable he walked down to the lower level of his room so he wouldn't bother her.

He had some minor school work to do and that was why he had brought Sora to his room. He was able to keep a better eye on her than if she was down the hall in a guest room.

Sitting down on his couch he reached forward and picked up the most recent book he had been assigned to read for Language Arts. Opening it he began to read but the longer he scanned the page the less he understood. His mind wasn't on it. It was thinking of Sora.

The memories of the dream he'd had that morning were still sharp in his mind. The hollow ache in his chest had been so real. With a sigh he put his book aside and stood up, walking back up the steps.

Sora had turned on her side, her brown hair spread out on the pillow behind her. She looked pale and had dark circles under her eyes. It would've been obvious to anyone she had been through hell recently. The blankets had shifted down her body in her sleep so he reached up and gently pulled them around her.

"Kyo?" Fuyumi's voice called through the room.

Kyoya hurried down the steps, "Would you kindly keep your voice down?"

"Why are you whispering?" Fuyumi asked looking at her brother, her voice as loud as ever.

"Because Sora is asleep upstairs." Kyoya replied.

Fuyumi's eyes widened, "Please tell me you two were safe!"

Kyoya felt his cheeks heat up, "We didn't sleep together! Yesterday Sora lapsed into anaphylactic shock and Yuuichi said that someone needs to watch her for a few days and make sure that she doesn't relapse. Her family as well as Honey and Mori are out of town and Haruhi has come down with the flu so I'm the only one that is responsible enough to look out for her well being."

"Oh that poor thing! Do you need anything for her?" Fuyumi asked.

"No Yuuichi gave me enough medicine for her for the time being and I've asked one of our maids to pick up the rest as well as something clothes and things from her home." Kyoya replied.

Fuyumi nodded, "Perhaps I'll have the cook make her some soup. Soup always makes someone feel better."

"You may want to hold off on that at least for awhile. She just went to sleep. She doesn't need to be woken up." Kyoya replied.

"Of course. When she wakes up let me know and I'll have the cook prepare everything ahead so she doesn't have to wait long. Wait…why isn't she in the guest room? You had better not try anything with that poor girl while she's sick Kyoya." Fuyumi warned.

Kyoya shook his head, "Nothing is going to happen. There is nothing between us."

'Not anymore at least.' Kyoya thought to himself.

Fuyumi looked at him for a long moment her eyes searching his. He knew what she was trying to do. She was one of the two people who could read him like a book, the other having been his mother. Looking at her he knew that she knew exactly what he was thinking.

"What happened Kyo?" she asked.

"Nothing happened." Kyoya replied quickly.

"Don't you lie to me Kyoya Otori. What happened between you and that girl?" Fuyumi said her eyes piercing his.

Kyoya sighed, "We had something. Briefly. I broke it off though. It was in both of our best interests. She's going to marry Honey and there was no way that we would be able to be together. It was easier to break if off then rather than pointlessly drag it on when in the end there would be no gain."

"No gain?" Fuyumi asked.

"Yes. The relationship will only end and she will marry Honey. Nothing will change. Nothing will come of it." Kyoya replied.

"How about being close to someone for the first time in your life? I have never seen you care about someone other than Tamaki or Haruhi. If she cares about you then I think you should give it a try! Now I can't really say that I approve of you two going behind Honey's back but I can't say that I don't want to see you happy. When you're around her you seem happier than I've seen you in a very long time. If she makes you happy then you owe it to yourself to let yourself be happy for once. For once forget trying to get ahead of our brothers and do something for you." Fuyumi said looking him straight in the eye.

Kyoya looked at his sister for a few moments before shaking his head.

"She probably wouldn't take me back even if I begged her. I'm afraid that I was overly harsh to her in my attempt to end our relationship." Kyoya sighed.

Fuyumi sighed and rested her hand against her youngest brother's face. Kyoya smiled remembering the gesture as something his mother had done when he was small.

"Try Kyo. That's all you can do." she smiled and with that turned and left the room.

Kyoya stood there for a few moments letting his sister's words sink in. Finally though he sighed and walked back over to the couch and picked up his book. Soon though he found that he once again couldn't concentrate as his sister's words echoed in his head.

He was sure that there was nothing that he could do that would convince Sora that he was sorry. He knew he had been cruel in the things he had said but he had done it to assure that it was ended and she wouldn't try to convince him otherwise. He never imagined that he would be the one who would wish to revive their relationship.

If you had asked him yesterday if he would want to get back together with Sora he would've said no. But now, after that awful dream, all he wanted was to be with her. To make sure that they spent every moment they could together and make up for the time they'd lost.

However he was certain that Sora was done. She would never forgive him for what he had said to her that day at the Villa. She had made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with him when he told her that he would be caring for her in her parent's absence instead of Haruhi. He had made his figurative bed and now he would have to lie in in. That was all there was to it.

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