Shadows & Roses



The sun was bright in the sky and shone warmly down on the grounds of Ouran Academy. A small party of girls were collected in the garden of the academy as 7 teen boys wandered from table to table making small talk and bringing smiles and blushes to the face of each girl.

There wasn't single person amongst the group that wasn't smiling from ear to ear.

The only exception was me. I stared from my place hidden amongst the shadows of the bushes watching them all. One of them in particular

It was a girl with long brown hair and blue eyes who went by the name of Sora. She was laughing and seemed happy. Just seeing her look so cheerful made my stomach clench and churn with anger.

Soon the party ended and all the girls with the exception of Sora who remained behind to help. When things were put away the group of eight set off for the front of the school to leave. I followed.

I made sure to keep a distance from the octet. Enough so they wouldn't notice me but I could still see them. Sora especially.


Even thinking her name brought the taste of bile to my lips. I wanted her gone.

It wasn't fair that she got to have him. He was mine.

What right did she have to stake claim to him?

I had seen them hold hands. Both of them trying to hide it like they were shy.

He wasn't a shy person. Why was he acting so shy with her?

She had to be making him.

They didn't want anyone to know about them.

They kept everything quiet.

Why would she hide that she was with someone so gorgeous?

He was the definition of perfection.

If only my previous plan hadn't backfired.

He would be mine now.

I had paid a lot of money to those morons at the bakery to slip coconut into the cakes. Not enough to be quickly detected but enough that it would cause a violent reaction.

It had been a nearly fool proof plan.

Nearly being the keyword.

If only they hadn't acted so quick.

In a matter of minutes she would've been 6 feet under in a pine box right now instead of laughing and flirting with the one person that was supposed to be mine.

And he would be mine.

It was just a matter of time.

She would pay for taking him from me.

She would pay dearly.

I swore it on my own soul.

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